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  1. Bills Force Sale of Most of My Colognes

    Bills Force the Sale of Most of My Bottles!

    All Prices Quoted are Shipped to CONUS...Prices Negotiable when Buying Multiple Bottles

    Bvlgari Black - 2.5oz 75ml - Aprox 60% Full - No Box - $20...
  2. Need Help with a Crystal Diorissimo Bottle!

    Transitional Dior Diorissimo Crystal Bottle from the 50's By either Lalique or Baccarat?

    This is a Sealed Brand New Bottle i found at a Yard Sale "Of all Places" they were Getting Rid of...
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    please Delete

    Accidently posted a Thread here and Cant Delete it for Some Reason, Please Delete if you have the Power to do So!

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    Re: What do highschool girls like?

    Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce - Cause it Reminds them of what they like best...Malls lmao
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    Re: Why do I never get any compliments?

    First time i wore Pure Malt at Walmart i got a "Whats he Tryin to Prove" Gesture from someone that walked by me lmao I Guess thats a Compliment...other than that i never get any compliments either...
  6. Re: Difference in sillage/longevity between actual bottles and sample sprays?

    I dont think the Longevity of a Sample would differ any if at all from a regular bottle of Cologne...the only differances i get from a sample versus a true bottle is if one was much older than the...
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