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  1. Re: Negative Experience with

    Thank you for your sympathy hednic. I think I will try to continue to reason with them over e-mail, but I may end up filing a dispute with my credit card company.

    Have you purchased from this...
  2. Negative Experience with

    I purchased a bottle from this site that was labeled "unboxed" and that offered a discount from the regular price. The bottle came with the box and cellophane (which I assume was resealed by...
  3. [CONUS] Re: Kindred’s Swap Thread -- Niche, Vintage Designer, and Samples

  4. [CONUS] Hard to find niche, vintage designer, samples for sale

    I do request paypal payments under "friends and family," otherwise a 4% charge will be added to cover fees. Free shipping for orders over $50; otherwise, I will choose the cheapest shipping option...
  5. Re: [WWSPECIAL$$] AVENTUS, Hermes, Le Labo, Xerjoff, Creed , TOM FORD, dior privee!!

    pm sent
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    Re: Let's talk SHOES!!!


    Just picked these up from Meermin :)

    Love the slightly chiseled toe
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    Re: *new thierry mugler : Alien man*

    Dill?? Maybe I'll spray some on my pelmeni :laugh:
  8. Re: Your favourite clean "white linen shirt" scents?

    Monsieur de Givenchy and Rochas Moustache EdC are two good ones.
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    Re: Eau de Citron Noir (2018) by Hermès

    Always interested in tea fragrances -- will have to try this one.
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    Re: Hubert de Givenchy dies aged 91

    I will wear some Monsieur de Givenchy (one of my favorites) in his honor.
  11. [CONUS] Kindred’s Swap Thread -- Niche, Vintage Designer, and Samples

    Here is what I have for swap: (Sale thread:

    Ikiryo Ame Torturee 50ml - 80-85% (Some of the...
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    Re: Aventus or La Nuit 2011?

    Aventus. I never understood the fascination for batch codes on la nuit.
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today


    I posted about this purchase earlier, but figured I would add some pictures.

    In addition to the Nino Cerruti, I bought a bottle of Rochas Moustache EdC. It has a plain black rather than...
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    Re: Which fragrance says Outer Space to you?

    Kenzo power made me think of a super-sanitized, all white space station type thing.
  15. Re: Can anyone help me date this Monsieur De Givenchy?

    I am fortunate to have a bottle of the Haute Concentration as well--I'll definitely have to try layering them together.
  16. Re: Can anyone help me date this Monsieur De Givenchy?

    Thanks for the info! Fortunately, the juice does not appear than different than the later vintage bottles--still happy to have this one in my collection though :smiley:
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    I think I've officially gone off the deep end... enable me basenoters!

    I just bought four 75ml bottles of the original Nino Cerruti pour Homme--one of my favorites. The price was just too good to...
  18. Re: Can anyone help me date this Monsieur De Givenchy?

    I've never seen a bottle without the black label around it either! Except the minis.
  19. Can anyone help me date this Monsieur De Givenchy?

    I recently bought this bottle off of Ebay. I've never seen this box design before, my others have that repeating greek key design.

    Curiously, this one also came with a little slip of paper, some...
  20. Re: BEWARE: Major company misleading buyers about Bogart's Arabian Nights.

    Hmmm, that is very curious. I wonder why anyone would go to so much trouble for a relatively obscure fragrance!
  21. Re: BEWARE: Major company misleading buyers about Bogart's Arabian Nights.

    Which site is mis-advertising it?

    I somehow doubt it's an intentional ploy; there doesn't seem to be much profit to be made. My hunch is that someone made a mix-up with the inventory management...
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    Re: Arcadi Boix Camps

    Good point on the whole DVD thing -- I haven't had a dvd drive for at least 5 years now :vrolijk_1:
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    Re: New exclusive line, Symétrie

    Wow, starting out strong! I'm a big fan of The One, La Nuit, and Pure Malt. I'll have to try Mont Blanc Individuel when I get a chance, since you seem to like it so much :D
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    Re: Dior Homme (2017 batch)

    I understand wanting to track major reformulations, but I feel like this batch variation hysteria is a bit out of hand :undecided:

    For what it's worth, I think my ~2015 bottle has great...
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    Re: New exclusive line, Symétrie

    None of them immediately struck me as being a designer clone, so that's a good start! Still, at $25 I can't help thinking I'm halfway towards a discounted lutens or something :p

    I'm sure you...
  26. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Just for the fun of it, I tried to be like you guys the other day and sprayed 8 sprays of Lapidus Pour Homme...

