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    Re: My New Love...Lavender.

    Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum

    The dry down is very rich and almost resinous. I really love this fragrance.
  3. Re: Caldey Island Lavender - where to buy?

    Best to order directly from them. That is what I did.
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    Re: I'm a Masculine Man Wearing Shalimar

    As a big Shalimar lover I was very happy to open this thread.

    I getso many things from Shalimar EDP. I get leather, vanilla, warm sensual skin, powdery rich resin feel, etc. Will never be without...
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    Re: Favourite tonka based fragrances?

    Vanille Tonka by Parfums de Nicolai and Hypnotic Poison.
  6. Re: Valentine's Day 2014 almost here, what scent are you going with and recommendations please:)

    Miller Harris L'Air de Rien. I actually would wear Cologne Pour Le Soir, if I owned a bottle, but L'Air de Rien reminds me of this.
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    Re: Guerlain Jicky - recent purchase

    Jicky can easily be worn by men and women alike. I am always curious what vintage Guerlain's smell like (so far I have been very very impressed) and I would love to sample vintage Jicky pure parfum....
  8. Re: CURIOUS - Look at my wardrobe....Which 3-4 bottles would you get rid of if YOU were ME ?

    I wouldn't get rid of any of them. Just revisit after a break from them and you might be surprised which ones you actually want to get rid of.
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    Re: Calyx ?

    I get guava. It smells quite fresh and bright, and it smells different from other 'fresh' scents. I quite like it.
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    Re: Good fragrances for Jury Duty

    Anything from Acqua Di Parma. Others will enjoy it too.
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    Re: My Friend Kouros

    The key is to spray very very lightly. One spray from 1 feet away. Great scent. It smells a bit like warm skin after being in the sun for too long with some spices added of course.
  12. Re: Tuscan Leather vs. Tobacco Vanille. Which one is more pleasant?

    TV will be more pleasant for the majority for sure.
  13. Re: Scents you saw, didn't buy, then shortly after regret not buying it.

    Borneo 1834 when I encountered it. Now it is not in their international line and not easily available. I regret this.
  14. Re: What are the 3 best GREEN fragrances?

    Vol de Nuit is a gorgeous green scent.
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    Re: Vol de Nuit: a unisex

    My favorite is the vintage extrait. I think it is simply sublime and breathtaking!
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    Re: The "I don't get it" thread

    Carnal Flower and Ambre Sultan. After giving multiple tries I still cannot stand these two.
  17. Re: I love New-York, which Nicolaï fragrance do I go for next?

    I really enjoy Vanille Tonka and Maharadjah. Would like to sample more PdN.
  18. Re: Do you use any of your fragrances as room spray?

    Does room spray mean you are spraying into air?

    I spray my pillow sometimes.
  19. Re: "KOUROS: the Scent of Gods" (a 100-pictures review)

    As a fan of Kouros, it is a wonderful to read and enjoy your work. Thank you!
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    Re: what is on your wish list?

    Al Oudh (will be afraid to wear in public though)
    Patchouli Patch
    Borneo 1834
    Cologne Pour Le Soir

    My wish list will turn into a buy list probably.
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    Re: -100% trustworthy?

    Thank you!
  22. Re: What designer frag smells like young money?

    To me The Third Man from Caron fits a very refined young man coming from very old money or young money.
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    Re: -100% trustworthy?

    I have used strawberrynet them several times and have always been happy.

    USAfamm: How do you always get 20% off of fragrancenet?

  24. Re: I feel like Borneo 1834 is not getting the praise it deserves on here..

    I did not like the dry bitterness of this at first and gave up a chance to purchase a bottle. I LOVE it so much now and it is hardly available any more! So warm and smooth and great longevity! The...
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    Re: Which fragrance best suits YOU?

    Shalimar EDP. The only fragrance I have never gotten tired of wearing daily every single day.
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    Re: First proper Le Male wearing ...

    The scent itself is a great classic. I find it quite versatile.
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    Re: Looking for a brutal parfume for a man

    Musk Gazelle by Ajmal. It is not bitter but it fulfills the others. Caution: Wear it to the zoo before you wear it in the wild.
  28. Re: Winter is coming - Tobacco Vanille vs Guerlain L'instant Extreme/Derby?

    All three are well liked by most people.
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    Re: Molinard

    They are mostly linear fragrances but I have enjoyed every one I have tried so far. Underrated house in my opinion.
  30. Re: Which "Vanilla" here would be sensual, and great for Night ?

    Midnight in Paris is very good and the only one I own from your list.

    Not on your list but very sensual vanilla - Shalimar EDP.
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    Re: Musc Ravageur: Whats the hype about?

    I am not a fan of cloves. The opening has a lot of cloves and cinnamon to my nose but I find the dry down to be very warm and sensual with the comforting creamy vanilla. Even sexy I dare say. I will...
  32. Re: what's the best perfume for a traveler?

