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  1. help me choose my gf's next frag

    im a female fragrance noob

    her current collection is as follows:

    Hanae Mori No. 1
    Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir
    Phaedon Pluie de Soleil
    Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche
    Lolita Lempicka Coral...
  2. Re: Fragrances you love and wish would perform better as well as last longer.

    bigsteve, you should track down the midnight limited edition of LLAM. less vanilla, bit woodier (oud). projects about the same as the original but lasts 10+ hours on me.

    i wish CdG's Incense...
  3. Re: What " Niche Brand " is your favorite?

    I consider CdG as 'niche', so im going with them

    plus Tauer, Montale, Heeley, A Lab on Fire
  4. Poll: Poll: Can only afford one of these, which should I get?

    Spoiling myself a little with a new frag. Which should I get? It is winter time here so take that into account.
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    Re: Best fragrance you have ever smelt?

    My top 3 as of now:

    LDDM. Simply the best thing ive ever smelled. Of course i have only bought and sampled a fraction of the frags that are out there, but of all i have tried, this is my one true...
  6. Re: Gourmand Shoot Out, which one do I pick?

    If you like licorice then Lolita Lempicka. Of those you mentioned i only have that (and a couple of its flankers) and Rochas Man. To me Rochas smells too much like a slightly longer lasting Lynx/Axe...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Enchanted Forest wow'd me recently from the sample i got, enough to warrant a full bottle methinks.

    Montale's Chypre Vanille was my test drive today. I quite like it as well. The vanilla is not...
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    Re: Anything close to a forest?

    I just sampled this and i love it. Its supposed to be unisex but I think it would smell better on a man. I imagine i smell like a an 18th century german lumberjack who just got back from cutting...
  9. Re: Creed aventus, what's the hype, average at best

    Thread has inspired me to give Aventus another whirl tomorrow.

    If i still don't get it, my 95+% full 120ml bottle will be hitting the marketplace.
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    Re: How fickle are you?

    I cant pick just one as a favourite.

    I have frags for different occasions, different outfits, different people who I might see that day. I have a favourite for each, with a few sitting behind them...
  11. Re: Paco Rabanne Black XS: Longevity and Projection

    I get great projection, but longevity is very average at best. 4-5 hours on a good day and then it just disappears.
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    Re: Girlfriend's Favorite

    YES. You are doing it right sir. I spray 5-6 sprays of LDDM early in the night when I'm not around other people. That way, in about 4-6 hours time when (if) things are going swimmingly and the gap...
  13. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    "You smell like sexual licorice"

    First female compliment with Lolita Lempicka au Masculin eau de Minuit. Quickly becoming my favourite, or equal favourite. I never got compliments ever with the...
  14. Re: Which perfume house uses the best/worst quality bottles in comparison to their price tag?

    Agreed on both. Rubber A*Men and flanker sprayers have to be the worst. I feel a bit stupid saying this, the bottles are quite attractive with the star design, but does anyone else that has a few of...
  15. Re: What is that one cologne you can safely say "it is one of a kind!"

    any of the lolita lempicka masculines

    ive smelled licorice and aniseed in other frags but never as such strong focal points. i love it.
  16. What in Invasion barbare is it that I can't stand?

    I always thought it had really dirty strong patchouli in it which I can't stand, but basenotes says it contains:

    Grapefruit, Bergamot, Violet leaves, White thyme, Cardamom, Lavender, Ginger,...
  17. Re: Heeley Sel Marin is probably one of the worst aquatics out there

    I have a sample of this sitting on a shelf. I'll have to wait until summer rolls around again to give it a true test.

    Living in a coastal town, the smell of the beach just makes me instantly...
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    Re: Relax and calming scent for bed ?

    i have a small pillow with some dried lavender and some other stuff that im not sure what is that i keep in my bed. its one of those new age hippy things, it is meant to make my dreams clearer as...
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    Re: Best Comme des Garcons

    Some of their bottles annoy me.

    If it doesnt stand up how am i meant to place it nicely on my frag shelf?
  20. Re: sick with fever, any perfume to soothe my senses?



    oh god ive already spent my monthly fragrance quota. oh well...
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    I dunno, Coney Island is pretty unique imo
  22. Re: If you're not a fan of "x" note, what is a fragrance you love DOMINATED by this note that you ha

    I hate strong patchouli scents. I hated it all together, until I realised it is in a few of my fave scents: A*Men etc.

