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  1. Re: Fragrances you've received negative comments on..

    A stale-smelling, chain-smoking coworker, whom I would have thought could not discern any scents at all over her own, actually recoiled from me the day I wore Estee Lauder's Sensuous to work. I was...
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    Re: Today I Bought ...December 2010

    Yesterday I purchased some Tresor EDP, finally - I want to own all of the Sophia Grojsman perfumes - I am almost there - and a coffret of Estee Lauder minis of Pleasures, Pure White Linen, Beautiful,...
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    Re: Memoire Liquide - Thoughts?

    I have the Souk Nocturne and find it intoxicatingly beautiful. With over 200 samples and decants now it is still to Souk Nocturne that I am turning again and again. It is so rich, mysterious, and...
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