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  1. Re: Starter aroma-chemical shopping list for men's fragrance

    I do have a handful of natural EOs, and they're a little easier to come by on a whim without getting hit with massive shipping costs so I didn't include them on this list.
    I'll check out these...
  2. Starter aroma-chemical shopping list for men's fragrance

    Hey folks, looking to drop some cash on a starter set of aroma-chemicals, but particularly in the men's fragrance direction and with special interest in the weird and peculiar. This is the shopping...
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    Re: Campfire/smoke aromachemical?

    Thanks everyone for the great discussion!
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    Campfire/smoke aromachemical?

    Hey folks, first post but I've been reading for weeks.
    Recently took an interest in DIY and made that beginner mistake of buying a bunch of fragrance oils before seeing the advice to just learn...
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