    Something very light or nothing. Acqua di Parma perhaps?
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    Re: Amouage Gold Man Blind Buy

    This smells grand and expensive.
  34. Poll: Re: Which would you choose? Prada Amber Intense V. Dior Homme

    Like them both.
  35. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    It keeps changing the more I sample and getting used to the different notes. The exception being I still dislike aquatics in general.
  36. Re: MDCI Invasion Barbare @ Fragrancenet??

    You got me too! I didn't even bother reading the rest of what you had to say and immediately started to search for it on fragrancenet after your link didn't go anywhere. Good one.
  37. Re: New fragrance from John Galliano: Before Midnight

    I like the plum, lavender and tonka bean notes. Hate the bottle. Is John Galliano even behind this? He no longer is behind his John Galliano label.
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    Re: This forum is making me spend money

    The most money I have ever spent on has been on fragrances. This all started after joining basenotes. :)
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    Re: Fragrance for my father

    Find out his taste in fragrance. I had a similar list of what I thought I should get for my father and much later during a sampling session with him I found out that he loved Chanel No. 5 and...
  40. Re: what makes clive christian scents so expensive?

    Image and marketing.
  41. Re: I need to attend a wedding soon. What should I put on?

    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille would be perfect.
  42. Re: Loving Cuir d'Arabie, but my wife swears it smells just like a popular women's perfume!

    It reminds me a little of Patchouli 24 from Le Labo but Cd'A is unique for sure. I find myself constantly feeling the need to smell it when I spray it on my wrist.
  43. Poll: Re: UNGARO pour Homme, I, II, III, what do you prefer personally?

    I didn't like Ungaro I. Very generic and forgetable to my nose.

    Now Ungaro II is something special. One of the most memorable openings for me. I get a lot of fresh citrus and don't get fecal from...
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    Re: Sexiest montale oud ?

    Montale Oud Cuir d'Arabie by a mile.
  45. Re: Which scent is loved by Europe and hated in America or vice versa

    It seems to me the most heavily advertised and marketed fragrances in that country makes the top list.
  46. Re: Niche Brands to Bring into our Perfume Store

    By Killian
    Parfums de Nicolai
    Tom Ford

    Also resonable shipping to international customers.
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    Re: ...and with that, I'm good, I think.

    I use to own about 5 bottles total and I was satisfied with that before I joined basenotes. Now I own over a 100 bottles and over a hundred samples and want more bottles. I have also found that my...
  48. Re: If you could begin the journey of fragrance collecting all over again, what would you do differe

    Buying more samples and really taking the time to see which ones I truly love and want. Would have spent my money better this way.
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    Re: Rum and Dry Fruits ?

    1740 Marquis de Sade by Histoire de Parfums.

    And this is what it reminds me of
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    Re: What is your most used fragrance?

    My most used is Shalimar EDP.
  51. Re: What's the darkest scent that you know? And with dark I mean SUPER-DARK!!!

    Bvlgari Black. The burning rubber note makes it dark even though it has a sweetness to it.
  52. Re: if you were blindfolded, do you think you can name every fragrance in your collection?

    For my bottles, yes. For my samples, no.
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    Re: Ever broken a bottle?

    I broke my L'Artisan Tea for Two. Was able to save 15 ml from a 3.4 Oz bottle 80% full. It smells weaker now. The exposure to air must have changed it a bit. Still recovering.
  54. Re: I just got Banged! My newest Obsession Marc Jacobs Bang

    It smells like a knock-off of CdG 2 man to me.
  55. Re: False Reputation of 1 Million - Who Started All This Hype?

    I have found 1 Million to have poor longevity and sillage. It does well in the first 30 minutes but then its gone.
  56. Re: What people say when you wear Yatagan?

    It smells like fresh metal to my nose. Quite pleasant. Reminds me a little of L'Anarchiste.
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    Re: Unknown niche vanillas

    Molinard Les Orientaux Vanille.

    They have several other vanilla scents like Vanille Patchouli, Autour De La Vanille...
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    Re: Animalic fragrances

    I now want to sample all these fragrances.

    I have noticed that even though I am disgusted by some of these animalic scents I always find them interesting enough to revisit. I have started to like...
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    Re: Most Disappointing Montale Scents

    I have one sample from Montale - Cuir d'Arabie. Loathed it at first. I thought it stank. Then after months I tried it again and found myself disliking but wanting to try it every now and then. Now I...
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    Re: Hands down best fragrance?

    I would say vintage Shalimar.
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    Re: Chanel Coromandel

    I find it a very bright fragrance that might make it more feminine for some but it is totally unisex to me.
  62. Re: Masculine scent with longevity. High quality more natural scent

    Kouros fits the bill.
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    Re: Your most expensive blind buy

    Musk Gazelle by Ajmal. Over a 100 including shipping.
  64. Re: L'artisan parfumeur, what would you guys recommend?

