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  1. Re: I received my first bottle of Himalaya :) GIT next?

    Nice. Is it a fresh bottle? What's the lot number?
  2. Re: Allure Homme & Cool Water: Luca Turin May Want to Reconsider

    LT seems to be awfully tough on Chanel, mainly because he expects a lot from them. It seems that if he thinks a Chanel scent is anything less than stellar, it deserves one star.
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    Re: Polo Modern Reserve - current thoughts?

    This doesn't seem to be on Ralph's website anymore. Are they discontinuing it?
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    Re: Pant fitting problems

    Buy pants that fit your thighs, and get the waist taken in an inch or two. This is a simple procedure that any tailor should be able to do. Always buy pants that fit your legs, and get the waist...
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    Re: A few thoughts on Kenzo Power

    I liked it at first and don't mind the floral component. I didn't like how it evolved into a fruity/sweet/powdery accord that to me overwhelmed all else. I didn't expect that. Perhaps I owe it...
  6. Re: I don't like Terre d'Hermes in the cold--will spring/summer be better?

    Well, warm weather has arrived (at least for a while), and I must say I really enjoy it now. I am glad I stuck it out and didn't get rid of it. Its cold austerity in winter does begin to come alive...
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    Re: Adjusting a suit jacket

    Tailors can't really do anything about the chest per se. What they can do is take the waist of the jacket in, i.e., around the buttoning point. As a general rule, I'd say you can take it in up to...
  8. Re: Chanel No. 5: which is more wearable for men: EdT or EP?

    I dunno, even Chandler Burr says he'll wear most any female perfume -- except this one, because it's so instantly recognizable. Why not just let the ladies have this one?
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    Re: Voyage d'Hermes in stores !

    That is true, but at least on Now Smell This's review it talks about Voyage having a mineral base reminiscent of TdH.
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    Re: Voyage d'Hermes in stores !

    Tried this today on a paper strip. To me this is dead ringer for Eau de Merveilles, the feminine that many say ought to have been unisex. Voyage does not remind me of Terre at all--it is not dry like...
  11. Re: Can someone here please explain the economics of perfumery?

    Most people don't have huge collections, but only a few. In such cases buying a big bottle makes a lot more sense.
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    Re: Do not buy Creed from FragranceNet

    Hate to be the downer, but this doesn't seem that bad. It's half off, and they sent you a replacement bottle. Now you're not happy. If you're OCD about packaging buy retail. Otherwise, suck it up....
  13. Re: does terre de hermes have too much rose in it?

    Does it have any rose in it?
  14. Re: Female fragrance similar to Creed's Bois du Portugal?

    To the extent that Bois du Portugal is compared with Guerlain Heritage, Luca Turin compares Heritage to feminines such as Coco Mademoiselle and Narsico Rodriguez for Her.
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    Re: Brooks Brothers New York Gentlemen

    What is Black Fleece like?
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    Re: Hospital fragrances

    Frankly, this sounds ridiculous. If a family has someone in the ICU they are not being comforted by your scent, whatever it is.
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    Re: Most Over-Rated Fragances

    Had to laugh at this. It reminds me of the joke from Annie Hall: "The food there is terrible."; "Yes, and in such small portions!"
  18. Re: Warm, Masculine Scents...will these 3 do it?

    I've only tried the EDT, and it's pretty rich. I imagine the EDP is even richer. To the extent you're looking for year-round wear, EDT is probably the way to go.
  19. Re: I don't like Terre d'Hermes in the cold--will spring/summer be better?

    Thanks. I guess I'll wait this one out and see how it holds up when it gets warmer (if it ever does around here...). I have found I've enjoyed it when I'm in a warmer atmosphere, even if it's inside...
  20. I don't like Terre d'Hermes in the cold--will spring/summer be better?

    I recently purchased TdH and was excited. So far I have found it a little unpleasant in the cold, especially here in New England. I want it to be a great summer scent because I don't like overly...
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