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    Re: Top 5 most worn vintage fragrances.

    1 Egoiste
    2 Antaeus
    3 Zino Davidoff
    4 Guerlain Heritage EDT
    5 Tie between Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and Armani Eau Pour Homme
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    Re: Monsieur de Singapour

    The box looks vintage to me: neither barcode nor green dot presented, so it must be before 90's. However, it may've been distributed on board as a compliment and not meant to be for sale.

    - - -...
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    Monsieur de Singapour

    Hello, fellow Basenoters!

    Anybody ran into this edt? I bought it blindly online for about 20$. It says on the bottle "cree par Lancome Paris pour Singapour Airlines". Would appreciate any info on...
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    Poll: Re: Best Dior between these 4

    There is only one - Fahrenheit EDT
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    Re: My latest blindbuys - are they worth it?

    Well, I got my purchases and wore them a few times..
    Armani Eau pour homme. Opening - a short blast of citruses, 10 seconds or so, and then they are gone for good, I can't smell them anymore.. Now...
  6. Thread: Egosite help

    by Mancio82

    Re: Egosite help

    Actually, it's July 1990. Bar code, no green dot, batch number.
  7. Re: Cedrat Boise by Mancera VS Creed Green Irish Tweed - Which one do you prefer?

    Own GIT and tried Mancera.
    Actually I prefer Cedrat Boise, GIT doesn't do much for me these days.
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Egoiste (and Concentree)
    Bel Ami Vetiver
    Grey Vetiver EDP

    Always subject to change, of course.
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    Re: My latest blindbuys - are they worth it?

    Thanks for your feedback, gentlemen!

    I'm eagerly waiting for the shipment to arrive. I'll let you know what I think about these two scents.
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    My latest blindbuys - are they worth it?

    Hello everybody!

    I'm at it again - blindbuying colognes. I though I was through with it but, alas, it ain't over till the fat lady sings.
    Just got myself 2 bottles - vintage Paco Rabanne pour...
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    Re: Your favorite powder fragrances for men

    Nobody has mentioned M7 yet? Well, the drydown is all powder, the best powder you can ever find.
  12. Re: Imagine if catastrophe struck & you had to start over with your wardrobe. Where would you start

    Well, my collection is split pretty evenly between 2 homes: in Russia and in Canada. Assuming the storm hits only one place, I'll still have enough juice for the rest of my life.. It's just cologne,...
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    Re: Projection monsters either edt or edp ?

    My colleague wears 3-4 sprays of Forest Oud by Montale and since she is suffering from olfactory fatigue, tends to respray a few times throughout the day. Needless to say, the whole open space area...
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    Re: Think I Messed Up a Blind Buy....

    Some people say if you love Egoiste, you should upgrade to Bois des Iles. I actually think, it's other way around. Egoiste to me is much more complex scent. BdI on my skin is very floral in the...
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    Re: Delicious burnt brown sugar scent?

    I would say Pal Zileri Viaggio d'Africa has that type of a smell.
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    Re: Mancera Wave Musk

    Own a 2 ml sample. Not a big fan, to tell you the truth. It's too grating after a few hours, there is something unrefined and synthetic in a bad way about this scent. Longevity is really good, though.
  17. Re: Simply Put Scents 2016 Fragoffs...Only 2 Frags remain. I need you to decide the Champ

    DHI all the way
  18. Re: Elite 8! Fragrance Tournament: Battle of The Niche

    Judging by how both scents did in round 1, I think, Nio will easily beat LADDM.
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    Re: GIT – fickle friend or acquired taste?

    Well, I actually love the opening, that grass thing, green freshness. Unfortunately it quickly fades giving way to what I think is ambergris, earthy, scratchy kind of a smell I'm not the biggest fan...
  20. Re: 2016 Designer Fragoffs- 4 Remain, 2 Must Be Chosen. Please Decide.

    DHI and GPH2
  21. Re: 2016 Designer Fragoffs- 8 Remain, 4 Must Be Chosen. Please Help Decide

  22. Re: Have you ever dropped a bottle? If so, what happened?

    Dropped my 10ml glass decant of Pure Malt on the tile floor just outside my house. I guess, a few beers I had before helped the cause. Well, I never was a big fan of PM, anyway.
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    Re: why all the hate for joop?

