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  1. Re: The longest longevity fragrance you've ever used?

    Rien Incense Intense
    Knize 10
    Tauer LdDM
    Montale Aoud Musk
    Jovoy Private Label
    Balenciaga pour Homme

    These all like to hang about long after the party is over!
  2. Re: Mention "only" top 3 (max) from all of your fav. houses

    Serge Lutens - Chene, Borneo, Fille en Aiguilles

    Comme des Garcons - Hinoki, Black, 2 Man

    Parfumerie Generale - L'Ombre Fauve, Querelle, Coze

    Maitre Parfumerie et Gantier - Parfum D'Habit,...
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    Re: Looking for a summer incense

    Not sure if it has been mentioned already but I like to switch up my heavier Incenses for the splendid Carthusia 1681 when the Sun starts shining.
  4. NEW! Farmacia SS Annunziata Tabacco D'Autore...

    Just got this email so I thought I would copy/paste it here. Liking the sound of the notes in this one...

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    Re: Bentley Absolute for Men - Anyone?

    I dont know why people keep saying it is an EDT. It is an EDP, I am selling mine on ebay right now and you can see pictures that prove it!
  6. [UK] Malle French Lover, 90% full & Masque Montecristo 98% full...

    Both in original box/packaging and kept pristine. Thinning collection and not fallen in love with either unfortunately

    French Lover £95
    Montecristo £85
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    Re: Perfume choice for a job interview

    Wear whatever makes you feel most confident. Just dont go town with the sprayer out of anxiety!
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    Re: History of Incense fragrances

    I could well be wrong, not an expert I am sorry to say but am sure I read a history of incense in fragrance somewhere. O shall try to find it!
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    Re: History of Incense fragrances

    I believe that Diptyque's L'eau Trois from 1975 was the first incense frag.
  10. Re: Your favorite diptyque fragrance for winter

    Volutes EDP
    Tam Dao EDP though I still wish this had a little more kick!
  11. Re: Etat Libre D'Orange - Rien Intense Incense

    Went for 3 sprays this morning just before stepping out the door on the way to work but the journey involved a cramped train to London Bridge and a busy tube train on the Picadilly line so more than...
  12. Re: Etat Libre D'Orange - Rien Intense Incense

    It's a great review! Just out of curiosity; if it weren't so similar to the original Rien, ie. If you'd never smelled it before, would you have scored it higher perhaps?

    Wore it out last night and...
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    Re: Favourite British Fragrance

    Spanish Leather - Trumper
    Opus 1870 - Penhaligons
    Racquets Formula - Penhaligons
    Black Tea - Murdock
    Sandalwood - Trumper
    La Fumee - Miller Harris
    Encens de Bois - Miller Harris
    Fougere -...
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    Re: ST Dupont Oud et Rose

    I blind bought the Dupont Oud et Santal a few weeks ago and love it; not tried this as rose is a note I love on others (the ladies!) but not on me but the Santal is excellent value and have received...
  15. Re: Anyone tried Nero Incenso by Farmacia SS Annunziata?

    Thanks so much for that Rum! By the way I got my bottle of this stuff and have been in contact with a lovely and helpful lady at Farmacia SS Annunziata called Elena who was most curious as to how I...
  16. Re: Etat Libre D'Orange - Rien Intense Incense

    Well looky at this bomb the postman dropped this morning!

    I've never tried the original Rien so cannot compare it for you guys unfortunately but got some of...
  17. Re: Anyone tried Nero Incenso by Farmacia SS Annunciation?

    Haha...that would be the crappy predictive text on my phone but cannot believe I didn't spot it!
  18. Re: Anyone tried Nero Incenso by Farmacia SS Annunciation?

    Well, perhaps against good advice I just blind bought this bad boy as it has been playing on my mind all this time! Seeing as there is literally nothing about it on any site I can find I shall report...
  19. Re: Your top three discontinued frags you'd want to see returned

    1.Balenciaga pour Homme
    2.Balenciaga pour Homme
    3.Balenciaga pour Homme
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    Re: Good and cheap

    The Chopard is great bang for the alot of vetivers it doesn't last so long but it's more than worth the 17 Euro in my book
  21. Re: Anyone tried Nero Incenso by Farmacia SS Annunciation?

