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  1. Re: Labdanum ( Cistus ladanifer - Rock Rose ) suggestions

    Do check out fragrances from Sonoma Scent Studio. Labdanum is one of Laurie's most commonly used ingredients and she's extremely adept at its use. For starters, try Winter Woods and Ambre Noir.
  2. Re: Labdanum ( Cistus ladanifer - Rock Rose ) suggestions

    Do check out fragrances from Sonoma Scent Studio. Labdanum is one of Laurie's most commonly used ingredients and she's extremely adept at its use. For starters, try Winter Woods and Ambre Noir.
  3. Re: Looking for non traditional summer scents: Smoke, leather, incense, ash,tea, tobacco etc.

    Tabac Tabou by Parfum d'Empire.

    Generally speaking, most orientals will bloom in the heat. Just avoid those with heavy syrupy-sweet notes.
  4. Re: Lorenzo Villoresi - Aura Maris , your opinion ?

    If you're the sort who constantly worry about fragrance performance and longevity issues, this won't be a safe blindbuy. It is a breezy natural-smelling fragrance but hugs the skin and in the...
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    Re: People who don't wear fragrances ...

    Insightful post, Ken. :thumbup:

    If you grow up in a household where nobody wears fragrances except on special occasions, chances are you'll treat fragrances similarly too. Fragrance-wearing is an...
  6. Re: Who are the most innovative perfume houses?

    'Innovate' is a pretty big word to describe a fragrance outfit. In which particular area is the house innovative? Material use? Concept? What you're suggesting seems to fall within the realm of...
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    Re: Serge Lutens Muscs Koublaï Khän

    Apart from the halitosis-like opening, MKK settles beautifully on my skin. I've been tempted to buy MKK on so many occasions but it never gets to the top of my To Buy list. Maybe it's time to take...
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    Re: Outrageous place to leave a parcel!

    UNBELIEVABLE! Leak that delivery slip on social media and watch it go viral. Let Royal Mail handle the PR backlash, lol.
  9. Re: What is in your opinion the best "sauvage" dior fragrance?

    Similar only in the use of 'Sauvage' in the names. I love the Parfum best for its masculine, really grown up feel. I have yet to find the Fraicheur Cuir version though.
  10. Re: Oud Sublime - Latest from Parfums De Nicolai Anyone tried it?

    Et tu Nicolai?

    I'd love to sample it as I'm curious if oud is indeed the star player but I doubt I'd love it enough to spring for a 15 ml bottle.
  11. Re: Ormonde Jayne...Four Corners- One Simple Question

    I received their email about this deal. I've actually been waiting for this for a long time. Too bad it came true a little too late having bought discounted Qi & Tsarina travel sets 2 years ago.
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    Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau De Parfum?

    It's ok, office-friendly, but really nothing special IMO.
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    Re: Any scents that smell of forest?

    Sonoma Scent Studio Forest Walk.
  14. Re: Loewe - Esencia Pour Homme - Tale of 3 different bottles?

    I concur. This is as close as it gets to being my personal holy grail of scents. :thumbup:
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    Re: NEW: Armani Prive Cuir Majeste

    Wondering the same thing. It will stick out like a sore thumb in the lineup of Armani Prive bottles. Keen to try this and maybe get in on a split.
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    Re: Best Serge Lutens!

    Nice to see this one in another's list. I think it's underrated or misunderstood.
  17. Re: Predict Them Now: Fragrances That Will Be Discontinued and Sell for Big Bucks on eBay in 3 Years

    Lol. Nailed it.

    While I do appreciate the clean minimalist aesthetics of certain lines e.g. Zegna Essenze, Serge Lutens, Dior Homme, etc., others just seem to miss the sweet spot and come off...
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    Re: Help with wedding day Scent

    Came to post exactly this!
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    Re: 1725, Casanova, and the darn dab!

    Hey, it's really great to see such ardent support for one of my favorite scents from one of my favorite houses. But 3 sprays? This juice is potent enough for me to use a single spray and still get...
  20. Re: Predict Them Now: Fragrances That Will Be Discontinued and Sell for Big Bucks on eBay in 3 Years

    In my estimation, any flankers with limited appeal /sales (e.g. Eau Sauvage Parfum, Fahrenheit Absolute) will get the axe sooner or later. This includes those that are a little too close to the...
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    Re: Zagorsk or Slumberhouse Norne

    I don't find Zagorsk dark by any stretch, but it's the more wearable of the two IMO.
  22. Re: Predict Them Now: Fragrances That Will Be Discontinued and Sell for Big Bucks on eBay in 3 Years

    D&G The One
    AdG Essenza
    AdG Profumo
    Eau Sauvage Parfum
    Dior Homme Cologne
    Dior Homme Parfum
    Armani Eau de Cedre
    Armani Eau d'Aromes
    Terre d'Hermes Parfum
  23. Re: Polarizing fragrances (and my first stranger compliment)

    You got into the car right after a spray of PoaL? What other reaction could you expect?? The confined interior of a car amplifies any worn scent manifold. And PoaL is a potent fragrance. I usually...
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    Re: Vuitton line to be released

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    Re: You know you're a fraghead when...

