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  1. Re: [INTL] Xerjoff Richwood/Creed Royal Mayfair/Tauerville Flash/Roja Dove/Dior Privee/+++

    Thank you for all that you do for us Remik. Chilling out about some perfume is hardly payment enough, especially when you're so communicative. Do what you gotta do!
  2. Re: [USA] Blackbird/Hard Leather/Amouage/Armani Privé/Tom Ford Private Blend/+

    Hi Remik! Can I get Tauerville's Vetiver & Petigrain, Rose Flash and 25ml of Mayfair. Thanks. Much!
  3. Re: [INTL] Creed WINDSOR/Dior FEVE DELICIEUSE/Acqua di Parma/Roja Dove/Armani Prive/+++

    Hi! Could I get in on the Chanel Sycomore? 25ml please and thank you!
  4. Re: [INTL] CREED WINDSOR/Slumberhouse/Roja Dove/Armani Prive/Dior Privee/Frapin/+++

    Got my first split on Basenotes ever. It came so fast with tracking in a box. The sprayer is simple and pretty with a label that matches the original, the nozzle wrapped in tape, in a ziplock, in a...
  5. Re: Roja Dove/Armani Privé/Dior Privée/Creed/Xerjoff/Amouage/Acqua di Parma/Heeley/+++

    I'll take 25ml of Cologne Royal please. Thanks!
  6. Re: Roja Dove/Creed/Dior Privee/Tom Ford Private Blend/Amouage/Armani Prive/Chanel Les Exclusifs

    Hello Remik! May I be put down for 30ml of Heeley Sel Marin? I'll take 20ml if you want to keep your portions even. Thank you!
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    Questions about Sample Passes

    I'm a relatively new poster, but I've been stalking these boards for awhile. I just saw a thread about a sample pass that piqued my interest. I believe you get a small group each member uses a...
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    Diptyque Santal dupe

    Hi! This is my first post though I've been stalking for at least a year. Last July I bought Diptyque's Santal candle and now it's done. I love the scent so much. I love and wear wood scents, andI...
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