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    YSL Supreme Bouquet sprayed 3X


    From YSL's Oriental Collection series. Full presentation box. Sprayed 3X. Just bought last week for $250 + tax as a blind buy, but it's not my cup o' tea...

    Asking $165 + $5 shipping US...
  2. [CONUS] Aroma M Gesiha Noire + HdP Veni - 99.9% full w/boxes

    Aroma M Geisha Noire EDP 2 oz - $60

    Histoires de Parfums Veni EDP 60ml - $140

    Both sprayed only a couple of times - please see pics. Each comes with original packaging.

    Paypal only. ...
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    Re: Which is the best "amber" perfume?

    �� remembered one more after my post - Lubin Akkad. Beautifully composed and lasts 6 hours or more.
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    Re: Which is the best "amber" perfume?

    Profumum Ambra Aurea is my absolute favorite, and like you, I've tried a lot! I loved Amber Absolute too, but I guess a lot of other people didn't and therefore they discontinued it. Givenchy Organza...
  5. Re: Has anyone tried Arno Sorel Solinotes AMBRE ???

    It's a wonderful, rich amber well worth the $30 at UO. I wouldn't classify it as a single note scent either, it's well rounded, woody with the slightest vanilla sweetness. Also great is their...
  6. Re: Love Organza Indecence - other suggestions?

    You listed a lot of things I own. I actually got rid of my Cuir Beluga on eBay as after awhile, I found it too "suedey".

    You might try Tom Ford Amber Absolute or Profumum Ambra Aurea.

  7. Re: L'Artisan Havana Vanille, M. Micallef Note Vanillee, or Tauer Lddm?

    I've owned both Note Vanille and Havana Vanille, but got rid of the Micallef. If sweet is your thing, then you will like Note Vanille. If you lean toward smoky, rum-my vanilla, then Havana is the...
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