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    Re: Bois d'Iris - Beautiful

    His reference to Ellena indicates he is talking about The Different Company's.

    I also love this fragrance. A very natural, elegant, woody iris.
  2. Re: Fragrances that exude a "calming" effect.

    Encens et Lavande, by Serge Lutens
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    Re: Pure Malt Alternatives?

    Bentley for men intense
    Idole de Lubin

    And another one that I don't usually see people put it in the same category, but IMO it has a similar style (heavy/boozy/woody/brown-smelling), though quite...
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    MFK Oud fragrances

    Tried and loved the saffron/oud combo on the original OUD by MFK.

    So I'd like to ask you guys what are the differences between the regular Oud and the others: silk mood, cashmere mood, velvet...
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    Re: Best Serge Lutens on a man

    Chene: heavy woods
    Ambre Sultan: heavy amber/resins/incense
    Fumerie Turque: heavy tobacco
    Encens et Lavande: soft lavender and incense
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    Re: Creamy Sandalwood Fragrance ?

    I also think Tam Dao is more about cedar than anything else.

    I would recomend Santal de Mysore by Serge Lutens.
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    Re: Does anyone know what note..

    Maybe you think the cedar in Straight to Heaven has a similar woody effect to the birch in Aventus?
  8. Re: Worth getting Antaeus if you already have Aventus?

    That's it. The OP probably thinks he would wear both fragrances in similar situations (for formal ocasions, or work, etc).

    I would say yes, they are different enough to own both, but if the OP...
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    Re: Gris Clair on fabric

    You don't need to spray it too close, though I've sprayed on white and other bright colors clothes and it didn't stained.

    If anyone's interested, try spraying on any piece of fabric (it doesn't...
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    Gris Clair on fabric

    Any of you guys had already tried spraying Serge Lutens Gris Clair on your clothes, on fabric? It performs really great.

    I already loved this juice, but sometimes I wish it was a bit less sweet....
  11. Re: Any similarties between Bentley Intense and Straight to Heaven?

    They share only the rum note, not much else.
  12. Encens et Lavande, Frankincense and Myrrh

    I had sampled Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande only from the wax sample, so my impression may be not so accurate, but after smelling it I thought it reminded me of Czech & Speake Frankincense and...
  13. Re: Intensity Difference Between DH and DHI

    The original Dior Homme can work perfectly well for night time wear. Actually, both are sweet enough to be considered night or winter fragrances.

    IMO, Dior Homme is definitely not a fragrance for...
  14. Re: What is the most melancholy fragrance you can think of?

    I believe Narciso Rodriguez for Him marketing is supposed to advertise it as "dark and sexy", and not supposed to be a melancholic fragrance.

    It just happens that it indeed has a melancholic...
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme - wow!

    I don't agree Bentley for men Intense is close to Gucci pour homme. Bentley is really close to Idole de Lubin, not GPH, which is not as sweet as them.
  16. Re: Understanding Gucci's Envy for Men and GPH1

    When I joined here, back in 2007, GPH1 was really praised, along with the original M7. There was not much talk about niche fragrances as there is today, so it is natural that they lost a little bit a...
  17. Re: Understanding Gucci's Envy for Men and GPH1

    I think this might happen with any person who is not a perfume affictionate (or new to this).

    Many complex fragrances like Iris Silver Mist, for example, that is highly praised by critics, will...
  18. Re: Something similar to the woodier aspects of Miel de Bois

    Thanks for the answer, guys!

    cacio: I don't perceive it as honey overloaded. Actually for me it is more about the woods than the honey, as I said before. That is why I like it, as opposed to other...
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    Re: Fragrance with the most beautiful smell

    Serge Lutens Bois de Violette
    MFK Lumiere Noire pour homme
  20. Re: Something similar to the woodier aspects of Miel de Bois

  21. Something similar to the woodier aspects of Miel de Bois

    Hello guys.
    I tried recently the infamous Miel de Bois, by Serge Lutens, and to my susprise I found it quite appealing even though I was never a sucker for honey fragrances.
    Actualy the woody...
  22. Re: Sample vials, the little wands are terrible

    I also disagree.
    If you get a 1ml sample, the vials are better to test it on wrists, just to get to know the fragrance. I think it's not really supposed for a full wearing (if you want it, go get a...
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    Fragrance Evaporation

    Any of you guys ever noticed your samples evaporating a little bit through the years? (mostly those non-official housemade samples)
    I noticed this while checking some old samples I kept some few...
  24. Re: Great Men's Fragrances that Feature Immortelle

    Serge Lutens Chene
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    Re: Serge Lutens sandalwood

    Have only tried Santal de Mysore, Santal Blanc and Jeux de Peau.