    So many to get from this line. Not mentioned so far but wonderful, imo, Pathouli Patch and Voleur de Roses
  65. Re: I love stanky fragrance, can you help sugest a few for me to sample

    I would have guessed Yatagan to be more unisex than Bal a V. It smells less like a perfume and more like an odor to my nose.
  66. Replies

    Re: 17 year old signature scent

    Midnight in Paris or Rochas Man.
  67. Re: New Fragrance: John Paul Gaultier - Le Beau Male for Men

    I am surprised to see such poor reviews of Kokoriko. I think its wonderful take on chocolate is quite well done. Dry down is quite beautiful.
  68. Re: I love stanky fragrance, can you help sugest a few for me to sample

    I have it but only tested it once on my skin and clothes. I just smell it from the little container it comes in without opening the bottle and even touching it now. It smells like the fur of an...
  69. Re: I love stanky fragrance, can you help sugest a few for me to sample

    Musk Gazelle by Ajmal.
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    Re: Best Men's Gourmand Fragrance(s)?

    Sorry, wrong thread.
  71. Replies

    Re: Best Men's Gourmand Fragrance(s)?

    Also Musk Gazelle by Ajmal.
  72. Re: I love stanky fragrance, can you help sugest a few for me to sample

    Miller Harris L'air de rien
    Cuir de Lancome
    Eau d'Hermes
    Bel Ami
    Invasion Barbare
  73. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought after joing basenotes?

    It was Kouros for me. And a boatload of others ever since.
  74. Re: fresh+powdery+good sillage+ very complimented+for men (not unisex)

  75. Re: Suggestions: fragrance for T-shirt, skinny jeans, and cardigan

    The first thing that came to my mind was also many from the CdG line.

    How about Vanille Tonka or Maharadja by Parfums de Nicolai? Also try Cuir Beluga.
  76. Re: A mix of Frapin 1270, Dior Homme and L'instant de Guerlain ! AMAZING ! (Arabian version)

    Frapin 1270 has very poor longevity and if this is a good substitute with better longevity I might consider buying. Now I am curious if anyone has tried Tom Oud by Surrati in concentrated oil (Does...
  77. Re: Hermes Bel Ami or Chanel cuir de Russie ?

    I find Cuir de Russie more versatile and luxurious.

    I have to be in the mood for Bel Ami as it smells like fresh sweat on warm skin to my nose. I do not get this as much from vintage Bel Ami...
  78. If you like Axe and want to go to space

    Their ads are pretty funny!
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    Re: Most underrated House

    Parfums De Nicolai!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Parfums De Nicolai!
  80. Re: L'Air Du Desert Marocain (Review) by Noirdrakkar

    Thank you for your wonderful review of this amazing fragrance. I like the way you have broken down your review to different categories. Easy to follow and very helpful.

    Does this fragrance remind...
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    Re: Fragrances you don't wear in public

    MKK, unless I am in a different country.
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    Re: Musc Kublai Khan vs Musc Ravageur

    Love them both but I wear MKK with caution.
  83. Re: Le Labo, are they any good outside of Rose 31?

    Try Patchouli 24 and Oud 27.

    I initially hated Patchouli 24 but absolutely love it now and am saving for a bottle.
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    Re: angel men NOT a projecting beast

    I was surprised how little mine projected as well. Longevity is not great either.
  85. Replies

    Re: Givenchy Gentlemen Only

    A must try for me.
  86. Re: Is a reputable seller?

    Used them many times and always happy. Packing is nicely done and they are fast. Free shipping as well.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Used them many times and always happy. Packing is nicely done and...
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    Re: Prada Amber Intense

    I find this fragrance quite beautiful and elegant.
  88. Re: Any fragrances similar to Frapin 1270?

    I forget which one but there is another Frapin that smells like 1270.
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    Poll: Re: Choices for University


    Gucci Pour Homme II is a beautiful versatile fragrance.
  90. Re: Sweet/creamy patchouli based fragrance...Niche

    This is not a niche fragrance by any means but give Patchouli by Molinard a try. It reminds me of Coromandel for less than 1/10 th the price and a must try for patchouli lovers.
  91. Re: Any designer fragrances that evoke both warm and cold feelings?

    I get this from L'Anarchist.
  92. Re: Whats everyones favorite By Kilian fragrance?

    I have yet to find a fragrance I dislike from this line.
  93. Re: whats your honest opinion on jean paul le male?

    I enjoy this when sprayed very lightly. I find it quite beautiful and pleasant.
  94. Re: my nose does not tolerate synthetic fragrance anymore.... like Le Male

    They are all synthetic to varying degrees.
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    Re: Dream Releases For 2013?

    Mouchoir de Monsieur EDP and pure parfum. At least it will give some longevity.
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    Re: Boozy picks

    Most Frapins.
  97. Re: What have people told you that you smell like?

    When I wore Pure Malt my mother said it "tasted nice". Freudian slip?
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    Re: Arabian Oud - Kalemat

    These bottles look gorgeous.
  99. Poll: Re: Battle of the legendary perfumes... No. 5, Shalimar, Mitsouko, Jicky, Bleue

    I love these fragrances but vintage Shalimar EDP just does it for me.

    No Vol de Nut? Vintage Vol de Nuit pure parfum is heavenly.

    I have spent the most on vintage Guerlains.
  100. Re: Highly reviewed fragrances that you dislike?

    If the title of this thread was "...fragrances that you LIKE" I feel the same names will pop up. I have to constantly check the subject of this thread. Weird in a big way.
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