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    Re: Do fragrances "go bad"?

    I’ve still got some bottles from when I bought way back in 2008/9 and they are unchanged, smell exactly as they did back then. Confirmed this when I went to my local store and used a tester of one of...
  2. Re: Alternatives to some discontinued favorites?

    Just checked A*men ultra zest, according to base notes it has the exact same notes as Ultrared: patchouli, Tonka bean, vanilla, blood orange. The only thing missing is praline, but coffee could be an...
  3. Alternatives to some discontinued favorites?

    It's been a while since I've posted here. But since 2009, three of my favorite sweet fragrances have been discontinued, which is very disappointing to me as I loved these.
    They are:
    Joop! Thrill,...
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    Re: Fuel for life

    I like the smell of aniseed, raspberry, and together with the dry woods, I really like this fragrance!
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    Re: DKNY Men

    DKNY Men, neither then 2009 new version nor the older discontinued one (chemical, synthetic mess) smell like Be Delicious. I don't think DKNY Men is overly fruity, or coffee based. It is however a...
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    Re: Reasons why you like sweet scent(s)?

    I like sweet scents because they smell lovely and sweet and delicious. I just like caramel, toffee, vanilla, praline, truffles, honey and all these sweet smells and also sweet, juicy fruits smells...
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    Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur (1955)

    Just a thought... Chanel Pour Monsieur smells like old fashioned lemon furniture polish/toilet cleaner. I don't get the 'classic' or 'masterpiece' associations with this one.
  8. Re: My impression of Korous YSL put into picture

    It smells like smelly, sweaty armpits smothered in talcum powder. But cat pee is good enough. Good observation ;)
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    Re: Floating Particles in Burberry Touch

    I have had a bottle of Must de Cartier Pour Homme which had a floating bit of something in it, and I bought a new bottle of it when it ran out, brand new. Guess what? That one also had a floating bit...
  10. Re: Just blind bought B*men what should I expect?

    Expect rhubarb, some fruits, a hint of coffee and a dash of spices. Oh and great scent power. It's very nice.
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    Re: Anyone Tried Black XS...

    I get something strongly resembling a strawberry note that dominates in this one, a dry kind of fruit smell, also lot's sweetness from the praline. I don't think it smells cheap or medicinal. Very...
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    Re: Rose and Chocolate?

    Not sure about Roses and Chocolate in the same scent, but it would be a good gimmick for valentines day. Two of ladies favorite things ;)
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    Re: An alternative to Boss Bottled please?

    Ferrari Black.
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    Re: What´s Your Favourite New Fragrance ?

    From 2009 - Joop! Thrill Men, YSL's La Nuit De L'homme, the new DKNY Men.
  15. Poll: Re: Give Me Your Opinion On Which One I Should Buy

    I can't praise Joop! Thrill enough! I don't know what kind of opinion it has on here as I haven't seen it discussed a lot, but personally I love it so much and I can't find any flaws with it at all....
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    Re: So am I right, or the SA's right ?

    The SA can make reasonable judgements, based on his experience selling certain fragrances to customers everyday of his working year and the sales of fragrance he makes, whom they are most likely to...
  17. Re: boss bottled #6 vs. adidas victory league: longevity and sillage

    Boss Bottled is also very similar to Ferrari Black. Both have average sillage and longevity on me.
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    Re: Onions, garlic and chives

    I really like the smell of celery. Although I'm not sure if it'd actually make a good ingredient for a fragrance.
  19. Re: is it ok to plastic bottles for prefumes?

    A few 'official' free samples (inside cards) I received from stores came in plastic atomizers, and looks like they keep them under the desk for possibly weeks before handing them out to customers to...
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    Re: Christian Lacroix Absynthe for men?

    Yeah, that is the advert I saw on the TV! Thanks for that! I checked on the directory here (and other places online) and only found the womens version and no information on the mens, so wasn't sure...
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    Christian Lacroix Absynthe for men?

