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  1. Re: Storing fragrances in the fridge temperature?

    I have heard of horror stories, more than once, the fridge would go out for some time and destroy the fragrances in there, since it can get hot and humid very quickly once the power is out.
    I know...
  2. Re: Best scent for corporate environment? - Creed GIT / Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

    PACO Rabanne XS
  3. Platinum Chanel - White Aoud Montale

    Hello there!
    Looking for bottles, at least 50 ml worth of either platinum chanel or montale white aoud
    Please PM me with your BEST price, do not expect me to pay more per ml than what I can...
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    Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Madoc- Powdery Citrus to me in a nutshell. Comes off very feminine. I do not see myself wearing this. I can see this as an elegant citrus for the right occasion.
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    Tom Ford Extreme

    Looking for a bottle of Tom Ford Extreme
    Please PM me with how much you have and your asking price. I will not offer.

    Thanks again!
  6. Re: Creed Leather Atomizer; The Woes of Purchasing it retail!

    With Windsor?
    Now that would be worth it :)
  7. Re: Creed Leather Atomizer; The Woes of Purchasing it retail!

    Given its Vintage Tabarome, would you rather see the juice in a creed atomizer or the By Kilian one?
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    Re: Dior Homme similar to..

    I hate using this general statement
    Very unique frag that reminds me of lipstick
  9. Creed Leather Atomizer; The Woes of Purchasing it retail!

    Hey there fellow Basenoters!

    I have been contemplating of purchasing Creed Leather atomizers to store my vintage Tabarome in.
    I just can't get myself to purchase them at retail ($165!) . Does...
  10. Re: what season is Le Labo Rose 31 for? hot weather or cold?

    IMO it works in almost all weather. Although I would prefer wearing it for moderate weather.
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    WAnTeD: Official Creed Atomizers

    Hello there fellow Basenoters!

    Looking for official creed atomizers (leather ones) if anyone has any for sale

    Let me know!!

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    Re: Montale

    White Aoud
    compliments Black really well
  13. Re: What fragrance has expensive smelling?

    In addition to what was mentioned

    Loewe Esencia has that feeling to me
    so does One Million (lol)
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    Re: Imagining The Smell Of Blind Buys?

    You have to be fairly familiar with most smells to really translate a good review
    sometimes someones tar like scent smells like burnt rubber (they may sound the same, but different imagery producing...
  15. Re: Whats a good cologne for the outdoors: camping,fishing,etc

    Bowling Greene hands down
  16. I would go for jubilation and Dia

    I would go for jubilation and Dia
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    Re: Your Top 5 As Of Right Now

    Too many to choose so few
    but here it is (I know I forgot about 70% of my collection by now)

    Musc Ravageur
    Habit Rogue EdP
    Loewe Esencia
    Nicolai's New York
    Amouage Gold (vintage)
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    Re: Psychology of scent

    Hello Possum and Welcome!

    I completly agree with you
    unfortunately (or fortunately) this also means that our sense of smell is directed by cultural and social backgrounds. This is why I always...
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    Re: Longevity

    what longevity issues are you talking about?
    *sprays some kouros on*
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    Re: pretty disappointed with creed M.I.

    Honestly I have had polar memories with it as well
    I figured out it was Creeds variation in batches

    some MI's will be gorgeous, others nasty, and everything in between
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    Re: Tabarome Millesime

    I remember back in the day a man purchased a sample of Creeds Vintage Tabarome from me
    he then accused me of sending him a fake that smelled like garbage

    turned out he was looking for Tabarome...
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    Re: Aventus got me in trouble at work

    Just wear Diors Eau Sauvage
    2 sprays
    all you need
  23. Re: Closest match to Vetiver Extraordinaire - but with longevity

    I am a big fan of Grey Vetiver
    its a more elegant vetiver compared to the brightness of VE
    longevity isnt too great either, but most quality vetiver don't do very well in that dept either
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    Re: Pure Malt - don't get the hype !?!

    I'm not into the whole gourmand genre so I wasn't surprised to not find any of the Angel line alluring
    I will mention though that I do like L'instant EDP and Jaipur!
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    Re: Encre Noir mini

    EN is deep I would say. A Very earthy vetiver that, from a distance, portrays green vigilance and dominance.
  26. Poll: Re: Bond is haveing another "refill" event, Which of these are worthy of getting for "free".

