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    Re: L'Occitane Eau de Baux!!

    I like it alot, as well. Definitely one of the best "finds" I can attribute to joining Basenotes....also, one of the few in my collection that has illicted multiple compliments.
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    Re: Lesser known 80's scents?

    Genghis Khan
  3. Re: Real Casual everyday/work Fall/Winter Cologne

    Rive Gauche
    John Varvartos Vintage
  4. Re: Bvlgari Pour Homme - How Would You Rate It

    I agree with the other comments for the most part. Bulgari PH is rather safe and clean smelling, while Gucci PH2 is a little sweeter and more bombastic. I guess it depends what you would be wearing...
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    Poll: Re: A Chanel "VS" thread

    I didn't dislike any of them....if I was going to buy one (although still likely wouldn't) it would be Bleu.
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    Re: mona di orio

    Personally I did not like Les Nombres d'Or Cuir AT ALL. Granted, I'm not a leather fan in general, but to me, it smelt like disgustingly peppered beef jerky. Certainly not something I'd personally...
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    Re: Pick three of out of my list

    l'homme Sage
    Tobacco Vanille

    honorable mention: Azzaro PH
  8. Poll: Re: Do you think Bond no. 9 New Haarlem is overrated?

    I don't think it's overrated in that it's a nice scent. I just think it's way overpriced compared to the Rochas Man's and L'Instant's, which I consider very comparable
  9. Re: Worse,Cheapest,Strongest, Nastiest Scent out there?

  10. Re: Do you think Bond no. 9 New Haarlem is overrated?

    more so overpriced. It's nice enough but like twice as expensive as others like it
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    Re: Female frags - how many of you men use them regularly ?

    Personally, I wouldn't wear anything that I perceived was overtly feminine. As it were, my tastes, generally run to the highly masculine I would say. That said, I have come across a few fragrances...
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    Re: Pheromone product plus helmut Lang edt

    There is a great myth about confidence and women. It's not so much having it gets you women as much as NOT having it PREVENTS you from getting them. What it really comes down to is women tend to go...
  13. Poll: Re: Which note do you not like in a fragrance?

    Blended, I can live with most of them, but when they are overly dominant, I don't like leather or vetiver
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    Re: A new everyday fragrance

    As a 16 yr old guy I'm assuming two things

    1) cost is an issue
    2) you are interested in appealing to the ladies.

    With that in mind, I agree - don't worry about expensive niche fragrances: ...
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    Re: Amouage Jubilation

    I don't think Jub. XXV smells dated....that said, I'm not a big fan at all. Smells like Fruitty Peebles cereal to me. Truth be told, I haven't been impressed with Amouage as a whole (outside of...
  16. Re: What is in your opinion the longest lasting fragrance in the market .

    Two designer scents that I get tons of longevity on are:

    Gucci Envy
    Versace The Dreamer
  17. Re: What would you wear out of these? My first post!!!

    I would wear Black Aoud - it's very dark and foreboding - perfect fit to celebrate your friend ending his life in marriage......
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    Re: Questions about Rive Gauche PH

    It's a nice scent. Probably the only "used to own" that I personally plan on re-buying. The Barbasol/Azzaro PH comparisons are accurate.
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    Re: Rochas Man or Hanae Mori

    I prefer Rochas man. I've only sampled HM a few times, but my recollection is that Rochas is better in both categories.
  20. Re: My Rive Gauche fell in the toilet of PISS !!!

    No big it just smells like Azzaro PH
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    Re: Chanel Bleu de Chanel

    I think there is some truth to this. Also, as a fan of Chanel I probably (unfairly) compare it to older offerings I like better (Platinum Egoiste, Pour Monsieur, Antaeus). On the whole, I like it,...
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    Re: Out of curiosity....

    Personally, I thought Aventus was overrated, and had HORRIBLE longevity and not the greatest projection. MR on the other hand had awesome longevity and good projection. IMO, Musc Ravageur is the...
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    Re: Rochas Man: How to apply tips?

    I usually do one on my check/neck, one on wrists, and a little dab behind each year.
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    Re: Versace The Dreamer

    I definitely think there is some sort of synthetic, tobacco vibe these both share. With Dreamer, I've even gotten a little bit of chocolate, D&G it's soap or something. In fairness, I might also...
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    Re: Warm winter frags

    One I did not see mentioned yet - Parfums di Nicolai New York. Two that were - Rive Gauche and Gucci Envy
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    Re: Every men should wear Azzaro Pour Homme!

    I like it, but to me it's just a dirtier Rive Gauche. Don't presently own either, but would probably side with RG all things being equal
  27. Re: Which one, Versace The Dreamer or Body Kouros??

