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    Re: Macy's or Sephora?

    Yup, Sephora is probably your best bet, although I do admit that it is a bit unnerving to walk into all that gaggle of females. I generally noticed however that the SA's tend to leave you alone...
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    Re: Czech & Speake Samples

    I just got my samples yesterday and tried the Dark Rose and Cambridge. The Dark Rose is a very nice scent, although I think that it borders on that thin unisex line. But... where's the dark in Dark...
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    Re: Thinning Hair what to do

    If you don't want to try rogaine or hair transplant, just shave it all off and walk around confidently.
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    Re: My first suit purchase, need some advice?

    If you're just getting into suits, forget spending a huge sum of money on it. You can get a decent one around $300, just look around for some sales. Unless you hang around power-ceo's who can...
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    Re: Cuff links with casual wear?

    Cufflinks for casualwear is great. It adds a bit of style and one of very few "jewelry" that I think guys can wear. Wearing it with jeans and sneakers (as long as it's a simple classic design) is...
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    Re: Black Orchid...manly enough?

    My cousin and I tried it at Sephora, and both she and I agreed that it would smell better on a man than a woman.
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    Re: Ordering from Montale directly

    Yeah, It's been on my to-buy list for a while now. It's my favorite rose scent by far, and I've tried most of the rose scents available and it seems like this might be the way to get the best price.
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    Re: Ordering from Montale directly

    This might be a bit off topic... but would the BNers here recommend the "extra juice"?
  9. Re: Would love a recommendation for a 28 yr old artist

    Sounds simple enough :) I say Black Aoud.

    It seems to fit all of your requirements. It is a well made, complex scent that is sophisticated. It's listed as a unisex scent, but leans towards...
  10. Re: John Varvatos Vintage - An ever changing scent

    The notes do change a lot. But lately, I've been noticing an almost cigarette smoke like scent from it. Very interesting, but I'm not sure if I'm liking this new development...
  11. Re: how to distinguish day/evening fragrance?

    Clean, fresh, and light is generally considered daywears. Usually this is aquatic, citrusy, or soapy. Nightwears are the opposite. Spicy, woody, and heavy. Gendarme Sky is a great example of...
  12. Re: Pi smells terrible, help me find a new scent

    It depends on the store. Many stores here will let you. I know Sephora does as well as Scent Bar. I can't speak for the stores where you are at though... It doesn't hurt to ask and if not,...
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    Re: how much should one spray on clothes

    I think applying 20 sprays of Creed in one go would make my wallet cry. No offense or anything, but I think I prefer my scent to linger rather than waft.

    Skin allows the scent, as you said, to...
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    Re: Old School? New School? Give me a break!

    Can you be hip and square at the same time?
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    Re: Signature Scent vs Perfume Wardrobe

    I suspect that most people's signature scent is more based on their day wear fragrance. Some are just better for the office environment than others and ends up being the one that's worn more often. ...
  16. Re: Pi smells terrible, help me find a new scent

    Forget Pi. It may have been good stuff when it came out, but I don't really find it appealing during the current times. Definitely a scent that I find to be overrated. You might want to try M7 for...
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    Re: how much should one spray on clothes

    Don't. Scents evolves better on skin so why bother spraying on clothes? Just throw an extra spray on your chest or something.
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    Re: What's The Best Perfume Guide?

    I second FloatingPoint. Asides from Basenotes, Now Smell This has great reviews along with fairly good comprehensive description of the scent. Perfumes the Guide, unfortunately annoys me every time...
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    Re: Another New Kid In College

    I agree that Fahrenheit and L'eau d'Issey (and its variants Extreme and Fraiche) are great choices for college students. Also if you look around a bit you probably can find Terre d'Hermes for that...
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    Re: Rose frags, your thoughts

    I thought that Rose might be too feminine, but after trying out some of the rose scents targeted for males or unisex I found that this wasn't the case. A dark heavy rose with either spices or woods...
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    Re: workout fragrance

    Axe. I don't really see the point of using quality stuff when going to a workout.

