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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    As the heat melts concrete into lava here in S. Cal I'd say my top 5 picks for the summer are:

    1. Lowe Para Hombre (vintage formula)

    And for the evening

    2. Patou pour Homme Privé

    And good...
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    Re: What is "aromatherapy"?

    It's an ancient rite practiced in S. California.
    I could tell you more but I have to purify my chakras and I forgot my mantra.

    CA did not secede from The Union in 1861 but we did secede from The...
  3. Re: What scents have gotten you the most negative comments from women?

    Route du Vétiver
    Salvador Dali Pour Homme

    I can't imagine why.


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    Re: Most authentic leather smell

    +1 --And good luck finding the discontinued Creed Royal English.

    TL, as some have observed is leather in a bottle but on the skin the leather tends to recede and fruity/sweet notes take center...
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    Re: Creed royal english leather

    I mourn for it.

    5 stars.


    Cry me a River,

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    Poll: Re: Citrus King

    You're right, of course, but I'm falling asleep and therefore too hazy and lazy to comply. So forgive my shotgun approach;

    Let's see. The answer is OTHER(s)
    And among them would certainly be: (...
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    Creamy Fragrances

    I know, it's not chypre or fougere. Still . . .
    I've noticed many reviewers using that adjective to describe certain frags
    And no, not all of them are vanilla/amber explosive devices set on kill....
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    Re: Patou pour homme reissue

    You're right. The "Cologne" seems to be the regular EdT strenght.
    However I did find an "Aftershave" via Google for sale on eBay:

    This is the one the...
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    Re: Patou pour homme reissue

    Interesting. Where on the www do they sell the edc, (aka aftershave?) I can only find the Prive in edc/aftershave, not the PpH.
    Much obliged, David.

  10. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    Hm . . .No one has stolen your Derby yet?


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    Re: "Too Safe"

    When I owned the following I kept wondering why I kept getting fired; then I realized I kept falling asleep at my desk with the help of:

    Armani Code
    Armani PH
    Bulgari Aqua PH
    Cavalli Man...
  12. Re: The Ultimate Frag For A Scorching Hot Weather?

    Have you considered Bay Rum? Even a C+ one like Royall might work as long as the cloves aren't set on overkill.
    OK. Of those previously mentioned make it another vote for:

    Sel Marine by Heely ...
  13. Re: If you're a Mafia boss, what would you were?

    This one is too easy.

    1. Macassar
    2. Jean Patou PH

    (I'm assuming that my henchmen will, by whatever means, score these discontinued Alpha Male " Don't mess with me. " Fragrances.-- Or die...
  14. Poll: Re: Bijan(vintage) vs Interlude Man vs Black Afgano

    :) To be sure that's the one that permeates hallways for hours after the wearer has passed by


  15. Re: Taking my girl out to a pretty upscale strip club for her first time...

    What would Hugh Hefner wear? Or Austin Powers? I can't bring myself to ask about James Bond . . .

    I grant that "classy strip joint" does sound like an oxymoron akin to "classy heavy gold chains"...
  16. Re: A nice fragrance to wear as a college student?

    Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet.

    I know, funny name but look up the reviews.


  17. Re: Reverse Holy Grail, a Creed scrubber!

    Agree 100%
    Then again, as dougczar said, you might have gotten a bad sample.


  18. Re: What fragrances make you happy when you smell them??? What fragrances will you never get tired o

    Well said, Ken! :)
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    Re: Female's Perspective

    I have nothing to add, I just had to see this on print again.

    Long Live Basenotes!
  20. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Only 4? Next time wear white socks to match the plaid/shirt/fake gold chain outfit
  21. Re: I've had Terre D'Hermes for three months without any female compliments. Anyone else experience

    TdH has 55% Iso-Super E, so if you can't score with that either you've got a bad batch or need to get Molecule 01
    by Escentric Molecules, which is 100% ISo-Super E.

    You won't be able to smell it...
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    Re: I'm not Cary Grant...

    +1 On Dunhill for Men (0riginal 1934)-It's an EDC but lasts forever
    Egoiste by Chanel
    Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet
    Creed--Royal English Leather.

    These should do for now

    Welcome to the...
  23. Re: Please help me buy my wife some nice perfume

    Hm. I once bought my GF Acqua Santa / Holy Water by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo (look it up in the reviews) a very nice, light and well blended orange scent.
    She didn't like it. She joked about the...
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    Poll: Re: whats your favorite soapy scent?

