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    Re: The first time you smelled GIT.....

    Sampled it on paper, and didn't really fall in love with it.
  2. Re: The most sexy alpha man / chick magnet scents

    Sounds to me like OP got sucked into the fragrance marketing.
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    Re: Gucci Envy for Men - acceptable price range?

    I know. Gucci Envy for Men was in my to-try list for a very long time. It was only when I purchased a perfume from a fellow BNer was I able to try it when he gave me a 10ml decant along with my...
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    Re: Disappointing Creeds

    Creeds are "ok" for me at the least. But I still cannot justify spending so much $$$ on a bottle, as I still have a lot of designer perfumes that I like more.
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    Re: Gucci Envy for Men - acceptable price range?

    Sorry, I should have said it at first, but I found some guy in my country selling Gucci Envy for Men at a low price. It seems he's not aware of the huge demand and rarity of the perfume. His dad sent...
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    Gucci Envy for Men - acceptable price range?

    Does anyone know what is the current "acceptable" price range for the rare and discontinued Gucci Envy for Men? I checked eBay, but I'm not sure of the "acceptable" market value because of the bids....
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    Re: Highly reviewed fragrances that you dislike?


    I was very disappointed after hearing so many recommendations (especially on hotter climate, WTF) on this and quite a lot of positive feedback. But it smelled like pencil sharpener...
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    Re: Aqua Di Gio, with a nice dry-down?

    L'eau D'Issey is quite similar to AdG IMO, but with excellent sillage and longevity.
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    Re: Newbie Suggestions

    +1 Dior Homme Sport
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    Re: Thoughts on Longevity/Projection;Sillage

    I agree that longevity is more important than projection.

    I also have issues with my skin, as most fragrances disappear for awhile. That's why I always make sure to do a test run on perfumes...
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    D&G Pour Homme - which version?

    Hi guys!

    I recently got a official sample of D&G Pour Homme from a fellow BNer. I really loved the smell! And it was really unique for me compared to the common aquatics/citruses around here in my...
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    Re: Cologne for 17/18 Y/O Guy! Help! :')?

    +1 on CK Shock. Based on you've mentioned, I'm sure you will like this also. It is also great for an "everyday" scent, as 1 million can be too cloying at times and offensive to some.
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    Poll: Re: #1 Perfume Myth

    I have yet to come across a tester that is stronger than the original.
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    Re: What is it whith Creed?

    It's just a hype. Many basenoters here are fed up with designer fragrances that they consider mostly 'junk'. That's why they highly regard Creed and other niche brands for their uniqueness and...
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    Re: Need advise for signature fragrance

    I also live in a hot humid country. There are a lot of other options that you can choose from aside from those three you mentioned. The typical recommendations would be Cool Water, AdG, L'eau...
  16. Re: Word To The Wise (my advice to newer fragrance collectors)

    Nice share. I can somewhat relate to your story. I'm still very new to the world of fragrances, and just started collecting recently. But since I'm only 23, I know I have all the time I need to learn...
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    Re: Best Unisex designer scents?

    Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes
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    Re: YSL L'Homme vs Dior Homme

    L'homme for the smell! Love it. Too bad it doesn't last long.
  19. Re: Help L'eau d'issey by Issey Miyake , is mine fake ??

    Looks legit to me. I compared the pics to the one I have, and I see no noticeable difference.

    Although I'm not sure about the color of the font of your bottle because of the picture quality. Kinda...
  20. Re: L'eau d'issey Pour Homme "experts"...Is it my skin or the Bottle?

    That's odd. It lasts long on my skin, around 6 hrs, which is longer than most frags I use. A lot of frags don't last on my skin, so Issey is one of those that I'm happy for its lasting power.
  21. Thread: Ocean scent

    by jernie19

    Re: Ocean scent

    +2 Bvlgari Aqva

    You could also try Nautica - Voyage, really refreshing and ocean-like to me.
  22. Re: 19 years to cologne world...going go invest into Creed Aventus

    Are you sure you really want Aventus? I mean, Aventus is nice and all. But you don't NEED to buy it just because its such a huge hit here in BN. I'm sure you will find a lot of other colognes that...
  23. Re: Smells similar to Chrome but less linear and synthetic?

    +1 for CK One. They smell quite alike in many ways. The only difference for me is probably that CK One doesn't last as much as Chrome, which also doesn't last on me.
  24. Re: Fragrances for Tropical Climate that is NOT an AQUATIC?

    *sigh* most of the recommendations are hard to find here. They don't have Guerlain Vetiver tester so the saleslady gave me a sample shower gel. Although the smell is okay, has that earthly and green...
  25. Re: CK One: Please recommend an analogous fragrance.

    L'eau D' Issey Miyake - I also CK One, and though it does smell nice, it's longevity is terrible. So I bought Issey, which is somewhat similar as a clean nice scent, and it lasts up to 8 hours on me!...
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    Re: A couple questions about Bvlgari Man.

    It does smell nice. However, if you've smelt enough perfumes, especially the old classics and powerhouses, you'll understand why it got a lot of bad feedback. It smells similar to all the...
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    Re: I need to slow down - this is expensive!!

    I, too, am struggling with holding myself back from spending too much into buying more perfumes. I try to tell myself to only buy 1-2 bottles a month. My dad told me I got myself a expensive hobby....
  28. Re: Fragrances for Tropical Climate that is NOT an AQUATIC?

    Thank you so much for all the suggestions!

    I finally found a store that has a wide selection of perfume brands. However, when I found it, I could not remember all the perfumes suggested here. I...
  29. Re: Fragrances for Tropical Climate that is NOT an AQUATIC?

    Thank you for all the suggestions! Although most of them are not available in my area for me to test, I guess I will have to blind buy them.

    I did not know vetiver would also fit in hot climate....
  30. Fragrances for Tropical Climate that is NOT an AQUATIC?

    Hi everyone!

    I've been lurking around BN for quite some time now and have been reading a lot about perfumes. I think it was last year when I started getting into perfumes and some of those I...
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