    Well, it's strongly associated with desperate for attention guys in the 90's wearing like 10 sprays of this stuff at the disco. The opening blast is nose numbing, I use 1,5 sprays max and as far from...
  24. Re: iNSENSE Ultramarine - what are your thoughts?

    For my nose, it's a combination of the original Insense (flowers) and everpresent in the 90's aquatic-fruity mixture. It's quite pleasant after an hour or so of wearing when the synthetic blast...
  25. Re: What fragrance do you wear and enjoy that Basenotes generally looks down on?

    Joop Homme for me. Overappliers killed this scent in the 90's but one spray on the chest goes a long way with this one.
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    Re: Mom wears aventus

    Well, I guess, that kills Aventus for you.. It would be very awkward for me to wear something that my mom wears:-)
  27. Re: Chanel Egoiste, lets get the verdict on the new bottle***no platinum pls****

    Well, just tried the square shouldered bottle and have to say that to my nose it is identical to my 2012 bottle. It's like a light version of vintage Egoiste, less dense but at the same time smells...
  28. Re: Inexpensive Gems: Great fragrances below £20/$30

    Davidoff Zino can be found for very cheap. Nikos Sculpture Homme is sold for peanuts. Here, in Russia, 30$ will go a long way since the ruble collapsed and the prices haven't adjusted yet. For...
  29. Re: 'Ghost' Fragrances - Fragrances that make you nose blind

    Fortunately, no, I've never experienced the olfactory fatigue. I'm a 3 sprays wearer, one on the chest, two on the neck: back and front and I'm set for at least 8 hours with almost all of my scents....
  30. Thread: Help me

    by Mancio82

    Re: Help me

    Hm, OP, I think, we need more information (what other scents you like, your age, what is the intended purpose of the scent, etc). Otherwise, we are not helping you but picking a scent that we like...
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    Poll: Re: choose only one

    SuperfluousPastry, GV in italics in your case because you voted for it. It just shows you what you voted for.
    My vote - Fahrenheit. Tried all of them but nothing surpasses the uniqueness of good ol'...
  32. Re: Best inexpensive long lasting fragrances you can use any seoson

    Nikos Sculpture Homme. A nice blend of sweet and fresh making it suitable for every season, just needs to be applied less in the heat. Can be found under 20$.
  33. Re: Aqua Fahrenheit: Screw off sprayer or not; which one is older?

    I own a "spray and splash" bottle from 2011, according to the batch code. Since the scent came out in 2011, chances are, this type of bottle is older.
  34. Re: smelled a (few) Creed fragrance 4 the first time in my life... is it me or ... ?

    Yes, I'm getting the same vibe from GIT (even created a similar thread dedicated to this smell) and MI, less so from Aventus. Must be ambergris or that's what I was told by people much more...
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    Re: Zino or Havana

    Both are very good but I don' reach too often for either scent. If forced to choose, would go with Zino but I haven't tried a new formulation.
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    Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

    Well, it's perfect for what it is: crowd-pleasing, safe vetiver. Yes, it may be an "introductory vetiver" but who said it's worse than other more complex and challenging vetivers out there? I love it...
  37. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Tried a few yesterday..
    Insense Ultramarine. Actually, this is not as far away from the original as many reviewers claim. It's just that ubiquitous aquatic accord, the signature of the 90's that...
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    Re: Yves Rocher Cuir Vetiver

    Tested it on a strip few days ago. Definitely has some of Ellena's creations DNA, like Terre d'Hermes, Vetiver Tonka and even Bel Ami Vetiver but has more flowers to my nose. As was mentioned, it is...
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    Re: Givenchy Incense, which version to buy?

