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    Haven't smelled it, but maybe I should look into getting a sample. I had a similar weird reaction to the topnotes of Black Aoud - that rubbery, medicinal stench is pretty strange, but once the rose...
  2. Re: Non-citrus and non-aquatic summer fragnance?

    It's kinda cheap smelling, but a lot of people seem to like it. Might wanna sample it and see for yourself.
  3. Re: Non-citrus and non-aquatic summer fragnance?

    Kouros of course.
  4. Re: My declaration of love to Gucci Pour Homme I

    It's fantastic. I agree that it has just the right amount of sweetness.
  5. Scent of Apple - MacBook Pro Fragrance Created

    A unique fragrance – the scent of a newly purchased Apple product being opened for the first time – has been created for an upcoming art exhibition by Melbourne artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer...
  6. Poll: Re: Pure Havane vs Jaipur Homme vs. Original Santal

    Jaipur Homme by miles.
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    Re: Ash's take on Basenotes.

    Too lazy to watch the video. What does he have to say about us?
  8. Re: L'Anarchiste in summer? ..and other spicy orange frags

    I love this thread in the summer. For some reason it really shines in high temperatures.
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    Re: So I want to smell like a garden

    What About Adam by Joop
  10. Re: D&G By Man, Kouros Tattoo, Annick Goutal, Guy Laroche Horizon

    I don't mind shipping to Australia (or anywhere) if you're willing to pay cost. What item(s) are you interested in?

    Also, you may want to PM me. I check my inbox more frequently than I check this...
  11. Re: Balenciaga Pour Homme (Kouros went to China)

    Cool thread, good call on this necromancy. I'd like to try Balenciaga as well as the legendary Portos, I bet they'd both be right up my alley.
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    Re: Body Kouros gone bad!????

    I also find it highly unlikely that this fragrance would "go off." Your sense of smell develops over time and you find yourself noticing things that you didn't notice before. I'd say that whatever...
  13. Re: I found a 10ml bottle of Kouros Fraicheur...

    lol, keep checking ebay. It shows up there every now and then. :)
  14. Re: I found a 10ml bottle of Kouros Fraicheur...

    Definitely one of the best fragrances you can find. If you love Kouros you'll love this as well.
  15. Re: What do you do with all your free Exceptional because you are for Men samples from Fragrancenet?

    I thought about going the scented toilet paper / Japanese toilet route, but my ass happens to smell better than Exceptional because you are.
  16. Re: Separate the male frag discussion forums into niche and designer?

    Why bother? It's not like it would save you from the discussions of Dior Homme Intense, or, god forbid, the Thierry Mugler flankers.
  17. Re: Pick a number, win a Spicebomb sample with mini aftershave balm..U.S. only:).

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    Re: Wardrobe Giveaway

    Which Dollar Tree sells Baie de Genievre, Chèvrefeuille Original, and Eau de Guerlain? :lolk:
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    Re: Old Spice Classic Oud

    Sounds cool but I'll wait and import the original Shulton formulation Old Spice Oud from India.
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    Re: (( attn: Basenoters ))

    Never believe the hype.
  21. Re: ***** Freebie - Paco Rabanne pour Homme *****

  22. Poll: Re: Poll: What to wear to Fashion Week party?

    Black Aoud is powerful and VERY distinctive, in a good way. It is the best choice for this situation.
  23. Re: How Come Males are more into Fragrance than Females?

    I'd say men are way more likely to geek out over a hobby - even if it's an "odd" one like perfume / cologne - than women.
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    Re: Complement king.

    I got MAD compliments whenever I sampled Millesime Imperial. Ridiculous amounts. Personally I don't care for it.
  25. Re: Old Spice Fresh Lime VINTAGE OLD SHULTON vs INDIAN

    I don't think they make a cologne version.
  26. Re: Old Spice Fresh Lime VINTAGE OLD SHULTON vs INDIAN

    People buy it here:

    Not sure what they charge for shipping, though...
  27. Re: Old Spice Fresh Lime VINTAGE OLD SHULTON vs INDIAN

    Wouldn't be surprised if the vintage version has gone off a tad -- that's especially likely with splash bottles. Not familiar with any of the Indian versions of Old Spice. Are they any good?
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    Re: Do you like ANY sport fragrances ?

    Smells like a sport frag to me.
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    Re: Do you like ANY sport fragrances ?

    Bleu de Chanel
  30. Poll: Re: Nothing beats Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male...

    I think you'd have to actually have been born in 2003 to think that...
  31. Re: Interesting discovery regarding Gaultier^2

    I don't get the similarity to Chergui. Maybe because they're both sweet? But Chergui is pretty smooth and mellow compared to the grape bubble gum holocaust found in Gaultier2.
  32. Re: french lover, fou d'absinthe, 3rd man, or sartorial?

  33. Re: Bought Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme just 'cuz

    Doesn't really seem wrong or weird, as long as you've got the cash and space to spare. I've got a few bottles that I wear infrequently, but keep around because they're striking or have some...
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    Re: Carven Homme

    This is a great frag. I find it very smooth and pleasant, and easy to wear. I'd take it over Envy any day.
  35. Re: Serious question: Are there any "Aqua" scents that are better than all others in the pack?