    I promptly got nauseous and had to jump in the shower. I don't have what it takes!
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    Re: Fahrenheit afficondos need your help

    I'd agree with Palmolive that it is from at least the early 2000s, considering that it has "christian dior" at the bottom and a relatively narrow "eau de toilette."

    Good find! :thumbup:
  28. Re: What is the problem with this feedback ?

    Haha I would be happy with that sample.
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    Re: New exclusive line, Symétrie

    A fragrancenet order I made came with a booklet with magazine style testers of the whole line. They are all gratingly "fresh" scents to me. Nothing worth purchasing imo, even at ~$25 a bottle.
  30. Re: FragranceX sold me a fake Dior Homme Intense

    My box does not have the bee on it either -- I'm pretty sure the box has multiple versions. Why would you not even bother to smell the perfume first?
  31. Re: Question about the relationship between molecules shape/vibration and our senses...

    We know what smell is, it is a subjective experience that any of us could describe. What we don't know is that final step of exactly how the brain turns electrical impulse into subjective experience....
  32. Re: Midnight in Paris EDT- Selling out and going up in price

    I wasn't compelled to buy it at $30 a few years ago, so I definitely won't be buying it at $100-200+ (lol) that it is going for now!
  33. Re: Most Complex 70s/80s/early 90s "Powerhouse" Fragrances

    Thanks for the suggestions; I have tried a few of these, including Heritage and Ho Hang Club. Does Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme have any similarity to Ho Hang Club?

    Sagamore looks very...
  34. Re: Question about the relationship between molecules shape/vibration and our senses...

    There is no particular quality, innate to an aroma molecule, that makes us perceive it as smell. As unsatisfying as this answer may seem, our brains have simply evolved in a way that reads the input,...
  35. Re: Cigarette #1 - the Amazing little cologne from China

    Just to clear some things up;

    The word generally used for perfume is translated literally as "Fragrant Water." The "Fragrant" character has no real connotation of masculine or feminine. It's the...
  36. Most Complex 70s/80s/early 90s "Powerhouse" Fragrances

    What recommendations do you guys have for the most complex and dynamic fragrances that are representative of 70s, 80s, and early 90s powerhouse fragrances? Preferably ones that are easy to find and...
  37. Re: Question about the relationship between molecules shape/vibration and our senses...

    Let's consider the shape theory of smell:

    You have millions of receptors in your nose that only allow certain shapes of molecules to attach to them. When the molecule attaches to the receptor,...
  38. Re: Quantum Vibration Scent Theory - I don`t really get it

    Traditionally, olfaction has been described as a "lock and key" model.

    Your nose has lots of different "locks" and when the odor molecules, or "keys" go into those locks, your brain can tell you...
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    Re: NEW: Nike - Hub Man!

    Wow, looks like they went back to the 90s for that packaging haha
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    Re: New Penhaligon's: Halfeti

    Wow, that is a lot of notes. There are a few I am really interested in (saffron, grapefruit, jasmine, sandalwood), but it seems like they might get lost in the mix. Will try when i get a chance
  41. Re: No bull, do you think different ethnicities prefer different scents?

    There is certainly some confusion in this thread between race and culture.

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    Re: Male Female monsters, whats yours?

    I only have a sample, but I would say one man show gold. That stuff is ridiculously strong and lasting even from a dab.
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    Re: Help me choose....

    Hi Cologne is a much watered down version in comparison; to me the powdery facets are emphasized while the animalic "dirtiness" is toned down. If you like the unusual, definitely go for the absolue :...
  44. Re: Got a spare $ this blind. like now.

    Wasn't a fan of balenciaga ph, but ho hang club is a very nice dark and complex floral.
  45. Re: Cracked open my blind buy GPHII this afternoon... Thoroughly disappointed :(

    Not really offensive to me, but tbh it doesn't remind me of any tea I've ever drank. I get violet and cinnamon from this one
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    Montale Clip

    Hi everybody, I have a Montale tester and want the clip to complete it.

    If anyone has one, feel free to message me. We can make it part of a swap too.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense - what a buy!

