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  1. Re: New Fragrances: Amouage Honour Woman & Honour Man

    Hmmm, a white floral by Amouage! Each stage sounds like it has perfect notes full of personality, but which ones will dominate? As long as Honour Man isn't dominated by patchouli it should smell...
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    Re: Similar to Isabey Gardenia

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will be trying out Lucy B Tropical Gardenia...and petruccij: I am not even going to try Jardenia until I get a raise, which will be quite some time away. In fact, I...
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    Similar to Isabey Gardenia

    Hello everyone! Even though I am not a queen of white florals, a few of my absolute favorite perfumes are white florals
    (Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums de Frederic Malle; Songes by Annick...
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    Re: The Seven Deadly Sins

    Wrath: Parfumerie Generale Psychotrope (It's sharp, unexpected, off-putting leather-wood-powder...)
    Sloth: Guerlain Meteorites or Dior Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle
    Envy: Miller et Bertaux #3...
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    Re: The Great Unwashed

    I shower daily, because I like to be clean, and like Doc Elly said, a hot shower is therapeutic. I only use soap the necessary places, and shower gel once a week all over, to avoid drying out my...
  6. Re: A celebrity you would really like to see come out with their own fragrance?


    How about "Earth Girls are Easy" or "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"? He is not particularly sexy in the latter, but he always is! I discovered his great sexiness in a tv series that he...
  7. Re: What's the worst female fragrance you've ever smelled?

    There are so many "bad" ones, the worst is a difficult decision...Pure patchouli oil makes me sneeze (and gag)--so do many patchouli perfumes!
    Tabu is awful, but so are the boisterous fake...
  8. Re: A celebrity you would really like to see come out with their own fragrance?

    Jeff Goldblum! I adore him so-I doubt he would be interested in selling a fragrance, but maybe I should actually write him a fan letter....that is, if he would read it!

    Dita von Teese-not very...
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    Re: Yves Rocher Vanille Noire

    I hope whoever springs to buy one would be up for a sample swap-I am not going to do blind buys anymore...I love a natural and well-balanced vanilla, but I am not satisfied with everything I've...
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    Re: Suggestions: Melancholy fragrance

    Douce Amere, melancholic? I find it to be more playful even if a bit surprising-not sheer "joyful" but not melancholic....
  11. Great article Walker! You give us a good warning...

    Great article Walker! You give us a good warning to be kind to our noses-sillage and longetivity are not the only determinants of "strength"-our nasal passages do need clean air to appreciate new...
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    Re: What Is YourFB Fantasy Wardrobe?

    PS SIC, I'm not using typeit now, so I'm ignoring accents...
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    Re: What Is YourFB Fantasy Wardrobe?

    What a fun thread-and subject of many daydreams I've had!

    I'm sure I would change some ot these decisions after more testing, but here goes (with some blind buys thrown in):

    Montale: Aoud Rose...
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    Re: Perfumes that just smell awful on you!

    So many dislikes! I blame it on preferences and a general sensitivity/allergy to patchouli. I don't think my skin is acidic-I'm diabetic and vegetarian, but my complaints rarely include...
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    Poll: Re: What's Your Favorite Poison?!

    It's almost a tie between Pure Poison and Tendre Poison-both are sharp and elegant-Pure Poison is a lot warmer though.

    I voted Tendre Poison,since it seems to have more life-like flower notes, and...
  16. Re: Ladies, I need your help to stock up my wife`s wardrobe to a more FEMININE STYLE!

    For powdery Iris, I would go for Iris Nobile EDT-but EDP sounds a bit heavier and more "Oriental"-I would not recommend Hiris-almost no sillage whatsoever, even if I love it. I wear it to the...
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    Re: Have scent, will travel? Probably not.

    I am with those who would just pack a box with samples and decants-particularly a couple that I love so much I could wear them under most circumstances-I know that my favorite Aoud Rose Petals is...
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    Re: Gucci Accenti -- Anything Like It?

    Accenti lovers, we simply must petition Gucci!!! Rerelease it with a new bottle, please!!!

    I think we would have to be a little more demanding than begging! I now has a bottle of XS Extreme Girl,...
  19. Re: "Dupe oils" aka "imposter designer fragrances"... any sources to recommend?

    I like CherryBlossomDiva on ebay-although her "recreation" of Carnal Flower isn't anywhere near the magic of the Malle masterpiece, it still smells very nice. Also her recreation of Chergui by Serge...
  20. Re: Your Barry White, Marvin Gaye, "Let's Get it On," "TMFM" hot-date 'fume

    Ambre Narguilé...
    Carnal Flower....
    Must de Cartier...
    Alien, and even Amor Amor occasionally...I'm always on the lookout for one that suits me even more and makes me feel like a...
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