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  1. Re: Perfume of Life Website Has Permanently Closed

    The closure of Perfume of Life is really a shame. I met so many nice people there and really enjoyed the discussions.

    I think perhaps if he had left the site under the old format and not had such...
  2. Re: What is the most stunning fragerance you have ever experienced ?

    That's sort of what I thought, lol.
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    Re: Perfume of life off line?

    Hi Lalique/Tiffingirl, Besotted, Donna225, Valnum,

    Thank you all for checking up on this. I was starting to think it was just me. Yes, some advance notice would have been nice. I do hope Jeffrey...
  4. Re: Which perfumes make men melt when you walk past?

    Only two of that I can vividly remember.

    Madeline Mono, the original. Wore it eons ago, and as I came out of a shop at a mall, a security guard asked me what was the perfume I was wearing that...
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    Perfume of life off line?

    I've been trying to log into POL for almost two weeks with no sucess. Just wondering if anyone knows
    if that forum no longer exists.
  6. Re: Jean Patou Joy - What is the difference between EDT, EDP, Parfum and Eau de Joy?

    I recently RIS a bottle of the newer EDP Joy. I found it to be greener than the vintage EDT and parfum. Perhaps more galbanum? but still lovely and wearable.
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    Re: How many bottles in your collection?

    Probably between 100-120, excluding stock ups of the same fragrance. I do stock up because I dont want to have to resort to new formulations, if I prefer the old.
  8. Re: Let's talk Patou! Cocktail, Chaldee, Colony, e

    Is anyone here aware that Sublime is acutally an update on the revered Colony? The update in Sublime emphasized the citrus more than in the older Colony. So, if you like Colony, it should follow you...
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    Re: Dare I wear it?

    How wonderful that you've found a something new that suits you, and also stepped out of a former boundary.

    Just this weekend, I wore Givenchy Homme at the beach, fittingly fresh for the setting. I...
  10. Re: Beware the Ebay seller: Yellowlevkojen- Mitsou

    Update :)

    Problem resolved. Aparantly there was a problem with Ebay invoicing, and the seller didn't get my emails untill this morning, thus the delay. They removed the extra charge and will send...
  11. Re: Beware the Ebay seller: Yellowlevkojen- Mitsou

    The shipping fee was $20.00, not out of the range, but a little high. I paid $14.00 to ship an identical bottle of Shalimar in a similar acution via UPS a few months ago. The $140.00 extra, who know...
  12. Beware the Ebay seller: Yellowlevkojen- Mitsouko

    Hi everyone!

    I posted this at POL, but thought I should post here as well. I won an auction on ebay, met the reserve for the auction and when I got the invoice from this seller, he or she added...
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    Re: Parfum Sacre - Body Products

    In addition to VS Amber Romance, I'd also suggest Bath & Body Works Breathe Romance in their Amber Myrhh. It's heavenly and should layer beautifully under any ambery fragrance :)
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    Re: Mixing classics with other perfumes.

    Now I remember I read that about Cher mixing Oscar & Shalimar on the POL board sometime back.

    Interestingly enough, I seem to recall that Charles of the Ritz was similar to Oscar? And if it was...
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    Re: Mixing classics with other perfumes.

    Hmmm... I have an article that talks about Cher's inspiration for Uninhibited (and I hesitate to quote it because I lost the source to give credit): "'I had a perfume I'd been wearing since 1972....
  16. Re: Thoughts on Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir?

    A 50's bombshell fragrance! Boudoir is fishnet stockings, red lipstick, high heels and a vanity with one of those frilly skirts that go all the way around. Wish it weren't so expensive & hard to find...
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    Re: Mixing classics with other perfumes.

    Loving this thread. Can't wait to try some of these ;)

    May I add, I read somewhere, perhaps on this board, that Cher used to layer Oscar de la Renta & Shalimar- this was suposedly the inspiration...
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    Re: Scented body powder

    Yes, I love scented powders and pick them up whenever I can. They don't have to be an exact match to be used with a fragrance, just in the same "family" will often do.

    BTW, any powder with Talc,...
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    Re: attar bazaar

    I've only bought their essential oils, and they are of very high quality. I've actually had them in my fridge for a few years and they still are quite potent. The lavender oil on a hankie puts me to...
  20. Re: Combining various body lotions with musk-OK???

    Why not? Especially if any of these scents have musk in their basenotes. Who knows you might come up with some really outstanding combos. If you do, post them and we can try them too! :D
  21. Re: Cast A Spell--tell us if you sample

    Oooohh I love mulberry! Can't wait to try this one :)
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    Re: Why have they changed MAGIE NOIRE?

    I most heartily agree! The Magie Noire I sprayed on this week is not the Magie Noire I remember from the 80's. There are woody and powdery notes, but something is missing. Another poster mentioned...
  23. Re: Associating certain scents with certain cities

    Wow, this subject took me back...

    Milano- Gomma

    Roma- D&G Red Cap

    Firenze- Fendi for Women

    Como- Ferre
  24. Re: Your "It's all about me, me, me" scent(s)

    Blonde takes it on the chin on a regular basis.
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    Re: Fragrances you love but rarely wear?

    There is also a difference between my (casual) lifestyle and the more formal fragrances that I love. Some that I dont wear much just because I feel I need a really special occasion to use them are:
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    Re: Need Help With Perfume Oils

    I just usually apply a drop or two to my wrists and chest area, and that's enough for "close to the skin" scent. You don't want to over do it [smiley=laugh.gif]
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    Re: Fragrance wardrobes

    Oh, thanks for the info. Now I see how it could be so useful [smiley=smiley.gif] I'll have to get started right away :exclamation
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    Fragrance wardrobes

    Ok, I'm still a newbie, and I see that we can have the moderators create a wardrobe for us. My question is...what exactly is the purpose of a wardrobe? Is it for others to view what we have available...
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    Re: Guerlain Altering Classic Formulas

    Sori, I had posted this before reading under important topics. I was and still am very upset about it, but I've already emailed & encouraged everyone I know to do the same!
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    Guerlain Altering Classic Formulas

    Hi everyone!

    I don't know if everyone is aware that Guerlain is planning to alter the formulas of Mitsouko, Shalimar and L'Heure Bleue to comply with allergy standards. [smiley=sad.gif] Sounds...
  31. Re: link: fragrance directory michael edwards

    Excellent link! I've been waiting for a resource like this, def will bookmark.
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    Re: Green Day, anyone?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here! This is such a fun website, I check it at least once a day. Thank you JAG for your warm welcom [smiley=happy.gif]

    What a wonderful idea! For me it will be Diorella, a...
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    Re: "Ispahan" by Yves Rocher

    Hello everyone!

    I am new on this board, but have been enjoying perfume and perfume related topics for years. You could say I'm obsessed :)

    Abeline, I have a Isphan set from Yves Rocher I would...
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