    Is there a mans version of Christian Lacroix's Absynthe? Just saw an advert on the TV and it showed two bottles, the female version of the bottle and another one, which looked identical to the bottle...
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    Re: Davidoff Hot Water

    I sprayed this at the same time as Only the Brave from Diesel and I've already forgotten what both smell like. Fresh I think, and maybe a little spicy. Nothing special.
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    Re: Live Jazz or Versace Eau Fraiche?

    Versace Man Eau Fraiche! I have no problems with longevity or sillage and it's a great smell too.
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    Re: Advice please

    If you can still get hold of it (as it's limited edition), Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne is a lovely, sweet, orangey/toffee scent.

    Also, Joop! Thrill is great, vanilla/lavender.
  25. Re: Youtube Review Thread #34 : B*Men by Thierry Mugler (Oct. 1st)

    I also love B*men and I think I may slightly prefer it to A*men if I dare to go against the majority on here.

    That's not to say I don't love A*men, because I do :D

    I found my bottle of B*men in...
  26. Re: youtube Review Thread #29 : CK IN2 U Him by Calvin Klein (Sept.24th)

    CK IN2U Him Heat is better :D
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    Re: Axe Fever Body Spray

    It smells exactly like orange fanta soft drink or orange jelly, and it doesn't change throughout its scent life. It's not complex by any means, actually very simple. I don't get ylang ylang, but...
  28. Re: What fragrances are you repulsed by......?

    Kouros and M7
  29. Re: Has anyone used scent to deliberate annoy someone?

    NO, the same as I wouldn't play music at absurdly loud volumes, or deliberately blow smoke in someones face (if I smoked to begin with). It's the same thing. It's disrespectful and reflects badly on...
  30. Fragrances that remind you of another...

    Have you ever smelled a fragrance that instantly reminded you of another fragrance? Maybe not identical, but has similar elements.

    For example, I tested Hugo Boss Dark Blue today, and I swear it...
  31. Re: Has a discontinued scent ever been brought back?

    Thierry Mugler's B*Men is supposed to be discontinued, and I don't know if it's been re-issued, but I easily found and bought a bottle of it today. Good stuff!
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    Re: The better "Hugo Boss" ?

    Hugo Boss Energise is great and my favourite. I also really like Hugo XY. None of the others really stand out to me.
  33. Re: Help me find the manliest man juice for my soon-to-be 18 year old cousin

    If you are to give anything by YSL, then it has to be L'Homme. Their best creation in my opinion and a really good scent!
  34. Re: Obsession night,Lolita Lempicka or burberry brit/touch?

    I would personally be wary of Burberry Touch for Men. It is very heavy on violet, which means the violet dominates, and I myself can't smell much of anything over this powdery/floral note. I can pick...
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    Re: i wanna smell like caramel /toffee

    Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne. It really does smell like sweet toffee. It's a great scent too.
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    Re: How many sprays of Black XS ?

    No, Black XS must not be used outside spring or summer time under any circumstances!

    Seriously though, use it when you feel comfortable. There are no rules. I would use Black XS year round, even...
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    Re: Today I bought >>> AUGUST 2009

    Me too! Have you tried Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne also? It's another fantastic, sweet fragrance from them. Thoroughly recommend if you like Black XS!

    I have bought Eternity for Men Summer...
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    Re: How many sprays of Black XS ?

    I have no problems with sillage on Black XS and it doesn't seem overly strong, just about right. With about 2-3 sprays Black XS lasts about 6 hours on my skin. I agree it's a great fragrance, but I...
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    Re: Coldest Scent

    I second Hugo XY. Calvin Klein Man could do the trick too.
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    Re: Pineapple Please

    I believe Burberry Summer for Men (not the new 2009 blue bottle version) had a pineapple note.
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    Re: What's Your Favorite Boss?

    My favourite is Hugo Energise, it is wonderful. Fruity sweetness and woody notes. And lasts a very long while! I don't know why it doesn't get more love.

    Hugo XY is also great. Great 'icy' herbal...
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    Re: Worst Fragrance Ever???

    The Hansel and Gretel house bathroom probably smells like A*men.

    Quorum is another dislikeable fragrance for me!
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    Re: New to Fragrances, need some to try...

    Burberry Summer for Men 2009 version. Green Apple, Lime, Yuzu! Very fruity!
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    Re: Today I bought >>>>> JULY 2009

    Burberry Summer for Men (2009) - This is really nice!

