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  1. Re: New Fragrance: Hermes L’Ambre des Merveilles

    I bought a bottle of this over the weekend. It has more warmth and depth than the original, imo. It's also a little bit sweeter, although it isn't an overly sweet vanillic amber. It retains many of...
  2. Poll: Re: It was love at first sniff, but now you dislike it. POLL.

    My tastes and cravings seem to change fairly frequently. There are very few that I once loved and now actively dislike. I may have grown tired of some, so I keep them around, just in case I suddenly...
  3. Re: Tons of new releases for Mothers Day - Anyone try any of these?

    Chance eau Tendre is great if you love the ubiquitous fruity floral, like AntonPan said. Nuff said. Canturi is billed as an "oriental woody chypre". Seems like a case of too many classifications to...
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    Thanks for reporting! Sniffa is always a lot of...

    Thanks for reporting! Sniffa is always a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the addition of Katie Puckrik to the line-up of Saturday speakers.
  5. Re: Chergui - more on the masculine side, feminine or perfectly unisex?

    Absolutely unisex. As are most SLs. In fact the only one that my son has rejected (among those that he has sniffed) was Nuit de Cellophane. He didn't say that it was too feminine, but I suspect that...
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    Re: Bond No. 9 for Younger women?

    Agree with perfumegirl. The list that she provided has many of the most popular ones too, so I don't think that you could go wrong with any of those. Bryant Park (rose-berry-patchouli with a touch of...
  7. Poll: Re: Favorite women's or unisex Penhaligons fragrance

    Nothing by Penhaligons has caught my attention until I tried Amaranthine. I tried it and immediately ordered a bottle.
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    Re: Profumo Samples: Nostalgie's group

    I received my package today and before I saw this thread, I opened it and spritzed Hindu Kush. I promise to try L next. But I just want to say that Hindu Kush is exquisite. I have been sniffing my...
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    Re: Samsara Parfum

    I bought an older bottle on ebay (don't know exactly how old, but it was listed as older and it looked it). The scent is just gorgeous. I haven't tried a newer version, so I can't compare. The edt...
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    Re: What Perfume Does Your Mom or Dad wear ?

    My mother wore Givenchy L'interdity primarily and at times, L'air du Temps. She also wore No 5 a long time ago. Sometimes a Gucci fragrance here and there. These choices definitely influenced me, as...
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    Re: Come Spring Fling with us

    I agree with everything you just said. So sorry that you missed Chandler's talk. Too bad that wasn't turned into a video! He was marvelous.

    Thanks debbborra for the recap!
  12. Re: Part 2: La Via del Profumo's samples -- Impressions

    Testing African Night and I appreciate having Asha's impressions. I keep smelling a citrus, wood, floral accord and only when I read the above did I get the association to furniture polish. It's not...
  13. Re: Part 2: La Via del Profumo's samples -- Impressions

    Due to illness over the last few days, I have had to be very careful with scents, as they either smell altered or make me nauseous. Interestingly, two of these have not had this effect on me. Bazaar,...
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    Re: La Via del Profumo's samples -- Impressions

    I think a discussion forum would make this much easier. It would allow us to start threads on individual scents more easily, wouldn't it?
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    Re: La Via del Profumo's samples -- Impressions

    I am still very curious about African Queen Pink Panther. As I noted in my post a few days ago, I thought that I smelled Karo Karounde, which makes me think of slightly rotting flowers and leather. I...
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    Re: La Via del Profumo's samples -- Impressions

    Second night of testing:

    I have Karo Karoundè on one hand and African Queen Pink Panther on the other. I suspect that AQPP is the one that features Karo Karoundè, which is an odd note indeed. My...
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    Re: La Via del Profumo's samples -- Impressions

    I got home tonight to find my lovely package of samples. I decided to restrain myself to taking a few quick sniffs of a couple of single notes then doing a full-blown testing of Holy Water. So, for...
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    Re: Has anyone sampled/purchased PG Drama Nuii

    I got a sample from Luckyscent and liked it, but didn't love it. That said, I had the impression that I needed a decant to spray it rather than sample it from a 1 ml vial. I think I would have...
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    Re: I am blown away by this blog!