    Vetiver Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez

    Of the ones you listed, I voted for Creed's OV ( Yes, a compliment getter, esp from the elegant and restrained) but THIS is the soapiest vetiver I've smelled.
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    Re: The Most Classic Smelling Men's Cologne

    +1 :)
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    Re: Holy Grail Citrus Award

    Selection Verte

    Though if I could be bothered to carry decants on me (or not give a damn about longevity ) ADP Colonia and your Holy Grail would make it to heaven as well :)

    Honorable Mention:...
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    Re: My Top 10 Picks For Winter 2012

    Break out the orientals and the heavyweights!

    4.Dunhill '34
    5.Habit Rouge
    6. M.K.K.
    7. L'Occitane Vetyver (for those cloudy, brooding evenings)
    8. Hinoki (for...
  28. Re: Fellow old farts: what did you wear in the 80s?

    Hey! I resemble--I mean I resent that characterization!

    Almost all the powerhouses, and I rejoiced in my amazingly sophisticated taste by wearing out of fashion 'vintage' brews, like Aramis or...
  29. Re: The Best Most Leathery Leather scents (male or female)...Your opinions please!

    Yes! --(I know all of you are dying trying to figure out what to send me for

    Here's a few scattered thoughts that may be helpful.

    1. Peau d'Espagne by Santa Maria Novella-- As...
  30. Re: If you had to pick Creed GIT vs MI? Why?

    Why indeed?

    Because I'd be a newbie who had never smelled Sélection Verte or Cyprès-Musc, Bois du Portugal or Epicea instead of GIT (and good luck finding SV on eBay--or from a seller here.)
  31. Re: What is Your Favorite Minimalist Scent?

    Hinoki :)
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    Re: Musc Kublai Khan vs Musc Ravageur


    I'd say that MR starts feminine and then it gets more butch. Someone once described it as a hip version of Shalimar. It's wearable for men but, imho, far better smelling on women.

    MKK is ...
  33. Re: What other expensive hobbies do you guys have besides collecting fragrances????

    Photographing military installations.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just kidding. Really, if you want to know any military secrets you can read about them in The New York Times.

    Though I do like WW2...
  34. Re: Recommendations for a woman under 30

    Isn't # 5 much too old for a 27 year old? :)

    It's okay, I once asked my boss if she was wearing Pink Sugar. She was enormously impressed. I didn't add " That's funny, you don't look 14 years old....
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    Re: Some good Cheap fragrances..!!

    Since the OP mentioned my favorite sinus rocket (Jacomo de Jacomo) I'll chime in.

    St. John's Bay Rum (I believe the sell this by the gallon?)
    Catalyst for Men-- by Halston
    Homme Nature---by Yves...
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    Re: I am going to be.....

    I wish I'd said that. Wear what you like
  37. Running out of Havana Reserva--and as for the new Havana . . .

    Ok there was the old Havana discontinued and brought back (for a year or so?) conical shaped blue glass.

    Then there was Havana Reserva, a longer lasting version that kept 'true' to the original...
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    Re: I read articles about the Creed boutique and have watched youtube vids about that and other

    I don't know about the one across from Barney's but The Wilshire store in Beverly Hills has moved--about 3 blocks. Their new address is 264 N. Beverly Drive. Call beforehand for parking advice!...
  39. Re: What Scent Reminds You of Cutting Wood?


    Look up the reviews, esp those from my fellow Coneheads

    Tam Dao? I get cedar, herbs and Diptyque knows what from that one. Interesting but . . .


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    Re: whats your worst blind buy ever?

    Thanks, I thought I was the only one. Fortunately I only got a sample--As I did with Route du Vetiver. Not my happiest choices.

    But my worst full bottle full blunders blind buys?
    A three way tie...
  41. Re: List 5 outstanding under the radar fragrances.

    Aventus is under the radar?

    OK 5 which are somewhat more obscure bur still rock:

    1. Signature pour Homme by ST Dupont
    2. Versace l'Homme (1984) by Versace
    3. Salvador (1992) by Salvador Dali...
  42. Re: the scent which really puts a spell on people!

