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    Re: Has AGUA LAVANDA been discontinued?

    Just to update: absolutly has not been discontinued. Just bought a big bottle in Spain (+shower gel). It was available in most supermarkets too. :)
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    Re: Guess what Sonny Crockett wore?

    Really? That would be something.
  3. Re: What Five Fragrances Should Be Avoided Like The Plague

    How noble of you sir to sacrifice yourself and rid these poor souls of these plague-like fumes. :) Also Balenciaga pour homme is said to be a horrendous stinker, needless to say I'll carry the heavy...
  4. Re: What Five Fragrances Should Be Avoided Like The Plague

    Well I sure can use a spare bottle of Kouros, Muscs Koublai Khan or Grey Flannel. So any hater who sits on a bottle can PM me for my address. Since the fragrances are on par with the plague you'll of...
  5. Re: Creed is Reissuing Feuille Verte (Green Leaf)

    Did he really? :) Creed's obsession with royalty is, Hello! (Ola! if yr Spanish.)
  6. Re: Your Top 3 Fragrances... If You Never Came Across Basenotes

    1. Azzaro pour Homme
    2. Héritage
    3. Prada Amber pour Homme

    post-Basenotes it's

    1. Azzaro pour Homme
    2. Kouros
    3. Yves Saint Laurent pour Homme
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    Re: What award would you give Bleu de CHanel.

    We forgot the Most Pathetic Longevity award and the All the Budget Went Into a Crap Promo award.
  8. Re: Puig Agua Lavanda ( green cristal bottle / splash 750ml plastic bottle ) same aroma ?

    I've been wondering about this too! :) (it probably is the same though)
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent get's you the most female complime

    True (i've been wondering about this compliment thing for some time.) Probably also because Dutch men in general have crap taste in fragrance (it's all about the amber-metallic aquatic.) The...
  10. Re: Shouldn't fragrances come with instructions?

    Kouros one spray? Where's the fun in that? :)

    Obviously one should get to know every scent in question through experience. Be conservative when wearing it for the first time and go from there....
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme - How Would You Rate It

    10 out of 10. Top 3 of all time. Not strong at all, the current version has perfect civilized strength (and some question if it has lost any significant power, right Shamu1? ;) I think it remains a...
  12. Re: JULES VINTAGE vers. NEW JULES ? Views Please !

    I think both versions are almost the same. There's a sharper, totally synthetic, top note in the new version which I never got in the old one (and probably wasn't there to begin with.) The new...
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