    Sorry to bump this thread...just wondered if anyone else knew if this frag; Alfarom perhaps? So tempted to do a blind buy on it as there's no reviews of it anywhere and it does sound good but if any...
  22. Re: Anyone tried Nero Incenso by Farmacia SS Annunciation?

    Cheers for the replies guys...never tried a thing from this house buy seem to hear about the Patchouli quite often. Roullier White is quite close to me; they don't have this on the website but maybe...
  23. Anyone tried Nero Incenso by Farmacia SS Annunziata?

    Just seen this online but can't find anything anywhere about it...did a translation of the notes and am tempted to dive in blind though I know I shouldn't and my bank account is already...
  24. Re: Discontinued fragrances needed for London photo shoot this Sunday

    I live in London and have a nice 100 ml bottle of Gucci pour Homme 2003 you can borrow.
  25. Re: Whats are the best Incense/Woody casual designer fragrances

    Azzaro Visit
    Balmain Carbone
    Lalique Equus
    A whole heap of Comme des Garcons
    Mauboussin M Generation
    Cartier Must pour Homme Essence
    L'instant Eau des Baux
    Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum
  26. Re: Colognes you love but they just DON'T LAST

    Gucci pour Homme goes on like it's going to be a beast but regretfully fades quite fast on me. CdG Ouarzazate is another I wish lasted longer on me
  27. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    Got a steal on a 50ml bottle of Lutens Chene...don't like to swear but it is a fuckin' joy! Making me long for Autumn!
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    Re: Any opinions on Von Eusersdorff?

    Nobody? Ah well....
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    Any opinions on Von Eusersdorff?

    Quite a recent niche house but still quite surprising that there is very little talk about them on these here pages. Their Patchouli is fantastic and, though I am sure the whole incense/wood theme...
  30. Re: Question to UK Basenoters re: Royal Mail

    Thanks for the advice here guys...will have to politely decline all offers from all foreign fragrance fanatics then unfortunately. And even to send parcels here within the UK I have to slap a big...
  31. Re: Question to UK Basenoters re: Royal Mail

    Hi guys, having only bought and never sold fragrances I am just wondering if this is a fairly recent development? I'm currently selling some of my collection on ebay and have so far had two requests...
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    Re: Burberry London

    Finally tried this over Christmas whilst out in the cold shopping and I have to say it is a very very pleasant smell the lasted longer on me than others have experienced (maybe 6-7 hours) but I found...
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    Re: Has anyone ever insulted your fragrance?

    Had a few weird ones. I was wearing Timbuktu once and a girl said she could smell bacon which was not so much insulting but puzzling! A few days later I was wearing Eau des Baux and another girl...
  34. Re: Recommendations for a summer niche under $150?

    This is a great fragrance...may I also suggest MPG Racine? A very well put together refreshing vetiver. I forgot to mention it when I posted before
  35. Re: Recommendations for a summer niche under $150?

    How about Eau du Sud by Annick Goutal, Balle de Match or Cologne Sologne by Nicolai or Iskander by Parfum D'Empire?
  36. Re: Fragrances you love that doesn't last on your skin

    Current formula of Egoiste doesn't last more than a couple of hours on me unfortunately. Also went to Liberty on Friday with the plan being to buy another bottle of Vettiveru for the Summer but...
  37. Re: What is your favorite of the inoffensive fragrances?

    I'd agree with Floris Santal, very nice scent, similar to Envy...nearly killed my 100ml bottle of that! I cant imagine anyone being offended by the brilliant Tiffany for Men cologne...since I got it...
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    Re: A good fig

    How does the Ferragamo compare to the Dune, if I may ask? I am wearing Dune PH today but am interested in the other; would owning both be redundant?
  39. Annick Goutal Sables - amazing deal (if you're in Europe)...

    I tried this once about a year or so ago in Liberty London and, while quite alarming and unique at first, I soon found the smell beautiful and quite addictive and it has never really left my...
  40. Re: Need 3 high quality summer niche frags - your recommendation is needed !

    Annick Goutal - Eau du Sud
    Nicolai - Balle de Match & Cologne Sologne
    Trumper - GFT
    Diptyque - Philosykos
    Miller Harris - Terre de Bois
  41. Re: Your Top 3 favorite Diptyque & Byredo ?

