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  1. Thread: Amouage?

    by sunflower77

    Re: Amouage?

    Memoir, reflection are my favorites on men
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    Re: Best Creed For High School Student

    Silver Mountain Water.
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    Re: Coolest Looking Cologne Bottle.

    Amouage bottles are stunning. The caps are so heavy. Another brand with such heavy caps is Clive Christian. But Amouage's bottles are much prettier than Clive Christian's.
  4. Re: What's the worst female fragrance you've ever smelled?

    Frederic Malle Une Fleur de Cassie
    Estée Lauder white linen
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    Re: Recommend some oud fragrances?

    Amouage Epic Man
    Tom Ford Plum Japonais
    Creed Royal Oud
  6. Re: I wonder if Fragrancenet sent me a fake VIW

    Yes, it is possible for you to buy a fake from fragrancenet. I myself bought a fake VIW from fragrancenet. Mine did have the father and son authenticity card. But the card is of different proportion...
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    Re: By Kilian nowadays

    I tried a few of their perfumes but didn't buy a full bottom of any of those I tried.

    I loved Back to Black the most on paper. But once I sprayed it on me, the tobacco note was too strong that it...
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    Re: What puts you off about a house?

    I didn't find sexually explicit images on SLUMBERHOUSE's website besides the one on their home page, which suggests sex.

    The D&G gang rape ad is completely tasteless and offensive. I hope they...
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    Re: The Annick Goutal Encyclopędia

    Looks like Songes has been reformulated. The old juice was much darker (Amber color for EDT, reddish for EDP). The new juice is light yellow, almost transparent.

    Has anyone sniffed it recently...
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    Re: If You Could Only Own 10 Fragrances

    Annick Goutal Un Matin d'Orage
    Annick Goutal Le Jasmin
    Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge
    Creed Virgin Island Water
    Frederic Malle Une Rose
    Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
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    Re: The Annick Goutal Encyclopędia They have a special section for AG and have tons of stuff. They sell AG sample packs by the dozen. They have the giant bottles, refill bottles, and regular bottles.
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    Re: Niche refill bottles

    Annick Goutal offers refill for some but not all of their products.
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    Re: The Annick Goutal Encyclopędia

    Thank you Sea Roses. I think AG is unloading all the old bottles. That's why I have been seeing all sorts of heavily discounted AG fragrances online. I picked up a discontinued Le Jasmin EDP for $52...
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    Re: Jasmine fragrances for men?

    Amouage Reflection Man is very masculine smelling jasmine. Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge, on the other hand, is very feminine.
  15. Re: Need advice: Sis wants Carnal Flower. Less expensive suggestions?

    I think your sister will like Annick Goutal Un Matin d'Orage. It is tuberose and jasmine but mainly tuberose. The scent is similar to Carnal Flower, but lighter and less expensive. The retail is...
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    Re: Jasmine fragrances for men?

    Amouage Reflection Man.

    Reflection Man by Amouage is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Top notes are rosemary, pimento and rose de mai; middle notes are orris root, jasmine and neroli; base...
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    Re: Most hated fragrance

    This one may not be the most hated fragrance, but certainly is the most disgusting: Jammie Nicholas Surplus.


    The fragrance by the London-based artists Jammie Nicholas smells of feces and...
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    Re: Creed Windsor

    2010 was the year the latest IFRA regulation went in effect. New limits were set for many natural ingredients. Based on what you said, this probably is a reformulation, not batch variance.
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    Re: The Annick Goutal Encyclopędia

    Thank you for your insight. This makes sense. I hope they don't cut corners on the juice when they cut cost on the bottles. But this could be a sign.
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    Re: The Annick Goutal Encyclopędia

    Nice photos. Why did they discontinue the colored bottles? A sign of reformulation?

    I don't find any AG boutiques around me (Washington DC). Saks and Neiman Marcus only have a few. Sad.
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    Re: Easy to wear vs. Hard to Wear Houses...


    That's why Creed is so much more popular than SL. Also, if the name of a fragrance is readable by English speaking people, it will be more popular.
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    Re: I tested Amouage Interlude Man

    Interlude has monster silage and longevity. It'll drown out whatever else you are wearing. I don't think JXXV's longevity is that poor. Maybe you could no longer smell it when you wore it together...
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    Re: The "I don't get it" thread


    It is an interesting scent. But I can't pass the urine note, which my husband describes as the manure note. LOL.

