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    Poll: Which sells more?

    Acqua Di Gio
    Le Male
  2. What are the most popular female fragrances?

    Like males have Acqua Di Gio, Coolwater, Le Male, etc
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    Small data entry error

    Don't think this came out in the year 200
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    Re: Good Date Cologne?

    +1 for a good shower

    But afterward, Rochas Man defines a date perfume. Longevity is average (on me) though.
  5. What is the most respected designer house?

    The one that makes the niche crew say "they have interesting stuff"
  6. Is it a good idea to leave a moisture absorbing product near fragrances?

    I can't afford a small cooling unit yet
    and here, the Summer is hot

    anyone try this? will doing this make a difference?
  7. Paco Rabanne - 1 Million lasted 1 week on my clothes

    I wore a shirt last week, but I didn't perspire, so I kept it in my closet. I took it out today and that patchouli? is still projecting mildly. To be fair I did spray 5 or 6 times because my skin is...
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    Re: Name a cologne that matches a movie

    The Matrix - Bvlgari Black

  9. If I had a friend that worked at Dior....

    What I would I want them to get me a deal on?
  10. Re: Walgreens really sells Green Irish Tweed and Original Vetiver online

    Well, I just got a 4 piece Coolwater gift set for my Godfather
    $29.99 in store
    I'll probably get one for me for the summer
  11. Walgreens really sells Green Irish Tweed and Original Vetiver online

    News to me
  12. Re: What fragrance do you use the most sprays of when your applying, and how many sprays?

    One time I did 10 sprays of Rochas Man.
    and it wasn't bad
  13. Re: 1 - 1.7 - 2.5 - 3.4 - 4.2 - 5 - 6.8 - etc... Wich size of bottle you like?

    I'm a 3.3 man but once it's sitting there, I think this will last me 4 years will go bad before I finish it
  14. Re: Post Pictures of Your Fragrance Collection: Part V

    Nothing special and and but here it is

    missing about 4 I lent to my friend to use because I didn't use them that much.
    1 Million is hiding front of The Dreamer box

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    Re: I want a projection monster scent

    I must agree with Paco Rabanne - 1 Million
    First time I wore it, I used 4 sprays
    and for some reason, I think I felt the smell reaching people 20 feet away and come back to me. The only time it has...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: November 2010

    can anyone tell me if I have a problem when I buy a small version of a fragrance I already have.

    It was on sale
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    Re: Masculin Babypowder

    I've also been looking for baby powder in a liquid. Haven't tried any of the suggestions there but if there was something like Baby Blue Jeans minus the citrus part, it would be perfect
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    Tell me what to wear tomorrow

    Call me a follower or whatever. I just want to see what you guys say.

    nothing special tomorrow
    just two classes. Statistics, and Economics.
    It will be a sunny day in New York City
    low of and...
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    Re: Bulgari Aqua Revisit

    +1 on this post
    I thought I bought a fake, and they just put fish smell in it.

    I can smell what people see on paper, after it dries, but not on my skin
  20. I don't get the "sweet" part from Versace - The Dreamer

    I do smell floral, but no sweetness as they say.
    and it just dies before getting to the tobacco
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    Re: Nordstrom has Pure Malt!!

    And I felt special for getting the last copy in all the Nordstroms of NY
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    Re: New guy here with a question

    Dark bottles tend to last longer, and ones that are not see through are even better. I have a bottle of Polo Double Black that smells the same after 4 years....
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    Re: Jonny19 now has 2 signature scents.

    I was just kidding lol
    congrats on adding one more fine gourmand
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    Re: Jonny19 now has 2 signature scents.

    I'm also in love in Rochas Man, and I'm a little jealous.
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    Re: Rochas Man vs A*Men

    Rochas Man is my favorite fragrance if that means anything. I haven't tried Angel Men but I'm sure I'll like it. A tie for me.

    I like how you colored the names of the fragrances by their main...
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    Re: What is the perfume of your parents?


    Thierry Mugler - Angel
    Chanel - No.5 Eau Premiere
    Victoria Secret - Strawberry & Champagne

    Dad (doesn't use perfume unless he gets it as a gift)
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    Does YSL Kouros smell like Le Male?