    Lol so specific. What's wrong with that one?
  48. Re: Can you suggest me a SL for th colder months?

    How do you guys think Gris Clair performs in the fall/winter? I've been eyeing it, but have only tried it in warm weather.
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    Re: Buying Creeds from Walmart?

    Walmart is way too prominent to be selling fakes.
  50. Re: Looking for High School Cologne- Have a budget of $100-$250 - New York

    Chanel allure home is what I wore at that age; people seemed to like it :)
  51. Re: Ordered ONE 75 ml Creed, received TWO bottles. Any advice?

    I'd probably keep it considering the amount of crap they tell us about the company's history/practices in advertising. Does that make me a bad person? xD
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    Re: Which 2 of these to Purchase?

    Good on you, TurnerIII :). Thanks for helping make BN an awesome community.
  53. Re: Opium PH, price increases, discontinued soon?

    My guess is that it is being phased out of the american market, and unsold old stock is running out. Its still being advertised (along with edp) on the french ysl site,
  54. Re: Looking to start a conservative "collection" of colognes

    Chanel's allure pour homme is a good one
  55. Re: What scents have gotten you the most negative comments from women?

    Monsieur de Givenchy was "weird" and opium pH was "the worst thing you own" xD.
  56. Re: Can you please recommend me easy to find, gorgeous spicy-oriental scents?

    Watch out for the patchouli in L'instant, and the vanilla/lavender bomb in Rochas man.

    I would suggest going for the EdT version of L'instant or HiM by Hanae Mori
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    Re: Question about musky Ambergris absolute

    A tincture is just a bit of the absolute (a solid) dissolved in alcohol or whatever other liquid solvent. I would be very skeptical about these "raw ambergris stones" considering the stuff costs like...
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    Re: I am loving Hanae Mori HIM

    Good stuff; I liked the depth it had in comparison to GPHII.
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    Re: L'homme Ideal de Guerlain?

    Yess, almonds. I hope it's like a less soapy and more subtle version of PG Bois de Copaiba
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    Re: Fragrance with Blackcurrant and vanilla

    Opium ph

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    Re: I bought versace eros today and...

    There is usually a bit of space so it won't spill when the pump is inserted/sealed. It should be mechanically filled to 100ml though.

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  62. Re: $13.99 - 3.4oz Fahrenheit by Christian Dior tester on

    Glad you agree. Although the base does seem richer, I feel most of the difference is just due to the sharpness of the top notes getting softer over time

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  63. Re: $13.99 - 3.4oz Fahrenheit by Christian Dior tester on

    I had a recent bottle side by side to compare with the vintage; other than the vintage being smoother around the edges, the isn't that much of a difference.

    Congrats to those who got in on this...
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    Re: Reducing Carboxylic Acids to Aldehydes

    To be fair, the very first post was just as laden with o-chem :/

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  65. Re: I just wanted to be cool. review of A*Men / Angel Men

    If you ever have that problem in the future, use rubbing alcohol to get the scent off.

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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme I

    If you've smelled it and it's vastly different, it's a fake. The other signs are hardly foolproof. Ive had a real gphii bottle with horribly crooked glass on the bottom for example

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  67. Re: Are reusable atomizers a thing of the past?

    Agreed. I don't think the rinse with water is necessary though, if anything it would just make the drying time longer.

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    Re: Le Cherche Midi fragrances?

    They look very interesting, though the three in the gift set didn't really appeal to me. I wish that houses wouldn't name their fragrances after numbers. Makes it hard to remember which ones are...
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    Re: Body fitness!

    Eat smaller meals in shorter intervals.

    Exercise at least 4 times a week and be sure to do some resistance training to keep up bone density as one ages.

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  70. Re: Please tell me WHY i like Armani eau de nuit - what are the basenotes?

    Agreed completely

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    Re: You gotta love EBAY!!!


    The guy was just sharing some good deals he had on Ebay.
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    Re: teen fragrance recommendations

    Hahah, I think you'll do fine here.

    Try these ones:

    Chanel Allure - My first all around fragrance; inoffensive yet sophisticated.
    YSL L'Homme
    D&G The One - Great one if it lasts on your...
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    Re: Have/ would you buy off Craigslist?