    I would say Body Kouros. As someone who has owned both at one time, I really don't see where people are coming from when they say Dreamer is a romantic/seductive type scent. To me, it's something I...
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    Sticky: Re: Companies that send out free samples:

    I've had good experience with both L'Artisan and Diptyque
  29. Re: My gf does not like it when I wear M7, but I love this fragrance

    Tell her "love me as I am, or leave me as I be!". In the meantime, get some other insurance "irons in the fire" in case she wants to break up.
  30. Re: Most beautiful bottles in your collection

    To be honest, I don't really have any artistic bottles, but I've always enjoyed the simplistic design of my Divine spray bottles as well as the Frederic Malle ones. Kind of minimalist, but I really...
  31. Looking for recommendations for a clean, cold weather scent

    It's a gift for my brother (who likes Mugler Cologne for warmer weather, FWIW). Looking for some suggestions (outside of Rive Gauche and Gucci Envy, which he's tried already). Thanks!
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    Re: Your top 5 winter and fall fragrances

    Gucci Envy
    Musc Ravageur
    Divine l'homme Sage
    Cartier Must
    L'Artisan Fou d' Absinthe
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    Re: My next shopping plan

    Chrome and Azzaro PH - both can be had inexpensively, so you might still have enough for Pure Havane
  34. Re: Does anyone still use Egoiste Platinum Egoiste?

    I still really like it, although I must admit, it's fallen from my #1 favorite. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever got a compliment from wearing it....still, I think it's a classy versatile...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Guerlain Derby for me today. Had a chance to sample this last summer when I went to Vegas. Remember loving it and thinking I need to get it. Was able to get a re-test sample from a generous BNer,...
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    Re: Rough start

    Aramis Havana
    Tauer L'Air du desert Marocain
  37. Re: Himalaya vs. Silver Mouintain Water: which should i choose as my signature fall/winter scent?

    I vote SMW.
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    Re: women seems to prefer aquatics.

    To be fair, we usually CAN make pretty accurate generalizations of a gender/group/etc. That's why they are called "generalizations": in general - not all cases - it's true. As far as women go -...
  39. Re: A*Men. Why the love and hate for this fragrance?

    I like it (don't love it). To be honest, I'm surprised so many people absolutely hate it. I think in some cases, it's just backlash on T. Mugler and their marketing.
  40. Re: Dior Homme Intense, Guerlain L'Instant Extreme and...

    Was going to say these two as well.....another I've heard compared bu have not sampled: Animale Animale?
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Most Overrated Niche Brand

    I would agree that by and large, most niche houses are somewhat over-rated as a whole. Probably with the exception of Frederic Malle and Divine, there are no niche houses I like more than 1 or 2 of...
  42. Re: Recommend me some perfume for men that work well for casual day and clubbing

    I agree with this. Originally thought it would be more for clubbing and going out, but have come to really like it during the day as well.
  43. Poll: Re: What is your favorite a*men: Original a*men, pure coffee, pure malt, or pure havane?

    I have yet to try Pure Havanae, but of the other three, I prefer Pure Malt. That said, it's a pretty tightly bunched group. Don't really love Pure Malt, nor do I dislike the others.
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    Re: how can people liek versace dreamer?

    I certainly used to like this one much more than I do now. I have about 10ml left of a 100ml bottle that I'm sure I'll get through with the colder weather approaching, but have no plans to re-buy it....
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    Re: What are your top three Incense frags?

    Two I love (already mentioned)

    Tauer L'Air du desert Marocain
    Amouage Memoir Man
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    Re: Clary Sage and Tonka Bean.

    Clary Sage - Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    Tonka Bean - Cartier Must
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    Re: Givenchy Pi vs Rochas Man

    I prefer Rochas Man far more.....don't like Pi, although have seen my friend get compliments on it. Makes me nauseous
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    Re: amouage jubilation xxv

    buy a box of Fruity Pebbles breakfast cereal, some milk, and a bowl, and then proceed to splash the mixture on yourself........
  49. Re: Which Serge Lutens gets you the most compliments?

    I've only ever worn SL by samples, but I could certainly see Daim Blond (from testing) and by reputation, Chergui and Chene....
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    Poll: Re: Which SL is superior?

    The only one I've sampled is Louvre and I didn't particularly like it.
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    Re: Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir- Last Chance!

    Unfortunately, I don't think you are going to find what you are looking for. I really like the scent, but it's lack of longevity and projection are the reasons I no longer own it either
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    Re: L'instant de Guerlain

    It's impressed me as rather light for a gourmand fragrance, so I could see it doing better than most in the heat. That said, I don't know that I would wear it on really hot days.
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    Re: Serge Lutens 5 0 clock ?

