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    Extremely Masculine And Sexy

    If u Had to Pick The Best 2 fragrances to fit in this category what would they be
    My picks would go to

    Green Irish Tweed
    Dolce And Gabbana Pour homme And i hate to give it a vote , Only becase...
  2. Best Fresh Clean Scent But Masculine (No Fruity Notes)

    I am looking to add another cologne to the small collection of mine

    i am looking for something very fresh but Masculine at the same time
    i heard great things about Rive Gauche pour Homme

  3. Question on any underground hidden cologne gems+

    Yes i am a cologne addict and i am just a little tired of hearing about the same old things, i hear so much about the big designers and nich, of course that is understanding becase of the quailty...
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    Scented monkey wholesale information????

    Yes so i recently was surfing on scented and was inpressed by there prices and there selection

    and i saw a link to wholeslae prices, u need so sign up and give them a tax id number...
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    looking for inexpensive cologne

    I just bought
    ignition by lomani
    twiceberg ice
    halston unbound
    I was really impressed how good they smell and how cheap they are
    is there any other hidden gems out there that are very...
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    Abercrombie and fitch Smell

    Looking for a house that may have made a cologne that smells excatly or close to abercrombie and fitch fierce
    This cologne is really for the younger population, along the lines of aqua di gio in...
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    In Need of a citrus

    i would like to add a very nice citrus fragrance to the collection
    right now these are my choices i am looking at

    Follia di Aquarama Follia di Aquarama,
    Versace Man Eau Fraiche,
  8. Hi need help in starting another cologne fan website

    Well I think basenotes is such a great site but
    unfortunately decants are no longer sold on here, which is understandable.
    I wish there was a website where you could buy travel size bottles of...
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    Best Of the Olfactory Groups

    i am looking to ad a couple scents to my collection from the diffrent olfactory groups
    info from

    If you had to chose once fragrance to be the best of that olfactory group using...
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    Some advice on chosing

    Yes I have been trying to build my collection around scents that are my absolute favorites
    I only am now trying to buy cologne that if I spray it , I just love the smell and always find my self...
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