    I'm not really a fan of AdG. But I'll be much happier to smell AdG on a man...
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    Re: The Annick Goutal Encyclopędia

    AG is my favorite house. They have so many excellent and unfortunately, underrated fragrances.

    Un Matin d'Orage - elegant gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine notes.
    Le Jasmin - the most beautiful,...
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    Re: Tom Ford Private now at Lucky Scent

    Last time I saw TF White Suede in Neiman Marcus, it was in the classic TF brown bottle too. Only Santal Blush was in the white bottle. In my opinion the brown bottle looks better.
  26. Re: Clive Christian perfume- tried most of the fragrances at Saks this past weekend. are they worth

    If you buy anything in that price range, you are paying not just for the materials, but the prestige. If you like it and have the money then it is worth it. Personally, I don't like any of the CC...
  27. Re: warm, autumnal soft but not generic scent for not very girly 24 year old?

    Serge Lutens Chergui or Hermes Ambre Narguile
  28. Re: COCONUT - what are your favorite coconut scents for men

    VIW, hands down. I only smell a hint of coconut in Dior hypnotic poison or TF black Orchid. VIW has the fresh coconut scent. Diptyque Philosykos is mainly a fig note, coconut is only secondary. But...
  29. Re: My choice for the greatest perfume of all time

    What business tactics did Amouage engage ?
  30. Re: Do you guys buy testers without the cap? Does it bug the living hell out of you like it does me?

    I bought a capless Creed tester. I didn't think I'd be bothered at the time of purchase and I was wrong. It really bothered me.
  31. Thread: Sites

    by sunflower77

    Re: Sites

    Beautyencounter is also a discounter. They have some items cheaper than anyone else. They also have more samples than many other discounters. I bought from them several times. The shipping was not...
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    Re: Where to buy Creed SMW or GIT

    I bought a fake from fragrancenet. But I also bought the real things from them. So to me there's definitely a risk. But the discount may be worth the risk due to their good return policy. It's up to...
  33. Re: Tom Ford Santal Blush - leans masculine or feminine?

    Both Santal Blush and Black Orchid lean on the feminine side.
  34. Re: Anyone purchased from

    Thank you. This site is like an outlet for Annick Goutal. They have all sorts of AG's products at deep discounts. From refill, body lotion, to giant bottle. They have the discontinued Ambre Fetiche...
  35. Anyone purchased from

    I have been looking for a discontinued Annick Goutal. The only place that has it is I then noticed this site has the best price for many of the fragrances I like. However, I've...
  36. Re: What are your picks of natural smelling scents for summer, but designers only?

    Acqua di Gio
  37. Re: Woman's winter scent? No big florals or sweet fruits

    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan. I like Chergui better but it may be a bit sweet for your taste.
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    Re: Sweet/Fresh Cheap Scent?

    How much is Aqua Di Gio in UK.? It is fresh and sexy. Target is doing a buy one get one free in US, making it quite affordable.
  39. Re: Blue Christmas for U.S. Fragrance Sales; Category Staying Flat as Sales to Men Continue Decline

    Interesting read. Most Americans I know do not wear fragrances, men or women. Once in a long while I get a whiff in the crowds and I'm thrilled.
  40. Re: Any Creed fragrances with good projection/longevity???

    Aventus, Original Santal, and BDP seem to last longer and have better projection.

    Original Vetiver is very weak.
  41. Re: Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge or Serge Lutens A La Nuit

    Thank you all. I just received the full bottle Jasmin Rouge. Indeed, it is a warm and spicy jasmin, which I did not notice as much when I sniffed in Neiman Marcus. Fortunately, I still like it. I...
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    Re: Jasmine Sniff-Fest, Part 2

    Thank you for the reviews. Now I got to try Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie. I bypassed Creed these days because I think their man's fragrance offerings are a lot stronger than woman's.
  43. Poll: Re: Kilian Straight To Heaven 1.7 oz for $235, worth it?

