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    Re: Your 6 fragrances for life

    I'll play:

    Terre d'Hermes
    L'eau Boisee
    Grey Vetiver
    Eau Sauvage Parfum
    Rive Gauche
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    Re: TERRE D'HERMES summer or winter

    Any season and appropriate for ANY occasion!
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    Re: Bel Ami Vetiver - Where's the love?

    I bought it blind and have no regrets. It's absolutely sensational!
  4. Re: TDH has to be the best all time professional office fragrance

    +1. It's my favorite fragrance.
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    Re: How many fragrances do you own

    I have 15 plus 6 backups. I use to think about building a big collection, but some how have done a 180. I could get along nicely with the five that I have backups of (have two backups of one...
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    Re: Is TdH Becoming Too Ubiquitous?

    I'm in southeastern Wisconsin and I'd say that very few men around here wear any cologne, let alone TdH.
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    Re: Terre d Hermes

    There are mixes reviews on this one. I think it's absolutely sensational!
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    Re: Antaeus Vintage Vs Current Formulation

    I have a bottle purchased in early 2013 and love it. I have zero interest in tracking down vintage.
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    Re: Best smoky vetiver fragrance poll

    Encre Noire
  10. Re: Bel Ami Vetiver - Quite possibly my new signature ??

    I'm with you 110%!
  11. Re: Bel Ami Vetiver - Quite possibly my new signature ??

    Placed a "blind" order for this yesterday. I will be amazed if I don't love it. Can't wait!
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    Re: Today I bought: March 2015


    Just ordered this today, blind. I'm positive I'm going to love it!
  13. Re: Modern Eau de Cologne with unusual twist???

    You should definitely look into Bruno Fazzolari Five.
  14. Re: Help! Strong Silage/Projection/Longevity Fragrance Suggestions

    How about Thierry Mugler A*Men?
  15. Re: Tried the most recent reformulation of RL Polo...

    Yes, it's really been neutered. I wore Polo and Aramis exclusively "in the day," and it's just sad how pathetic the current versions are.
  16. Re: The Fragrance you have the most bottles of...

    I have three 100ml bottles of Terre d'Hermes.
  17. Re: How narrow have you gotten your collection? Or do you keep adding?

    This sounds perfect. I currently have 17 plus 6 backups. I'm starting to think the backups weren't a great idea, but they are loves so: what the heck. I don't think I'll do backups anymore. Of the...
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    Re: Enrce Noir vs Fahrenheit

    I think Encre Noire is an amazing perfume; truly great. Fahrenheit is nothing special to me. Have never smelled the vintage.
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    Re: Top 5 Designer Fragrances

    1.) Terre d'hermes
    2.) Eau Sauvage Parfum
    3.) Guerlain L'Homme L'Eau Boisee
    4.) L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Eau Extreme
    5.) Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
  20. Re: My top 10 spring/summer fragrances for 2015

    Excellent video and great selections, Stalkerboy! Would be interested in your take on the whole batch thing with GIT. Will definitely check out some of the other ones in your vid that I'm not...
  21. Re: Rive Gauche Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent vs Azzaro Pour Homme by Azzaro

    I think they are both great. I prefer the scent of Azzaro by a bit, but get much better performance out of Rive Gauche.
  22. Re: Guys with 10+ bottles in their collection, do dates/girlfriends/wives/friends look at you funny?

    I have 17 bottles and 6 backups. My wife really dislikes cologne and is not enamored with my addiction, but we work it out. I will admit that I sometimes have to scrub things off before we go to bed,...
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    Re: Is Knize Ten still great?

    Well, I know how much Alfarom loved this perfume and if he says it's's done. This is exactly what I was afraid of. In any event, I'm not sure how much I would wear this (the...
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    Is Knize Ten still great?

    I've long thought about buying this blind, but have yet to take the plunge. Has anybody that's familiar with this classic purchased it recently? Has it been reformulated to death, or is it still one...
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    Re: The Aramis range

    Aramis used to be my one and only. I bought a new bottle two years ago and was so disappointed, I returned it and started my fragrance journey on the internet. In my opinion, it's one of the perfumes...
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    Re: Favourite Forgotten Fragrances

    I have to go way back to the early 80's for my all time favorite fragrance; Elizabeth Arden Sandlewood for Men. For me, it has to be one of the classiest men's fragrances ever made, and sadly, has...
  27. Re: Who are YOUR favorite fragrance reviewers on youtube?