    Haha. ::gasp:: Taboo word.
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    Re: Overwhelmed!

    lol. There is no perfect scent that will be universally loved. If you want a safe choice, look through the reviews for ones that have more positives than negatives and look for notes that you might...
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    Guide to Fragrance Recommendations.

    As I started taking a more active role on the board, I've noticed that there are quite a lot of posts asking for recommendations. This is great as I believe it is making use of a great resource and...
  24. Re: How do BN reviews influence your sampling and purchasing?

    It only affects my decisions if I decide to do a blind buy. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but it seems like a lot of the reviews are written after less than one hour of wear (particularly the...
  25. Re: Wait! ... you may be ruining your fragrance ... News at 11

    You know, as he said, you can just test it out yourself to see if there's any noticeable difference. For longevity, spray inside the elbow for one day and write down the time. After 4 hours, check...
  26. Re: How can you gauge a perfume's sillage?

    Actually, I test it more or less like you do. I use the whole heartedly unscientific method of apply to my wrists and if I catch a lot of whiffs from it throughout the day, I deem it to have good...
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    Re: Where and how to buy fragrances

    I don't see any problems with purchasing some of the cheaper scents on ebay as most counterfeiters will go for more expensive scents like Creed since there's more money to be made there. There are...
  28. Re: Wait! ... you may be ruining your fragrance ... News at 11

    Sorry if I'm the sour note, but I think all of you are taking the bruising/crushing too literally. Scents do "bruise" in that by rubbing the fragrance, it produces a slightly different effect which...
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    Re: chest hair?

    If it pokes out, get rid of it. The age of David Hasselhoff is long dead and gone.

    Epilate it. It's cheaper than waxing in the long run and gives you the same result.
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    Re: frustration

    Maybe niche scents don't fit you? Nothing wrong with that.
  31. Re: Personal Cologne Assistants- JOHN VARVATOS(8/5)

    Don't let the opening notes throw you off. Otherwise, it is pretty good.
  32. Re: Progress Update in Finding First Colonge: A plea for futher help

    In order to try and keep the scent longer on your skin, you can try using oils instead of sprays. They tend to last longer, although the scent generally stays close to the skin. Another thing is...
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    Re: For the artist

    You could provide the style of clothes that you wear. It would give us a better look into your personality so that you can get get better advice. (ie. Wearing CdG's Avignon while in Lacoste's pastel...
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    Re: Floris - Santal from a sample

    I find Santal to be a very soft floral scent, almost right there on the borderline of being too feminine. I agree that it's a very pleasant scent, if a bit one dimensional.
  35. Re: Did you say: "This was my last blind buy"....and you commit the same mistake agai

    I get suckered in every time there's a great sale on the scent. Ooh.. A $100 scent for only $30? I'm in. Then I regret it and wish I had my 30 bucks back.
  36. Thread: Deleted

    by maverickmage

    Re: Baliffs?

    Eh... I don't know if they can, but my policy is to not take anything into courthouses that I wouldn't take into an airport.
  37. Re: 10 Commandments for a (new) Basenoter your views..

    1. Blind buys aren't too bad as long as you do a lot of research. Read Basenotes reviews as well as several other blogs.
    2. Paying full retail is sometimes inevitable, particularly when it comes...
  38. Re: When you choose a fragance, is for your pleasure or for others?

    Both. If I don't like it, but others do, it's a no-go. If I like it and others don't, then it's still a no-go. If I like it and other do also, we're cleared for take-off.
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    Re: Best cologne for an earthquake?

    You could just run outside...

