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    Re: candle top/middle recommendations?

    I think if you want to go with a natural candle then you could try these very strong, far throw and long lasting essential oils:
    - Lemongrass (lots of my friends use this)
    - Patchouli (amazing Base...
  2. Re: Can I put essential oils and carrier oil mixture with alcohol?

    Here are some key facts that will help:
    You would find it better to mix a pure essential oil, so try to obtain that.
    It also depends on ratio, if it’s 50/50 then it’s likely it wont be too...
  3. Re: The best type of alcohol for a spray perfume (my concerns).

    bshell, thank you for your response. Sorry I am replying a week later.
    1. from a personal point of view, I think we are all pushing the boundaries of health and safety when using any denatured...
  4. Thread: Spikenard?

    by attract

    Re: Spikenard?

    Spikenard is nice, it's unique. My little boy and I tested the theory that it attracts cats, just the other day. I can confirm that it does attract cats, which is weird, especially as it has egyptian...
  5. The best type of alcohol for a spray perfume (my concerns).

    This is my first post, I used to be a serial stalker (as others put it).
    I am raising what seems to be a common topic but adding a few specifics that have not been previously covered. I am in...
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