    Diptyque -
    Tam Dao (Sandalwood, Cedar)
    L'Eau Trois (Herby, medicinal Myrrh)
    Philosykos EDP (Fig Central)
  42. Re: Looking for a new fragrance house, something out there. Help!!

    Parfum D'Empire is a great house to sniff around in!
  43. Re: What is "the best" comme des garçons ever , mention just one (1 ),,,????

    Original EDP, Avignon, Skai, 2Man...I am in love with the smell of Ouarzazate but it turns into a faint whisper within an hour
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    Re: New fragrance from Etro: Greene Street

    I sniffed a sample of this very recently and then won a 100ml bottle on the 'bay for 40 pounds, which is a steal I reckon...very nice fragrance but, as others have mentioned, it's not a fantastically...
  45. Re: What's your favourite birth year scent?

    1978 was a bit of a special year for male fragrance, check these out...

    Ted Lapidus pour Homme
    Azzaro pour Homme
    Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme
    Ralph Lauren Polo
    Aramis Devin
    Dunhill Blend 30...
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    Re: My Top 10 Picks For Winter 2012

    Preludio D'Oriente - Cale
    L'Homme Sage - Divine
    Costume National Pour Homme
    Diptyque - Volutes EDP
    Aoud Musk - Montale
    Incense Series - CDG
    Givenchy Gentleman
    Santos Concentree -...
  47. Re: your favourite scent from Serge Lutens?

    Between Borneo and Fille en Aiguilles for me... beautiful use of Patchouli in the former and a brilliant Frankincense in the latter; they'll both be seeing some action over the next couple of months.
  48. Poll: Re: Favorite fragrance (out of the ones listed, of course)

    Top 3

    1) LIDGE
    2) Jubilation
    3) LDDM
  49. Re: Unabashedly, boldly, in-your-face masculine fragrance? Any recommendations?

    Oh yes.
  50. Re: Help - Lalique Lion: How powdery is it?

    Really looking forward to getting my 125 ml EDP in the post in the next couple of days... at £35 it seemed like a fantastic deal to me given the comparisons to Heritage etc. Without really realising...
  51. Re: What are you itching to buy, before this winter comes ?

    Actually just won 100ml of Gucci Pour Homme on the 'Bay about an hour ago... £57 is not bad for such wonderful and out of production juice and I am really happy about it! I have actually never tried...
  52. Re: What are you itching to buy, before this winter comes ?

    Montale Aoud Musk
    Amouage Interlude man
    Eau Sauvage Parfum
    CDG Eau de Parfum (94)
    CDG Palisander
    100 ml of Gucci Pour Homme
    Malle French Lover
    Armani Bois D'Encens

    If I get all of them I...
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    Re: Penhaligon's fragrances

    Racquets Formula and LP 9 For Men are great scents and offer great longevity for me... love Sartorial, Opus 1870, Endymion and Douro but they don't hang around half as long, unfortunately.
  54. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    Very nice! Curious about the Escentrics... must get round to whiffing them.

    Acqua di Parma Colonia
    Encre Noire
    Jaipur Homme
    Lumiere Noire Pour Homme (Really want a bottle of this!)
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    Re: Best British Cologne

    Racquets was my first and still is my favourite British cologne, and I'd also agree with GFT being a great one for the longevity... also a big fan of Grafton; it's cheap enough to use with abandon...
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    Re: Ouarzazate Comme des Garcons

    Wore this today for work and I absolutely love it... it may be my favourite from the incense line but 'tis true that for the wonderful smell I get the longevity suffers; this beauty lacks stamina! I...
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    Re: Ortigia Sandalo

    Hi Rodolfo, I just won a barely used bottle of the EDT of this on ebay for 22 pounds! It's a total blind buy but I will try my best to describe this one to you when I receive it in the post.
  58. Re: La Fumée [Arabie] ~ Miller Harris joins the Ltd. Ed. ...

    £110 for 50ml! I too love the original La Fumee but this better be seriously amazing to be getting on for twice the price... might be working next week close to the Bruton Street shop so I'll try to...
  59. Re: Searching for a manly lavender scent...