    I tried Kouros yesterday and I don't remember how Le Male smells like, but I think there is a similarity.
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    Re: Today I was reminded of why I never shop at Macy's.

    Oh my god I was going to make this exact topic a few hours ago.
    I entered the fragrance department, and I had 4 paper samples handed to me in 30 seconds and a woman that kept asking me to get a...
  29. Re: Why do people go for best sellers/famous scents??

    People not knowing what they want and asking the worker what to get
    They're going to suggest Acqua Di Gio or whatever they are advertising at the moment
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    Re: SOTD - Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

    Going it sleep with 1 spray of Rochas Man on

    but for school, I'll probably wear The Dreamer
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    Re: Help requested from the Gents....

    Versace Baby Blue Jeans is nice. Cheap and comes in 1.7 fl.
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    Re: Rochas Man or 1 Million? Pick one!

    As the general consensus says, both scents don't have a professional theme.
    and I absolutely love both fragrances. Rochas Man is my signature lol, and 1 Million is my "go to" for Saturday nights....
  33. Re: Why do people take/steal the spray cap from bottles at TJ Maxx/Marshalls?

    haha I know :).
    But I think the problem is bigger than taking caps. Some people just don't appreciate things and don't care that there is a next person who wanted to sample the fragrance.
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    What fragrance would Ken Masters use?

    He's a millionaire, blond, pretty boy with a passion to fight.
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    I'm done with fragrances for this year

    Around $300 U.S gone in 2 months

    It's not the money but more that I buy on impulse and don't wait for discounts.

    Even the people at the boutique are extra friendly with me, because they want me...
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    Re: Le Male or HM or Pure Malt?

    Pure Malt, if you can get your hands on it by now.
    But if you like to play it safe Le Male
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    Re: Male Fragrance Mythbusters

    I tried some Le Male flanker at Macy's
    It really smelled like excrement on me
    good thing I only sprayed once.

    Probably the biggest deep-seated myth. I can't say men's perfume without...
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    Re: I really love Paco Rabanne - 1 Million

    lol thanks guys

    and the pure malt was purchased in person at Nordstrom. It comes with the invitation to Mugler's Circle and the registration code.

    I've only worn it once, and I've had a cold...
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    I really love Paco Rabanne - 1 Million

    Every time I see the container in my room I'm reminded how awesome it is.

    My skin is horrible with longevity. Some say Pure Malt lasts 24 hours on them. I get 4 hours.

    But I can spray 1...
  40. Re: Hello, I'm new here and I like Armani Acqua di Gio

    If I'm not mistaken Eau de Parfum has more perfume oil in it than Eau de Toilette, which is diluted more
    It lasts longer and costs more because of the quality.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, October , 2010.

    I will be wearing Versace - The Dreamer to school today
    hope the sillage is good
  42. Ever have a reality check on how subjective the fragrance game is?

    Like I have gotten more compliments using a fresh scent Gillette gel deodorant than any other frag.

    not saying this is the case all the time, but sometimes taste does not care about quality.
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    Re: shaving problem

    I think the redness and bumps go away if you don't shave for a long time and moisturize while you're not shaving
  44. Re: Am I too late to jump in the Pure Malt bandwagon?

    Well guys I am a new proud owner of Angel Men Pure Malt

    didn't blow my mind. All I smelled was a nice citrus. I asked my friend and he said he could smell the Whiskey. But I still love it, and I...
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    I want baby powder in a liquid

    Is there any fragrance that is pure baby powder.
  46. Re: How do I learn to detect individual notes in a fragrance?

    I'm a beginner but take a sniff Bulgari Black when you can, and tell me you can't smell the rubber
  47. Re: Anybody know what size the decant/atomizers are at Sephora?

    This is what they had when I went. 10mL? I think it's 10 I forgot lol
  48. Is Armani Code and Acqua Di Gio a good gift for an all-season fragrance combo?

