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    Re: S o t D - Wednesday, 16 Sep 09

    London by Burberry

    Love this one!
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    Re: S o t D - Tuesday, 15 Sep 09

    Casran by Chopard
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    Re: Scents with Realistic accord of...

    Fahrenheit - Motor Oil
    Bulgari Black - Rubber
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    Re: A fragrance that instantly moved you

    Burberry London

    Versace Dreamer

    I love most everything, but I really really enjoyed those the first time I smelled em'
  5. Re: How is the economic crisis affecting your cosmetics buying?

    It hasn't done much to me, I started buying stuff around June and within a couple of months ended up with like 45 bottles :(

    It's the fear of them going bad and just sheer money spent that has...
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    Re: Tried Quorum Today: A mistake

    I love me some Quorum! And yes, Quorum Silver is very nice, makes be feel like I've been carpentering or something, very vibrant scent for me! And for their price they're unbeatable!

    I would...
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    Re: Putting on those 1ml samples

    I put my finger over the top and turn it over. That only gets a touch of the fragrance though, so you have to do it a lot, but it gives control.

    Cover - Tip - Wipe :)

    The plastic thing pretty...
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    Re: S o t D - Tuesday, 14 July 09

    Yves Saint Laurent's Kouros for me as well!

    This is such an interesting scent, ordered a sample to test my liking of it, and as much as I do like it, not sure how often I'd get to wear it :) And...
  9. Re: What would an Elizabethan/Renaissance courtier wear?

    Well I decided to order Grey Flannel and Yatagan, will see which works best :) Thanks for the input, I'll definitely refer back when I need some legit information :)
  10. Making shower gel, soap, or shampoo out of purchased fragrances?

    Hey there, is it feasibly to make a shower gel, etc, out of a fragrance? Like if took unscented soap or something, and just mixed in some Antaeus or something, would it effectively make a scented...
  11. Re: What would an Elizabethan/Renaissance courtier wear?

    Thanks for the responses guys! I'm diggin' the Grey Flannel suggestion, after reading on it, it sounds pretty good. And something I'd wear anyways.

    I like that Yatagan has another vote.

  12. Re: What on earth is up with PerfumedCourts' prices!?

    Thanks man!
  13. What on earth is up with PerfumedCourts' prices!?

    I mean really, I can buy a 100ml bottle of Antaeus for 60 from FragranceNet.

    Or I can go to a store, pay retail of 78.

    But ThePerfumedCourt somehow thinks a 30ml bottle of it should cost 87...
  14. What would an Elizabethan/Renaissance courtier wear?

    Strange question yes, but I've got an Elizabethan period murder mystery coming up where I play a courtier and man who is trying to wed Queen Elizabeth, and I like going to Renaissance festivals.
  15. 23 Bottles Later, do I have a balanced collection?

    Alrighty, I'm new to basenotes. Been on the site for about a month researching and stuff, and I love it! I don't know what got me into fragrances, I think it was after going to the Galleria in...
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    Re: Lot numbers on bottles cut off?

    Ok, different question, since you've much more experience than me (I've seen a great many of your reviews in my ever building obsession), would you generally trust them, or not? Like if you ordered...
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    Re: Lot numbers on bottles cut off?

    That's pretty intriguing SirSlarty! So does that basically mean that the juice inside it probably ok? But possibly diluted? Am I understanding that right? Should I return the bottles? Sorry if...
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    Re: Lot numbers on bottles cut off?

    Hmm, ok then cmax, I was hoping so :D If anyone knows exactly why I'd love to know though!

    And sixister, if they "fell of a truck," I wish they'd price them as such ;) Practically retail...
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    Lot numbers on bottles cut off?

    I've searched and found no answer to this :( I've ordred from Fragrancenet and Scentedmonkey and I've received 3 bottles now with the lot numbers cut off of the sticker on the bottles. They were:
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