    When you see this thread title and you go...
    "What?? Didn't we just had this thread last month?" :wink:
  26. Re: Turning tragedy into trivia. Caption this...

    First (and last) attempt at splitting...
  27. Re: Experience at Parfum de Marly Boutique Manhattan

    I like a few of them, incl. Shagya and Kuhuyan. But the price? Outrageous, considering the quality of the clones on offer. Not nearly as outrageous as their hokey backstory, apparently.
  28. Re: Would you buy a scent called Woody Swamp if...

    Sorry, I draw the line at 'putrid'. Nevermind the name, a single putrid waft is enough to keep me from buying a bottle but 'occasional' wafts? *shudders*
  29. Re: Do you like all the notes of your favourite perfumes?

    For a fragrance to achieve a 'favourite' status, my answer is 'YES'. If not immediately, at least eventually. But truthfully I can accept any challenging note as long as it is well counterbalanced.
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    Re: When Did You Stop Your Collection?

    Didn't realize I have a collection. I thought it's a wardrobe. I figured I'd stop buying perfumes once I stop buying clothes.
  31. Re: Any fragrances where the dry powdery makeup iris stays around the whole time?

    Histoires des Parfums Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse.
  32. Re: Are There Any Good Fragrance Commercials?

    Thanks for posting that video, Bon et Copieux. It was beautifully shot. Unfortunately the male lead lacks the necessary gravitas, he played it like a lost frat boy.
  33. Re: Today's sample.....Byredo - Seven Veils

    I enjoyed Seven Veils. Thought it smelled rather exotic and out of this world. On the right person I think it would be 'killer'.
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    Re: NEW: EX NIHILO - Amber Sky!

    I see raspberry accord.
    I see leather accord.
    Another Tuscan Leather sans Tom Ford?
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    Re: Stephanie's Top 3 sexiest fragrances

    Right. No doubt, sponsored by Corona Extra.
  36. Re: Ambroxan. Can we get it banned as a fragrance ingredient?

    Hey, don't blame the substance. Blame the perfumers for piling them on. That said, DHM has been around for ages. Sometimes we ought to blame ourselves too. If we set out looking for something in...
  37. Re: Has anyone tied Eau de Stranger by Stranger and Stranger?

    Yup. The bottle's a killer.
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    Re: to a very special friend

    Can't agree with you more. Sharing your passion with others is indeed deeply satisfying.
  39. Re: What type of fragrance would you like to see added to Chanel Les Exclusifs line?

    How about a textural play/high concept fragrance based on the iconic Chanel tweed?
  40. Re: Same money... Wich one brings more value?

    The one that's likely to get worn more frequently will give you the most value.

    Amber pour Homme, in my case.
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    Re: Meetup in Manhattan : Sunday July 17th

    Thanks for the detailed account, guys. Seriously. More BNers need to meetup and post their scented adventures. They make fabulous reading.
  42. Re: Bad bottle or has Grey Flannel drastically changed since the 80's?

    I don't know about the current ones. Bought mine in 2009. The big violet leaf note opening is still there in all its glory.
  43. Re: It's cheap, it's crude, it's simple, it's common, but you can't get enough of it!

    Elsha 1776 Russian Leather
  44. Re: Ever looked at all your fragrances and thought I don't like any of it anymore?

    Don't look at them then. Pick one with your eyes closed, spray some on and surprise yourself.
  45. Re: Is it wrong for me to like Tom Ford's Jasmine Rouge as a 'guy'?

    Excellent point. A lot has to do with cultural conditioning and gender associations. While one can always recondition one's mind to be more receptive to wearing a greater variety of fragrance genres,...
  46. Re: Which fragrance garners the most COMPLAINTS when you wear it?

    Young female colleagues complaining they get too aroused to get any work done whenever I wear... AVENTUS.
    Yeah, right. :wink: Sorry, can't resist.
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    Re: All 1oz decant collection? Bad idea?

    1 oz is my preferred volume. Unfortunately they are seldom offered. If I don't find decanting such a royal pain, I might have gone down this route myself.
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    Re: You can only have your top three...

    Based on most worn:

    Italian Bergamot
    Domenico Caraceni 1913

    I'm happy with these 3 but I simply won't be happy having only 3 fragrances in my wardrobe.
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    Re: Masculine Iris?

    Less pretty iris scents:-

    TPC Bois d'Iris
    Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist
    Zegna Fiorentine Iris
  50. Re: Is it wrong for me to like Tom Ford's Jasmine Rouge as a 'guy'?

