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  1. I find their fragrances very generic, pedestrian,...

    I find their fragrances very generic, pedestrian, even :(
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    Re: How much is your collection worth?

    Re insurance...I hope so, that would be one serious house fire!!
  3. Re: 8,500 bottle of Shalimar ? Sure, I'll take two...

    Christmas is coming. What else is Jay-Z going to buy Beyonce?
  4. Hate those candles! In their ugly, fat jars...

    Hate those candles! In their ugly, fat jars they're so cheap, cloying and omnipresent.
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    Re: Tabac Blond...the recipe.Here it is !!!

    This is a rather naive take on "Cost." It seems marketing, advertising, offices, flagship stores, staff, expedition, distribution etc have all slipped everyone's minds. These COST and are essential...
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    Re: Rare Comme de Garcon(?) from 2009

    Surely someone has some further info on this one?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'll save you some : )

    - - - Updated - - -
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    Rare Comme de Garcon(?) from 2009

    I was trying to find something this evening and whilst riffling through a drawer I happened upon a black box containing a fragrance that was sent out to Yoox Superstars* back in 2009. I remember...
  8. Re: Your most used or most recently discovered fragrance in 2012

    Most used: Ortigia - Lime di Sicilia
    Alvarez Gomez - Agua de Colognia

    Newly Discovered: Lubin - Black Jade & Gin Fizz
    Balmain -...
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    Re: Narcisco Rodriquez & Bvlgari Black

    No, Lapsang is pure smokiness. I was shocked by how strongly it tastes of burnt hickory. Think liquid barbeque or the smell from your clothes after a bonfire. It's wonderful.
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    Re: Narcisco Rodriquez & Bvlgari Black

    Of course you are very right, but our perceptions are limited to our experiences.

    This is going off topic, but having tried Kusmi's lapsang souchong tea for the first time recently, I was blown...
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    Re: Sinister fragrances?

    I get that vibe from the packaging but not the fragrance itself.
  12. Re: Your Favourite Perfume Used In Hair Products ?

    I just bought that shampoo for the exact same reason. Not tried it yet.

    Claus Porto makes really nice soaps and shampoos. I love their Lime/Basil.
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    Re: Worst Fragrance Ever???

    *double post
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    Re: Worst Fragrance Ever???

    What exactly is "butt paste?"...and does it come with a butt brush?
  15. Poll: Re: Which One of These Would You Pick for a Summery-Autumn?

    Can I please just have the "summery-autumn?" It sounds very appealing when you're cold and wet.
  16. Re: Okay, so I received my vintage Fahrenheit in the mail today

    I had a full bottle from '92 and gave it away last year...kinda miss it now.
  17. Re: what vintage discontinued fragrance would you like to see back available

    Mystere by Rochas (Just to make my Mum smile.)

    I have a full Gucci Envy from about 2002, is that considered vintage?
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    Re: Vintages of Caron Pour un Homme

    I was really interested in this fragrance until I read a review saying it smelled like a vanilla candle. If there is one thing I hate, it's vanilla scented candles. They make me feel car sick.
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    Re: Prada (Amber) or Prada Tendre?

    I think Tendre was the less heavy version of Amber. I might be wrong as I always found their packaging very confusing.

    I bought this for my wife when it was first released and it leaked all over...
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    Re: Today I Bought: October 2012

    Today was a day of blind buys..

    Caron - L'Anarchiste
    Balmain - Monsieur

    I also bought EO Products Rose & Chamomile Shampoo after reading Luca Turin mention it some time ago.

    Here comes the...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Versace - Eros for Men

    Haha Glad someone else caught that. I was thinking how strangely stumpy his legs looked for someone so tall....very long thighs.

    How ridiculous for something created by some of the biggest names...
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    Re: 10 best perfume commercials..

    Egoiste would have been my No.1. I like my pretense with a little humour.

    That No.5 ad is awful.
  23. Re: Why do certain basenoter hate Creed so much?

    It would! Try it, at least it's a refreshing angle : )
  24. Re: Why do certain basenoter hate Creed so much?

    The constantly samey threads are what piques my disdain for the brand. Is it part of their marketing strategy?
  25. Re: ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    The Ambra Nera is a winner, as are many others from the Ortigia line. The new one, Florio, is the cleanest, freshest fragrance I've ever tried. It's full of narcissus, bougainvillea and passiflora....
  26. Thread: Mfk

    by Suspended

    Re: Mfk

    Patience is a virtue. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
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    Re: Mindless Alphabet Frag Naming Game ~ PART 5

    E is for Etra Etro
  28. Re: Smoking. Does it affect our ability to perceive notes?