    CK IN2U Heat for Him (2009) - Also lovely!
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    CK In 2 U Him HEAT & Burberry Summer?

    Has anyone tried these? And what did you think if so? Any comments on these two? Both 2009 versions...

    Also, given that they are summer fragrances, once summer is over, would it be appropriate to...
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    Re: DKNY Men Old vs New

    I think I came across as too mean to the original DKNY Men. I actually have two bottles of it. One 50ml which I lost, then a 30ml to replace the lost 50ml, but have recently found the 50ml again...
  47. Re: Battle of the Scents: M7 or Rive Gauche

    Neither, although Rive Gauche is more wearable to me than M7 is. I can't stand M7, although I appreciate it has it's fans, although I'll never understand why ;)

    I'm not a fan of YSL as a whole,...
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    Re: Best Bottle (non-Niche)

    Yes I do own Ultraviolet Man. I really enjoy it and I feel it is nice despite the negative it gets around here. The smell is hard to describe but I will try. It is sweet, and has hints of pepper,...
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    Re: DKNY Men Old vs New

    I think the original is OK, but it is far from being one of my favourites. It smells almost metallic, synthetic and cheap, as if the ingredients used are bottom of the range. There is also a very...
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    Re: Best Bottle (non-Niche)

    One of the best and most creative I've seen is Paco Rabannes 'Ultraviolet', even if the fragrance isn't very popular on here.

    I like most of...
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    Re: Axe - moving up!

    We all have different opinions, but I didn't like Fever solely because of the dominant orange in it. Have you tried the Boost or Shock body spray versions of the shower gels? I'd be interested to...
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    Re: Lacoste Challenge

    I have tried it. It's underwhelming and not very original. I think I'll stick with Style in Play from Lacoste, their 'best' IMO.
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    Re: Lacoste disaster - challenge

    I'm not a fan of Lacoste either but (Red) Style in Play is a fantastic fragrance. I love it! Not too keen on the others and Pour Homme is quite bad!

    But Challenge. I got a chance to test it, and...
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    Re: Axe - moving up!

    I liked their older products when I was younger, 'Africa' is OK but it's not that great anymore to me. I don't remember their other ones very well but I remember liking 'Phoenix'. I guess they...
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    Re: Scents that smell like forest?

    Wilderness by Avon.

    Gucci Rush for Men, but a forest with no leaves, just wood, and a burning incense stick.
  56. Thread: Ysl m7

    by somnambulist07

    Re: Ysl m7

    It's horrible in my personal opinion. M7 reminded me of hospitals and anti-bacterial medicines and mild dis-infectants. Must be the Agarwood. I never wore it more than once but I did get a negative...
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    Re: Kouros - First Time in Public

    Oh how I would hate to be stuck in a lift with someone doused in Kouros. I would not be impressed at all! Sometimes you've got to think of other people as well as yourself when spraying yourself,...
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    Re: Today I bought >>>>> JULY 2009

    A*Men 50ml rubber flask.

    I said I was going to wait for the winter months but oh well. It smells better on skin than it did on paper.
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    Re: Kouros - First Time in Public

    If you had 6 squirts of Kouros I think it's a pretty safe bet your friends would have smelt it on you. Also I think more than 2 sprays of anything 'strong' smelling (like Kouros) is excessive, and...
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    Re: Kouros - First Time in Public

    It's possible they didn't bring it up because they knew if the topic came up, they may have to be negative about it and hurt your feelings? Or possibly lie to your face if you asked them if they...
  61. Re: Body Kouros vs Rochas Man vs LLaM vs Le Male

    Well, no, but I found the original so disgusting I didn't think it could be anything better. Maybe I am too quick to judge. I would have tried it anyway had I come across it. Just as I'm not the...
  62. Re: Body Kouros vs Rochas Man vs LLaM vs Le Male

    Rochas Man. I personally would avoid anything with the word 'Kouros' in it.
  63. Re: Ultrared Man (Paco Rabanne) a limited edition?

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess this is one that could disappear and then reappear at certain times of the year. If it goes and I never see it again, I will be quite unhappy.