    I still dislike it but I do avoid it if it is dominant. I think its rather...
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    Autumn/Winter niche

    A lot of summertime threads going around. But in the land down unda its getting cold!

    What niche frags did you guys use during the chilly weather? I just had my summertime wardrobe sorted and now...
  24. Re: Any high quality coconut scents similar to Creed Virgin Island Water from Amouage, Bond No. 9, e

    Comptoir Sud - Coco Extreme

    Its coconut on coconut on coconut. Sort of artificial candy smelling. But still powerful coconut.

    I have a bottle and use it for layering purposes. Use it as a base...
  25. Re: What 's similar to Bond No. 9 Coney Island?

    I have both. Theres a similarity in the margarita notes in the opening (tequila, lime, salt with a bit of sweetness to it). Thats really where it begins and ends though.

    Coney Island is strange....
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    Re: A*Men Pure Malt - Rate it!

    1) Scent alone - solid 9
    2) Projection - 10
    3) Longevity - 10
    4) Versatility - 7
    5) Compliments - 9
    6) Overall rating - 9/10

    Ive only worn it once, and got compliments but they were all from...
  27. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Finally had a breakthrough with Aventus. Sick with tonsilitis, I wore it to the doctors. On the way home I stopped into the pharmacy to collect my prescription. The young female pharmacist's...
  28. Re: sick with fever, any perfume to soothe my senses?

    I was in bed for a few days over the weekend with a horrible fever and illness. On monday i went to the Dr, and decided to wear Aventus to his office. Im not sure why, im really not a big fan if...
  29. Re: Grail Samples on the way...Invasion Barbare and Pure Distance M

    Question: I sampled Invasion Barbare from luckyscent and did not like it. Should i get another sample, but this time test it with a sprayer? I didnt completely dislike it, and i have found since that...
  30. Re: what's the best perfume for a traveler?

    Something very weak and inoffensive. Last thing anyone on a long flight wants is to be assaulted by your scent whenever you walk by.
  31. Re: Based on smell alone… what would be your 10/10 fragrance?

    Only three in my rotation that I would give a straight up 10/10 so far:

    L'air du Desert Marocain
    Lolita Lempicka au Masculin eau de Minuit
    Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St Clements
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    Hunting Tobacco Vanille

    I can't find this anywhere. I even went to the Tom Ford store in Vegas while on holiday and they didn't have it. Has it been discontinued?

    Apart from Ebays, does anyone have any other online leads?
  33. Re: Do you think Rochas Man smells feminine?

    It smells almost exactly the same as Lynx/Axe Dark Temptation to me. I know its rather petty but I think thats part of the reason im not a huge fan. For that reason though, I'd say it is unisex, but...
  34. Re: Another new Montale for Spring 2013 - Aoud Greedy!

    not a huge montale fan but this actually sounds interesting. i really liked musk to musk, aoud damascus was nice too. thats about it from the several ive sampled.
  35. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    i started off in the mainstream, ck one was the first frag i was ever given as a gift. when i started buying for myself and seriously collecting, i found myself gravitating towards the niche stuff....
  36. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    l'air du desert marocan worked its magic for me again over the long weekend. i think this poor young thing told me i smelled good 5 or 6 times, even the next morning.

    he wood silver wind wood gets...
  37. Re: That one note that kills it for you...

    I can't stand really strong, dirty Patchouli.

    Poorly crafted lemon citrus frags that remind me of dishwashing liquid. I used to be totally against citrus and would avoid it until being introduced...
  38. Re: L'Air Du Desert Marocain (Review) by Noirdrakkar

    My favourite frag, the jewel in my collection (for now). I just wish I had a bottle bigger than 50ml.

    Not only do i personally love the way it smells, but this one gets me the most compliments of...
  39. Re: Tried Aventus and not that impressed

    I feel bad jumping in on the Aventus beatdown, but I don't 'get it' either. I blind bought because of the hype when I found it for a good price from a reputable shop. Every time I see it on my shelf...
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    Re: Lolita Lempicka Au Minuit Masculin

    I got a hold of it this week. I think its nice, very similar to the original but instead of "walking into a sweet shop" smell, i get something more grown-up and refined. The licorice is less...
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