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    Bottle collecting questions

    Are there really people who want empty bottles? I'm sorry if that sounds rude, and I don't mean it that way. I have some & had listed them on eBay very low, just trying to cover shipping. Nada. I...
  2. Re: Article: Collecting Vintage Perfume: An Interview with Barbara Herman of Yesterday's Perfume

    I agree with everything wholeheartedly with one big exception. A dark vintage is not necessarily "off", if by off you mean turned. It will be different than the original, of course and you can fully...
  3. Re: What makes some frags "spiritual", others sensual?

    For me, different scents evoke various responses in different parts of the body. Some touch your heart, some play with your head and some evoke a baser sensuality. Which I don't define as sexual,...
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    Re: Vintage Lentheric's Le Miracle?

    My bottle just says Miracle, rather than Le Miracle and it is also au parfum. I just wrote a review and I know this is an old post, but I have been wondering about this one too! Very light and...
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