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    Re: I wear what I like?

    Come on wera what you like....
    Regarding to the others opinions " : " They do not pay your bills "....It is their problem not yours.
    Be happy with all the things.
  2. Re: Just to give everyone looking for By Man by D&G a heads up...

    ^ Agree, and I add more. I am done with all Creed´s. Very low ratio : Pleasures to wear / Prices
  3. 3 best fragances from maitre parfumier et gantier..m.p.g.

    Please what are they ??
  4. F. Malle - l´eau d´hiver , how is it like ? Can it be compared to any other fragance ?

    is it more sweet or manwise ?
    I read the top, heart and base notes.
    I could not understand how its smell is like .
    Any clues ??
  5. Amouage opus vi...a you know anything about it ...???

    I have seem many opinions about this fragance.
    They are very different.I read also the reviews.Weak conclusion.
    What can you say about it ???
    Buying list or not...?
  6. Armani privé - suggestion of 3 fragances to keep in my /wardrobe-collection item

    I would like to buy 3 Armani Privés for my collection ( I will wear them not very often )
    Please would you suggest me their 3 best fragances, so far ...07/2012....
    Again, I thank you so much.
  7. Re: I have read so many good things about Amouage that I ordered 5 samples to try....

    Gold is my take.Opulent.
    Flower/ Pure Rose oil in the 1st 30 minutes , afterwards it changes to marvelous incense smell, incense / rosy
    The whole line is great in my opinion.
  8. Please - what is puredistance m..........??? A new brand / niche ? Sorry for the quiz

    as above mentioned ,
    I would like to know more about the above subject.
  9. Mona di orio , collection nombre noir..what is the best among all....??just 1 pls.

    Different opinions about this collection. They are in a broadly scope .
    In your opinion what is the winner.
    Mention just the best, please.
  10. "songe d ún bois d´été , special series, guerlain , base notes finishes with vanilla?

    When they are applied, after 1 hour all Guerlains ( my opinion ) have the same base notes.Guerlinade.
    To pay 250,00 euros for a bottle of 75ml and have the same base notes of the others fragances of...
  11. The best "extraits du parfum " for your collection / wardrobe

    We mention sparingly, in a broadly scope several "extraits ".
    Shall we mention the 5 best...From the best to the "less best ".
    What is your best choice ?
  12. All micaleffs : Medium longevity and sillage ???? Any better to mention ?

    I have all samples of Micaleff´s fragances.
    They seem to me "average " in longevity and sillage.
    The best was Guaiac.
    What is your opinion about their other scents ??/
  13. Portrait of a lady , have you any further comments as of july, 17, 02

    I tried to read the reviews .
    I would like to have updated opinions about the fragance in subject .
    Would you please give your opinion .? What did you hear about it in the last month ?
  14. Xerjoff, oud series ..are they made with natural agarwood...?? Or synthetic..?

    I am paying attention to their prices.
    I suppose they work with the best raw materials, notwithstanding paying 350,00 euros for a citrus I thing it is overwhelming.
    Regarding to they new line ,...
  15. Histoire de parfums - the sales winners are noir patchouli and amber 114........

    Please mention your 5 of the line considering their importance.
    The most important should come first .
    In which 5 would spend your money safely and satisfied ???tks
  16. Dior , collection du couturier , are they e.d.t. Or eau de colognes...

    I am always concerned about sillage and longevity of the fragances I intend to buy.
    I could not find so far if Dior´s CDC , is an Eau du Cologne or Eau du Toillete.What are they ?
    Last trip to...
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    The best "amber " ever. Suggestion....there many but few to be listed.

    In the base notes reviews and other sites everybody talks about AMBER ...this...and that...
    but nobody mentions it, as " the most preferred ".
    In your opinion, pls, what is the best in the market...
  18. Re: New Fragrance: Acqua di Parma - Colonia Intensa Oud Eau de Cologne Concentrée

    As a complement :
    Pure Acquillaria Oud...for US$ 200,00.....Are they kidding me...???
    I have Montale´s remembrances . They had a good stuff ...7/10.....and never said their OUD was pure from...
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    Join me to your team...
    they are bad...i did not find a group of notes combining..
    and, the prices ??!@#$%¨&*(
  20. Bois d´armenie ( menardo ) is it worthy ??? A good fragance ???

    Please could you give me a clue about it..??
    Similar or better in the market . Any sibling ?
  21. Re: My wife gave me a compliment for the first time in 5 years.