    +1 on the L'Occitan, a really nice masculine lavender at a really nice price
    +1 on Nicolai Pour Homme as well if you can hunt it down
  60. Re: Searching for a manly lavender scent...

    +1 on the L'Occitan, a really nice masculine lavender at a really nice price
    +1 on Nicolai Pour Homme as well if you can hunt it down
  61. Re: The Basenotes Fragrance Championship: Round 1

    1.Jubilation XXV
    8.Knize Ten
  62. Re: What have people told you that you smell like?

    I got told I smelled like baby powder whilst wearing Ambre Sultan

    A girl at work said I smelled like an Arabian prince when I had Nicolai pour Homme on

    I often get good compliments when I wear...
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    Re: Lubin Bluff: Initial Impressions

    Just managed to score a bottle of this on the bay for 35 pounds! Sniffed a sample of this way back when it first came out and it's unique take on vetiver has refused to leave my olfactory memory... I...
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    Re: Zagorsk, Hinoki or Jaisalmer...

    Finally bought Jaisalmer after all this time, whilst away working in York... 2 months or so later and there I was, still, in the shop with Zagorsk on one wrist and Jaisalmer on the other. Jaisalmer's...
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    Re: "Wet" fragrances

    Comme Des Garcons Sequoia... wet, woody mulch in a wonderful way!
  66. Rituals No 21. Sandalwood & Patchouli... anyone know it or tried it?

    Found this inexpensive fragrance by searching based on ingredients all over the web but cannot find anything about it here or,...
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    Re: The best of...Miller Harris

    I too love Terre de Bois and La Fumee, the latter fast becoming one of my favourite incense fragrances. It doesn't do anything amazingly innovative or original but what it does, it does pretty damn...
  68. Re: Am I the only person on earth that doesn't like L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme?

    I get the same thing as Jack Hunter... lasts forever on me and days on my coat collar; plus it really kicks off and projects on me after wearing it for a couple of hours.

    I really think it's a...
  69. Re: What's Your Favorite Penhaligon's Fragrance?

    I love Racquets Formula and Sartorial and very much like Opus 1870, Duro and LP no 9 for Men
  70. Poll: Re: "Angel Man" or "La nuit de l'homme" or "L'Instant De Guerlain"

    The Guerlain... no question!
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    Re: Zagorsk, Hinoki or Jaisalmer...

    Mike, never really got the Bell Pepper thang from Zagorsk nor the curry thing from Jaisalmer; but maybe others will! A girl at work with an obviously wonky sense of smell kept saying she could smell...
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    Re: Zagorsk, Hinoki or Jaisalmer...

    Yeah, I have tested all three, I have made many a blind buy in my time but this time I am trying to be sensible and finding it much more difficult! I do love incense and that is pushing me more to...
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    Re: Zagorsk, Hinoki or Jaisalmer...

    See, I had not totally written off Hinoki as I love it, but the extra 20 pounds is more difficult to justify when Zagorsk and Jaisalmer are so well made... hmmm, thanks for your opinions on this!
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    Re: Rose dilemma

    I have been trying to get comfortable to Czech & Speake's seminal '88' but, alas, we just aren't seeming to get along. What do you make of Acteur by Azzaro? This works with me and it's price should...
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    Zagorsk, Hinoki or Jaisalmer...

    Well, first off, I know there are numerous threads out there already talking about the legendary and quite brilliant Incense Series by Comme Des Garcons and I know there are many strong feelings on...
  76. Re: What Are You Wearing This Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/etc.?

    This: incense, fruit and pine... perfect! Might wear L'Homme Sage if I am out on Christmas Eve and possibly nothing on Boxing Day if I am hungover!
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    Re: Dunhill Spray Rum

    Am glad to hear that you found the Spray Rum agreeable bhanny, hope you get some wear out if it over the Winter. Thanks for the description of Original London, you make it sound very inviting indeed;...
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    Re: What are your top three Incense frags?

    As of right now...