    Santal de Mysore: The best of them in my opinion. It combines perfectly the woodier and sweeter nuances of the sandalwood (it seems...
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    Gris Clair x Fourreau Noir

    Serge Lutens Gris Clair vs. Serge Lutens Fourreau Noir.
    Does anyone could help describing them both?
    Looking at the notes pyramid they seem quite similar, with more prominent notes of lavender and...
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    Re: Where to get Kouros Fraicheur

    I know this is a very old topic, but I just tried today Citrus Paradisi, by Czech&Speake, and the openning I found quite resembling of the discountinued Kouros Fraicheur. The drydown goes a different...
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    Re: The ultimate fougere

    A Taste of Heaven, by Kilian.
  29. Re: Strong winter scent with sandalwood and can you check if my Aventus is legit?

    You should try Serge Lutens Santal de Mysore, it's quite strong.

    But my favorite would be Chanel Egoiste.
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    Modern Fougere-like fragrances

    I've been liking this type of fragrance a lot recently. Could you guys please give me some sugestions on Modern Fougere-like types?

    Something in the terms of:

    -A Taste of Heaven, by Kilian...
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    Poll: Re: Should I buy A*Men Pure Malt ?

    No. It can be an improved version of A*Men, but it's still an A*Men.
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    Re: Escada Homme: What I love/what I hate.

    How many sprays do you tend to use? At first testing I also though it was somehow discrete and with poor longevity. After some more tries, I figured out that it needs a second spray over the same...
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    Re: The Iris Note Pour Homme.

    I can't see MPG Iris Bleu Gris as an iris fragrance. Actually, I can hardly detect any accord that resembles to the iris note.

    TDC Bois d'Iris would be a great call, if it wasnt too short lived....
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    Re: I finally tried Dior Homme Intense

    I also prefer the regular Dior Homme over the Intense. But I still think Dior Intense is much better than many others gourmands out there, like A*men, Pure Malt, Rochas Man.
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    Cassis prominent fragrances

    Recently I've been paying attention on this note and found it very interesting.
    Can you guys recommend me some cassis/black currant prominent fragrances?
    Feminine perfumes are welcome once they...
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    "Dark" is very relative. I really don't feel The Dreamer, Black Jeans or Van Cleef & Arpels as dark. I'm yet to try Ungaro III.

    I just can't associate a fragrance that is relatively fresh, like...
  37. Re: Darkness (somber, evil) yet Light (hope, goodness)

    The reformulation of C&S No.88, which is lighter and brighter than the vintage one, gives me a little of this feeling (dark/bright dichotomy).
  38. Re: How would you define the smell of Kouros? And are there similar fragrances?

    I agree that what defines Kouros is the contrast between clean and dirty, class and crudeness, honor and hate, just like the archetypal man, like what most men were supposed to be some time ago. If...
  39. Re: Any fragrances that smell like gas (Fart)?

    I wouldn't worry about searching fart fragrances, since you can smell the real thing, in its natural ingredients, directly from the source! lol
  40. Re: Looking for an elegant day wear suggestion

    Funny, I find Habit Rouge EDT very heavy.

    I think Chanel pour Monsieur would fit it much better.
    Loewe pour homme is also great, and is rarely talked about.
  41. Re: Chanel No 19 eau Premiere - what did I miss?

    On the vintage EDP version of No.19 the liquid is yellow-ish. But on this pic the juice color seems even brighter than on the vintage EDP, like it was watered down or something. Also never heard of...
  42. Re: Narciso Rodriguez For Him. Good Blind Buy?

    It would be a great fragrance if there wasn't that generic fruity accord.
  43. Re: Real Life Head to Head Challenges - M7 v La Nuite De L'homme

    Maybe Acqua di Gio...
  44. Re: Did Turin really "blow it" ? The Greatness of the 80s !

    I agree. He may be a very respectful critic, but his points of view can't always be right.

    And there is nothing wrong about criticizing his work. Isn't it what he does with other's work?

  45. Re: Iris Bleu Gris: one of the oldest and probably the most unique masculine iris?

    IBG is so iris prominent as M7 is a vetiver prominent fragrance, if you know what I mean.
    I think this is what may cause a frustating feeling o an iris lover when he gets to know IBG.
    I wouldnt...
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    Re: M7=Mature?

    I'm not sure whose it is, but sometimes i hear people assign to Sigmund Freud this line (or something like this):
    "When Peter talks about Paul, I know more about Peter than Paul."

    Whatever, the...
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    Re: Chanel No. 19 and the Ultimate Dilemma

    I have the vintage EDP and tried the current EDP and EDT.
    IMO, vintage EDP > current EDP > EDT.
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    Re: Something new, DEATH smells..

    It seems death smells really good for you...
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    Re: The 5 sexiest fragrances for him or her

    What is the fragrance she grimaced at in the 0:05? lol
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    Poll: Re: Are you satisfied with the current M7?