    And yes I agree,...
  64. Re: General/possibly stupid questions... steam and spray mechanism's?

    Usually cheapsmells are good, ordered from there before and never had any problems. Yes the bottle seems to be full right to the top. It's possible someone returned this particular bottle and they...
  65. Re: General/possibly stupid questions... steam and spray mechanism's?

    Thanks guys. I guess I need to move my collection to a better place then. I only just moved them into the bathroom after installing some nice glass shelves and thought they would look nice on there,...
  66. Re: Fragrances released the year you were born...

    Armani Pour Homme by Georgio Armani
    Coco by Chanel
    Versace L'Homme by Versace

    These ones caught my eye, released in 1984, don't own any of them (well, my mum has Coco). Heard the Armani one was...
  67. General/possibly stupid questions... steam and spray mechanism's?

    OK I have all my fragrances on shelves in my bathroom. When using the shower, all the bottles get steam/condensation on them. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is OK, as I'm not sure if steam...
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    Re: Fragrance Nightmares

    I just dropped the stopper off the bottle of Burberry Touch down the toilet! Luckily it had been flushed. Gave it a wash and some of the dye in the wood stopper ran out. And it's brand new!! Oh well.
  69. Ultrared Man (Paco Rabanne) a limited edition?

    Is Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne a limited edition? Does this mean it will soon be discontinued? I really like this now, it's a very sweet toffee type gourmand that I think has a place on the market...
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    Re: Sell me A*Men

    Thanks for the comments! I think it is definately a love it or hate it fragrance and one that you won't forget anytime soon after having a sniff. I think I do like it, will have to try it again just...
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    Re: Today I bought >>>>> JULY 2009

    Burberry Touch for Men 50ml edt. Very nice too!
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    Re: Sell me A*Men

    Well I went to a different store in another region of town and they had a tester bottle. They sprayed it on the card, and oh my god, the initial blast (blast being an appropriate word for the opening...
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    Re: Best of The Modern Designer Fragrances

    Joop! Thrill
    Hugo XY
    Bulgari Pour Homme Soir
    The new DKNY Men
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    Sell me A*Men

    I'm really tempted to get A*men by Thierry Mugler, but the store that I go to does not have any tester bottles and won't be getting them in anytime soon. I don't want to blind buy it, as judging from...
  75. Poll: Re: My wife won't "alllow" me to buy fragrances for the next 6 months

    I would also like to know this? How big are they bottles also. If they are 50ml or above then that is madness. Your Givenchy Pi will last through 6 generations of your family... maybe.
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    Re: Mitsouko on men

    I went into my mothers bedroom and saw a little Guerlain set of 5ml mini perfumes and one of them was Mitsouko. I dabbed it on my hand out of curiousity and there is no way in hell I would wear this...
  77. Replies

    Re: Fragrance Nightmares

    There are two. First was wearing M7. Felt like I'd been dipped in mild hospital disinfectant, horrible.

    Second was wearing Kouros. Ages old sweat on a tramp that has never washed that was tried to...
  78. Re: How much is Green Irish Tweed like Coolwater?

    The similarities between them are enough to be unable to justify spending a substantial amount of money more for GIT than for Cool Water, the latter of which I actually prefer anyway. I personally...
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    Re: Fragrance for a casual date tonight

    Cerruti 1881 was made for dates. Use sparingly though. I haven't a clue about the 3 you already own.

    By the way you must really like her if you put up with the fact she is so intolerant of...
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    Re: What's the best tea scented fragrance?

    Bulgari Pour Homme Soir is amazing and I love it. Fantastic stuff!
  81. What's wrong with 212 Sexy Men? Opinions?

    I don't know if it's just me, but I get a spicy, peppery vanilla scent with some weird note I notice straight away which I find very offensive. I want to like it but I just can't, and it's because of...
  82. Re: What do you think of my 3 blind buys? Bulgari

    I'm not sure about Bulgari Black. Blv is ok and so is Aqua. Bulgari Soir is the only Bulgari I own and in my opinion it's the best, even better than PH and Extreme.
  83. Re: Paco Rabanne 1 Millon and YSL Rive Gauche

    How did you mistake 1 Million by Paco Rabanne for being a chocolate based scent? It does not contain anything resembling a chocolate note, and is a rather sweet spicy/floral to my nose.
  84. Re: If I like Versace Pour Homme but not Aqua Di Gio what else will I like?

