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  1. Re: Oud Save the King by Atkinsons... Anyone try this one yet?

    I did a review here:

    I see you're from LA; I'm British but I bought mine in Barneys in Beverly Hills - one of the sales assistants there gave me a free...
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    Re: Ancient or old growth forest smell..

    Odin 07 Tanoke is designed to capture the scent of old growth redwood forests in California. It's a gorgeous fragrance!

    "Corinne Cachen, of Drom, is the perfumer behind 07 Tanoke and her task was...
  3. Re: Men and the travel Atomizer: Do you and How?

    I travel a lot on business and I like to travel light so I leave the 100ml bottles at home and use an atomiser. The best ones I've found are the Sen7 range - they look the biz, they don't leak, they...
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    Re: Pure Havane is....

    I've just noticed Pure Malt and Pure Havane are both available on the website for 48, and at the moment there are two special deals on: you get to choose three of your own...
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    Re: Best Bond no9 for men?

    I tend to wear fragrances based on whether it's sunny/rainy/overcast/blue skies etc. (maybe a bit strange, but there it is!). Hence I go for Riverside Drive on sunny blue-sky days, and New Haarlem...
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    Re: Cheap(ish) Creed at Cheapsmells

    I bought Silver Mountain Water from them last year, 94 for 120ml bottle, and it's spot on. I too was a bit nervous that they might be dodgy, considering the low prices, but they are indeed genuine....
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