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  1. Re: Thoughts on the new Gucci Flora Gardenia??

    Not the best one. The tuberose is OK but the star is the magnolia.
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    Moving on from Poeme

    I've been wearing Poeme for almost a year and I love it dearly, but I'd like to move on to some others that are similar in notes and sillage.

    Any suggestions please?
  3. Re: Stereotypical "Feminine" Bottles, Packaging: Irritating? Offensive? Humiliating?

    I think that it's too easy to be diverted from the perfume by the packaging. For example Princess is an OK perfume in a rosy posy way but it has a revolting teenage Disney heart shaped bottle....
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    Black Friday bargains?

    I had hoped to find all sorts of bargains but I didn't come across any.

    Has anyone?

    Or any pre Christmas discounts?
  5. Re: What's your most "old lady" scent? (Or, what are you afraid of?)

    Old Lady as a term usually raises hackles yet it conveys meaningful information that has universal consensus, as the posts above illustrate.
    I agree with all the perfume categories mentioned,...
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    Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    Please tell your wife that she can do SO much better than Si Lolita. After the first peppery note it is so faint that it's almost nothing. (BTW the other Lolita Lempicka perfumes are quite different...
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    The skankiest of them all

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Which is the skankiest of them all?

    In your opinion?
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    The Midnights of Lolita Lempicka

    Does anyone know what the latest Midnight fragrance 2011, Midnight Couture, is like?

    I have last year's, Minuit Noir, and it's beautiful.

    I've heard that it is different from all the previous...
  9. Re: Is there a dud from every great perfume house?

    I defiine "dud"=a rubbish blend.

    If there is an art and science of perfume blending that can produce great and iconic blends, and I think that there is, then there can be a poor blend, and in...
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    Re: What does l'heure bleu smell like?

    I had to smile when I saw this thread because L'Heure Bleue is a blast of scent that is unique, unmistakeable, but hard to describe! Nothing prepares you for it. It is pierciing, chemical violet...
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    Re: Shalimar Parfum Initial

    Amen to everything said about PINK juice. To me PINK just says that Guerlain are chasing an imaginary "young woman" market for watered down perfumes. IMO they should stick to the knitting.

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    Re: Your Top 10 for Fall 2011

    :cool: Like your style, man!

    10 x Frederick Malle Carnal Flower, my Holy Grail for any time of year.
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    Re: New Fragrance: Diesel Loverdose

    I never thought that I would find anything that was similar to Alien and Lolita Lempicka, but Loverdose is it.

    Lovely warm spicy licorice, quite long-lasting too.

    Quite similar in vibe to Deep...
  14. Is there a dud from every great perfume house?

    I am a BIG fan of Guerlain and I thought that they would never put a foot wrong until I came across Insolence EDP. A blast of chemical violets on top of a harsh Guerlinade! Shrill, shoddy piece of...
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    Good/ poor reformulations?

    I don't know the originals of any of the classic older perfumes, so I'd appreciate advice.

    Which perfumes have good reformulations worthy of the originals?

    And which should I avoid because they...
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    Re: Licorice and anise floral perfumes

    Thank you everyone.
    I did not know about searching on the fragrance notes thingie on the site, and it's good fun .
    Yesterday I got a Lolita Lempicka Minuit Noir and it's a DIVINE deep licorice but...
  17. Re: If you could give one piece of advice to a new fragrance collector, what would it be?

    Absolutely my experience. I don't understand why it should be so, but it just is.
    I tried Shalimar in tiny dabs and quite liked it, then one day by mistake I tipped most of the 1ml vial on my...
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    Licorice and anise floral perfumes

    I've just recently started into Lolita Lempickas and I'm lovin' them for the violet and licorice blend.

    Are there any other equally as good licorice floral perfumes? I'm told that anise in perfume...
  19. Re: Best soliflores (NOT rose and jasmine)

    Thanks everyone, I agree that Carnal Flower is divine, and I shall definitely try your other suggestions.
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    Re: Favorite cheapie & favorite costly...

    Amarige,Y, Mitsouko, Lolita Lempicka
    Songes, Carnal Flower, Vol de Nuit, No 19
  21. Best soliflores (NOT rose and jasmine)

    I'm taking a break from complex frags and I'd like to try the best soliflores, excluding rose and jasmine.

    Any suggestions? I've heard that Goutal ones are good and I think that Perfumed Court...
  22. Re: Today's surprising 5 and Bandit have a LOT in common

    Sorry posted twice by mistake and don't know how to delete.
  23. Re: Today's surprising 5 and Bandit have a LOT in common

    Sorry but IMO Bandit, which I love, is completely different on me than No. 5.
    Alas No 5 is an aldehyde powder monster that I have to scrub off. I don't get any of that from Bandit.
    But today I...
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    Re: Good guide books for perfume fanatics

    Thanks everybody who replied and sorry if I repeated a thread.

    I'd love to get the Edwards book so I'll have to start saving my pennies, it's expensive. Trouble is that I might just prefer...
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    Good guide books for perfume fanatics

    I've got Luca Turin which is a great attempt at an entertaining A-Z guide even though he overdoes the smartass stuff.

    Granted that assessing perfumes is a subjective art, I'd love to read up...
  26. The ones Luca Turin got wrong, your opinion

    Luca Turin is something of a bible, but IHMO he has big blind spots and it's very possible to disagree with many of his judgements.