    Get the refill or travel atomizer. They are both under 200 for similar amount of juice. Who cares about the fancy bottle.
  44. Re: Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge or Serge Lutens A La Nuit

    Thank you all for your opinions. I only sniffed Jasmin Rouge and I love it. To me Jasmin Rouge has the right amount of sweetness. It does not smell like heavy oriental but rather fresh. It is more...
  45. Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge or Serge Lutens A La Nuit

    I am trying to decide between Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge and Serge Lutens A La Nuit. If you have worn both, could you let me know how different they are and which one you prefer? Assuming price difference...
  46. Re: Define Your Personal Financial Limit Regarding Single Purchases

    $300 for 50ml (1.7 oz) is the most I am willing to pay.

    So I won't buy Creed Royal Exclusives. They are sold for either $225 (30 ml) or $675 for 8.4oz, which I can never finish before the juice...
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    Re: Sweet seductive rose perfumes

    Thank you! I read OP's question first, then read all the responses. Somehow I forgot the price limit between reading the responses and typing my own recommendation.
  48. Re: What's going to happen with jasmine in 2014?

    The spay bottle was discontinued. The bell shaped bottle is reformulated.

    From Serge Luten's interview in 2011 --

    Miel de bois is discontinued. Why?

    Serge Lutens: Due to a regulatory issue,...
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    Re: Sweet seductive rose perfumes

    Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose is sweet and flirty. It has violet mixed in so it doesn't smell overpoweringly rose.

    Frederic Malle Portrait of A Lady is mainly rose and patchouli. Many find it...
  50. Re: what do u think of a flowery scent on men?

    Carnal Flower smells completely feminine to me as most white flower dominated fragrances. I think if blended well, rose can be a good scent on men.
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    Re: Jasmine Sniff-Fest, Part 2

    How about Organic Glam Jasmine? Most jasmine fragrances produced today (including niche) only contain a small amout of real jasmine, if at all. Organic Glam Jasmine claims that they don't use...
  52. Re: What's going to happen with jasmine in 2014?

    All major niche houses such as Creed, Amouage, serge lutens, Frederic Malle follow IFRA regulations. When IFRA regulations are not met, they can either reformulate or discontinue products that aren't...
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    Re: The best jasmine perfume

    Since IFRA set restrictions on jasmine absolute (<0.7%) and jasmine sambac absolute (<4%) in 2009, all these top quality, natural smelling jasmine fragrances in production (A La Nuit, Sarrasins,...
  54. What's going to happen with jasmine in 2014?

    I read from several posts that people were stocking up jasmine fragrances. What's going to happen with jasmine in 2014?

    I know IFRA set restrictions on jasmine absolute (<0.7%) and jasmine sambac...
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    Re: Cyber Monday

    Why was Cyber Monday being asked but not Black Friday? Do fragrance sites normally start the sale on Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday?
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    Re: Where to buy Creed SMW or GIT

    I bought a 4.oz bottle of Virgin Island Water from Fragrancenet. The smell was way off. It was supposed to be a 2013 batch. But it did not smell like my decant or the bottle from Neiman Marcus. It...
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    Re: S.O.T.D. - Saturday, 16 November 2013

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    Re: Help with Tom Ford fragrances?

    Ditto this. Tobacco Vanille is rich and warm. Plum Japonais has gorgeous plum top note, followed by an Oud base. A lot of people also like Tuscan Leather. I find TL's top note very harsh. The sales...
  59. Re: What are your most loved incense fragrances?

    Memoir Man and Interlude Man, although interlude is a bit too strong for my taste.
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    Re: Creed Jardin d'Amalfi -OR- Creed Windsor?

    I don't think Jardin d'Amalfi is special at all. Get Windsor.
  61. Why are these amber fragrances discontinued?

    I recently sniffed Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche and immediately fell in love. To my disappointment, it has been discontinued. I was only able to find it from one online retailer. I have Ambre Sultan...
  62. Re: Stink, Stank, Pheromones - Animal essences in perfumery.

    I don't like skanky/stanky notes such as civet, castoreum. I don't find them sexy at all.
  63. Re: Any good leather / tobacco / woodsy scent?

    tobacco vanille from Tom Ford
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    Re: Best fragrance you have ever smelt?

    Frederic Malle carnal flower.
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