    A Spell?
    Sorry but I cannot reveal our secrets to the uninitiated.
    I still tremble when I recall innocently posting my wardrobe--and which scents I considered 5 stars.
    The Inner Circle of...
  43. Re: I think I got a fake bottle of cologne on EBAY

    What he said.
    I don't care for Platinum Egoiste myself but it does have MONSTER sillage
    If no one can smell it after all those sprays, you've got a fake or a bad bottle.

    Step on the gas and wipe...
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    Re: Winter fragrances?

    As do I.

    Ok, here's 4:

    1. Egoiste (already mentioned several times and rightly so!)
    2. St. Dupont Signature (Looks like an inkwell. On Amazon now for $28)
    3. Cacharel Pour Homme (look up the...
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    Re: Some rare stuff I found by accident

    Obviously, you got ripped off. Where are the free bottles of Patou Pour Homme, Royal English Leather and Macassar? :)


  46. Re: I'm having a ridiculous amount of trouble trying to find a summer scent

    OK,here we go!

    Acqua di Parma Colonia (original)
    Gai Mattiollo Uomo ( read the reviews)
    Signorrici ( ditto on the reviews)

    And for Vetiver either the old standby of
    Guerlian, or try a...
  47. Re: Do you know any ocean/salty smelling fragrances?

    I've said this before; if you are by the beach. or in the path of a hurricane NOTHING beats Creed's Erolfa!

    Not so cool as an office scent or something to be worn during a desert dust storm.
  48. Re: Acqua di gio VS Armani code VS Le Male VS 1 million?

    None. They're boring, mediocre, and since everybody and his cousin uses them, chances are that you'll remind any woman smelling these of one of her ex-boyfriends.

    Hell, you'd be better off with...
  49. Re: What people say when you wear Yatagan?

    " Celery and gunpowder turn me on."


  50. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    The usual suspects: GIT, Platinum Egoiste, Chanel Bleu

    But towering above them all, without a doubt:
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    Re: Answer Every Question With A Question

    Mighty Mouse? That rodent on steroids? Did he ever show up to save your day?
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    Re: Chanel Antaeus

    A great scent, period.

    Hm. Will someone post a picture of the vintage and the reformulated? Or are they identical bottles?

    And the year of the reformulation was . . .?


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    Re: Answer Every Question With A Question

    Lullaby, valium, hot jacuzzi and sex followed by a deep tissue massage and I may manage to get some sleep.

    You know, this game's OK but a bit lame lame compared to The Question Answer Game.
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    Re: Answer Every Question With A Question

    I am a reformed Ebayian, or at least an addict on old due to finances. A Reformed Ebayian Addict? Doesn't this sound a bit like saying you're a Unitarian Ethiopian Congregationalist in a 12 step...
  55. Re: What type of scent am I missing in my collection

    Aw, hell just look in my wardrobe for the 5 star scents:)

    The Vetiver recommendations just keep pouring in---and they're good.

    Come to think of it, check them both out in the reviews section.
  56. Re: Is there a Guerlain Vetiver without the ashtray note?

    I admit to being a barbarian, as I like the tobacco 'acrid ashtray note' :)

    But for truly refined gentlemen, there's the VINTAGE Guerlian Vetiver.
    Which fits the description of what you're...
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    Re: Cutting through the Heat

    We really should consider merging a bunch of threads recently posted on this burning (sorry) topic.

    Here's one:...
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    Re: What else smells like One Million?

    Mercifully not much.
  59. Re: Can a young man pull off Havana? Recommendations/advice for a newcomer?

    I have a feeling you'll really enjoy Havana from everything you've written.


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    Re: "Winter Fragrances" in the HEAT!!!

    I agree. I live in a desert. A metropolis founded on the Aerospace and Film industries. It's (theoretically) only an hour from the beach, but if you've ever wondered where you'll spend eternity, ask...
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    Re: Kolnisch Juchten by Parfums Regence

    You will probably be pleased.

    This is one fragrance that you have to buy blind unless you live in San Francisco where Parfums Regency has their brick and mortar store

    OK some reviews...
  62. Re: The best fragrance to use in the office?

    Amen to that! --Er . . .I mean Hallelujah!

    Of course self-examination helps. What are your intentions?

    If you want to be a good, clean-starched boy: Gendarme.

    If, on the other hand, you want...
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    Re: Help Me Choose!

