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  1. Re: Looking for an online source for new, full bottle of Montale Bois de Aoud

    Hi There! If it's not on the Montale website, you can give them a call. I *think* they may have already changed the name of the scent (something Montale does with reckless abandon). If you call, you...
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    Re: what would Keith Richards wear?

    Le Labo Rose: dirty, androgynous, decadent, decayed (but very, very sexy)
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    Re: Where to get Bois D'Argent?

    Saks Fifth Avenue carries Bois d'Argent. Saks is currently having their Friends and Family event (20 percent off). You need to ask a sales assistant to give you the F&F discount. Many folks from Make...
  4. Re: Decant Sales or Swaps no longer permitted on BN

    Thanks, V. Here's another example that you'll appreciate. The flames of the Montale madness on MUA were fanned by decants. Most of the ladies currently buying FBs started with a decant. And of course...
  5. Re: Decant Sales or Swaps no longer permitted on BN

    This is so true. I had one decant customer write to tell me that three women in his office purchased Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain after smelling it on him. One decant yielded three full bottles....
  6. Re: Hi need help in starting another cologne fan website

    Patty of the Perfume Posse blog has put up some links to decant selling sites here: I'm one of the folks listed and you're more than welcome to contact me...
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