    I think Lanier Smith and Toons are far and away the best fragrance reviewers on youtube. Katie Puckrik is pretty good.
  28. Re: If I blind buy Encre Noire, what's the chances I'll be disappointed?

    I blind bought it and loved it immediately. I have since purchased a back up bottle. I have two back ups of Terre d'Hermes. I could get along fine owning just these two frags. having said all that,...
  29. Re: What will be your first purchase of 2015?

    First off I will get a bottle of Hermes Bel Ami Vetiver; I'm real excited to get that one. Next, I am very keen to get a bottle of Acqua di Parma Essenza. Finally, I intend to get a bottle of Cool...
  30. Re: Getting really awful longevity with Bleu de Chanel

    While I do not have Bleu de Chanel, I will say that what M.T. states in his post immediately above, has happened to me with many fragrances. It probably sounds crazy, but many times I get a new...
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    Re: Significant Other Overrules

    My wife doesn't like anything I wear; and I have mostly mainstream designer stuff. Generally, I wash off my fragrance before bedtime. It's a bit of a drag, but what are you going to do? She's a good...
  32. Re: Two fragrances that have me constantly smelling my wrist. YSL Rive Gauche, and Azzaro Pour Homme

    Those are two good ones. I slightly prefer Azzaro, but Rive Gauche performs much better.
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    Re: Your first love...

    Not my first cologne, but the first one I loved was Sandlewood for Men by Elizabeth Arden. My office use to smell of it.
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    Re: Back up Bottles.

    One each of:

    Terre d' Hermes
    Grey Vetiver
    Encre Noire
    Viaggio d'Africa

    Been thinking about getting another Terre, but I've been fighting off the impulse.
  35. Re: TERRE d'HERMES: 9 batches comparison REVIEW

    Excellent research and information. Terre d'Hermes is my favorite fragrance and I'm happy to see your results. I do think that often times the reformulation hysteria is over blown. Thanks.
  36. Re: What is everyones opinion of Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum?

    Class and elegance in a bottle!
  37. Re: Scents you'd love to see re-released/made

    Aramis, the way it smelled ten years ago.
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    Re: Your Collection.

    I have 18 plus 4 22. I'm content to add a couple of bottles a year going forward; taking my time and being sure to acquire only what I truly feel are fantastic. I use all my fragrances...
  39. Re: How are current Yatagan and Aramis? much castoreum?

    I can't speak to the Caron, but the last bottle of Aramis I purchased really turned me off to what was, at one time, my only fragrance. The opening is still unique, but it fades to nothing within...
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    Re: Encre Noir

    Don't know what ink smells like, but Encre Noire is a great vetiver fragrance. It is not too dark in my book; the musk that is so prevalent in the dry down softens it tremendously and makes it very...
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    Re: Smell of money!

    I know this is a subjective exercise, but I can't believe that no one has mentioned Terre d'Hermes. Smells like "rich guy" to me!
  42. Re: Franck Olivier Black Touch (very similar to Terre D'Hermes )

    I concur; it'a really good and an absolute bargain. I find it a little spicier than TD'H and it lacks the orange/grapefruit in the opening, but I get the similarity. Great fragrance in it's own right...
  43. Re: "The one cologne to rule them all!" Which one is yours?

    For me it's Terre d'Hermes. I love everything about it. To me, it smells beautiful upon initial application straight through to the far part of the dry down. The citrus in the opening and the spices...
  44. Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver bottle has slight tint in it.

    I have two bottles and they're both like that. Excellent fragrance!
  45. Re: What is your favorite designer (or niche) house for scents?

    I would have to say Chanel. I have four at the moment and will probably be getting a fifth soon. I find a lot of Chanel fragrances to be elegant and a great "bang for the buck!"
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    Re: Égoïste - new bottle? Reform?

    My brother took delivery of a bottle last week that he purchased directly from Chanel. It is the familiar tall bottle and smells just like the one I purchased from Chanel early last year. Performed...
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    Re: Wardrobe Essentials

    Terre d'Hermes for me.
  48. Poll: Re: If you have to give one up for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

    Absolutely Dior, I'm a BIG fan of Chanel!
  49. Re: If you had to chose only 1 cologne to wear for the next 5 years what would it be?

    I would undoubtedly be very happy with Terre d' Hermes.
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    Re: Wow these new Diors look badass

    Wonder if the Dior boutiques will have testers? :laugh:
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    Re: Terre D'hermes vs. Montale Red Vetiver

    I purchased mine through and my back up from Perfume1 on ebay.
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    Re: Terre D'hermes vs. Montale Red Vetiver

    I am totally satisfied with my bottle of TdH EDT which I purchased last year and was produced in June of '12 according to the batch numbers. It's not a projection beast, but it does project and I've...
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    Re: Does this Hanae Mori HiM seem legit?

