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  1. Re: [UK] Amouage - Overture, Le Labo - Labdanum 18, Vince Camuto - Smoked Oud, Houbigant - Bois Myst

    Picked up from the post office today, spot on Palm, great having someone you can trust.
    Cheers !
  2. Re: [UK] Creed Treemendous, Virgin Island Conception, Green Irish Elves, We 3 Vikings & Original San

    Got my scents today, was carded by the postie yesterday & just collected a wee while ago. Fantastic servce mate, more than happy. Cheers
  3. Re: [UK] TOAK - Parfums de Marly feat Herod, Layton + Oajan & The usual fragrantory awesomeness...

    Hi Palm, Any chance of 50ml Creed Aventus please ?
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