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  1. [CONUS] Re: Dior Sauvage || Humiecki & Graef Askew

  2. [CONUS] Re: Dior Sauvage || Humiecki & Graef Askew

  3. Re: Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

    Thanks for the suggestion. I do like Ceil.
  4. [CONUS] Re: Dior Sauvage || Humiecki & Graef Askew

    new item added

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    added amouage.

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    Price drop
  5. Re: Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

    Tried all of them yesterday; Eau Mage did peak my attention (a very non-diptyque scent, loved the lightness/wearability of it, but didnt stay on me for more than 1 hour).
  6. Re: Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

  7. Re: Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

    Hi Kagey, you are right that they offer very reasonably priced sample-set of 7. Aside form Reve d'Ossian what others would you recommend I try?
  8. Re: Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

    The usual suspects from L'Artisans (T42, Dzing, Dzongka, Timbuktu-love-it, fig-based-one) and almost nothing from Perfumere General.

    Tried all Dior Privee and Chanel exclusives. I like Frederic...
  9. Re: Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

    Hey Monkeys, I'm fascinated by your list as I enjoy 4 of your suggestions already (Silver-own, BalAfrique-own, Lumiere Blanche-sampled, Absinth-sampled). Based on what I read so far, I'm really...
  10. Re: Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

    Thanks folks. I've came across quite a few new ones that I'm looking forward to sample now. By all means keep the suggestions coming...
  11. Havent found anything exciting in a long time...

    Hey fume-heads, Its been way too long since I've found something that I just want to go off and buy a full bottle. And so I need some help discovering some hidden treasures. I began my journey over 5...
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    Re: Dior SAUVAGE. A constructive discussion

    Without a ton of olfactory analysis, this is poor man's Aventus. Atleast thats how what most people around me thought. I'm getting to a point where I feel not everything I wear needs to be a...
  13. WTB: Lyric Man | L'Air Marocain | Feve Delicieuse | Timbuktu

    Looking for some decants or leftovers in original bottle.
  14. Re: Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir has blown be away

    Agree with the OP here. Been blown away by it recently. Well blended, smooth, non-linear, elegant and definitely a compliment getter for me.
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Tried Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street: totally took my breath away. It a sparking and cooling mix of cardamom, black tea and juniper berry. Nicely blended like a Creed; classic but with a twist (whiskey...
  16. [CONUS] Nasomstto Duro || Byredo Gypsy Water || Amouage Reflection Man || Humiecki & Graef Askew

    Nasomatto Duro 30ml brand new in box - $180

    Byredo Gypsy Water 100ml brand new in box - $200

    Humiecki & Graef Askew - 100ML 95% full, asking $150 (retails at $220)

    Amouage Reflection Man...
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2014

    After waiting two years to pull the trigger... H&G Askew. The smell has haunted me for so long I just had to get it.
  18. Re: CONUS: Dior Homme; PdN New York; Pure Malt, Pure Havane

    bump for new items
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    Re: Creed Windsor - Wow

    How does it compare with MFK Lumiere Noir?
  20. Re: Pure Iso E Super® from The Perfumer's Apprentice

    So in efforts to make my Molecule-01, I bought the Iso-E super from Perfumers Apprentice along with "Propylene Glycol". I mixed the two at 15% concentration, but the result doesnt quite smell good or...
  21. CONUS: Dior Homme; PdN New York; Pure Malt, Pure Havane

    See picture for exact amounts of juice left.

    Happy to consider best offers. If you buy more than 2, I can lower prices.

    Dior Homme 100mL (92% left) - $43 SOLD

    Parfum de Nicolai New York 30mL...
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    Re: The scent of power....

    Nicely articulated; total agreement here.
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    Re: Battle of the Safe /Mainstream Scents

    IMO, L'Homme > Plat. Egoiste > Prada. L'Homme just exudes class.
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    Re: Which ones?!

    Can someone comment on the longevity of Jardin di Amalfi?
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    Re: Which ones?!