    I'm sure it affects your taste-buds too. So don't go drinking any perfumes ;)
  29. Re: What fragrance do you use for air freshener?

    Stella McCartney - Stella

    Just a side-note on the light bulb tip...please spray the bulb before you switch it on or you could cause it to explode. Also, I'm certain that spraying your bulbs...
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    Re: Still love Antidote after all these years

    I love the opening. It smells exactly like something I'd wear often...then it all goes wrong : (

    There's a note that gives me a terrible migraine. I wish it didn't.

    It would definitely be...
  31. Re: If you could begin the journey of fragrance collecting all over again, what would you do differe

    I agree. If they've got it, it's usually for a reason.
  32. Re: I just splurged on eucris should I have bought gft?

    I think they're both worth owning.
  33. Re: HELP is this Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male REAL or FAKE?

    They can fake the bottle, the packaging and the fragrance, but they can't copy a bar-code? Am I missing something here?
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    Re: creed: a fairy tale

    I always wondered why they were considered niche? They sell in an awful lot of outlets worldwide. If you have the money, it's as easy to pick up a bottle of Creed as it is a Dior. Same with Tom Ford,...
  35. Re: How and when did your obsession with fragrance begin ?

    Seriously? From reading this forum, I just came to the assumption this had been a passion of yours for ages. You've amassed a large knowledge in a very short time. I'm even more impressed, if not a...
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    Re: Penhaligon's fragrances

    I've not familiarised myself with their whole range but I did buy a bottle of Quercus about 15yrs ago and, despite it having a note that gave me a bit of a headache, I managed to use the whole...
  37. Re: Article: Jo Malone to launch Blackberry & Bay Cologne

    Could it be possible that Jo Malone were so tight with their samples that they're now too old to give out and have been passed on to a third party.
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    Re: Lyn Harris Collection For M&S.

    Not expecting much from these. I'm fairly underwhelmed by the whole Miller Harris line.

    That said, these will probably do very well. If there's one thing Britain loves, it's a perceived bargain.
  39. Re: Can anyone recommend me some cheapies that are good?

    It's really only "cheap" if you like it and a LOT of fragrances can be purchased for under 35 if you buy the smaller sizes.

    Anyway, try this - Agua di Colonia Concentrada by Alvarez Gomez.
  40. Re: Which is the best CITRUS fragrance (for men or unisex)?

    Great thread! Now I have a list as long as my arm of fragrances to try. If only my pockets were deeper...sigh!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Tons of Monsieur Balmain on Ebay.

    Try Ortigia's Lime di...
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    Re: Your Favorite Italian House and Scent

    Etro - Vetiver

    Enrico Coveri - Pour Homme

    Ortigia - Florio, Ambra Nera, Fico D'India & Lime Di Sicilia. In fact, anything by this house, except Corallo, which makes me ill.
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    Re: The most fleeting cologne of all...

    My brother used to wear this and it would linger for hours. I've never liked it and found it quite annoying that it would be still visiting when he'd left hours ago.

    I was just sent a sample of...
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    Re: Ugliest Cologne/Perfume Bottle?

    Sorry, but no-one is allowed to hate that Moschino bottle! It's based on Olive Oyl from Popeye. How can anyone hate Olive Oyl??

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is a flanker of Alexander McQueen's...
  44. Poll: Re: Liz Clairborne Curve for men vs Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce

    I can't read the word "Fierce" without hearing Rupaul's voice :)

    Go for the Curve (for no other reason than A&F is such a dickhead brand.)
  45. Poll: Re: Le Male: Who likes this fragrance? Who hates this fragrance? Favorite Vanilla Based Fragrance?

    I don't really mind it, but I wouldn't wear it (which is unfortunate as I've bought a ton of it due to the clever/gimmicky packaging. The flick knife bottle being a favourite.)

    I find it has an...
  46. Re: Like imitation crab meat...these oud fragrance should be refer to as immitation oud

    Please, take the time to educate us :)
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    Re: Ortigia Sandalo

    Haha the good guys wear this

    I'd save the Mugler for the Decepticons ;)
  48. Re: Photos of Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluide (the notes are quit interesting)

    To your credit, your responses always seem well considered. I was just being flippant.

