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    Re: Zegna Intenso at Nordstrom

    Actually, they ARE similar in the sense that they both blow.
  2. Re: MPG - Jardin du Nil...dirt and floral done right

    Have to disagree.

    Compared to certified masterpieces like RDV, Eau de Isles and Santal Noble, this is a "second tier" offering from this magnificent house.

    Rotten oranges is all I get....
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    Re: Zegna Intenso at Nordstrom

    I'm sure the 17 yr old mall rats are dancing in the aisles with excitement.

    What's next? A concentrated Ferragamo? WHOO-HOO!

    Don't mean to be harsh and to those who dig these frags, more power...
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    Re: Zino vs Egoiste

    Zino...always Zino.
  5. Re: From The Perfume Shoppe (Vancouver): Parfumerie Generale, Creed, and other stuff

    I love this store and visit it often.

    The lady who runs it is a gem and she's very generous with samples. She waives the taxes for my purchases.

    She is well aware of Basenotes! On my first...
  6. Re: Greatest MAINSTREAM Scents in the Last 10 years?

    Well, the original idea was to talk about "newer" scents, released within the last ten years, but what the hell. Talking about cologne is fun so just name your favorite mainstream scents regardless...
  7. Re: Guerlain L'Instant PH Extreme/all seasons!

    The difference between the ETD & the EDP is like night and day.

    Same with Guerlain's Heritage & Habit Rouge. In all 3 cases, the EPD is far superior.

    As far as a "summer" scent? NO!
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    Re: Richard James Cologne.

    It sucks. It's weird and off-putting. Bottle for sale.

    If you' re looking for a "soft leather/suede" buy SL "Daim Blonde." Far superior. Expensive but worth it, particularly in the concentre...
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    Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - How good is it?

    Overrated & weak. Plus, kinda weird.

    Buy CM Spanish Leather for far less. It's a superior scent at a bargain price.

    BTW, full bottle of Aigner's In Leather" for sale.
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    Re: My recent purchase

    In my humble opinion, BK was your only score.

    The others are widely dissed here, with good reason.
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    Re: Terre d´Hermes = Freedom/Liberty ?

    Most all of these replies support my theory that TDH is an extremely fresh, modern, and original scent and may well point the direction for future male scents.

    I mean, think about it. What are the...
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    Re: Prince's 3121 perfume

    Don't know it and looking forward to trying it but hopefully it's better than the last male celeb fragrance..."Unforgivable," which is an ironic a name as you're likely to find.

    Speaking of male...
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    Re: I need Habit Rouge advice!

    Well said.

    THE BEST. Not a variation on the old one but a completely new scent.

    Wore it today as my SOTD, It's absolutely freaking BRILLIANT. I know this sounds odd, but it's so wonderful that...
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    Re: Jean Desprez Versailles

    I have a fresh bottle which I bought off of ebay.

    This is a very compelling scent. It's lush and powerful and old-school classy. Think BDP, Duc de Verins, etc.

    However, for all of those who...
  15. Greatest MAINSTREAM Scents in the Last 10 years?

    My votes go for:

    M7/M7 Fresh

    Dior Homme

    Varvatos (original)

    Burberry London
  16. Any Thoughts on Vickie Tiel's "Ulysse?"

    I dig off the beaten track, little-discussed frags, and this is one of them.

    The reviews here reflect my conflicts. it has gone in and out of my "discarded/swap" box on many occasions. I pulled it...
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