    I can't say that I have any one favorite. They each have their own personalities. Those that have been mentioned are wonderful, along with Perfume Posse for its witty writing, Grain de Musc for its...
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    Re: "Burning" an EDT over a candle?

    I have an electric tart burner, the type that has a small appliance type 40 W lightbulb below a holder for scented wax tarts. I fill it with about 20 mls of water and 1-2 mls of fragrance. The water...
  21. Re: A poll of sorts: your rarely mentioned favorites

    Brielle87 mentioned a number of Patous from the Ma Collection and I wear them too, especially Chaldee, Amour Amour and Divine Folie.
    Revillon Detchema
    Lanvin Arpege
    Patou Sublime
  22. Re: Bravo Channel "Real Housewives of Orange Couny" shop for fragrances [2:19-min. vi

    Perfect description. "Yes, I'm a warm person" spoken in a flat, robotic tone by an overly made-up, unemotional, plasticized automaton.
  23. Re: Really old perfumes belonging to my Grandmother

    Wow, some real treasures in there, even if a few are empty. Always interesting to find out what loved ones wore in years past. Vintage Vivara is a treat and it is completely different from what Pucci...
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    Re: SotD Monday 12 January

    Hello Potiron

    I absolutely love your explanation. And I adored Peanuts as a kid. I should remember to watch the specials, particularly the Halloween one.
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    Re: SotD Monday 12 January

    Chanel Bois des Iles in parfum. It's scent is enveloping me in it's gorgeousness. I can hardly concentrate on anything else.
  26. Re: Starting off 2009 - FB's high on your wishlist?

    Odori Iris
    Le Labo Vetiver
    Guerlain Quand Vient La Pluie (when I take a second job!)
    TDC Bois D'Iris
  27. Re: Poll: You Can Bring Back One Discontinued Scent...r/o

    Doblis, Djedi, Scandal.... Never had more than tiny little samples. Probably should never have tried them. Just made me drool over something unattainable. Haven't tried Iris Gris but I know that I...
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    Re: SotD Monday 5 January 2009

    SOTD was MPG Ambre Precieux
    SOTE is Ad P Profumo (vintage)
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    Re: sexy everyday perfume

    I agree with the suggestion for Chanel No 5 eau Premiere. Sexy but light enough not to overwhelm those around you. Chanel No 22 might also be nice if you can get ahold of some. It is available in...
  30. Re: All Invited! ♥ ♥ ♥ Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday, January 3, 2009 ★★★ ORIENTALS

    Wore a touch of Ferre 20 in the morning. More of a floriental than a straight oriental, but the sandalwood and vanilla in the base definitely give it an oriental feel. Switched over to TF Amber...
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    Re: Looking for some unknown frags

    My 16 year old son often wears Dior Homme (not Dior Homme Sport). The notes are: Lavender, Sage, Cardamom, Iris, Cocoa Bean, Amber, Vetiver, Patchouli, Leather. It is relatively light, so he can wear...
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    Re: YSL Rive Gauche Question

    Well, maybe we are speaking of the men's and not the women's! Either way, the answer appears to be the same.
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    Re: YSL Rive Gauche Question

    I assume that you are speaking of the women's version and not pour Homme. I tend to wear Rive Gauche in warmer weather, but I would not hesitate to wear it year-round. It is a classic floral aldehyde...
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    Re: "Unwearable" scents you love to wear?

    I wear most of the scents that people have mentioned already! Particular loves include MKK, PR La Nuit (I can't believe that this is considered unwearable), Dan tes Bras, Serge Noire, Bandit, Un...
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    Re: Question for the Females

    I love Dior Homme for both the men in my family and on me. Agree with kumquat that MPG Iris Bleu Gris is subtle and very interesting, but not too strange as to make it unacceptable for the office. I...
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