    Dear Dawkins ,
    5 years without a compliment - thus - " ACQUA DI GIÒ " - thus TO GO FISHING WITH IT ...
    My suggestion ( I am 64 ) . Are you a good " performer " ?
    Did you get any compliment from...
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    Re: Can someone pleas enlighten me...

    Black Afegano - I smell Patchouli x Oud x Sandalwood x Musk and ????? who knows...
  23. Jar - 1-" bolt of lightening or( x ) 1- amouage attars or (1) carnal flower

    Regarding the prices and considering the fact that you have enough money ,
    what would you buy ?
    Please, consider the relation cost/ expense x benefit/pleasure.
    or other example :
    Would you buy 3...
  24. La myrrhe, serge lutens , your opinion about this it a must have or not..?

    I read different opinions and reviews covering this issue.
    Some pros.Some cons.
    I tried once, sampled it at Palais Royal but I had the smell of many other fragances in my nose and could not...
  25. ANDY TAUER........MENTION HIS 5 BEST SO of July 15,2012

    Andy has diversified his line of fumes.
    Uncle serge did the same.
    In your opinion what are the 5 best fragances made, created, by Andy so far.
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    Re: Spicy Oriental

    Amber Sultan
    Jubilation XXV
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Yesterday at a formal dinner :

    Amouage Gold
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    Re: Ramon Monegal, Barcelona: A New Line

    Dear Alfarom,
    Where can we get in touch or buy the stuff. ??
    Have they any an email..???
    Do they sell samples./?
  29. Re: Tobacco Vanille for a beach gathering at night?

    I live in Brasil. very humid and hot weather.
    At night, nothing formal, any Water from Nicolai..( Patricia Nicolai , they deliver worldwide..)
    Never please 4711 cologne water ( joke ).
  30. Re: Dior Homme Sport or Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche?

    Edition Blanche...more sillage and longevity
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    Re: Worst Fragrance Ever??? street ( yardley )...killed many was .awfull.
  32. The fragance that is "always with you "," in your mind ' ', " you never forget " ( 1 )

    Mine : Pino Silvestre ( made firstly in 1949, please see the base notes reviews, so far )
    Why : I still wear it, summer/ winter , and I recall , I saved money for 6 months ( 1967 ) to buy a 50 ml...
  33. Thread: Givenchy

    by aldo milani

    Re: Givenchy

    Their best in the whole line, IMO =

    Monsieur de Givenchy ( worn by all men in Rio de Janeiro, lots of compliments from the girls...). Try the vintage at " Perfume Factory ".
    Vetiver de Givenchy (...
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    Re: Notes/Ingredients you have issues with...

    I am really upset with the Middle East ( Far East ) fake,synthetic, raw materials sold as natural , as follows :
    OUD, Saffron,Frankincense, Myrrh, Olibanum etc......
    And the producers charge us a...
  35. Serge lutens - your 5 best ever; your 5 worst too...( grandtotal 10 fragances )

    At the beginning Uncle Serge issued one fragance better than other.
    Ultimately many complains among his fans .
    The fragances are not cheap at all.
    We must be sure what we are going to buy ,...
  36. Heritage guerlain - what are the main differences between edt and the eau de parfum ?

    I have in my wardrobe EDT.
    I never found Eau de Parfum in the market. Probably only in Paris.( ? )
    What are the differences between them ???
  37. Thread: Humidity

    by aldo milani

    Re: Humidity

    Acqua di Parma Essenza.
  38. Replies

    Re: Ambre Sultan skankiness

    + 1...not skanky at all. One of the best Ambers in the market.
    2 in the chest
    2 wrists
    1 in the back of your head.
  39. Re: first date; looking for a nice, sexy cologne

    l´Instant de Guerlain Extreme or,
    Habit Rouge Guerlain,
    Eau de Guerlain,
    many...many...many compliments...
  40. Take care with the " arabian suppliers " 80 % probably are " junk "

    I think the agarwood fever is going away.
    I am done with them.BUT,
    The only fragances with original ouds in the middle/ far east cost at least US$ 500,00 - 1 tola =12ml.
    There is a fair in the...
  41. Take care with the " arabian suppliers " 80 % probably is " junk "

    I think the agarwood fever is going away.
    I am done with them.BUT,
    The only fragances with original ouds in the middle/ far east cost at least US$ 500,00 - 1 tola =12ml.
    There is a fair in the...
  42. In your opinion " orange sanguine " , is one of the 5 best oranges in the market ?