    Woody/Vetiver? Santal 33

    Which I've never smelled.
    But I have smelled Route du Vetiver


  64. Re: It's going to be 97 degree fahrenheit today, what fragrance would you wear?

    Guerlian Vetiver, Bowling Green, Infusion by Bombay Sapphire-- and maybe St John's Bay Rum.


    But not Himalaya, Bois de Cédrat, Acqua di Parma...
  65. Re: Whats a good cologne for the outdoors: camping,fishing,etc

    Offhand, Fou d'Absinthe, Hinoki, Selection Verte, and the aforementioned English Fern

    Perhaps you should check out the 'Coneheads Group' here at BN?


  66. Re: What Would You Have Voted Into The FiFi UK Hall Of Fame?

    A very small English poodle?


    Strange that the original Alfred Dunhill (1934) would not be mentioned.
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    Re: Overrated Fragrances

    Today's "overrated" may become yesterday's newspaper.

    Anybody remember Geir by Geir Ness?

    Nice fragrance, really.
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    Re: What's the ultimate Alpha Male scent?

    Hm . . .

    IMHO Blenheim Bouquet blows Yatagan away and Vintage Tabarome does the same to BdP

    But then you'd have to believe an Alpha Male could bring himself to say ' Humble Opinion. ' Wouldn't...
  69. Re: James Bond Fragrance coming this year

    Can I get it with Tiberius by Star Trek and Mojo by Austin Powers?


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    Re: Help Me Choose my Acqua di Parma

    And yet another.

    They really got it right the first time around. :)


  71. Re: Worst cologne you've ever smelled???????????

    I have a couple in the WTF department:

    Eau Sauvage Extreme (WTF have you done to this classic?) Or Joop! (Dear God, why? To go out with a woman that wears Pink sugar??)

    But the absolute pits is...
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    Re: 2 Word Reviews

    A*Men---Pink Sugar
    M7-------Opium Lite
    Le Male--La Femme
  73. Replies

    Re: POWER House fragrances!

    True, but beware of the dark (sickly sweet) side!

    Grey Flannel and original Polo get my vote. If Tuscany/Etruscan is a left hook to the jaw, Polo is a karate master's open hand heel strike to the...
  74. Re: Is This The World´s StrangesT Perfume ?


    I'd have preferred "Ancient moss secretly torn from rocks from the gardens of Zen Temples in Kyoto during midnight by undercover Ninjas."

    But I guess you can't have everything . . .
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    Re: New girlfriend: cologne rankings

    I can't help but wonder what she'd think of Happy by Clinique?

  76. Replies

    Re: What are the best Aquatic fragrances??

    They've already been mentioned:

    1.Gai Mattiolo Uomo by Gai Mattiolo-----------Anytime, anywhere
    2.Creed Erolfa---------------------------------Yes, I still insist you have to be by the seashore....
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    Re: POWER House fragrances!

    Caron's 3rd Man might be too sweet for you. Yes, I like Bulgari Black very much too, but it's not a 'powerhouse' for me.

    For that matter, Antaeus, which has rightly been suggested and which I...
  78. Attention Incense Freaks! Rock Crystal vs Olibanum

    So, I wondered into The Scent Bar today and they were out of Olibanum EDP by Profumum which I had sampled once before and really enjoyed. They did have Rock Crystal (no, it's not a deodorant) by...
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    Re: regretted blind buys

    The way you put it? None. I either shot the bottles or smashed them against a wall, or poured them down the drain as I wept at the futility of it all. :)

    That aside, I do regret--in alphabetical...
  80. Re: So, you've hit the Mega Bucks lottery.....

    OH, Okay:
    In no particular order:

    Chanel Egoiste
    Chanel Antaeus
    Guerlian Vetiver
    Guerlian Habit Rouge edt
    Aramis Havana or Havana Reserva
    Bulgari Black
    Cuba by Czech and Speake
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    Re: Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Toilette

    Sadly, I get less than an hour with the new one.
    Those if you who have 8+ hours longevity must have special fragrance karma.
    Probably saved Aimé Guerlain from drowning in a vat of Jicky back in...
  82. Re: I'm looking for a new masculine man......