    Personally I think he leaves a lot of good fragrances out of his...
  27. Re: Recommend a fragrance for the person above you based on their wardrobe

    Hi Basenote parfumistas,

    I'm a newbie and the only perfumes that I have liked so far are Amarige, and an old Dolce Vita and Paloma Picasso that belonged to my mother. I think my taste would be...
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    Re: What perfume do you wear most often?

    [QUOTE=ChickenFreak;2222790]Use up? Use up? Inconceivable. I will never use up a full bottle as long as I live; I have too many bottles and I rarely wear more than three sprays.

    I do...
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    What perfume do you wear most often?

    I saw this topic on the men's forum and I had to post it here. I hope it hasn't been on already.

    I don't mean a perfume that's your "signature" necessarily. Just the one that you find that you use...
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    Re: BBC Perfume Documentary - THE VERDICT!

    Good point that there seems to be a valiant attempt at an overall interweaving of themes around juxtapositions and contrasts of commercial and non-commercial.

    Different types of mentoring,...
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    Re: A modern fragrance

    The gist of "modern" seems to be a headlong rush away from big bold sillage monsters into lamentably bland timid tooty frooty pink rubbish and vanilla/playdoh. Celebrities have lent their names to...
  32. Re: How important is a frag being a "compliment getter" to you?

    I know I'm going to appear shallow and needy, but the truth is that I wear perfumes always hoping that others around me will be impressed by the fragrance that I have the good taste to wear. I don't...
  33. Re: Looking for a classy sexy new signature scent. Confused!

    What a super thread on a topic where it would be difficult to get this quality of information anywhere else. Certainly I have never met any SA with any depth and breadth of knowledge on topics like...
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    Re: Where to start with chypres

    Thanks everybody for this information; it is just what I wanted.

    I bought "Knowing" yesterday and my first impression is that I am surprised that it is so powdery and so ladylike! I was expecting...
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    Where to start with chypres

    I'm new to the world of fragrance and I would like to start exploring chypres although they seem to be out of favour at the moment, I think I would be correct in saying.

    Which perfumes would be...
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    Summer edition 2011 perfumes

    I've tried a couple of new editions of perfumes for summer 2011 and I really like the Armani Code (grapefruit and fresh) and Alien Sunessence Amber(gourmand musky).

    Does anyone know any others...
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    Re: Unsung Treasures

    If you accept humble perfumes here, I'd suggest that Covet is a perfume that has gone down to dime store level but its quite good.

    And some of the much despised Avon perfumes are good, best maybe...
  38. Re: Which perfumes have great scent but poor longevity/sillage?

    Thanks again, amazing information, you're the real angel.:engel017:

    BTW you are spot on with all the perfumes you mention on your list except Kenzo Flower, but now you have mentioned it I will...
  39. Re: Which perfumes have great scent but poor longevity/sillage?

    Thanks queen_sheba I am an angel of the north east of Antrim, Ulster (N. Ireland).
    I enjoyed your post and I can't wait to try the places you mention that send samples, exactly what I need, so I...
  40. Which perfumes have great scent but poor longevity/sillage?

    I've had a few disasters buying perfumes that have great fragrance but no longevity.
    Rose the One for instance.

    I know that perfumes vary according to skin types but I think my skin is pretty...
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    Re: BBC Perfume Documentary - THE VERDICT!

    For me the programme laboured to make a very stereotypical (and false) idea of the culture clash of refined sophisticated French culture and brash philistine American commercialism.

    The fact that...
  42. Re: Which iconic perfumes should every parfumista know about?

    Danke schoen! You are right that the Michael Edwards is expensive, 140.00 @ Amazon, so I shall try the public library.

    I've just been watching the new BBC4 Perfume programme about Shalimar....
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    Signature perfume

    What do Basenoters think of the idea of a signature perfume?

    Is it essential to find one signature perfume to express your personality? And how do you go about finding it?

    Or is it more fun to...
  44. Re: Which iconic perfumes should every parfumista know about?

    Thank y'all! I have so much to learn.

    I had reckoned that everyone would have different ideas, and so there would be debate about exactly which ARE the greats, and why.

    It's great to get...
  45. Which iconic perfumes should every parfumista know about?

    Hi, I am pretty new to the world of perfumes, but when I read reviews I come across references to certain iconic perfumes that are seemingly almost landmarks and signposts, as it were, you know what...
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    Re: Estee Lauder Private Collection

    Hi everybody, I saw it on
    Sorry I don't know how to insert the image, but you can look it up.
    It may be U.K. only?

    Best wishes, have a nice day!
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    Estee Lauder Private Collection

    Just want to know if Eau de Private Collection is the same as Private Collection, or a lighter version? :confused:

    If they are different, please describe and if possible rate as an Estee Lauder,...
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    Re: Which are the best BIG floral perfumes?

    Oh Saintpaullia thanks but Suganda be assured that I meant that I was very happy to be overwhelmed! I am delighted with each and every reply to my post and I treasure all the experience that is being...
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    Re: Which are the best BIG floral perfumes?

    Thank you so much everybody, for all this amazing information, I am overwhelmed, and I can't wait to try out some of your recommendation!
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    Which are the best BIG floral perfumes?

    Hello everybody I am new here and new to perfumes.

    I have discovered that the one perfume that I love so far, Amarige, is a BIG floral. I would like to add some more similar perfumes to my...
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