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  1. Re: The Basenotes Fragrance Championship: FINAL ROUND

    Egoiste, though I like both.

    - - - Updated - - -

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK, so.. your vote shouldn't coun't ;-) :wink:
  2. Re: Which cheapie did you wear in high school that got you massive compliments?????

    If I remember correctly.... Brut, though not my favorite, Pub, and somewhat later, St. John's Bay Cutlass, & at some point later, Jovan's Andron.... so long ago...
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    Re: more mature version of Fierce and curve

    Egoiste, though you'll probably have to order it directly from Chanel's site... prices are usually as good or better than I've found elsewhere. Egoiste seems richer, longer lasting & more mature...
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    Re: Sonicare vs. Oral B

    Just a FYI... I have an Oral B Complete. After several years, the batteries finally died. If that happens to you, search you tube for instructions to replace. I got 2 batteries from my local...
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    Re: Your Favorite Soap and Why

    Great as a hand soap. I've liked this one since I was a kid, having first used it in a restaurant men's room.
  6. Re: Your hardcore summer fragrances that you actually wear !?

    I was surprised to not see YSL M7 Fresh on the list. I also wear (though I don't make a great seasonal distinction, even though I live in Florida, especially as we are often in air conditioned...
  7. Re: L'Occitane Eau De L'Occitan...this fragrance is.....

    Really great, fresh scent. On me it lasts all day & detectable the next morning. BN just needs to get the photo right on this, though. I emailed requesting it, & see someone else recently (also ...
  8. Re: The fragrance that is taking Azzaro Pour Homme and Rive Gauche's spot in my wardrobe.

    I wore Safari for over 15 years, before I had discovered Azzaro pH or Rive Gauche. The wife got tired of Safari, I went on safari for a new fragrance, and now enjoy both Azzaro & RG. I always...
  9. Re: YATAGAN bottle sizes, specifically 3.4 oz.

    Yes, I decided to keep it, & the seller was kind enough to give me a small discount for the error. I won't mention the ebay seller, but based on that, I would consider buying from the seller again.
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    Re: azzaro pour homme

    It's been a while since I compared, but if I call correctly, the biggest difference to me was that the newest didn't project quite as much (subjective guess). It didn't seem to last quite as long on...
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    Re: Top 5 you hated now you love

    1. Kouros. I just couldn't appreciate it first few times I tried it. But, with a light application, it drys down quite nicely.
    2. Azzaro pour Homme, (the initial blast and anise) though it didn't...
  12. Re: YATAGAN bottle sizes, specifically 3.4 oz.

    Hmmm, NOPE... I ordered, & was told Id get the version in the middle (black cap, red on each side), but got the one on the right (silver cap, red on left side only). So far, the biggest difference...
  13. Re: what is that distinctive GIT/Cool Water note?

    I'm interested. Any suggestions as to where online? All the places I found were selling by the drum, or really large bottles!
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    Re: Third Man reformulations?

    delete please
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    Re: Third Man reformulations?

    Does anybody know anything about this bottle or its formulation? I've never seen it before:
    (click image to view larger)
    1 ounce bottle, with tall, rounded edge black top that looks as tall...
  16. Re: FAKE Vintage Fahrenheit from eBay Germany

    FWIW, I checked the codes on a similar site ( & got the following:
    7B01: 2007-2 (checkcosmetics confirmed Feb 2007)
    2K02: 2002-10 (checkcosmetics did show as Oct 2012, which of...
  17. Re: what is that distinctive GIT/Cool Water note?

    OK, I'm confused. is this the same as dihydromercenol, described as "laundry detergent spilled on an aluminum counter" by Chandler Burr (I've also read it described as "urinal cake", not to be...
  18. Re: Which "male fragrance" has the best longevity and sillage?

    Well, on me, I would list, alphabetically, (see also my wardrobe ; most of my listings have my subjective take on "longevity"):

    Absolue pour le Soir
  19. Re: YATAGAN bottle sizes, specifically 3.4 oz.

    Hmmm, I recently bought Yatagan online, based on a pic like the center one (black top, red lable, 100ml on box). I specifically asked seller if it had the read stripes on both sides of the box and...
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    Re: Vintage Guerlains?

    Thanks, smeller! I found that helpful, & it confirmed my thinking. BTW, I'm not the one who got one of those vintage Derbies... I wish! I've been looking for some kind of free sample (translate hard...
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    Re: Vintage Guerlains?

    Hi, Trebor. I'm still learning my way around this fragrance thing. So, if you don't mind my asking, why is "Unboxed" usually a no-no? Is there a presumption that if there is no box, that, if the...
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    Re: Third Man reformulations?

    Grin.... I take it you're passionate about your 3rd Man. So, are you stating they have not yet reformulated?
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    Re: Third Man reformulations?

