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    Re: New Kerosene - Fields of Rubus

    Have no idea what MiN's mark-up is, but anybody who knows anything about the cost of doing business in Manhattan and/or anybody who has seen the cash the owners have dropped on making it an inviting...
  2. Re: Article: Kenzo launch limited edition of FlowerbyKenzo

    - Whoops! Should have read more closely - exclusive to Harrod's. Darn.
  3. So glad Winter Flowers is back - it was very hard...

    So glad Winter Flowers is back - it was very hard to find for a while there! Lovely, powdery, strange flanker, with almost "flat" mimosa note and added spice. Cute packaging, too. Wonder where I...
  4. Re: The Art of Shaving Sandalwood and The Art of Moderation

    I find the sillage to be great - potent, refreshing - but I didn't find the lasting power that impressive. I live in a very dry climate, though.
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