    Don't see how you could go wrong for $31.00!
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    Re: Vintage Egoiste Chanel

    I purchased my bottle directly from Chanel earlier this year and am very happy with the strength and persistence. If I owned the vintage, I'm guessing I'd apply less than today's version, which I...
  55. Re: L'instand de guerlain extreme (LIDGE) opinion/thoughts The usual haha

    I'm wearing it today. It is a sensational fragrance. Beautiful. Long lasting. Just right projection. You just cannot go wrong with it. My only caveat is to not over do the sprays; 2-3 and you and...
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    Re: Azzaro PH Weakness?

    I have a 2012 bottle of Azzaro PH and it does lack in persistence. For me, it is pretty good for 3-4 hours and after that it is strictly a skin scent. I absolutely love the fragrance, but do not wear...
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    Re: A whole fragrance collection

    How could it possibly be shipped?
  58. Re: Whats the best cheapest cologne you ever smelled?

    Grey Flannel 4oz. $13.00 at TJ Maxx

    Black Touch 3.3oz. $24.00 shipped
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Here's my little collection. Intend to slowly add to it.

  60. Re: Azzaro Pour Homme Projection and Longevity

    I get average projection for a couple of hours and then it becomes a little faint. Longevity is pretty decent 6-8 hours, but with a very generous application (6-8 sprays). Love the scent and wish it...
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    Re: Trying Polo again...

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    Re: Just blind bought L'Instant Extreme!

    I blind bought from the Toronto boutique as well, and am totally in love with this fragrance. It is outstanding in every way.
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    Re: Pick 3 from Chanel

    I have and enjoy Antaeus, Egoiste and Platinum Egoiste.
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    Re: My next full bottle purchase WILL be...

    I believe my next purchase will be Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. Have sampled it and find it sublime!
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    Re: Encre Noire: Eau Hell No!

    EN is something I enjoy wearing anywhere and anytime; it's a beautiful fragrance that is appropriate for any occasion. I don't find it too "dark," as the musk in the dry down softens it and adds to...
  66. Re: Luca Turin returning to reviews (remember that thread?)

    At the risk of appearing thick, I cannot seem to access all of Mr. Turin's reviews. It seems there are only a few recent ones. Might someone be able to enlighten me as to where the archives are at...
  67. Re: If you had to be a one-cologne guy, which one? In other words;what is your most versatile fragra

    For me, Terre d'Hermes.
  68. Re: Chanel Egoiste or Chanel Egoiiste Platinum

    I have them both and I think they are both great. Egoiste is more romantic and "spectacular," while PE is easier to wear at the office. Truly, I love them both.
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    Re: Channel: Platinum Egoiste

    I think PE is a fabulously versatile and lovely fragrance. I can not imagine too many "civilians" having a problem with it. I love Egoiste as well, but it really is totally different and not...
  70. Looking fora fragrance like Sandalwood by Elizabeth Arden

    I wore this exclusively in the early 80's and loved it. When I bought a bottle a few years ago, it was awful and I just threw it out. For those of you that might know the scent (it seemed to me...
  71. Bought Chanel at a discount today pff

    I was at Boston Store today and every fragrance was 20% off, including all Chanels. I was already thinking of picking up a bottle of Platinum Egoiste, so I grabbed one. $66.00 plus tax for a 3.4oz is...
  72. I hope that their story is "real." The fact that...

    I hope that their story is "real." The fact that they will produce their product in California, perhaps they will not comply with the absurd European regulations that are bastardizing the perfume...
  73. Re: Yet Another Reformulation Post! Sorry. Knize Ten?

    Care to expand on this?
  74. Yet Another Reformulation Post! Sorry. Knize Ten?

    I know the whole reformulation thing has been beaten to death lately, but I am wondering about Knize Ten. It seems that this iconic fragrance continues to get rave reviews, and nothing is ever...
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme thoughts

    Have to agree with ericrico, I use 2 sprays to the chest, back and left/right neck. I have the new Azzaro, and find that 2-3 sprays will not be noticeable at all. Even with 8 sprays, I find it very...
  76. Re: Recent downtime and the going forward (February 2013)

    This is a fantastic site and worth waiting for. Am looking forward to the "de-bugged" version.
  77. Replies

    Best Reformulations?