    I havent tried most of the Bond Line
    big fan of silver though
    Chez is nice but numerous very similar fragrances out there
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    Re: Quality Designers

    YSL and Chanel have it all :)
  28. Re: Fragrance for Getting Through a CRISIS

    Eau Du Coq
    always lifts my spirits

    at the same time ask yourself what scents do you associate positive memories with?
    could be pumpkin pie, nutmeg, trees, etc depending on your experiences
  29. Re: First Post: Looking for a Men's Cologne for work

    Eau Suavage

    aqui Di Gio

    basically any fresh light scent
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    Re: Serge Lutens MKK

    MKK smells like scented sweaty armpits
    you can tell there is some dirty scent in the background trying to come out, but it is overwhelmed by vanilla powder and great smelliness

    really similar to...
  31. Poll: Re: Bond No.9 Riverside Dr or Silver Factory or New York Amber (pick one)

    Silver factory is very unique compared to the numerous fresh/amber scents out there
    then again someone can argue how unique those creations are as well

    just a heads up, I have never tried NY...
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    Re: Musc Kublai Khan vs Musc Ravageur

    Musc Ravageur is much more useful and alluring that MKK IMO
    asking your significant other what they think
  33. Re: Can't find a Tom Ford I like. Please help me.

    On the some boat buddy
    I do like their Grey Vetiver and Tom Ford Extreme, overall though, nothing special
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    Re: WOW! Back to Black By Kilian.

    B2B to me is way overrated
    smells like hookah tobacco
    anyone who has smelled hookah tobacco would agree
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    Re: Le Labo

    Rose 31 :)
  36. Memorial Day Fragrance, Whats Your Fragrance Choice

    Hey Fellow Basenoters!

    Memorial day is coming up!
    Just a quick recap of what its all about (Thanks Wikipedia!)

    Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed annually in the United States on the...
  37. Re: A fragrance that personifies love, trust + commitment

    That depends on your life experiences
    whatever smells you grew up with that emanated from individuals who had these characteristics are the smells you associate with this concept of "love" that you...
  38. Re: Amouage Epic Man, Honour Man, Memoir Man or Lyric Man!!!

    with the amouage fragrances its really about how you feel
    I like Epic but don't feel like wearing it often as it is heavy and quite strong
    Jubilation is nice, but can come off smelling like...
  39. Poll: Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver vs. CREED Original Vetiver

    Big Fan of GV
    one of those I feel I don't have enough of
  40. Re: What is your favorite fragrance of all time

    Very Tough Question
    for most versatile probably Rose 31 by le Labo
    for special occasions, Vintage Tabarome
  41. Re: i haven't heard about creed bois du portugal on these boards for the longest time!

    Great scent
    just have to wear it at the right time ;)
  42. Re: Job Interviews, and "Professional" Fragrances

    When it comes to interviews your best either

    1) wearing nothing
    2) wearing a STRICTLY clean scent

    when I say clean I mean something like Puro Lino
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    Re: Patou pour homme and Guerlain Derby

    This has happened to me but it seems fragrances do age differently and hence they may smell similar after they have reached certain saturation limits.

    If you were to smell these fragrances fresh,...
  44. Poll: Re: Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille vs. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

    SDV wins this hands down
    TV to me is a smoked honey fragrance and doesn't get that much more respect from me
  45. Re: Amouage Homage: Do any of you layer with it?

    I personally didn't find anything spectacular about Tribute and I come from a Middle Eastern background so that might be the case for us lol.

    As for Homage, I tried it twice, it didn't leave any...
  46. Poll: Re: Out of the 5 most reviewed men's fragrances on BN, which do you like best?

    There are many GITish fragrances out there
    Only one Kouros.
  47. Re: Do you think Guerlain L'instant Pour Homme Extreme is overrated?

    to me honestly its better than average
    not too big of a fan, but still think its worth having
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    Re: Unforgivable Multi Platinum

    From my personal collection I do like it. Not sure how it compares to MI, although I do get numerous compliments when wearing it.
  49. Re: your New Year's fragrance resolutions?

