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  1. Re: Which is your favorite Frederic Malle fragrance and why?

    Carnal Flower is the best tuberose I've ever tried -- and I've tried just about all of them. I love it. It's amazing.

    L'Eau d'Hiver. I blew through a 10 ml travel size of this. I like it...
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    Re: Favorite Lotion Versions of Scents

    I have Angel body cream and Youth Dew body cream, both of which I wear (sparingly) instead of the coordinating perfume. Layering would be too much. They're great, especially the YD cream -- really...
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    Re: Tuberose - carnal flower or...?

    Carnal Flower is my favorite. I also like Fracas, and I wear it well, but I never seem to reach for it.

    I did the same thing you did, OP -- I discovered Carnal Flower, went "yowza!" and then...
  4. Re: What is You Favorite Fragrance From The House of Guerlain?

    L'Heure Bleue -- I wear mostly EDP, preferably when it's cold and gray and overcast but hasn't*
    made up its mind to rain -- and Tonka Imperiale, which has the sense of a stripped-down, modernized...
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    Re: New line launced: Imaginary Authors

    No guesses as to what "satin accord," "month of may accord," or "evening air" smell like :) -- BUT! New tennis balls do have a very distinctive scent.
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