    Joe_Frances, my experience with Insense was similar. Except I only paid about 30$ for a 30ml bottle in one of the small perfume shops in Toronto (the very first version of this scent). Gave it...
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    Re: Zino Davidoff impressions

    Francolino, I played for FC Modena under 21 team (Primavera). Then I got injured and soon moved to Canada where soccer ends:-) But that's a different story..
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    Re: Zino Davidoff impressions

    Francolino, actually some of Badedas shampoo and shower gel bottles look like they may be the ones I used. They obviously repackaged this stuff since 1999. The liquid was green and everybody who used...
  42. Re: Fess Up! Popular, Well-Known Fragrances You STILL Haven't Smelled

    I'm surprised people mentioning Xerjoff and Clive Christian lines. Popular? With a dozen of Basenoters?
    I've smelled so many scents in my life, I sometimes can't remember if I smelled frag A or B....
  43. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Canali Men from a sample. 30 minutes in - smells pleasanly fruity, pretty generic.
  44. Re: Best summer scent under $150 that performs well?

    Aqua Fahrenheit. Great long lasting scent, lasts longer than the original on my skin.
    Bergamotto Marino is a nice summer scents indeed but it's an Eau de Cologne, so longevity is not the best, even...
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    Re: Zino Davidoff impressions

    Fascinating.. As I said earlier, Zino on my skin seemed pretty linear. Well, that just changed. I put one spray on my chest before bed and again all I could smell was that shampoo&shower gel. While...
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    Re: Zino Davidoff impressions

    Jonnyv, the bottle doesn't look like the one I used to have. We have Alberto products in Canada but I've never seen that black shampoo bottle from my young years here.
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    Re: Zino Davidoff impressions

    Freschi, I stated in the opening post that my bottle of Zino is vintage, both words in italic, Lancaster version.
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    Re: Zino Davidoff impressions

    Actually, on my skin Zino is pretty linear, it just gets less sharper in the drydown. And the longevity is very good, one spray on the chest in the morning, could smell it while taking a shower after...
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    Zino Davidoff impressions

    Yesterday I blind bough vintage Zino Davidoff (Lancaster bottle). Sprayed it on my wrist, let it settle down and.. Could swear I smelled it before. Is it some other scent that I own? Couldn't point...
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    Re: Brick and Mortar Store Finds

    What do I think about these prices? One word: ridiculous. Stay away.
  51. Re: When your friends what to use your expensive cologne

    Don't have this problem. Few of my friends care enough to just look at my collection, let alone spraying something.. So no, I wouldn't worry if somebody some day actually dares to use a couple of...
  52. Re: Does YSL M7 smell like a Middle Eastern fragrance to you?

    I don't own any Middle Eastern fragrances but haven't smelled anything similar on people from Middle East that I know.
  53. Re: Bel Ami vs Bel Ami Vetiver vs Aoud Cuir d Arabie

    Thank you for your opinions guys!
    Colin Maillard, I haven't had much exposure to oud fragrances. Is oud in Cuir d Arabie similar to my beloved M7 (original formulation)? For me, if there was less...
  54. Bel Ami vs Bel Ami Vetiver vs Aoud Cuir d Arabie

    I own and enjoy Bel Ami Vetiver. Now, There is an opportunity to buy a slightly used 100ml bottle of Bel Ami for about 40$. The catch is, it's, from what I understand, the 2nd reformulation of the...
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    Re: My Current Top Three

    Chanel Egoiste (and Concentree)
    Bel Ami Vetiver
    DHI and M7 (tie)
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    Poll: Re: Back to Black vs Herod vs Tobacco Vanille

    Haven't tried Herod.. TV by 7000 light years over BtB. And I don't even like TV that much.
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    Re: Pal Zileri - Privata Viaggio discontinued?

    100 ml testers of Viaggio d Africa can be bought in Russia for about 20 USD or even less. Not sure if it's discontinued, though, I own a 50 ml bottle of this scent and don't use it often enough to...
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    Re: Tried Fahrenheit COLONGE

    I've had FC on my wrist for about 2 hours now.. First impression: I've smelled this before, it's a mix of Dior Homme Sport 2012 and Dior Homme Cologne with DHS being more prominent. In a matter of...
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    Re: Tried Fahrenheit COLONGE

    Will give this a shot but I'm sad they killed Aqua Fahrenheit, it was really good, very underrated.
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    Re: Smells like vacation...

    Guerlain Homme. Not exactly vacations but weekends by the lake in Ontario and a lot of mojitos made by me and my friend, good times:-)
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    Re: Is Knize Ten still great?