    The scent itseld didnt changed so much, but the decrese on sillage and longevity makes it a much less satisfying experience.
    Not satisfied.
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    Re: Smoke and sweat?

    Definitely Déclaration, by Cartier.
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    Re: Dior Homme vs Rochas Man

    Have you ever tried L'instant de Guerlain pour homme? I think it's cocoa/chocolate accord is quite similar to the one in Dior Homme, but it lacks the iris note on its top. Both have a similar style...
  53. Re: Detecting Gourmand Notes in Rive Gauche PH

    It really has a bit of sweetness, but i would never call it gourmand-ish.
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    Re: Your Doomsday Fragrance

    I'd go with two spritzes of Kouros on my neck, and then punch the asteroid back to space!
  55. Re: What non-niche scent is similar to L'Artisans Timbuktu?

    Gucci Rush for Men has a similar feel in my opinion.
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    Re: Looking for a WOODY Iris

    You maybe should also try Chanel No.19 EDP. It has a beautiful iris note over the dry chypre base.

    EDIT: search for the EDP version. The iris is much more detectable in this variation, and the...
  57. Re: Is Chanel 19 Edt very different from the extrait? Love the extrait +

    I just tried the EDT and EDP, and I personally prefer the EDP.
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    Re: Le Male too much for a teenager?

    try spraying less and u'll find the right dose.
  59. Re: Chanel Egoiste Concentree - Beware of fakes

    Thank you for the response scentemental!
    Maybe I didnt expressed myself very well, maybe a better word would be "velvety", or somehow smooth.
    For me, what makes Egoiste unique is this balance...
  60. Re: Chanel Egoiste Concentree - Beware of fakes

    I bought recently a bottle of Egoiste Cologne Concentree from FragranceNet (reputable store, already bought like 20 times from then). It looks exactly like scentementals' bottle (it has some...
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    Re: Kouros Experiment #1: Dilution.

    You mean transparent glass? It sounds like Kouros Fraicheur or another of his flankers.
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver bottle

    My Vetiver Eau Glaceé doesnt (I still dont own a bottle of the traditional Vetiver).
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    Re: The Perfume Guide - Confusing reviews

    Being a scientist doesnt makes you more apt to make fragrance reviews. Reviewing fragrances is more close to an art critic than a scientist.

    And nobody said Turin is not a well-trained nose....
  64. Re: New Serge Lutens Export Launch (And it's Fresh?)

    “a reaction to this world which is too perfumed, or better said, embalmed, because this is no longer seduction, it is mummification.”"

    It sounds like he is criticizing even his own previous...
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    Re: The Perfume Guide - Confusing reviews

    IMO, the point of testing on paper is just to make a vague idea of what expect from the frag, but it is absolutely not adequate to make a definitely review of a fragrance. But it's just my opinion.
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    Re: The Perfume Guide - Confusing reviews

    So his reviews are based on how frags smells on the paper? Is it true?
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    Re: How important is for you:

    How about those animal ingredients, supposedly got by animal suffering? Probably most of the houses already used them sometime.

    It is important for us to have a sense to not support any house that...
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    Re: YSL M7 reformulated?!!!!

    You are right, but at least Tom Ford had enough good taste and sense of originality by supporting their releasing, which is very rare in those designer houses (you can confirm this by the last...
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    Re: Recommendations for a "dark" frag

    Black Cashmere DKNY
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    Re: Elegant elegance

    I have to disagree. Elegance doesnt means discreet. Sometimes yes, but not always. We can find many elegant frags out there that are elegant and not discreet.

    Egoiste is a nice example. It is not...
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    Re: Elegant elegance

    I think most of the people would say this is the best word to describe it. Elegant.
  72. Re: Incense fragances recomendations must try

    I agree. I think it is much more appealing than some acclaimed incense niche frags (Timbuktu, for example). It is a little bit underrated around these parts.

    Others good designer incense frags are...
  73. Re: tip-on-reformulations-or-why-your-favorite-perfume-doesnt-smell-like-it-used-to

    I wish we consumers had any way to stop all these reformulations.
    Anything that could make the house feel ashamed of doing a reformulation.
    That's the point. We gotta find a way to blame who...
  74. Re: expensive colognes that smell cheap and vice versa

    I dont if you guys will agree with me, and probably some will curse me, but I think Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens, smells too cheap for what I had expected.
  75. Re: Should price even matter when reviewing niche scents?

    I think price is much less subjective than all the things you mentioned (sillage, longevity, sweetness..). Most designers and niche scents have a price range alike, comparing each one in their...
  76. Re: Should price even matter when reviewing niche scents?

