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  1. [International] Re: Xerjoff, Ramon Monegal, Frederic Malle, Hermes, SoOud, Regime Des Fleurs, Majda Bekkali ALL BOTT

    PM sent re: Fusion Sacree, assuming it is Lui.
  2. STUDENT LOAN SALE -- Grossmith, Eau d'Hermes, Micallef, CARON, SoOud, HdP & MPG misc niches

    The grace period on my student loans has expired and it is time to get real. Help me pay for this PhD that I may never use anyway!

    L'Artisan Parfumeur -- Vanille Absolument -- 1.7oz/50ml -- 99%...
  3. Re: Amouage, Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentree, Bekkali, Roja Dove, Arabian Oud Prince Diamini

    PM sent.
  4. Re: Some rare, some niche, some designer. A little something for everyone

    pm sent
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    Re: Invasion Barbare (worldwide)

    sending pm
  6. Re: Trimming the FAT - Windsor, Heeley, Oriscent

    Will PM you about the Heeley.
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    Re: Ok that does it...

    This thread makes me so happy. I've been hoping for a satirical BN thread for such a long time. Thank goodness. Thank you all! This such is such an amazing resource, but as a longtime lurker I find...
  8. Re: SALE: Mugler Cologne, Heure Exquise, Pamplemousse Rose, Bulgari Black (Worldwide Shipping)

    PM'ing about heure exquise!
  9. Re: US/ LADIES & LADS NICHE Amouage-Tauer-Heely-DelRae-Kilian

    Sending a PM about the Heeley Iris de Nuit.
  10. Re: What would be your niche line, fragrances + perfumer/s?

    By the way - this sounds absolutely fantastic. I think that saffron and licorice is a really intelligent combination - it could anchor the licorice in the salty, woody end of its flavours, rather...
  11. Re: What would be your niche line, fragrances + perfumer/s?

    This is a completely fantastic idea and I love it. I've had several ideas for different perfumes I would like to see made, but I've never been able to string them into a line.

    The most recent idea...
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    Re: Perfume of life off line?

    What a relief - thank you so much for finding out from Jeffrey.

    I tried 24, Faubourg today, and finally understood what people mean when they call a fragrance "narcotic"... I tried it in the EDP...
  13. I confess to being unspeakably excited at the...

    I confess to being unspeakably excited at the prospect of this. I can't wait to find out how the ylang-ylang will inflect those citrus notes.
  14. Goodnes me, this does sound wonderful! It does...

    Goodnes me, this does sound wonderful! It does also look beautiful, as other commenters have said. I'm definitely putting my comment here!
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