    The type of people you encounter depends what kind of area you live in. As for buying fragrances off Craigslist, I see no issue with it as long as you can test it first.

    Sent from my...
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    Re: You gotta love EBAY!!!

    Chanels are not guaranteed fakes on eBay. Of course if you buy it from the guy with 30 of the same listings for a stock photo of bleu, and a newly created account, you're going to get scammed. Only...
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    Re: Natural vs synthetic


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    Re: What was your first fragrance?

    The first fragrance I bought myself was Azzaro Chrome Legend.

    The first fragrance I remember using would be my fathers old bottle of Cool Water aftershave. The vintage stuff was strong! The AS is...
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    Re: Byredo line anyone using it?

    I really like Bal D'Afrique
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    Re: Worst marketing buzzwords

    I don't mind the descriptive terms. Like Joe points out, art is only what you make it out to be.

    I do have a problem with the false histories though.

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  79. Re: Issey miyake pour homme sport fake or real

    What do you mean you tried entering the barcode? Into what?

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  80. Re: Fragrances to avoid using on a date in fear of smelling like her ex or previous guys.

    Armani adg, code, and Le male are the ones I've encountered most

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  81. Re: How do you defend your interest/love in/for fragrance?

    It is as music is to the ears and art to the eyes. If someone can't understand that simply because of social norms, It's not worth the time arguing in my opinion.

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    Re: My Cheap Idea - Aventus

    I can vouch for them too; I ordered only 3 one oz. bottles and they sent me two pouches of smaller atomizers/vials/funnels and stuff.
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    Re: New Bentley Azure

    I haven't smelled Bentley intense, but the notes don't seem to match up to any mpg I've tried. I'm interested in hearing which one you find similar.

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    Re: New Bentley Azure

    Pineapple and violet leaf sound like a refreshing take on the genre

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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Nice selection Cesare! I like all of them, besides grey flannel :p
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    Re: Is this vintage Capucci pH?

    Thanks Hednic, that is good to hear! Was it common back in the day for houses not to label the size and concentration?
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    Is this vintage Capucci pH?

    I just bought a bottle of capucci ph off eBay, but there doesn't seem to be any similar photos on google. Here is a picture:

    Interestingly, it...
  88. Re: Article: Sandalwood Dreams, Part 8: Uses and Markets + Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

    I found it very interesting that Germany was the principle buyer of raw mysore sandalwood in the 1900s. Not the first country that would come to mind! The series was concise and nicely written; well...
  89. Poll: Re: On a scale from 1-5, how important is presentation to you?

    The packaging doesn't affect my perception of the scent, but I do reach for my full bottles more than my decants/spray samples. It just seems like a more complete experience, as trivial as it may be....
  90. Re: OPIUM pour Homme , eau de PARFUM version: still in production, but....

    Anyone have a reasonably priced source for north American buyers? I've been looking for this one for a while

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    Re: Are your top fragrances niche or designer?

    1. Monsieur de givenchy
    3.eau de iles

    Those are my top three at the moment

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    Re: Sock rules for men

    Generally you want to match the socks to the pants in order to lengthen the leg

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  93. Re: Gucci Pour Homme I is similar to CDG Avignon

    Funny, I had the same thought a few days ago that they have similar incense notes.
  94. Re: Whats your opinion of thierry mugler Pure Shot?

    I enjoyed it personally; very fresh and long lasting. It's more substantial than most summer scents.
  95. Replies

    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Thank you Hednic! That is a leather perfume oil from Surrati.
  96. Replies

    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Made a few additions :)
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    Re: Anything similar to Nino Cerruti (1979)?l

    Thanks for the suggestions Evogel and Hednic. You mention Insense; I've been looking at that one for a while. Does it have any of the resinous quality of the cerruti?
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    Anything similar to Nino Cerruti (1979)?l

    I recently got a mini to try from a very kind BN member. Haven't had a chance to thank them since my messages got deleted!

    Since this one is discontinued and hard to find, can anyone recommend...
  99. Re: Paul Smith Portrait for Men (doesnt smell like Gucci PH II)

    I agree, very similar cinnamon-violet leaf accord. Wasn't sure if I tried the EdP or EdT though. Are there any big differences?
  100. Replies

    Re: Do you want to smell like a Pitbull?

    ^ I would actually give him some credit for that statement.
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