    Happy endings, indeed ;)
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    Re: Ortigia Sandalo

    Glad to be of help. It should read a little better but I had a 3yr old in my ear, yapping about Transformers : )

    You guys are an amazing wealth of information. I learn so much here (and not always...
  50. Re: Photos of Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluide (the notes are quit interesting)

    Fair enough. I apologise if I read you wrong. I called your assumption juvenile, not you. Perhaps I assumed too much, too. Sorry x
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    Re: Ortigia Sandalo

    I'm very familiar with this line (I stock it in my boutique.) I have to be honest, I'm not very good at in-depth descriptions of fragrances. I'll try to help with questions but I'm a total novice, so...
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    Poll: Re: What should be next A*Men pure..... ?

    Pure Mickey Rourke

    The last time I saw a pick of Mugler, he was naked in front of a mirror showing off all kinds of saline solution, botox, collagen & filler injections. It was rather seedy and...
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    Re: Tom Ford VISIONAIRES Documentary

    Having watched it all now, it's very apparent that this "documentary" was made by Tom himself. It's incredibly egocentric, but enjoyable, none the less.

    For a much more exciting and thoroughly...
  54. Re: Photos of Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluide (the notes are quit interesting)

    Actually, what you have written says far more about you than any, so called, "haters." What a thoroughly juvenile assumption you make. Yes! Jealousy...that's got to be the reason a few people here...
  55. Re: Photos of Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluide (the notes are quit interesting)

    The lines are too blurry for me. How creative is she exactly? What does she create? I know all of her looks are created by Nicola Formichetti. He was (still is) a highly respected fashion stylist,...
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    Re: Your first cologne

    Paco Rabanne Pour Homme was my first bottle, purchased by my parents for Christmas (at my request.) I was 14yrs old, the year was '88, and I thought it was the best thing I'd ever smelled; until I...
  57. Re: Article: Burberry to quit Inter Parfums?

    Couldn't agree more. I get a similar vibe from Paul Smith. The packaging/bottle designs and the zero exclusivity (on every discount website and in TK Maxx.) I think Westwood's fragrances are also...
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    Re: Tom Ford VISIONAIRES Documentary

    3-5 baths a day? That must be a very stressful life he inhabits.

    Enjoyed this immensely. Thanks broxwood .
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    Haha, I was given a bottle of Eucris hair elixir recently. It is indeed violet and fairly pleasing. Unlike Bond's though, mine had a strange brown urchin floating around inside it. I have suspicions...
  60. Poll: Re: End Perfume Scentism! - Is it all about the juice, or... does the label matter?

    It depends what you mean by "labels." I think presentation is of the utmost importance. You'd never put a plastic frame around a Dali. If perfume is an art then all of its elements must be...
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    Re: What is THE 90s fragrance?

    Another one that was huge in the 90's (but also released in '88) was New West by Aramis. If I never smell it again in my life it will be too soon.
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    Re: Best British Cologne

    GFT's - "GFT"
    Penhaligon's - "Quersus"
  63. Re: Cheaper niche or less known brands that can be bought from within the UK.

    Lush is actually Canadian, not British.
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    Re: Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Thanks for the replies/advice. I'll check it out.

    I suspected the EDT's wouldn't be remotely similar but I just can't get my head around the similarity in the balms. I knew it was probably a long...
  65. Re: Viktor and Rolf Antidote: where have you been all my life?

    Bought this a few years ago, blind. LOVE the opening, can't stop sniffing it. I wish it would stay there because as it starts to dry down it turns into a big powdery synthetic headache that I can't...
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    Hello...Terre D'Hermes vs Aramis Tuscany.

    Firstly, let me start by say hello! to everyone. This is my 1st thread, although I have lurked for a great many years.

    For about 4yrs I've had a bottle of Terre D'Hermes After Shave Balm sitting...
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    Re: Something super citrusy?

    I love citrus scents. Like you, I'd happily rub the fruit on my skin, too.

    As suggested Chanel Allure Homme Blanche - very citrus and fairly long lasting.
    The Trumper "GFT" is also very nice...
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    Nice to see the wonderful Ortigia get a mention,...

    Nice to see the wonderful Ortigia get a mention, though, it's a pity you chose to mention Corallo which was discontinued over a year ago.

    Their Sicilian Lime is a real burst of tart freshness and...
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