    Solid votes for MFK Lumiere and Jubilation XXV.

    Jack, hows the longevity of Jardin Amalfi?

    I must be crazy but I'm leaning towards Askew for my third one.
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    Which ones?!

    I am a fan of the following fragrances. But I can only purchase 3 for Christmas without feeling guilty. If you had to pick just three which ones would you pick. You dont have to pick any if dont like...
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    Poll: Re: Equipage - Masterpiece?

    Its certainly good. I have a 1.7oz (95% full) bottle if anyone is interested ($40 shipped).
  28. Re: Spice Bomb! Spice Bomb! You're my Spice Bomb! and Baby You Can Turn Me On! A Review of SpiceBom

    Reminds me a quite a lot of LOccitane Eauv De Baux, not sure if I'd fork over $95 when I can get the EdB for $50.
  29. H&G Askew Discontinued? Anyone have one they want to sell...

    I love Askew. I'd definitely like to buy one if anyone who has one would like to sell it. Thanks.
  30. Re: Light Blue vs Aqua Di Gio vs Boss Bottled - Longevity and Siliage

    Another for AdG
  31. Re: Where does this hobby end? Need words from the wise

    Its like any other addiction. You goto rehab once in a while but the itch never really goes away. You learn to be watchful and mindful of your finances and learn to enjoy more of what you have rather...
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    Re: Some thoughts about Chergui and TV

    I am in a similar boat as the OP. I bought TV because I loved it, but dont find myself reaching for it anymore.

    However, I never liked Chergui; I still dont.
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    Re: Bitter Green Spring or fall vetiver

    IMO it doesnt get more bitter (and also green but more emphasis on bitter) than "Tauer Pentachord Verdant"
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    Re: Most Inoffensive Scent?

    your favorite laundry powder
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    Re: Tabarome Millesime

    Not too impressed either; but certainly a good scent. I sampled this and Bois Du Portugal last weekend and BdP seemed bottle-worthy to me.
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    Re: Best L'Occitane or worth trying...

    I got to try the following ones, as the nearest L'Occitane shop only had these.

    Eau de Baux
    Eau de L'Occitan

    I'm surprised as to how good they smell and let me also say "NATURAL". I...
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    Re: B2B vs. TV vs. MR

    I have TV, B2B and a sample of MR. MR smells like the behind of an animal. TV is quite one-dimensional; nonetheless an art piece. B2B is somewhat rounder but too reminiscent of TV. In short none of...
  38. Re: My opinion on l'Air du Desert Marocain has changed

    Thinking aloud, I feel that a little bit of sweetness or some other note that takes removes the vast emptiness of the "desert" would make this much more amazing. Anyone know of a scent that shares a...
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    Re: Fragrancenet Order Still Not Shipped Out

    yea just order something 2 weeks ago and took almost 6 days to hit the plane... I ordered MiP and got some fresh and long-lasting juice; good fast customer service when it comes to returns as well....
  40. Re: My opinion on l'Air du Desert Marocain has changed

    The sample I got from luckyscent was nuclear strength. I got the sample while at work, and put one-drop on my shirt and everyone could smell it for 20 feet. It felt so uncomfortable and went home....
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    Re: L'Instant De Guerlain Pour Homme

    Yea the EDP is potent, but doesnt necessarily project 10 feet away; the projection (distance) in my opinion is the same as the EDT. The EDT lasts around 4-6 hours on me. Its hard to detect after 5...
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    Re: L'Instant De Guerlain Pour Homme

    same here, the LIDGE is so over-hyped that this one slips under our noses...
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    Re: Best L'Occitane or worth trying...

    Thanks everyone. I am going to hit up my local L'Occitane store.
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    Re: DHI from

    its a legit site. I've bought bunch of stuff from them including DHI (received a may 2011 batch).
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    Re: John Varvatos - Midnight in Paris?