    Looks like we're looking for lists today. Since the vast majority of reformulated classics seem to get "butchered" in the review section, I am curious if there are any that would be considered a...
  78. Replies

    Your Top Ten Reformulations!

    I'm wondering what, if any, are your favorite reformulations. Having only recently become interested in fragrances and finding basenotes and other sites, I am now a little aware about what is going...
  79. Replies

    Re: Reformulations: a race to mediocrity?

    Interesting conversation. I'm going to take Miket's advice and decide for myself what I like. I'm sure if I had been exposed to some of the "classics" in all of their glory, I might have a problem...
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    Reformulations: a race to mediocrity?

    I am very new fragrance and am really enjoying reading the fine discussions and reviews on this great site. I have pretty much zeroed in a number of scents that I want to explore and ultimately add...
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    Where to get decanting supplies?

    Hello everyone. In another thread, someone mentioned making a small investment in decanting supplies so as to be able to re-apply a fragrance when away from home or office.

    Where does one get...
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    Azzaro PH and Rive Gauche?

    Are there enough differences in these two fragrances to own/use both? I already have the former and have been thinking about purchasing the later. I know it's pretty inexpensive, but I don't want to...
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    Re: I just bought Aramis.

    Clearly, judging by some of the above posts, Aramis is not for teenagers. But again, I've always gotten very positive responses from women that were even just a little north of high school. Elegance...
  84. Replies

    Re: I just bought Aramis.

    I'm just getting started with this as a hobby/passion, but I think Aramis is fantastic. I wear it a lot and have had many compliments from woman wearing it. I started wearing it because my wife...
  85. Re: Guccie Pour Homme....discontinued not!

    Yes, you're right. The boxes and bottles are very different, but being a newbie, I wasn't aware of that. I was so excited to tell my new friends at basenotes about my spectacular find at Boston...
  86. Re: Guccie Pour Homme....discontinued not!

    Thanks for all of the replies and again, I apologize for stirring this up. I'm just going to cross Gucci pour Homme off my list; it's just not worth the bother. As I'm just starting out, I have...
  87. Re: Gucci Pour Homme....discontinues not! I think.

    No. I definitely confused the Gucci by Gucci pour Homme with the Gucci pour Homme. Sorry about my dumb, misleading post. With all of the reformulations and changes in marketing and such, this can be...
  88. Re: Guccie Pour Homme....discontinued not!

    After going back and looking at the review, I think that what I saw at Boston Store was the Gucci by Gucci pour Homme. The box is the same and the tester at the store didn't have a cap on it. I am...
  89. Gucci Pour Homme....discontinued not! I think.

    As a relatively new fragrance aficionado, I have been thoroughly enjoying reading the forums and reviews on this great site! I've made my first purchase as a result of this site, Azzaro Pour Homme...
  90. Vetiver by Guerlain compared to Givenchy Gentleman

    I am interested in both of these fragrances and am wondering if they are too similar to get both. I am going to order some samples, but am wondering if the "educated noses" here would say they...
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    Re: Best source for samples on-line?

    Hi Christian. I just assumed they would have to be purchased. How would one get samples for free? I don't mind paying for samples. Looking for good selection and a site that is trustworthy. Thanks.
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    Best source for samples on-line?

    Title says it all. What is the best and most reliable site for samples? Also, are samples the genuine article? Thanks.
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    Re: What size colognes do you normally buy?

    I was going to start a new post similar to this, but will look for the answer here. I'm a newbie, and have typically owned no more than 2-3 bottles at any given time. After getting started here, I...
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    Re: Best On-line Site to Purchase Scents?

    Thanks for the responses, guys. Looks like fragranceNet and Amazon. I appreciate it.
  95. Replies

    Best On-line Site to Purchase Scents?

    As a new member to this site, I am curious where the savvy members purchase their fragrances on-line. What are the best and most reliable sites? Is it "safe" to buy scents (particularly vintage) on...
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    Re: Egoiste or Anteus?

    Wow, you guys make this tough, and I'm a terrible waffler. It does appear that Anteaus would be a safer buy for me. My trepidation about Egoiste is the rose or floral elements. Everybody in the...
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    Re: Egoiste or Anteus?

    Thanks for the input everybody. I'm leaning towards Egoiste, as it seems to be exceptionally well thought of, and will add something a little different to what I already have.
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    Re: Deodorant... scentless?

    I second Ban unscented.
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    Egoiste or Anteus?

    I am new to this site and after reading and enjoying many reviews I've decided I would like to try one of these Chanels. I have no opportunity to sample either of these frags, but the reviews on each...
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