    It's the same thing when someone reviews a fragrance that is not really bad, but is predictable (most designer releases nowadays). Sometimes a fragrance, extrictly by itself, wouldnt deserve a...
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    Re: Givenchy Insensé

    I dont know if it had any reformulation, but by what I've tested, I would never say it's an inoffensive frag.
    For me, it's like a Fleur du Male from the 80's (even it's actually from 1993).
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    Re: Kouros YSL - When to wear it ?

    I think it matches formal and elegant events. I dont think it fits informal occasions, but it's just my opinion.
  79. Re: Young gentlemen (ladies being welcome too) of powerhouse, conservatism and classi

    IMO, fragances has nothing to do with age, but with style. Surely those frags are not very suitable on a basic tshirt and jeans, but I think anyone could fit them very well with the right outfit and...
  80. Re: Young gentlemen (ladies being welcome too) of powerhouse, conservatism and classi

    I'm 23, and I also feel that most designer releases nowadays are too much childish, lacking some real elegance or sophistication.

    Some powerhouses that I like are: Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme,...
  81. Re: My impression of Korous YSL put into picture

    I almost think that anyone who likes Body Kouros would NOT like the original Kouros. They are really opposite style frags.
  82. Re: My impression of Korous YSL put into picture

    Kouros needs to be tested on the skin. Actually, almost all colognes differs a lot if you test only on the paper strip.

    Kouros is a masterpiece, but it definetly requires some personality (and a...
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    Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I'm sorry, I forgot u already mentioned when it was shipped.
    Well, for me, here in Brazil, most things that comes from US takes like 1 month, more or less. But sometimes a package can take like 6...
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    Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I already bought from them and received. Also know many other people that received too.
    For how much time are you waiting?
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    Re: The Best 5 Cheap Scents!

    what about Grey Flannel?
  86. Re: Some fragances get dirty your dress shirts?

    Spray it just one your skin, while you're still without any shirt (or just undress it, spray yourself, wait 2 minutes to dry and then wear the shirt again).
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    Re: I want an absolute gothic fragrance !

    No.88 (Czech & Speake) - jack the ripper (with the victorian feel and all).
    Black Aoud (Montale) - a vampire scent.

    Black Cashmere (DKNY), Black Orchid and Noir de Noir (both by Tom Ford) smells...
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    Re: YSL M7 reformulated?!!!!

    I wouldnt say that L'homme and La Nuit de L'homme are really in the YSL style. I think Kouros, M7, Rive Gauche, Opium, Jazz, Pour Homme, are more their main style. Even Body Kouros I wouldnt say its...
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    Re: YSL M7 reformulated?!!!!

    I have the older bottle of M7, and 2 sprays are enough for the whole day. But on the beginning, i thought it really was weak and had not much longevity, so i recomend you guys to give it a little...
  90. Re: Ten new members who have an interest in sampling

    Yeah, i think i'm too late.. :(
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    Re: Iris Comparison

    The iris, for me, is that note that is somehow thick in texture, that some people associate to lipstick, crayons or carrots (i think crayon is the closest of these three). The best example to detect...
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    Re: S(ample) of the Day: Iris Silver Mist

    Just blaming something as "bug spray" is not really in good manners too.

    If you want to be taken seriously, you must say it with propriety and respectfully rather than throwing insults on the...
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    Re: YSL M7 reformulated?!!!!

    Sometimes a reformulation can feel just like a discontinuation. [:(]
    Hopefully, i think its not the case here.
  94. Thread: Coriolan

    by vitorscpaiva

    Re: Coriolan

    Same here from Brazil. Coriolan is so subtle and light that fits perfectly the hot weather.
  95. Re: Burr gives La Nuit de L'Homme by YSL three stars

    "Burr gives La Nuit de L'Homme by YSL three stars"

    And he also gave Dior Homme Sport 4 stars.
    Definetly I can't agree much with his reviews.
  96. Thread: Coriolan

    by vitorscpaiva

    Re: Coriolan

    It starts quite strong, but it quickly decreases its strenght and becomes very discreet. This is why it was called "introverted".
    Coriolan have its qualities, but i think it is not very appealing at...
  97. Re: If you had to chose, would it be sillage or longevity?

    But dont u think some scents just doesnt work on clothes?
  98. Re: BN'ers suggests me some niche, trying to expand

    Maybe you should first tell what kind of scents, notes do you like, or which family (chypre, oriental, fougere, etc).
    As you can see, there are too many things to try in the niche perfumery.
  99. Re: Van Cleef & Arpels PH - big time longevity

    This is really a great fragrance and i think it deserved to be a little more known.
  100. Re: New poster, may I have some advice on my next purchase based on my wardrobe?

    If you rate Santos and Antaeus as 5/5, probably you would like Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme too.

    And maybe also M7 and Gucci pour homme.
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