    I'm going to have to go with the Buy Less Use More goal
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    Re: Tuberose scents...

    Vintage Windsor is my favorite
    its not a complete tuberose, but one I truly can't get enough of!
    too bad they had to mess it up
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    Re: What's Your Story?

    I remember I was searching for perfume reviews and came across the directory here
    before I knew it, I stumbled across the forum and its been magic ever since :)
  52. Re: I really like L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme

    Its a nice scent, Oriental around this time of year are perfect!
    I personally prefer the spicier ones though
    good taste!
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    Re: D&G channeling TOM FORD

    This is going to be on either extreme
    and from experience, I'm not sure its going to be the good one
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    Re: what makes a fragrance sexy

    a very relative answer to such a question
    and I don't think the answer is that straight forward :)
  55. Re: I cant decide, Dr Dre Studio headphones or Back to Black ?

    Neither is the correct answer :)
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    Re: YSL Kouros - First Impressions

    Kouros is one of those fragrances that you have to be in the mood for
    otherwise, forget it
  57. Replies

    Re: Most "Seductive" Fragrance..

    I think it really depends on the individual
    sure the AdG and GIT will grab your general female audiences attention
    however, from my experience, each person will have a scent that really attracts...
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    Re: A Man for All Seasons

    I would say most aquatic/fresh fragrances would work fine

    my favorites:
    Guerlain Eau Du Coq
    Mugler Cologne
    Eau Sauvage by Dior
    Kourous Fraicheur
    Platinum Egoiste
    so on... :)
  59. Replies

    Re: Fun frags

    Guerlain Eau Du Coq
  60. Re: Your "go to" when you absolutely have to impress?

    Tiffany for Men
    Kouros Fraicheur
    Loewe Esencia
    Grey Vetiver

    To name a few :)
  61. Re: Which of the following colognes are worth having in a collection?

    for me?
    Platinum and throw the rest away
    however, you might want to ask your significant other :)
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    Re: I Got noticed...need more like it

    eau sauvage for me (by dior)
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    Re: $1700 bottle of Creed huh?

    the inconsistency keep me at bay as well
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    Re: Your top 5 vetiver scents as of 2011

    In no particular order

    Encre Noir
    Vetiver Oriental
    Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Vetiver Givenchy
    Grey Vetiver
  65. Re: Natural Smelling Masculine Powerhouse with Longevity & Projection

    Balenciaga PH (henry (xmen)got this for $70 well worth it)
    Kouros ^_^
    Antaeus (henry also has this for cheap)
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    Re: Chanel Allure Edition Blanche

    I prefer Eau Suavage to this :)
  67. Replies

    Re: The Wealth Scent

    For me its

    Amouage Gold
    Vintage Tabarome
    PdN New York (like a rich citrus)
    Patou PH
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    Re: Timeless Cologne

    every cologne is a timelines cologne in my book
    just depends on the individual.
  69. Replies

    Re: "Heavenly dry-down"

    PdN New York :)
  70. Replies

    Re: 2 Sprays! 12 Hours!! 10 meters!!!

    from my experience:

    Black Aoud
    L'Air Marocain
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    Re: Help me with Selection - Newbie

    For me personally Platinum Egoiste is the choice :)
    TdH is great as well
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    Re: YSL OPIUM, EDT or EDP?

    Opium EdP is MUCH better than EdP IMO :)
    no comparison
    of course most of the EdP around are older juices, so watch out for bad juice
  73. Replies

    Re: Scarry scents for Halloween

    I would def wear some Kouros :)
  74. Re: Creed Windsor or amouage jubilation xxv

    Windsor, is an easier wear I imagine.
  75. Re: Habit Rouge EDP...anyone still loving this?

    One of the best from Guerlain IMHO!
  76. Poll: Re: Disappointing findings looking for a wedding Day Frag w/Poll

    For this type of event I would go for any of the following

    Saville Row
    Creed Windsor
    Le Labo Rose 31
  77. Replies

    Re: shameless plug...this did the trick!

