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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, April 28, 2013

    Perhaps rare to me only by market circumstance, definitely Tumulte by Christian Lacroix.

  2. Re: Ordered 5 colognes, dislike all of them, need advice please!

    People who blind buy need to have an open mind and realize they're going to end up with mostly fragrances that constitute a collection, not a wardrobe (there's a difference, one is a set you actually...
  3. Re: I've Never Listened To A Single Word From A Sales Associate

    The argument is pretty cut and dry to me. Salespeople in fragrance shops = knowledgeable. Salespeople in shops with more than just fragrances = somewhat knowledgeable. For me, I depend on my own...
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    Alternative Men's Fragrance Takes

    Hello, a little bit of shameless bold self promotion.

    Last year I started a men's fragrance blog called The Whiff, which I hope gains a small audience I can kick it with. It's written completely...
  5. I'm always saying I'm somebody who isn't swayed...

    I'm always saying I'm somebody who isn't swayed by trendy packaging, but I have to say this is done tastefully and sticks to the Marc Jacobs style. I'm eager to see if my lady friends will be...
  6. Re: So I let 2 fragrance uneducated people pick my scent for evening

    Smells are subjective and not easily opened for discussion in this aggressive your taste vs. world's tastes manner. Standing around and smelling samples and forming your whole opinion based on that...
  7. Re: The difference between spraying fragrance up close, or far away? How far do you spray it?

    Definitely stay away from too close. What happens is the molecules will layer and you'll end up mixing top/middle/basenotes at simultaneous intervals. If they're not necessarily harmonious all at...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
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    Re: Best "Bang" for your buck

    Incidentally, I'd have to say my recent purchase of Marc Jacobs' Bang Bang. I'm in love with it and managed to get a good price at a duty-free.
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    Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    I just got back from Vancouver, it was the first time I had seen the expanded corner location of Sephora. Very impressive! The selection was admittedly not the greatest but compared to before it did...
  11. Thread: Lucky You

    by argentak

    Re: Lucky You

    Lucky You is fantastic and definitely the best fragrance for those who prefer the grassier, less wooden side of greens. I love wearing it in springtime. It's definitely a more American (casuals from...
  12. Re: The fragance that is "always with you "," in your mind ' ', " you never forget " ( 1 )

    I have to say Be Delicious DKNY. I'm a sucker for fragrances that are casual, a tad bright and fruity (without going into the sport territory), and have just a bit of an upbeat fashionable edge with...
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    Re: Looking for a zen fragrance

    Like I've said in my review, John Varvatos Star USA is indeed a very quiet scent but has its distinct clean depth. What comes to my mind when wearing it is the sensation of cool, polished black...
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    Re: SOTD; Satureday, July 21st, 2012

    I'm tiring out of all of the fresh and lighter wood scents I've been using like clockwork in summer, so I'm going to boldly use something that's a bit unorthodox for a hot day with its fruitiness and...
  15. Thread: Amazon Help

    by argentak

    Re: Amazon Help

    From what has been explained to me, the sub-sellers on Amazon contract to have their orders seen by Amazon customers (getting exponentially more views in the process) and also have their ordering...
  16. Re: Which fragrance do you spray the most at one sitting? Which do you spray least?

    Strangely I spray everything about 5 times regardless of what it is. The lighter scents and those with lower durability catch my attention for use when I'm wanting something lighter or not as lasting...
  17. Re: I sampled Brooks Brothers Classic and VR Spice Bomb

    I just ordered a full EDT of Spicebomb after a sample. Really impressed with the depth and the strangely perky character. Definitely a contender for awards in '13.
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    Re: Nordstrom coming to Canada !!!

    I can't wait for my next trip back to Vancouver after it opens! Too bad I'll be there a bit too early in August. More incentive to come back again!
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    Re: New Fragrance: J Del Pozo - Halloween Man

    Definitely interested in this fragrance. I'm a sucker for anything dark with apple, spice, and vanilla. Is there a way to purchase this online from the US?
  20. Poll: Re: End Perfume Sexism - Should Basenotes Merge the Male and Female Sub-Forums?

    The simple fact of the matter is, men and women tend to do critical thinking about the arts in different ways. This is why although most of the fashion industry and its products are geared towards...
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    Re: SOTD; Friday, July 20th, 2012

    It's a rainy late summer up in the northern extreme of the Pacific Northwest. Perfect time for cedar inspiration.

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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, July 19th, 2012

    I love being in one of the planet's last time zones, I can display my SOTD of the next day before I go to bed!

    Anyways, I'm going sporty, casual, and lighthearted by reaching for what's become my...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT - July 2012

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    Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    Good afternoon Vancouver thread! I will be back in town for a week in August. Are there any new hotspots or suggestions for fragrance that I should know about? Other than the usual suspects like...
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    Re: Your Motive/reason for having MANY Colognes

    There is no real conscious modus operandi for this kind of collection. Smell is one of the five senses, and anything in our world that can be considered artistic must be experienced through one of...
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    Re: What do you like but regret buying

    I don't have a purchase regret so much as I have a regret for keeping something in my collection. I received a full size EDT Tommy Bahama Very Cool as a gift and its definitely not my taste, even...
  27. Re: Bond No. 9 - I love New York for All - Marriage Equality

    I'm extremely finicky when it comes to packaging and branding. Of course I wish I could say the scent is the only important element, but it's not 100% of the fragrance experience. At least 10% is...
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2012

    May was a spree for me based on some good personal finance situations.

    - Christian Lacroix - Tumulte (I managed to win this on eBay!)
    - Burberry - The Beat
    - Calvin Klein - Euphoria Intense
  29. Re: The ultimate Just Starting Out Topic needs your help

    As an unconventional collector I can say that each person needs to find their own groove and their collection doesn't have to be an encyclopaedia. Of course if you want to be classified as somewhat...
  30. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    I love the whole A*Men line and the original is one of my all-stars. I've been considering getting Pure Havane as a gift for a friend of mine who enjoys collecting anything related to fine tobacco,...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Oddly my biggest female compliment getter is Diesel Zero Plus. I live in a fairly rural areal most of the year, so could that be a difference in palette?

    Side note, I do get quite a bit of male...
  32. Re: A fragrance that personifies love, trust + commitment

    I would say Mugler's staple A*Men Love comes from the sweet and light notes like caramel, vanilla, and lavender, while trust and commitment are embodied by manly but gentle notes of coffee, tonka,...
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    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is a winner in my book....

    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is a winner in my book. It's not as versatile as other nominees but it's definitely got a profound aesthetic that warrants recognition.
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