    Thanks for the responses from everyone. OK, so far we have:

    went sour different
    same same
    ______ blob-like

    Hmmm, anybody else have some obserations, or...
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    Re: Third Man reformulations?


    Because I can't add! :shocked:

    Must.. reboot.. brain....
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    Re: Third Man reformulations?

    Hi, Soundtrack and welcome to Basenotes!. Thanks for your input. I have a couple of questions though:
    1. Does your old bottle look like the pic Bossa Nova posted at 3:36 AM today?
    2. Does "a bit...
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    Third Man reformulations?

    Third man bottles- the Yatagan bottle sizes thread had a posting of bottles for three formulations, and descriptions. Does anyone have a similar photo or description for formulations of Third Man...
  27. Re: YATAGAN bottle sizes, specifically 3.4 oz.

    Helpful! Do you (or anyone else) have a similar photo or description for formulations of Third Man aka Number 3, aka Le Troisiemme Homme?

    the one on the left...
  28. Re: YATAGAN bottle sizes, specifically 3.4 oz.

    Oops! please delete
  29. Re: Comically roasting someone else's favorite(s)...

    [QUOTE=AromiErotici;2196243]I cannot wait for someone to list Et Gantier's Parfum d'Habit vintage formula... QUOTE]

    a bad'Habit, in deed!
  30. Re: Comically roasting someone else's favorite(s)...

    ... AND make others smell it! If only they had limited production to zero.
  31. Re: Comically roasting someone else's favorite(s)...

    delete... error
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    Re: Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas with peace and joy to all! Christmas Eve dinner is a family tradition here, along with Christmas dinner, as we celebrate the inauguration of the Incarnation. May His blessings fall...
  33. Re: What Are You Wearing This Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/etc.?

    Ahhh! The soothing aroma of that camphoraceous unguent! I'm sure some of the more astute members can come up with some sympathetic scents, perhaps Thymes Eucalyptus, CK Escape, or YSL's Body Kouros?
  34. Re: Nicolai's "New York" Vs. Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree

    Combine Chanel's Pour Monsieur Concentree with Shulton's Old Spice, and you get OJ's New York! OK, it's not exactly the same, and New York is definitely my preference over cpmc, but you get the idea....
  35. Re: Article: Review - The Little Book of Perfumes: The Hundred Classics

    I for one, appreciate your creative sense of humor, & your books. Come on guys, chill out. It will be ok...
  36. Re: Turn your Swag on. What is your most unisex Frag you can pull of with Confidence.

    Good point! Of course in Scotland, men do wear kilts- but then, maybe they are more like a skirt than a dress...
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    Re: Best Male "Generic" Fragrance

    Chuckle! what a subtle sense of humor!
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    Poll: Re: Which Dior Homme would you buy?

    Ditto on that, petruccijc
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    Poll: Re: Which Dior Homme would you buy?

  40. Re: did i get fake ysl lhomme from perfumania

    FWIW, Looks exactly like what I recently saw at local Sephora stores.
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    Re: Is Longevity BS?

    teardrop brings up a valid point. There are some fragrances I think I should put on half an hour or more before I leave the house, because the top (& perhaps some heart) notes seem almost offensive,...
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    Poll: Re: Which has the Best Longevity & Sillage

    Nothing "chrome" about it either.... maybe U238? :)
  43. Kudos to 30 Roses, & especially to Saintpaulia-...

    Kudos to 30 Roses, & especially to Saintpaulia- right on target! Funny how a discussion on fragrances has moved into the realm of economics & free enterprise. I too don't understand how people are...
  44. Re: I received my Chanel Egoiste from Chanel today...Initial Review

    I have the newer formulation.... love it, but can't quite decipher it yet..... I could almost swear there is a sweet, cola syrup note (reminds me of cola syrup I bought many years ago at the...
  45. Re: Recommendations for a spring/summer fragrance?

    Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford? Fresh, clean, lasts fairly long.
  46. Re: Azzaro pour Homme changed after Enrique Iglesias?

    I'm curious too. I had a [4.2 oz?] bottle that came in a white box. I recently tried some from the new black box that contains slightly less. It's subjective, but it seemed not quite as strong,...
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    Re: How many perfumes?

    Sage advice, Naitch, (and at the risk of being too bold, probably a much needed corrective for many!)
  48. Re: how do you decant another fragrance where one has been

    Ditto on Bigsly's comments.. I've done similar w/ 91% isopropyl alcohol, but also rinsed thoroughly with very hot water, then alcohol again. If the scent is gone, you're good to go with the new one.
  49. Haven't seen it in stores yet. Interested in the...

    Haven't seen it in stores yet. Interested in the Frankincense note, & like Boss Bottled/6.
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