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    Closest to original acqua di selva

    Anyone have a clue as to which current mens' cologne is similar to the original Acqua di Selva by Victor?.

    The original, not the current di Modrone offering which is nothing like the original.
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    Original Victor Acqua di Selva

    Anyone know the notes of the original Acqua di Selva by Victor? Not the current offering by di Modrone.

    The two are definitely NOT the same. The original was a heady resiny cologne, it had none of...
  3. Re: Has anyone gone back to a very old signature they used to wear?

    Yes, and both attempts were huge disappointments.

    Vetiver by Carven, Acqua di selva, were unique colognes when I first used them. Then they werer re-engineered (I use the term deliberately) and...
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