    This one.
  36. Poll: Re: Help me pick my next MATURE-OLD_MAN in a bottle frag?

    You can't go wrong with Aramis, it is a true classic.
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    Poll: Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Dzongkha by miles. There's something harsh and unpleasant about Timbuktu that really puts me off.
  38. Re: Do you ever help people in store pick out a fragrance?

    Same here.
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    Re: Bruce Lee: The Fragrance

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    Re: No. 88 / Cuba are disgusting.

    I didn't say crude. The cheapness definitely shows but it's not bad at all for the price. Like I said, though, it's an oriental powderbomb. I don't consider it macho by any stretch of the...
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    Re: No. 88 / Cuba are disgusting.

    I've owned a few bottles. Sorry for not being taken in by the advertising for this fragrance. Did you know that it was originally marketed as a feminine scent?
  42. Re: I'm reaaaally tempted to buy Creed MI and GIT...

    Resist the temptation.
  43. Re: Do you take the color of the packaging or juice into account when trying a new perfume?

    None whatsoever. I see the packaging and bottle for maybe a few seconds, whereas the scent is with me all day. Having said that, a nice presentation is always a plus.
  44. Re: Not Happy with my recent Purchase of L'Instant Guerlain

    No, this happens with every cologne. You get used to it and don't notice it anymore, even though it still projects. Also, this goes in the Just Starting Out forum.
  45. Re: Blind buying Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan...Do you think I will like it?

    I was never a fan of Ambre Sultan, to be honest. Too much oregano, not enough amber.
  46. Re: Blind buying Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan...Do you think I will like it?

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    Re: No. 88 / Cuba are disgusting.

    I don't get a single drop of brawniness or machismo from Old Spice. Just lots of powder and cheapness.
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    Re: Tobacco vanille vs amber absolute

    I'd recommend Ambre Precieux instead of Amber Absolute.
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    Re: No. 88 / Cuba are disgusting.

    These are great fragrances. People would be spending a lot more time in mortuaries and outhouses if corpses and crap really smelled this good.
  50. Re: Anyone know of a cologne that pairs well with the scent of clove cigarettes?

    EAU LENTE - Huge topnotes of clove with a very nice resinous base. Highly recommended.
  51. Re: Rate my 5 star loves and my 1 star abominations.

    A*Men / Angel Men - *
    Amouage Gold Men - *****
    Eau Sauvage Extrême - ****
    Joop! Homme - *
    Le Male - *
    Old Spice - *
    Quorum - ****
    Serge Noire - *

    Blenheim Bouquet - ***
  52. Re: Just received Creed MI from

    It's insane how much women like this scent. I got TONS AND TONS of compliments when I was sampling it.
  53. Re: What's in your SOS (Sack-O-Stinkers)?


    Expected a macho powerhouse in the vein of Quorum, got radioactive pez drenched in hair spray.
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    Poll: Re: Summer Poll to End All

    New West by miles.
  55. Re: Blind buying Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan...Do you think I will like it?

    You can get the same effect by licking your hand and then sprinkling some oregano over it.
  56. Re: Blind buying Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan...Do you think I will like it?

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    Re: Escada Magnetism... Price?

    I don't think the quality of the fragrance in any way justifies these exorbitant prices. Just because something is discontinued does not necessarily make it good.
  58. Re: giorgio beverly hills for men 1984(original)VS giorgio beverly hills for men(re-issue

    I like the drydown of this fragrance, but there is something very harsh and plasticky in the top notes that puts me off.
  59. Re: what smells enigmatic, seductive & unattainable?

    Out of the scents OP mentioned, maybe Dreamer but it can be cheap smelling.

    I second Habit Rouge.
  60. Re: Study reveals lead in lipstick. We need a fragrance study.

    Good thing I limit my daily consumption of lipstick to just under 2000 tubes. Guess I'm in the clear for now.
  61. Re: When burning frankincense what fragrance do you wear to layer with the smoke?

    Nothing, frankincense by itself is perfect. I love that smell, it is really hard to beat.
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    Re: Best Ole School Mens Fragrance

    Caron Pour un Homme
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    Re: certain colognes banned?

    A 7 year old post bumped by a spambot.

    Now I've seen it all.
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    The craze around these releases really is hilarious. TM has the basenotes community's balls in an iron grip for sure.
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    Re: A "Fresh" Musk?

    Caron L'Anarchiste is what you need, brother. The drydown is loaded with fresh and clean musk.
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    Shouldn't it have been Pure Squirt, then?
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    What's the gimmick in Pure Shot? Gunpowder? Lead?
  68. Re: HELP!!!!! A fresh, mature, clean powder fragrance

    Habit Rouge. You may have to go to Saks to test it.
  69. Poll: Re: need help wth these fresh sporty (generic) frags..

    Get Chanel Bleu
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    Re: About Aramis

    Doesn't smell cheap to me. In fact it smells remarkably rich considering you can buy it in drugstores for a low price.
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    Re: V&R Spicebomb @ Harrod's ....