    1. L'Homme Sage by Divine
    2. Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens
    3. Avignon by Comme des Garcons

    next 3:

    Dzongkha by L'Artisan
    Ouazazarte by Comme des Garcons
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    Re: Dunhill Spray Rum

    I love my 30ml bottle of Blend 30 but use it sparingly for fear of running out of this sublime green juice! I bought mine from duft04 as well. I see he has a bottle of London cologne for sale as well...
  80. Re: Comme des Garcons 2 Man - Your Thoughts On It

    I'm sure it sits differently depending on the wearer's skin but when I have worn this to work I have been complimented more than a couple of times by different girls on CDG 2 Man.

    I reach for this...
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    Re: Top 10 Niche for Clubbing

    Think it's been mentioned here before as an effective clubbing scent but Skai by Comme Des Garcons works well
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    Re: Best scent from L'Artisan Parfumeur?

    In this order, for now...

    1. Dzongkha
    2. Dzing
    3. Fou D'Absinthe
    4. Timbuktu
  83. Re: KORRES - Saffron / Amber / Agarwood / Cardamom

    Double post!
  84. Re: KORRES - Saffron / Amber / Agarwood / Cardamom

    Just got this in the post today... a very, very nice scent and unbelievable for the price. I am not sure about overseas shipping but any UK basenoters might be interested in this offer. I am...
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    Re: Vetiver fetch compliments?

    A female friend I had not seen in a long time gave me a hug at a reunion back in March/April and it was one of the first times I had worn my Givenchy Vetyver out. She stayed at my neck a little...
  86. Re: I thought Gucci Pour Homme I had been discontinued?

    I just bought this too after thinking it was going to be difficult... actually got it cheaper too. The odd thing is I found it on the website I usually go to when I am purchasing DVDs!
  87. Re: SCOOP: Genghis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

    Just snapped up the 50 ml spray, inspired by this fantastic thread... s'gonna get very cold here soon I believe. Can't wait to test it out!
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    Re: Histoires De Parfums 60ml bottles

    I see these great looking bottles are now for sale on their website. 87 Euro a pop which is about £76 or $125... very tempted! Can't decide between the 1725, 1740 or the Ambre 114; decisions,...
  89. Re: Replacement for vintage Carven Vetyver ?

    Givenchy Vetyver is great... out of all my collection it is this fabulous fragrance that I have torn through the quickest; I only have perhaps a 3rd of the bottle left and am seriously considering...
  90. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    From Bonoanimoes' wonderful wardrobe;

    1. Jubilation XXV - Amouage
    2. Timbuktu - L'Artisan Parfumeur
    3. Sycomore - Chanel
    4. Borneo 1834 - Serge Lutens
    5. L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme...
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    Re: Restrained Gourmands

    I'll 3rd the opinion that Penhaligon's Endymion fits the bill here perfectly.
  92. Re: Your personal Penhaligon Top 3 - let's hear it

    That's quite difficult as I like alot from this house and my opinions are everchanging but, if I could only keep 3 they would be:

    Racquet's Formula - a wonderful fresh, barbershoppy, powdery...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, August 29, 2011

    Fou D'Absinthe... oddly disappeared alot sooner than usual; ah well I still love it.
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    Re: red spicy oriental

    What about Comme Des Garcons Series 2 Red : Harissa?
  95. Re: L'Eau Trois (Diptyque) still in production!

    Wrote to Diptyque by email on Saturday after seeing this thread as I was really interested in getting myself a bottle of L'Eau Trois before it is gone forever. Received a very nice phone call this...
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    Re: If you Could Only Have Two ......

    Dzongkha & Givenchy Vetyver
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, June 4, 2011

    The lovely and fresh Cologne Sologne by Parfums de Nicolai... it's a bit of a scorcher here today!
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    Re: Top 5 British Fragrances

    By coincidence I have a sample of C&S Oxford & Cambridge on my wrist as I type... been loving the lavender smell of late. It's developing beautifully. Want to explore the Miller Harris range very...
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    Re: Thoughts on Eau de Guerlain

    Find the one you really like and then decant and reapply throughout the day! That's what I do with my colognes anyway.
  100. Replies

    Re: Top 5 British Fragrances

    Oh, I'll have a crack at this; glad you're enjoying the Osmanthus, Fleurine!

    My top 5 in no order:

    1. Penhaligon's Racquets Formula
    2. Geo F. Trumper Eucris
    3. Dunhill Blend 30
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