    Please consider also the items : sillage and longevity , mostly .
  43. " santos cartier concentré " - do you consider it a " smoke " " tobacco " perfum....???

    S.C.Concentré is a fragance that never is far away from my wardrobe.
    I am always buying a bottle and I never regret.
    This happens since it was launched .I love S.C Concentré.
    I do not like Santos...
  44. Czech & speake,( c&s) london ,launched their vetiver...any ifo about it ???

    I read only today that C&S launched a fragance : " VETIVER.
    Considering the good quality of their fragances ( only Luca Turin does not like them ) underated, I would like to buy Vetiver.
    I have...
  45. Amouage for women wich all men can easily wear ..all of them ??

    So far I do not understand why perfumers still make the differences regarding to genders.
    There are so many fragances UNISEX.
    The house AMOUAGE, for marketing purposes, keeps the differences.
  46. Imagine starting a wardrobe : Pls, make a choice of your first 6 ( six ) fragances

    What fragances would you buy, firstly,, to start a wardrobe . as of July 2012 ??
    Choose pls your 6 most eager targeted fragances.
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    Poll: Re: Quick Poll: Aramis vs Drakkar Noir

    Drakar Noir, indeed.
  48. Is there any new " balenciaga " for men ????? .the vintage was descontinued.

    I read many good reviews covering the old Balenciaga for Man .
    I see it ( printed )very often in the Ormoz front page, beside, Dunhill vintage too.
    Quiz :
    Do you know by any chance if the Maison...
  49. Gender male - please list 5 ( five ) guerlains you ever/ always buy -signatures scents

    The Guerlain line is too big.
    AFAIC. there are fragances for any taste.
    But, imagine yourself with money to buy only 5 Guerlains only , which were they ???
    Let us say your 5 "signature " scents....
  50. Amouage " interlude " is in the market. Are there any clues yet about it ???

    I call the AMOUAGE line : " the line of ups and downs, but in all cases very pricey.
    Their library collection in my opinion was " a shot in the foot "....non sense.
    I still make an option for the...
  51. Dior = collection du couturier -1) sillage and longevity ??? 2) is it worthy ??

    Even in France, it is said that this collection is one of the best from Maison Dior.
    It is my understanding that the reviews were very favorable too.
    I like the site : " Octavian 1000 ".
    He has...
  52. Five( 5 ) fragances ( including " niche ") thet you never buy anymore, even for a gift

    Please include 5 fragances that you have hated and you do not even want to listen their names anymore.
  53. Frederick malle female fragances that can be worn easily by men.....

    I have so far bought the said : male fragances of Malle.( French Lover, Geranium pour Monsieur, V.E. Musk Ravageur etc...
    Talking to a S.A. he explained to me that Carnal Flower and others can be...
  54. Attars, oils, from other fumes suppliers....from the middle east, arabia,..etc...

    We find attars, fragances,oils, etc...with very different prices.
    We have a great Co. ( I suppose, our experience most usual ) called Amouage .We know their products.( reviews ).
    I bought an oil (...
  55. Mona di orio, nombre d ór collection, your opinion the 3 ( three ) best

    Considering their prices, not cheap, I want to buy blind 3 Mona´s , Nombre d´or Fragances.
    The opinions are the most diversified.
    Obviously, each basenoter has its own taste.
    Please i want your...
  56. " zero " (0 ) negative reviews in the base notes evaluation...mention 5 fragances..

    Please , mention 5 fragances with zero , nil, 0, reviews in the basenotes evaluation forum...

    Doing this, the choice will lead us to a better " blind " buy..
    I think basenotes should...

    Sometimes a cheaper fragance bring us a tremendous pleasure of wearing it.
    If compared to a similar expensive, the cheaper is the winner.
    I am in doubt, wondering, if all raw materials of an...
  58. The best artisan´s regarding to sillage and longevity....

    There must be some fragances with enhanced Sillage and Longevity...
    Which are they ???
  59. The " best " niche house in your opinion...mention just one (1 )......"the very best "

    we have in the market around 43 niche houses , more or less.
    They seem to grow the next future.
    Everybody wants to be a perfumer...having its own house.
    Regarding to this fact,very...
  60. House amouage is triple "a". What is the most ,other,reliable attar´s suppliers in middle east ???

    Sometimes, one can not afford to expend euros 400,00 in an Amouage ATTAR.
    A.F.I.C. there are other reliable houses where we can get them, paying the supplier through paypal, credit card.
    If you...
  61. What is "the best" comme des garçons ever , mention just one (1 ),,,????