    Must de Cartier Pour Homme is an exquisite spicy oriental fragrance. I would thoroughly recommend it. Not sure it is specifically suited to summer, but there are no rules. It is especially perfect...
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    Re: Surprise DKNY purchase...

    I also love the new DKNY Men. It is much nicer and more natural smelling than the older version and a very masculine scent. The bottle is a lot better too. A very successful rebrand I think.
  86. Re: Suggestions regarding Hugo Boss casual scents

    Hugo Boss XY is indeed a very nice, fresh, herbal mint scent. It smells clean and unique. I could recommend it for casual wear. It's one of their better fragrances.

    Hugo Boss Energise is one of my...
  87. Replies

    Re: I'm looking for MINT!!!

    I agree totally about Hugo XY. The mint in this one is more of a herbal scent rather than cool/spear/peppermint. It's refreshing and different. Try it out for sure!
  88. Re: Diesel Zero Plus Cologne, any fans out there?

    I got a 75ml bottle of this in my bathroom (was given to me) and I never use it. I really should just throw it in the trash. It's way too loud, strong and in your face for my taste. Very sweet,...
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    Re: Fruity fragrances in search of

    Lacoste Red (Style in Play). A lovely fruity, sweet scent. Perfect for summer or casual wear.

    Davidoff Cool Water Game. Watermelon, grapefruit, blackcurrant. A nice, fresh, fruity one here too.
  90. Re: Fragrances that have actually made you ill

    After reading some of this, I definately think it's a case of sniffing too much, too soon. Maybe these symptoms can be avoided by letting the fragrance settle on the skin for a tiny bit, otherwise...
  91. Re: Fragrances that have actually made you ill

    Although I didn't feel nausea or get physically ill in anyway, I really detested YSL's M7. It gave me nightmares. Some can be strong or unpleasant enough to make me not want to smell it ever again. I...
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    Re: Future Purchases

    I'm looking at buying a new bottle of Must de Cartier Pour Homme. Also wanting to try Armani He Remix and maybe Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme.
  93. Replies

    Poll: Re: Daily Scent?

    I would go for Armani Code or Davidoff Cool Water. Both are good.
  94. Replies

    Poll: Re: Men who wear women's fragrances

    No offense to any men who wear women perfumes, but I'd feel a bit like a drag queen if I wore a womans scent. It's kind of like me wearing womens clothes. They look good and might be comfortable but...
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    Re: Let's talk gourmands.

    Ultrared Man by Paco Rabanne is pure gourmand. Super sweet orange and praline with a vanilla and patchouli base. Smells good enough to eat. It's growing on me.
  96. Re: Lacoste Red vs. Perry Ellis 360 Degrees Red - Which?

    I liked both but I only bought a bottle of Lacoste Red/Style in Play. I think it is better all round. It has a lovely, fruity opening, sweet and fresh. It lasts a decent amount and I have been...
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    Re: Ugliest Bottle Award

    JPG Le Male (male torso bottle, cringe).
    Gucci Rush for Men (actually not a bottle, a cassette tape).
    Old DKNY Men (absurdly tall bottle).
    Diesel Fuel for Life (no pouch just a clear glass oval).
  98. Re: Hugo Energise vs Joop Jump vs Versace Pour Homme

    Hugo Energise would be my favourite of those three. It is fruity sweet (not overly sweet) on first application, then it has a light, smooth, sexy wood base with amazing longevity and sillage. It...
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    Re: The Blackest Black.....

    What would define a black/dark scent? Is it something that is kind of soily/mossy? Or something with a coffee, peppery, tobacco or maybe even a liquorice note?
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    Re: Nautica Voyage vs Davidoff Cool water

    I prefer Cool Water Game to both. Maybe that's an even 'lower level' again, but I don't care what people think, as long as I like it, it's good enough for me :)
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