    I happen to wear Knize Ten today, batch ch22, I think. Well, I can definitely say, it's very unusual by today's perfumery standards and some people may find it offensive. It's the only scent that...
  62. Re: Gucci Pour Homme (1976) = Balenciaga Ho Hang?

    East and West, huh? Well, I admit after another wearing that Gph gets sweeter in the drydown but for the first few hours these two scents are very similar to my nose. Remember, there are supposedly 3...
  63. Re: Gucci Pour Homme (1976) = Balenciaga Ho Hang?

    NickZee, they both seem pretty linear to me except for short citrus blast in the beginning of Gph that quickly subsides giving way to what's coming for the rest of scent's life. Both scents are clean...
  64. Gucci Pour Homme (1976) = Balenciaga Ho Hang?

    I own the original formulation of Balenciaga Ho Hang. I just purchased a vintage 25 ml bottle of Gucci Pour Homme (1976) with about 2-3 ml left in it. Now, to my nose, both scents are really similar,...
  65. Re: Where to buy a replica of Magnetism by Escada?

    I bought a 100 ml bottle for 56 canadian dollars back in 2014 in one of the perfume outlets in Toronto. Since then I've seen it in a few different stores for a reasonable price. Not the biggest fan...
  66. Re: How many fragrances did you acquire in 2015, and which is your favorite?

    Not a lot of buying for me this year, money has been tight. I would say Bel Ami Vetiver and vintage Joop Homme were equally impressive.
  67. Re: would you buy a fake bottle of By Man by D&G?

    I never understood... If fakers have the tools to reproduce the bottle of By Man to the point when it's almost impossible to tell it apart from the original, why are they so stupid to make the inside...
  68. Re: Don't like tobacco - Will I like Pure Havane?

    Do you like honeyed cherry cough syrup? If yes, go for Pure Havane, I smell almost no tobacco in it.
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    Re: What are your Top Ten Fragrances?

    Bel Ami Vetiver
    TF Grey Vetiver
    Chanel Egoiste
    Dior Fahrenheit and Aqua Fahrenheit for warm months
    Dior Homme Intense
    YSL M7
    YSL Rive Gauche
    Guerlain Heritage
    Knize Ten
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    Re: Burberry London Vs Dsquared Potion EDT

    Don't find them redundant, they may be playing at the same park but different ball game. Prefer Potion but not by much.
  71. Re: Egoiste, Platinum Egoiste, Pour Monsieur and Antaeus

    Pour Monsieur
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    Re: Best Aqua Fragrance ?

    +1 Aqua Fahrenheit, excellent performance.
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    Re: Guerlain - Heritage vs habit Rouge

    Actually, Heritage on my skin starts with a citrus blast that doesn't last more than a few minutes. It gets quite powdery towards the end but I wouldn't call it "citrus powder".
    The fact that the OP...
  74. Re: Lets take a moment to gush about Jaipur Homme by Boucheron

    It is nice, elegant, mature, refined, the only problem is - I have no idea when to wear it, there seems to be no occasion in my life to wear such a goodness.
  75. Replies

    Re: My Blind Buy List

    A very good list for blinbuys, OP, I like or love everything except Back to Black (smells like catpee on my skin). Just read different reviews, what people have to say about those fragrances....
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    Re: I need a winter fragrance

    +1 split of TV, get the real thing if you love it.
    +1 Eau des Baux, it's more woody, restrained TV, cheap and very good.
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    Re: My Chinese Wife Rates Fahrenheit 10/10

    Yes, Fahrenheit is great, it's known fact but what's with Basenoters and Chinese wives? Do they smell better?:-)
  78. Re: How is Dior Homme Intense in term of compliments?

    No compliments for me so far.. I don't care, I love the smell and that's all that matter to me.
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    Re: The SWEETEST frags you can think of?

    Al rehab Choco Musk roll-on and, preferably, overapplied. It will cause you cavity and diabetes.
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    Re: Hermes - Suggestions please

    Never tried original Bel Ami but Bel Ami Vetiver is really good, quickly became my top 10.
  81. Re: Joop! Homme EDT - Are there two different logo fonts?

