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    Re: Need suggestions for a summer cologne

    hey guys thanks for all the suggestions.
    The reason i didn't buy the Un Jardin de Mediterranee is because it exceeds my budget and I already own Guerlain Imperiale.
    Im looking for something that...
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    Need suggestions for a summer cologne

    Hey everybody
    Can you guys out there give me some suggestions for a summer cologne.
    Im 18 years old an I'm soo indecisive about the cologne I want to buy.
    I open to suggestions and I like...
  3. What should I get to help improve longevity and sillage?

    Hey everybody,
    I just bought a bottle of Guerlain Imperiale.
    It lasts on my skin about 1 hour or so.
    Is there any products such as lotion that anyone can recommend to me?
    I saw that some people...
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    Poll: Re: M7 vs. Michael for Men

    I like micheal kors a lot.
    my very first fragrance. :)
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    Re: Suggestions as to leather

    John Varvatos
    Its smells really nice and its not that expensive!
    Good luck!
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    Does age matter when wearing cologne?

    hey everyone
    im 16 years old and in high school and im wondering does age really matter when wearing cologne.
    I really like woody aromatic colgone such as Floris no. 89, Guerlain Vetiver, and D&G...
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    what does All Over Body Fragrance mean?

    Hey everyone
    I am shopping for un jardin en mediteranee and theres this one bottle that's 6.5 oz thats called All Over Body Fragrance.
    What does that mean?
    Here's the website. ...
  8. Re: Acquatic Scent advice for High School Student?

    Yes i have tried both of them... I think Salvatore kinda smells like fig and Mediterrnee smells really fresh, Italian.
    If this might help, i wear
    Vetiver Guerlain,
    Live Jazz by YSL
    Touch by...
  9. Acquatic Scent advice for High School Student?

    Hey guys I want to buy an acquatic scent, something light and fresh that smells good.
    I am thinking about Un Jardin En Mediterranee by Hermes or Salvatore Fergammo Pour Homme, but Im not sure if...
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    Re: What scent should I mix?

    Thanks. For the Fahrenheit, I overall like the scent a lot, but I kinda want to mellow it out a little bit because I think its a little bit too spicy Thanks
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    What scent should I mix?

    Hey everyone.
    Im planning on buying a Dior Farenheit.
    Today I went into a fragrance shop where you can customize your fragrance.
    Since I want to be a little more unique, I want to take my...
  12. summer and winter scent for a high schooler

    Hey everyone
    I want to buy a new summer scent and a winter scent.
    Can anyone give me some advice or some tips?
    I have the Burberry Touch, which I think is a summer scent, but I want to get rid of...
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