    CDG´s Line is very extense , as others....
    It is difficult to make a stock / inventory of one single fragance of the line, if you do not know what is the best.
    Please, give me your opinion about...
  62. Attar el andalus..( ?) where can it be found ?? Is it worthy ??

    I called Amouage in London. The sole ATTARS they have in their line are HONOUR and TRIBUTE.
    I have readen threads about EL ANDALUS.
    Where can I find it ???
    Is it good like the Amouage Attars..?...
  63. Please, what is the best "xerjoff" ; and " amouage library collection "

    I will be traveling and want to buy some fragances from Xerjoff and The Library Collection.
    What are the best in your opinion ???
  64. New duchaufour " seville a l´aube " . Is it in the market ? Launchin for the end of june...

    Please do you know if the new LÁrtisan / Duchaufour was already launched ?
  65. Replies

    Re: Rose 31, or LNPH ?

    Rose 31,
    considering the fact that : the new Kurkdjian fragances have a short sillage and longevity....
  66. Re: New Fragrance: Acqua di Parma - Colonia Intensa Oud Eau de Cologne Concentrée

    Acqau di Parma since 1906 is the Italy´s Anthem....
    They used to make very good fragances.
    Acqua di Parma Colonia and Essenza were the best IMHO so far .
    Now, Louis Vuitton Moet Henessy took over...
  67. Replies

    Re: Searching for a manly lavender scent...

    Oxford & Cambridge .....Czeak & Speak ...London
  68. Re: What fragrance would you where to your funeral?

    Have you any further doubts ??????
    DE PROFONDIS by uncle Serge + 20 spritz of Musk Koublai Khan over it........I swear, the funeral will be very fast..indeed !!!!!!
  69. Maison guerlain, 3 new aouds ( ouds )....any sample experience with them ???

    In the middle of the oud/ agarwood/ aoud, fever Guerlain comes with its new proposal.
    3 new aouds fragances.
    Have any of you sampled them already ???
  70. " vintage fragances " and more distant years, can i find them ??

    When i am in Paris i visit the niche houses that everybody knows.
    The purchases are almost in the same places.
    By the way, do you know any places in Paris where i can buy old fragances..???
  71. Re: " a " man, whisky / tobacco, where can i buy them ???? Affraid of counterfeits..

    YES, I forgot also to mention that I am looking for the very difficult to find : COFFEE..
    tks 4 your attention.
  72. " a " man, whisky / tobacco, where can i buy them ???? Affraid of counterfeits..

    I live in Brasil.
    Here it is very difficult to get the above mentioned fragances.
    Would you please, dear friends, give me a clue where to find them.
    Payment with pay pal. If you mean to sell...
  73. Replies

    Re: Help Me Choose my Acqua di Parma

    ESSENZA has the longest, lasting and sillage.
    It can be worn in the evening , theaters and concerts. Formal dinners.
    A classic.
    On me it fades after 5 hours and remains as a skin scent.
    It was an...
  74. Flowers for men = what is the best : Carnal flower or amouage gold ..????

    I liked Carnal Flower finally.
    I also have Amouage Gold..
    I want to elect one sole fragance to be my night fragance.
    Which of them shall I choose..??
    many thanks.
  75. Givenchy what fragance can it be compared ????? The nearest by..

    I´ve talked personally to some friends that own " Givenchy Gentleman " , new version and vintage.
    I got very different opinions..
    Is it a strong fragance ??
    Is there in the present market...
  76. Mosieur de givenchy ( many compliments ) ; vetiver givenchy , givenchy iii, gentleman...incensé... W

    What is your opinion about.
    Can they replace a " niche " fragance ??
    Are they good contenders..?
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    Re: Saffron lovers?

    Montale has/had its Confidential Line.
    I bought : Sandalwood Confidential ...7/10
    Pure Rose Confidential 9/10
    Pure Saffron Confidential 10/10....
    thus I...
  78. Re: CHOCOLATE GREEDY Montale vs CHOCOLAT AMERE il Profvmo

    Chocolate Greedy Montale.
  79. Maisons= 1) j.arthur rosenthal / 2 ) xerjoff

    Is there anybody who can give me their complete addresses in Paris ??
    Where can I find their whole line of fragances ?
    What do you suggest ? Their 3 best of each ....
    Many thanks
  80. Replies

    Re: Which one would be the best blind buy?

