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    Re: Ys Uzac Immortal Beloved and HdP 1740

    I notice quite a lot of similarity in the two; the tobacco, immortelle, and a certain deep leather dominate both to my nose. I smell cognac in IB while 1740 leans a little more sweet, liqueur-like. ...
  2. Re: Hard Leather by LM Parfums - Act II Intimacy Collectiion!

    next thursday for me. hope it's as good as they say!
  3. Re: Hard Leather by LM Parfums - Act II Intimacy Collectiion!

    i second that sentiment!
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    Re: What is your favorite Chypre?

    great list. i concur with - and own - every one of these, except the coty and rochas (never come across them). i would definitely add derby, vie de chateau & sous le vent.
  5. Poll: Re: POLL : Best/Favorite Amber based fragrance based on overall scent/projection/longevity/complimen

    obviously! this is the final word in "amber". it is, however, 270 euros.....
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    Re: Slumberhouse SOVA

    funny you should ask - i made the connection immediately when i sample sova. chergui is simpler, a tad sweeter and perhaps more linear, but with greater hay presence. Sova seems to have a touch of...
  7. Poll: Re: Terre D' Hermes Parfum (EDP) versus Chanel Egoiste

    and as much as i really do love egoiste (esp concentree!) he has a good point. the edp doesn't so much have an edge but a much more successful wood component than the edt. that egoiste sandalwood...
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    Poll: Re: Finally.. Best OUD based fragrance for men

    i agree totally. the armani is LOVELY, the bond is camphorous and doesn't settle (on me)
    also,leather oud is bad-ass, but too damn barnyard after 2 hours - mix with ISM...perfection!
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    Re: Puredistance M - Spray or Dab?

    that's pretty g****m funny, mate :smiley: it IS that good, innit?
  10. Re: Serge lutens - your 5 best ever; your 5 worst too...( grandtotal 10 fragances )

    tough one, but these 5 really kick ass!
    (in my order of necessity)
    1. filles & aiguilles
    2. iris silver mist
    3. chergui
    4. la myrrhe
    5. gris clair...

    (special mention: mkk, sarrasins, borneo...
  11. Re: Anyone purchased Ormonde Jayne's new men's scent, Zizan, yet?

    got it last week. alas, it is certainly no dud. very lively with a tenacious vetiver heart. isfarkand was closer to being a dud, imo.....
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