    For a casual person that does not own a fragrance unless someone buys it for them
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    Re: SOTD Saturday, October 9, 2010

    Totally rocked
  50. I had a dream that girls said Paco Rabanne: 1 Million scared them away

    is this true? :(
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition IV

    I see a couple of Versace Eau Fraiche in these pics lol

    As a poor college student I can't get too involved
    I'm looking to find some gems at TJMaxx or Marshalls though...
  52. Re: How can I check the year a bottle of Rochas Man was created

    All right! reply from Rochas team

    Wish I knew how they get May from 9124
  53. Re: Based on my wardrobe, reccomend me something cheap and different

    thanks for the suggestions guys.
    You are very helpful

    I am sampling already
  54. How can I check the year a bottle of Rochas Man was created

    It want to know if this bottle I restocked on was sitting on the shelf too long

    there is just an overwhelming alcohol scent when I spray it, but it smells normal after.
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    Re: Which fragrances are sexy on women?

    I liked DKNY Fresh Blossom from the sample. If I ever pass a woman with it on, I would melt.
  56. Every day, is a day without Angel Man Pure Malt
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    Funniest fragrance ads?

    lol, the way this guy moves
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    What is a "sport" fragrance?

    Isn't it just another marketing term for casual?
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    Re: Bvlgari MAN

    Anything is better than than Aqva Marine
  60. Re: Am I too late to jump in the Pure Malt bandwagon?

    If I order from ThierryMugler, will I get the reformulated one or the 2009 stock
    sorry to hound you with these questions
  61. Am I too late to jump in the Pure Malt bandwagon?

    I've been visiting this site for months but never left the Starting Out forum. Then I see a video review on Pure Malt, and look at the reviews here and see that I have missed something great.
  62. Re: Suggestions for powerful, long lasting, classic frags that are relatively inexpensive?

    I wouldn't classify CK Euphoria as long lasting, from my experience
  63. Based on my wardrobe, reccomend me something cheap and different

    1 Million (2008) Paco Rabanne
    212 Men (1999) Carolina Herrera
    212 Men on Ice (2009) Carolina Herrera
    A*Men Pure Malt (2009) Thierry Mugler
    Armani Code / Black Code (2004)...
  64. How do I know if a review is accepted

    I've seen some one line reviews that just say "the bottle is good"
    Mine should not be rejected
  65. Does perfume transferred to atomizer smell the same?

    I feel like it loses something when it hits the air.
  66. Re: Paco Rabanne 1 Million is the sweetest perfume I have used

    Where would that strategic single spray be?
  67. I do not know what to wear with these sneakers

    They were on sales at Macy's half off and I love them.

  68. Paco Rabanne 1 Million is the sweetest perfume I have used

    The opening is heaven
    How many sprays are enough?
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    Re: recommend something sweet

    Rochas Man >__>
    women can use it
    I hear it is strong though but my nose does not get it.
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    Re: Maximum no of perfume bottles

    Don't you guys worry about the notes fading
  71. Thinking of getting Givenchy Play for the free messenger bag

    Is it worth it to stick around with such a fragrance.
  72. Is there a way to know if a fragrance is going well with my skin

    I don't know what these sandalwood and bergamont things smell like. My nose gets confused.
    Maybe if it smells how it's supposed to smell?
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    Re: What's this creed I keep hearing about

    thanks for the info guys.
    I looked at the their stuff, it is expensive but it must be good.
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    What's this creed I keep hearing about

    Is that like some big producer
  75. Re: so? what was the last perfume you bought?

    Bvlgari Aqva Marine because it was on sale with a nice bag. Took me this to notice seaweed makes me sick.
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    Re: Your 1st Scent

    My father's Eternity bottle was my first real scent. The 90s passed through me like a cold breeze right now. My mom bought me Versace Baby Blue jeans by later on.
  77. Re: Are you supposed to smell fish in aquatic frangrances?

    oh thanks guys. I guess I don't like seaweed notes.
  78. Are you supposed to smell fish in aquatic frangrances?

    I got Bvagri Aqva Pour Homme Marine and I smell a little fish behind the scent. I smelled some other marine perfume and it was the same.
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