    Jicky ...Extrait if you can afford.
  81. Are green irish tweed( creed ) and cool water / davidoff.......sibblings ????

    When I knew firstly ( blind buy ) Green Irish Tweed ( Creed ) the first thing that came to my mind was the similarity with " Cool Water " , Davidoff.
    How come, one from one of the famous houses in...
  82. Re: fave scents for a positive/uplifting mood?

    All " Colognes " from Patricia Nicolai...
  83. Re: Your picks for the best use of Frankincense...?

    A " True " Frankincense ???
    Jubilation XXV
  84. Re: New Fragrance: Parfums de Nicolaï - L’Eau à la Folie

    i like a lot what Patricia Nicolai makes.
    I think she has launched " too many " EAUX " in the last months.
    Are they so good as said ???
  85. Replies

    Poll: Re: The Best in Byredo

    Excuse me, but Byredo´s line is not my " right foot ".
    I would expend my money with something more crème de la crème.
  86. Replies

    Re: Black afghano wth

    A short note to explain= NASO MATTO in italian means CRAZY NOSE .!!!
    Thus, it is not for every one.
    But IMHO.Black Afegano is a superb fragance. Do not over apply it...!!!
  87. Pls, help to decide = carnal flower= is it really u n i s e x ???????

    In the Frederick Malle´s shop the SA ( Rue du Grenelle ) told me CF is a Woman´s fragance.
    And it is no way Unisex.
    He told me they sell it for women.
    Please, what is your opinion about the issue...
  88. Re: If you were in paris ; 10 fragances you would buy for your wardrobe....

    Please what is JAR ???
  89. Isn´t all chanel´s line, said masculine, a little too sweet compared to other houses..???

    I bought many fragances from Chanel.
    They have a very good quality and are very well made.
    The only ones I could say that are masculine are : Sycomore and Coromandel.
    The others , in their base...
  90. Re: Want to get into Creeds but I don't like Himalaya/SMW/MI/Aventus - suggestions?

    I do not like any of them.
    It is not kind of perfumery. No further attraction indeed.
    And there is a lot of Blá, Blá Blá on this name.
    Instead of spending a fortune with Creed I prefer to expend...
  91. Does an expensive fragance smell always good..??? Pls, mention examples.

    We have read posts assuring prices beyond US$ 2 thousand ..!@#$%¨&*(
    Does a scent really worth that amount of money ?
    Can we swap them for a cheapest ?
    Is in the market a cheaper scent that...
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    Re: Is tonka bean the new vanilla?

    Vanilla is different from Tonka Bean molecule.
    Both are gourmand notes.
    Vanilla comes from the synthetic vanilim molecule.
    Both have their molecular weight enhanced buy the helional molecule.
  93. Poll: Re: Guerlain Vetiver: Masterpiece? (Yes or No)

    Yes indeed ; notwithstanding the formula has changed over the years.
    Changes in the original formula , replaced by cheapest but reliable synthetic raw materials.
  94. Re: Attention Incense Freaks! Rock Crystal vs Olibanum

    Olibanum, at all.
  95. Re: YSL M7 the first western fragrance to use Agarwood (Oud)???

    Montale´s Black Oud ( Synthetic Agarwood ) was the first to be launched.
    It is a synthetic molecule developed by Firminich.
    It has nothing to do compared to the original Oud...( It is very, very,...
  96. If you were in paris ; 10 fragances you would buy for your wardrobe....

    Everybody travels.
    But, when I go to Paris, New York ,etc.... I get really lost in the middle of many Perfume Houses.
    2012...your wardrobe...What fragances would you buy if you were in...
  97. Chypre fragances ( 2011/2012 ) are they still made with oakmoss...?????

  98. Replies

    Re: I want to like A*Men but....

    I have tried the stuff for 2 times.
    The only notes I feel is the Patchouly + Tonka Bean.+Chocolate note + Vanilin ( vanilla )..if I am not wrong.
    But it is far away of my preferred kind of scent....
  99. Re: J'Accuse! There is a Recent Sport or Summer Scent You Have Loved! Confess!

    I like so much Patricia Nicolai´s : Vie de Chateau and Léau pour Homme by Paco Rabanne.
    I live in the tropics.It is summer the whole year. These fragances were the sole that fitted with my skin...
  100. Many thanks to all forum members that have answered my questions..hug.

    We post the theads .
    What is good in the base notes site ?
    All our friends answer the questions promptly, giving the best of themselves.
    Finally, the issue is resolved.
    A short note to thanks you...
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