    Discounting all the ones from your wardrobe which you've tried or own,
    And discounting the ones I like which have already been mentioned

    There's still:

    Versailles PH
    Lowe Para...
  83. Poll: Re: Chanel Egoiste vs Terre d'Hermes vs Dior Fahrenheit


    Fahrenheit? I waver between shrugging or wondering if the " Check Engine " sign just lit up on my dashboard.
    TdH is another shrug, esp compared to other Hermes scents. Perhaps the IsO...
  84. Re: What is your favorite fragrance of all time

    I must say I am impressed by your taste. It takes some effort on my part not to jump ship from this mundane world and seek refuge at a Zen Monastery when I smell Hinoki. Great scent.

    While your...
  85. Re: What is the best Creed scent for Summer?

    +1 Expensive as hell, esp now that it's practically discontinued and still comes only in 8.4 oz bottles.

    Be that as it may, if you hasn't tried this yet perhaps you should before you recommend a...
  86. Re: Shave Soap vs Shave Cream, Shave Foam, Shave Gel

    No, you didn't misread it; my writing was sloppy. My primary point was meant to address that you couldn't find the QED soap on Ebay.

    The official site for QED is
  87. Re: Shave Soap vs Shave Cream, Shave Foam, Shave Gel


    And let me know how the razorpit works out for you :)

    (The "hybrid" battery powered razor sounds rather odd but, who knows?)


  88. Re: Shave Soap vs Shave Cream, Shave Foam, Shave Gel

    Well, I've no idea what Mach3 fusion power is--Perhaps a Gillette Fusion Power? a Mach 3 Turbo? Their advertising dept must spend hours coming up with these names.:)

    But I guess " Outlandish...
  89. Re: Shave Soap vs Shave Cream, Shave Foam, Shave Gel


    Glad you're enjoying Trumper's Sandalwood!

    I don't know who Bruce is, but to each his own.

    Well, I confess I'm lazy/incompetent enough to stick to Mach 3 over DE. (Horrors!) Hell,...
  90. Re: So I was searching around for Summer Fragrances and here's what I have learned.

    And I agree with dollarsandscents, esp b. Gai Mattiolo Uomo

    The problem is it may be difficult to test. Are the stores in the mall still carrying this one?

    If money is no object, you could get...
  91. Re: I have $100 to spend, which one would you pick out of these 4?

    Forget it. Imagine someone trying to be logical. Curses and drats! Next thing you know you'll probably be asked if you have smelled all 4 and can't make up your mind or if you're buying blind--

  92. Re: Most Underrated/ Overrated Creed Fragrances

    Overrated? Whichever are adored that only make me shrug; BdP? A lightweight compared to Vintage Tabarome. Green Irish Tweed? I sprayed it on waiting for the promised miracle. It was OK but nothing to...
  93. Re: List the fragrance that gives your nose an orgasm

    No. My other fragrances would get jealous. They already suspect something, as I hardly ever wear the same one two days in a row.


  94. Re: Which cologne would you choose from these 4?

    Golddang it! Must you insert logic into this argument?
    Consider the phrasing:
    " My favorite colognes are . . .I want to know your opinion....which one is the best and why? "

    If that's not an...
  95. Re: If you own 50+ bottles: imagine you were to start from none now: what are the first 5 you would

    Good thread, mspa! Seeing patou ph as one of yours I smiled.
    Great choice, of course!
    But then I thought: wait a minute let me make this tougher/ more interesting.

    Which 5 would I first buy...
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    Re: Cold, calculating and menacing

    Frankly, that frag does scare the hell out of me. :)


    So many of my favorites have been mentioned----which is also a bit scary.

    Eucris? Yes, esp...
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    Re: Urinal cakes?

    Perhaps it's time to make a list of the usual (BN hyperbole) suspects.

    Offhand I can think of

    urinal cakes
    cough syrup
    cough drops
    lemon pledge
    hamster cage (referring to a strong cedar...
  98. Re: is it safe to say that the top 5 fresh scents to emerge in the last 10 years are...

    No. It's very dangerous.
  99. Re: Fruity Colognes... If You Could Only Choose ONE....

    Egoiste is great but---fruity? I don't think so.

    Xeyus Rouge? For the man with a great sense of humor. I shrug but others love or hate this undeniably fruity fragrance that in my book belongs in...
  100. Re: What is your opinion on Versace's Colognes?

    I concur and yes, you head JR correctly: The great Versace l'Homme is NOT the same as Versace pour Homme, nor Versace Man.

    Slightly confused?

    ( Good God! There's also Versace Man Eau...
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