    I guess I'm not too surprised
    I always thought of Pi as a vanilla substitute in the kitchen ;)
  78. Re: Finally found a Dunhill that isn't half bad

    I reiterate my interest in 1934 and Edition
    I consider those classic scents
    must own!
  79. Re: What is the most beautiful fragrance that you ever smell...

    this is a very tough question
    I will settle with this for now:
    Tiffany for Men
  80. Replies

    Re: The Great Gucci Nobile

    One of my favorite fragrances by far. I remember always getting wiffs of this as a young teenager, hence it seems to be a part of my DNA.

    Such a demise, indeed.
  81. Re: I got bombarded with compliments this past weekend

    Creeds are always great compliment getters
  82. Re: my boss swears there are pheramones in his sweat, and that he smells sexy to women...

    one of the funniest threads in a while lol!
    at least he doesn't object to your usage of colognes, now that would SUCK haha.
  83. Re: One of the most beautiful fragrance that I have ever smell...Swiss Arabian Makhalat Malaki

    Let us know your input please!
    I am interested in purchasing some as well :)
  84. Re: L'instant pour homme extreme edp by guerlain- my thoughts

    Really like this scent
    for some reason I stop smelling this after about an hour, but everyone around me loves it. Talk about nose fatigue

    This is one scent I would always keep around, especially...
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    Re: Riverside Drive

    Def a really nice long lasting aquatic. A real comment getter.
    I prefer this to many other aquatics, esp the cucumber note (basil) makes it really unique
  86. Re: Got my L'Instant Guerlain Extreme in today!

    Definitely a hidden gem. One of the only gourmands I can wear. It has a complicated yet simple vibe to it. wonderful!
  87. Replies

    Re: Creed Windsor Flacon

    there are a lot of factors involved, including expose of juice to oxygen, light and extreme temperatures.

    I suggest buying a decant unless you plan to wear it everyday or every other day, in that...
  88. Re: Interesting comment on Acqua Di Gio today.

    Creed is definitely gaining popularity, but to be mistaken for AdG is rather surprising. I guess it may somehow be similar to IM or some other aquatics in their line-up.

    but I definitely think...
  89. Re: My wifes take on A* Men. Funniest thing I ever heard

    Not a fan either ;)
  90. Replies

    Re: Let's say you have a time machine.

    here is a quick list, and I know I have left many behind. As for the year, why limit my self to one if I have a fully functional time machine? :)

    Kouros Fraicheur
    Antaeus Sport
    Creed Vintage...
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    Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

    One of my favorite, if not my favorite vetivers.
    Almost yet not quite formal, it has this unique elegance to it that makes you feel shameful if you wear it with jeans and shirt.

    my only...
  92. Re: Bond No. 9 Riverside Drive Initial Review ---> Chanel Platinum Egoiste

    they are both in the same category, however, I believe riverside drive has that signature cucumber note that really sets it apart
  93. Re: YSL M7 has to be one of the most popular designer men's fragrance in the fragrance world

    One of the best designer scents made
    the Oud in there is mystical
  94. Replies

    Re: Affordable Green Frag?

    if you want a suave classy green go for Loewe Esencia
    otherwise you can try any vetiver based scent, or even Bowling Green by GF
  95. Whats your Favorite Body Wash/ Shampoo / Deodorant of a Cologne?

    For me, I never really purchase those deodorant / shampoo / body wash accessories of any fragrance, because realistically, I think it's a waste of cash.

    I would like to know if there are any note...
  96. Replies

    Re: Creed Green Irish Tweed

    GiT is nice but not worth the price tag IMO
    I would rather dish out the cash on something like PdN New York :)
  97. Replies

    Re: What cologne says "I have money"

    I would say Vintage Tabarome or Bois De Portugal
  98. Re: My CREED Vintage Tabarome flacon search...the lengthy windup!

    Hey Martin
    I am glad you liked that decant!
    I had no idea it would result in this! Congratulations :)

    I myself love VT, but I realized that I wear it so scarcely that 50ml is enough for a life...
  99. Re: I have arrived at the conclusion that Tom Ford is my favorite house

    Tom Ford house is good but not great
    the two I like as of right now are Grey Vetiver and Tom Ford Extreme
    however, both have serious longevity issues, but great nonetheless ;)
  100. Replies

    Re: Musc Ravageur / Rose 31

    Both are GREAT fragrances
    the only reason why they would be for special occasions is due to their price :)
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