    Nice catch, OP! I have exactly same bottle coming my way in the mail. My wife filled out every single inch of our appartment with her vintage Champs Elysees EDP, it's my turn to fight back and show...
  82. Re: What male scents have the ad agencies been pushing on you lately?

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport Extreme of all things here in Russia where I'm on a business trip. That's because I turn the tv on only to catch a soccer game or two.
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    Re: Pure Malt, Pure Havane, or Chanel Egoiste?

    Egoiste. It's a masterpiece. Pure Havane is not bad, Pure Malt is just way too sweet and persistant.
  84. Re: Suppose you are launching a new fragrance. What would be the name??

    Colin Maillard, quick question: how did you come up with the name "Poshlost" for your perfume? It's a very Russian word that has no literal translation to English. It's like banality meets...
  85. Re: Recommendations Please: Long to Very Long Lasting - Sweet/Spicey

    Jaipur by Boucheron, it's sweet, definitely spicy and last forever (I have an edt version).
    Yes, Chanel Egoiste is beautiful but, unfortunately, it doesn't last too long on me, even the vintage...
  86. Re: What is missed in Basenotes Article of 500 Greatest Modern Perfumes?

    Aqua Fahrenheit. Nice take on good ol' classic with excellent performance.
    Bergamotto Marino. Great option for sweaty summers.
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    Re: Smells like something died in here

    "Something died in here"... it's probably this kid's sense of smell.. What does this kid know about death anyway:-)
  88. Replies

    Re: Who here owns the oldest bottle of CH Men?

    I have a bottle with batch number 921.51, it's August 3rd, 2009, according to checkcosmetic. The funny thing is, I have no idea how this bottle came into my possession, was probably left behind by...
  89. Re: Going through a bottle of Versace in a week? Week after week................yikes!

    "Versace"? He goes through every single scent from this company in a week? My finger would be injured...
  90. Re: The best and worst fragrance names to say out loud.

    Egoiste - one sick name for a scent and even sicker commercial.
    Knize Ten sounds solid and manly, just like the scent.
    Jaipur, Meharees, Havana - all short, simple and indicative of what to expect...
  91. Any Supernatural fans here? What would characters wear...

    Just for fun, I'll start:

    Dean - direct, loyal, brave, stubborn. Knize Ten would do. Vintage M7 when he is chasing girls.
    Sam - introverted, soft with a rebellious side. Dior Homme Parfum.
  92. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    A lot of choice here, Jon Rodgers, I'll pick:

    Bois des Iles
    Tobacco Vanille
  93. Re: Rive gauche pour homme vs L Instant De Guerlain

    Ibbityppi, what other fragrances did you try and liked or disliked apart from Cool Water? Just trying to get more information, so far recommending anything at this point seems like a shot in the...
  94. Re: Rive gauche pour homme vs L Instant De Guerlain

    Both are really good but miles away from Cool Water and may appear too mature for your tastes. It's not a good idea to pick your next scent based on high ratings only, try to sample first.
  95. Thread: LIDGE vs DHI

    by Mancio82

    Re: LIDGE vs DHI

    Uvalde, I fully agree with you that both scents are far from being safe, they are definately hit-or-miss. My mother can't stand LIDGE, says it smells like perfume she uses to cover up cigarette smoke...
  96. Thread: LIDGE vs DHI

    by Mancio82

    Re: LIDGE vs DHI

    They are two different scents within the same genre. It' like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are both rock bands but are they similar? You get my drift...
    I find LIDGE to be more mature, dry and...
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    Re: Egoïste - new cap and apparently reformulated

    Badarun, my guess is - late 90's. If you have a batch number on the bottle, you can easily tell the year it was produced.
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    Re: Insense by Givenchy

    Just got a vintage 1993 30ml bottle for about 25$. Still not sure what to think about it though.. Initial blast of something sharp green and something stuffy and very dated turning into pleasant...
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    Re: 500 Greatest Modern Perfumes

    I still don't see page numbers and have to press the "next" button multiple times in order to get to the last page. Needless to say, it takes a lot of time. I'm using an older version of Iphone,...
  100. Re: Which fragrance have you been on the fence about for the longest time?

    Vintage M7. It is good, really good but I never seem to find an occasion to wear it and almost always reach for something else.
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