    Totally agree....only sampled it once, but I remember thinking it didn't last particularly long on me.
  54. Re: Knize Ten, Guerlain Derby, or Hermes Bel Ami?

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    Re: Replacement For Polo Green ?

    I fully agree with this....I do NOT agree that it's very similar to Fou d'Absinthe (a great scent in it's own right).
  56. Poll: Re: Which vanilla do you prefer: Guerlain - Spirtueuse Double Vanille or Serge Lutens - Un Bois Vani

    from an overall enjoyement level - SDV
    which I would be more likely to buy (although not that likely to be honest) Serge Lutens

    While I do like SDV, I think it's ridiciculously overpriced
  57. Re: When YOU were 18-23 years old - TOP 5 FRAGS

    I'm 34 but what I remember myself and my friends wearing

    Cool Water
    Photo Lagerfield
    Ralph Lauren Romance for Men (gift from gf at the time)
  58. Thread: Uh-oh.

    by Force of One

    Re: Uh-oh.

    Guess I waited too long - was debating buying a small sample just to see what the hype was all about. From the sounds of it, I think I would have liked it. RIP Patou
  59. Re: Wearing Musc Ravageur or New Haarlem around younger females???

    If you are asking if they will like them, I'm saying generally yes. If you are asking if they will recognize them or that they are "more sophisticted" than your average designer scent - no
  60. Re: Tom Ford Italian Cypress: Celebrate Manhood

    I agree completely with this. Just picked up a split of it and am looking forward to wearing it this fall/winter. Easily, my favorite of the Tom Ford's I've tried.
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    Re: Anyone else Flip flop on YSL Body Kouros

    Had it, got rid of it. Not so much that I didn't like it, but it didn't wow me enough to keep it as I streamlined down to fragrances I really liked/loved
  62. Re: Chanel Allure: Do I need Edition blanche when I already own Sport?

    While I think both are nice, I don't see owning either in the near future. They are certainly different enough that own both wouldn't be redundant
  63. Re: Bargain bin haul: Are any of these keepers?

    Personally, I don't care for any of them, although my friend wears Pi and I have seen him get multiple compliments from the ladies while wearing it.
  64. Re: About to pull the Montale trigger for Black Aoud

    I'm a fan of Black Aoud....I think you are making a good purchase.
  65. Re: L'artisan Parfumeur -- like but not love fragrance line?

    I really like Fou d' Absinthe, and would consider a purchase of Primier Figuier. Other than that, I tend to agree with OP.
  66. Re: List your top 3 fragrances and bottom 3 fragrances from your collection.

    Top 3 are hard. I'd have to say:

    Creed MI
    Divine l'homme Sage
    Musc Ravageur

    Least 3 (excitement wise, I don't dislike any of them):

    Rochas Man
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    Re: Fat electrician @ cloves????

    I thought it smelled more like a hamster cage
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    Re: hmmm Bleu de Chanel

    Thanks, Livingdead!

    (cue my theme music)
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    Re: hmmm Bleu de Chanel

    A couple thoughts:

    1) nice pull by you!
    2) I tend to agree with her in that - even as a general fan of Chanel fragrances - I didn't think Bleu was all that remarkable either
  70. Re: What uber-popular fragrance do you wish were less common?

    Patou PH
  71. Re: The worst of the worst: Projection / Longevity

    Hermes d' Orange Verte - really like it, but so short lived, it's a deal killer for me.
  72. Re: The Hunt for the Perfect all-around Fall Fragrance for Men

    The scents I will be wearing this fall quite a bit:

    Gucci Envy
    L'Occitane Eau des Baux
    Divine l'homme Sage
    L'Artisan Fou d' Absinthe
    Giorgio Beverly Hills VIP
    Tom Ford Italian Cypress
  73. Re: Creed Himalaya vs CHANEL Platinum Egoiste

    Platinum Egoiste. I did like Himalaya upon my one in-store sampling, but no where near enough to pay retail prices. PE is one I forsee always being in my collection. More versatile and I just plain...
  74. Re: A question for European Basenoters, particularly in France

    Thanks, guys!
  75. A question for European Basenoters, particularly in France

    Actually two questions:

    Chanel Pour Monsieur (the original, not the concentree):

    1) It does come in a 100ml size correct? I've only ever seen it in 50ml, but since we don't have it in the...
  76. Re: Which from my wardrobe to pick for a night out to a beach bar/restaurant ?

    I vote Platinum for DHI, I haven't tried it yet, but was under the impression it was a little sweetier and heavier....maybe if it figures to be a cooler night outside, I'd go with that.
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    Re: best toothpaste mint cologne?