    I would definitely pick Midnight in paris EDP. Its much more refined, seductive and enjoyable IMO. The longevity is also better than John Varvatos. Also MiP is selling for almost $45 at fragrancenet...
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    Best L'Occitane or worth trying...

    Hey guys, I have never sampled any L'Occitane fragrances.

    I would like to know which ones are worth sampling and WHY? Also if you could mention their longevity that would be great too. The price...
  47. Re: Here is my (very small) fragrance me add to it

    I would suggest Prada Amber PH for a clean workscent (something you can throw on anytime.) BTW, how do you like Michael Kors? I was debating to get it...
  48. Re: I'm going out to dinner with my wife for Valentines tonight..It's very cold and snow...what

    New Harlem should be "foody" enough to not bother with the food experience.
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    Re: Blind buying a gourmand fragrance

    From you list, Hanae Mori. I will add Tobacco Vanille and New Harlem.
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    Re: Woody Fragrance for a non woody lover

    Egoiste is definitely for the faint of heart. Too bold and dry IMHO. But you reminded me of "Parfumerie Generale Bois blond" that is smooth light cedar with a touch of sweetness.
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    Re: Woody Fragrance for a non woody lover

    Rocky Mountain Wood, great fresh outdoorsy woody scent. Very Unique!
  52. Re: Amouage Jubilation XXV - am I missing something here?

    You may certainly be in the minority. Even for my skin, which tends to be extremely dry (and no sweetness lasts unless its tobacco-vanille-nuclear-strength), I get plenty of booziness and sweetness...
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    Re: Immortelle

    My SOTD is Byredo Oud Immortel and I really like it. Strangely enough there is not "oud" or "immortel" note listed on the note breakdown. However, I do pick up immortel and it has a certain...
  54. Re: MDCI Invasion Barbare = Perfected LADDM?

    I think I agree with your assessment on this. I assume that by perfected you dont necessarily mean "similar". Caravelle Epicee is an evolution of LADDM. Its fuller, rounder and not as sharp (almost...
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    Re: eBay Seller - Universal-Perfume

    I'm interested in atleast 3 amouage fragrances. Do you guys think that getting a tester from them is better or should I just fork over the extra cash for a full bottle/box. I'd like to save some...
  56. Poll: Re: Favorite rose scents (another rose thread... now with poll!)

    +1 for Domenico Caraceni followed closely by Lyric Man.
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    Re: Amouage Silver man

    Same here, I dont want to discuss it too much either. I cannot describe how much I like the scent. Its so polished, luxurious and, in street terms, baller!
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste!!

    I must be the odd one out. I find Egoiste to be a headache-in-a-bottle. I like strong scents, but the excessive dryness along with a synthetic sandlewood kills it for me. I dont know, maybe I have a...
  59. Re: Looking for some good bargain summer fragrances.

    +1 for Nautica Voyage. Very long lasting too. Also has a good nose behind it, if you care (Maurice Rocel)
  60. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    This is hilarious since I didnt Bosque even a bit. I put it on and had to thoroughly clean it off almost instantly. All it reminded me of was medicines and hospital. I'm not too great at identifying...
  61. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    One that absolutely took my breath away quite recently (just 3 days ago) is "Humiecki & Graef Askew".

    There was something so fresh (grapefruit), cool (cardamom), spicy (ginger) about it. But the...
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    Re: Fragrancenet issues??

    Thanks for the comments everyone; I rest in assurance now...
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    Fragrancenet issues??

    Hey guys, I just came across a few offers on fragrance net that I found really hard to resist. They had Midnight In Paris 4oz EDP for $45 and Gendarme 4oz for $42. This almost seems too good to be...
  64. Re: Which do you find the most 'suave' scent?

    +1, this stuff commands attention, very classy for those high class events
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    Rose Poivree smell-alike?

    Hey guys, I have been a basenotes junkie for a while now and love the community.

    Anyways, so I was at Barneys and got a sample of Rose Poivree. I loved it while I was in Barneys because I couldnt...
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