    Impressive review, Redneck. I have to admit, my interest in trying this went way back up after reading that. :)
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    Re: V&R Spicebomb @ Harrod's ....

    Some of these newer descriptions sound kinda bad. Do we really need another "fresh, synthetic fruity" scent? My desire to try this is definitely decreasing.
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    Re: Final thoughts on Kouros..

    FINAL thoughts on Kouros? You got cancer or something buddy?
  74. Re: The dry down of Kouros is probably one of the best of all-time...

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    Re: Creed Baie de Genievre.

    Guys, thanks for reviving this thread. BdG is a very cool scent. It's classy, outdoorsy, manly, and smexy all at the same time. Probably my favorite from Creed.
  76. Re: Histories de Parfums all smell too similar to me !

    I own 1725 and 1740, and I've gone through a couple samples of Ambre 114. None of them smell remotely alike to me. Even though they're all orientals they each have very distinct scent profiles and...
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    Re: V&R Spicebomb @ Harrod's ....

    Sounds really good so far, I hope I get a chance to try it soon.
  78. Re: Does anyone else mentally pronounce "Habit Rouge" like this?

    I do. Adding French to an American English conversation always sounds weird and forced, unless you have a French accent. If I were in a French-speaking area I would certainly pronounce it the correct...
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    Re: Serge lutten ambre Sultan is for men

    It's a pretty easy wear imo. You've probably smelled more feminine "men's colognes" at Macy's (Prada Amber and Dior Homme, for example).
  80. Re: Think Lord Of The Rings :) Scents that remind you of middle earth

    Actually, I could see Gandalf or Strider wearing this. It's dark, mysterious, and oldschool, but with suggestions of power and nobility.
  81. Re: List your favorite non-rose NICHE floral scents for men please

    Amouage - Gold Men
    Amouage - Epic Woman
    Lutens - A La Nuit
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    Poll: Re: What are you Top 5 Creed...

    Acier Aluminium
    Baie de Genievre
    Bois du Portugal
    Orange Spice
  83. Re: Think Lord Of The Rings :) Scents that remind you of middle earth

    L'Occitane Vetyver - Merry and Pippin hanging out in the forest of the Ents
    Kouros - worn by the brave men of Gondor
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    Re: Application for lone enjoyment

    One or two sprays to the back of my left hand if I'm wearing a frag @ home; 2-4 to the chest and abdomen if I'm wearing it out.
  85. Re: What Fragrance Gets You The Most Negative Comments

    Probably. The general disposition of the person giving the compliment / insult is probably also a factor. Someone who's just nasty in general or who hates scent would naturally be more likely to rip...
  86. Re: The JPG House - The Goods and the Bads?

    The bads - Le Male, Gaultier 2, Fleur de Male

    The good - Kokorico, maybe. Haven't smelled it yet but it sounds underwhelming
  87. Re: What Fragrance Gets You The Most Negative Comments

    GIT smells quite bad to me. There's something overly harsh and stuffing about the violet and green notes, aside from the fact that I find it very boring. I find MI boring and its style banal, but it...
  88. Re: What Fragrance Gets You The Most Negative Comments

    Same here.
  89. Re: Last minute - looking for the right scent

    LOL. Kouros. Good luck, have fun!
  90. Re: Okay, so somehow I'm actually bored of Kouros

    Yeah, I'd have to say that Kouros works best in hot weather. It's good to be able to mix things up though, right? I love having variety in my wardrobe.
  91. Re: The dry down of Kouros is probably one of the best of all-time...

    I also find Kouros to be very fresh and clean smelling. No urine or urinal cake whatsoever on my skin. I agree that it's a completely amazing fragrance, from top to bottom. One of my all time...
  92. Re: Last minute - looking for the right scent

    Very good advice. I agree with MonkeyBars, it sounds like you're reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally gaga for this girl. Try to keep your emotions in check, and don't sweat the little things, like cologne. Stay...
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    Re: Niche Lovers

    You could always just get Unforgivable instead of MI, and save yourself a nice chunk of change. Unless you really hate P. Diddy or something.
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    Re: Niche alternative to 1 million

    Why would you want to spend more on the same thing? If you like One Million, wear it. When you get tired of it, you may as well move on to something entirely different.
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    Re: Niche Lovers

    Can't really think of many examples, aside from Unforgivable.
  96. Re: 10 Masterpieces of All Time (2012 Revision)

    Sorry if someone else already asked this, but whatever happened to pacosweet?
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    Re: first Oud purchase... need opinions!

    Why are you limited to these two? Get a sample of Montale Black Aoud if you want to see what the synthetic oud craze is all about.
  98. Re: Serge Lutens: Overhyped if not overrated?

    I agree that Serge Noire is really horrible.

    I wonder which ones you've tried? Douce Amere, A la Nuit, Gris Clair, and Chergui are all very wearable. I don't see this line being hyped up too much...
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    Re: New Gourmand

    L'Instant is a good rec. Never tried the extreme version, but a lot of people here seem to like it.
  100. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    It wears a little big for the first hour or two, when it's in its green / sugary phase. Once it dries down to the chocolate milk accord it becomes a skin scent.
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