    Besides, generally speaking, if a tornado goes over your house, you can kiss it goodbye, whereas in an earthquake, chances are if you didn't get wiped out in the...
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    Re: Varvatos Vintage

    Agreed. I've tried both and Vintage is the better of the two and that leather base makes this scent have a very nice dry down. The only downside is that it barely lasts 4 hours on me and the...
  41. Re: Scent enjoyment permanently GONE because of.. *illness*? -Your Help Needed-

    From my experience after an extremely severe reaction, I have to tell you that it's not something that will go away anytime soon. I've had a similar occasion related with severe food poisoning which...
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    Re: Best cologne for an earthquake?

    What true SoCalian doesn't enjoy a good earthquake now and then? I was a bit disappointed that there were no aftershocks to accompany it. Kouros is probably the best for earthquakes. The smell of...
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    Re: Creed Green Irish Tweed

    It is to my understanding that due to the natural ingredients used in Creed's fragrances, not all bottles (or flacons) are born equal.
  44. Re: Lasting power of Montale

    Black Aoud is a monster. I sprayed on my wrist in the middle of the day, went to sleep and woke up the next day and I could still smell it when I put my wrist to my nose.
  45. Re: Family member discovers my perfume hobby...

    Haha, yeah what he said. But seriously, is he calling it gay because of the scent or because he believes that hardcore, rough and tumble male should only smell of sweat and body oil and not wear...
  46. Re: Family member discovers my perfume hobby...

    Hmm... I agree in that wearing perfume doesn't make a person gay. As far as I'm concerned, perfume and cologne just denotes oil concentration and that's that. It really doesn't matter which gender...
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    Re: What fragrances are hip in L.A.?

    Bleh. Sorry, didn't read the title carefully. Made a fool of myself. lol.

    If you mean what's hip as in what's used the most, it seems like Cool Water, Bulgari Blu, Sean John Unforgivable, YSL's...
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    Re: What's hip in L.A.?

    I've lived here for 23 years and I'm still trying to figure this out...

    If you want to go to the beach, Malibu is a nice option, filled with beautiful people. If you like beer, Library Alehouse...
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    Re: How much? Where?

    I'm the type that goes with the saying 2-3 sprays max. I follow the same rules for oil fragrances as well. A light 3 dabs. Any more and it becomes obnoxious. I spray on the "pulse" points, in...
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    Re: Testers...worth is?

    Whoa, costco sells fragrances? I've never seen any around. LA's costco stinks.
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    Re: Testers...worth is?

    I've never had problems with testers either. Plus it would kind of defeat the whole purpose of having testers if they don't contain the same juice as what they're trying to sell.
  52. Re: Placing a Lucky Scent order in a bit. . .suggestions for samples?

    Hmm... the three I would say is:

    Cardinal by Heeley
    L'Air du desert marocain by Tauer
    L’homme sage by Divine
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    Re: Purchasing Strategies

    If starting out, then I think that having several different "repertoire" of scents is important. It allows for your nose to mature a bit and gives you the freedom of wearing something...
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    Re: Celebrity fragrance you'd LIKE to see

    Will Smith, Jim Carrey, and Jackie Chan.
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    Re: What are your must have top five Colognes?

    Hmmm... in no particular order:

    Terre d'Hermes
    SL's Muscs Koublai Khan
    Montale's Black Aoud
    Heeley's Cardinal
    L'Artisan's Tea for Two
  56. Poll: Re: Mainstream vs. Niche: a statistical effort.

    Hmm I fall under 30% niche 70% mainstream

    But I also fall under : Because I'm tired of mainstream frags and want something different.

    The biggest reason why I have more mainstream than I do...
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    Re: Basic Wardrobe Editing now available

    What's the difference between tried and test list?
  58. Re: Concerned about overspraying.... and especially underspraying...

    I usually don't spray past 3 or 4. And with TdH, I just apply 2 sprays, one on each side of my neck. I find that the scent lasts for at least a good 8 hours (although this depends on the person). ...
  59. Re: When did you start wearing colognes and what was your first scent?

    Not counting Axe... Last year. 22 with John Varvatos Vintage.
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