    I agree with those who said Geranium Pour Monsieur - VERY toothpaste-y
  78. Re: Serge Lutens Chene reminds me of a raw Creed MI?

    I've got to be honest - this one has shot to the top of my "To try" list based off the recommendation in another thread of a Basenoter who's opinion I greatly respect (AromiErotici). I'm hoping to...
  79. Re: Whats your second favorite Serge Lutens ?

    Will do - thanks!
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    Re: Fragrances with a noticeable Pepper note

    Agree with those who said Marc Jacobs Bang. Another I have not tried, but have heard is peppery is Frederic Malle French Lover.
  81. Re: Any favourite mint fragrances to recommend?

    Divine l' homme Sage
  82. Re: Any recommendations for an Almond based scent?

    Dior Hypnotic Poison - it's listed as a woman's scent, but a man can definitely pull it off.
  83. Replies

    Re: Help with Tobacco fragrance

    What about Dolce & Gabana PH?
  84. Re: Whats your second favorite Serge Lutens ?

    Tonyprince beat me to it - Gris Clair is my top as well. In fairness, I have yet to try Chergui, Fumerie Turque, or Iris Silver Mist which seem pretty well regarded on here. Second favorite might...
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    Re: Versatile Only Fragrances!!

    Chanel Platinum Egoiste
  86. Re: Just had an opportunity to sample Czech and Speake no.88.

    I didn't hate No. 88 but was defintely underwhelmed when I tried it in my search of a masculine rose scent. Ended up with Rose 31, but a very close second was Montale Black Aoud
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    Poll: Re: 2 out of 5!

    same for me except I would go with Bulgari PH (or even better PH Soir). Did not really care for Polo Blue.
  88. Re: East Coasters - Are You Securing Your Collection from the Hurricane?

    Yo, if that surprise earthquake didn't knock them over, I'm not worried about a few feet of rain! : P

    I'm heading to a wedding tomorrow night (when it starts here in Philly) and was planning on...
  89. Re: Gentlemen and Ladies: Where can I find Vanilla by L'Artisan???

    It's been a few months - but I'm pretty sure in the last year - but Bluemercury had it
  90. Poll: Re: Which one of these will get me the most compliments ?

    While I agree with many of the comments, girls your age ARE more likely to be attracted to/give compliments on things like fragrances. I think L'eau D'Issey would be the best bet
  91. Re: What spring/summertime purchased "Winter" frags are you guys most excited to wear?

    I'm waiting on Italian Cypress which I look forward to wearing in the upcoming months. Another - which I have worn this summer, but seems better suited to the fall - is Divine l'Etre Aime
  92. Re: Your favorite/overlooked feminine perfumes for men?

    Two feminine scents that I think would work on men are Dior Hypnotic Poison and Divine l'Etre Aime Femme (and I'm pretty sensitive to not smelling girly). I don't hear much about either on here.
  93. Re: Share: What fragrances have you worn a lot this Summer(2011)???

    The most - Aramis Havana, Versace l'homme, and Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    To a lesser degree - Aramis Tuscany, Kenzo PH, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Creed MI, Tauer LADDM
  94. Re: purchasing scents at discount stores like Target

    I have always thought places like Target and Walmart were kind of high, considering. I've had a little better luck getting good deals at Marshall's and T.J. Maxx
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    Re: Blind buy, Santos Cartier?

    Ron (OP) - I would have offered to buy it off you if you didn't like it, but since you asked this 3 and a half years ago, I'm sure it's long gone!

    For the record, I agree with the other - prefer...
  96. Re: Unique Clubbing/ Party scents for the man in his mid 20's. Niche or designer. Help !?!?

    I like Black Aoud and love Musc Ravageur, but to me they are slightly off the mark for a packed club where you would be dancing and sweating. Maybe more suited to a lounge type place To me something...
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    Re: Winter Scents!

    Another along that vein would be Must de Cartier PH. A couple others I think that are great in the winter and own myself:

    Gucci Envy, Divine l'homme Sage, and L'Artisan Fou d'Absinthe
  98. Re: Any scent you loved when you first got it but now cant stand it?

    "Can't stand" might be a little harsh, but I would say I think considerable less of Le Male and The Dreamer than I once did, so much I would likely not repurchase them. Even two of my favorites...
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    Re: Armani Code VS D&G Pour Homme

    I find Armani Code, more pleasing overall, but D&G is more unique. I had Armani Code and have (but am almost out of D&G). Don't plan on repurchasing either in the near future.
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    Divine l'Etre Aime Femme

    It looks like the men's version is listed, but not the female one.
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