    If it bothers you that much perhaps you could get your significant other to wear it instead. That way you still get to enjoy it.

    I wear whatever smells great to me, marketing-labels be damned....
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    Re: Best ethereal incense?

    Holy Water by La Via del Profumo.
  52. Re: IT'S THE BEST IYO...asking the noses at basenotes

    Shortlisting a few firm favorites to sample based on a fragrance community's consensus sounds pretty intelligent to me. That's what I did when I first started out. Alas 7 years later, still no 10/10...
  53. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    I concur. Hindu Kush is excellent indeed.
  54. Re: Whats been your best hit so far and what were you wearing?

    OP, did you edit out the part where your homegirl smacked the back of your head for looking so smug after those compliments? Or perhaps she didn't, after seeing those Adam apples on their throats,...
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    Re: De Bachmakov (First Impressions)

    Tested this a few times having read its glowing reviews on BN. But on my skin it simply failed to perform nor impress. After an hour I couldn't even tell what I had on...

    Glad you enjoyed it...
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    Poll: Re: Are we all guilty of addiction

    Addicted to fragrances? Not really. Addicted to Basenotes? Yes, probably. I remember when BN was down for a day and I became a little restless, lol.
  57. Re: "What house do you feel cares most/listens most to their customers? "

    :grin: :wink:
  58. Re: Differentiating the six Atelier Cologne collections

    It's mostly marketing. While I enjoy some more than the others, I don't see any particular 'patterns' ...
  59. Re: Imagine if catastrophe struck & you had to start over with your wardrobe. Where would you start

    I'll start replacing the few that hold special memories:-

    Armani Eau Pour Homme
    MDCI Invasion Barbare
    Burberry London pour Homme
    Esencia Loewe
    RL Polo Sport
  60. Re: Scents Similar to Diptyque L'ombre Dans Leau?

    You mean to say you found the L'Ombre dans L'Eau EDT's performance lacking? That's rather odd as I find it to be one of Dyptique's more potent offerings.
  61. Re: "What house do you feel cares most/listens most to their customers? "

    Best personalised service & prompt response I've had came from 2 artisanal houses:

    Abdessalam Attar (La Via del Profumo)


    Sonoma Scent Studio
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    Re: Best Presentation?

    Nothing wrong with enjoying the way a fragrance is presented. But if you're perfectly happy spritzing away from a dull-looking plain atomizer, hey be my guest. But if you're into more ostentatious...
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    Re: Questions regarding MFK?

    APOM is an orange blossom-centered scent, expressed with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. IMO. No significant overlap with the Xerjoff IMO.

    Aqua Universalis is indeed versatile, perfect for people...
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    Re: Bond no 9's marketing blunder...

    Great point.

    Bond No.9 seriously lacks options for prospective customers. While their prices are pocket lint to the affluent, don't they know how precious time really is? They seriously expect...
  65. Re: NEW: Citron d'Erable by Atelier Cologne for the Collection Azur!!

    Wow, L'Oreal must be cranking up Atelier's production line. Was half-expecting some immortelle though...
  66. Re: Is Le Labo Ambrette 9 fit for a grown man?

    I don't see Le Labo bottles in the kids' section so...
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    Re: NEW: Trussardi Uomo The Red

    The presentation looks good, and the listed notes, promising. If 'red' is the new 'black', I fear the juice is likely to be mediocre.
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    Re: What does this guys smells like?

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    Re: L'Oreal acquires Atelier Cologne

    No business acquires a brand with the intention of destroying it. That would be stupid. This obsession with 'niche' classification seems to be an affliction that only affects frag heads, not the...
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    Re: Willing to pay

    Ridiculous amount, according to my wife. And I thought she was referring to her diamond engagement ring...
  71. Re: Help! Fell In Love with Ormonde Jayne Woman, but...

    Same experience here. OJ Woman performs extremely well on me, sometimes too well.
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    Re: L'Oreal acquires Atelier Cologne

    About time. I've been expecting it for a while.

    It's just business. If I were to start a business, at some point I would like to sell it for a good pile of money and move on to something...
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    Re: To wear or not to wear..

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    Re: Musc Ravageur, is the hype finally over?

    Until OP 'resuscitated' this fragrance, no BNer's been talking about it for a long time. Guess the animal was already dead and buried.
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    Re: Xerjoff Dhofar "Barbershop" Ultimate

    Agree with OP, Dhofar has a classic old school masculine vibe right off the bat. Stylistically, it's not so much of 'barbershop', but more of a 'bay rum'. As much as I respect it, I just can't see...
  76. Re: Bloomberg: Can You Sell Scents Without the Sex?

    Sure you can sell fragrances without the sex bit but why make things difficult for your business? If the lengthy thread on compliment-getters is any indication, sexy ads are here to stay. With social...
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    Re: Severe evaporation driving me crazy!

    Are you sure your husband's not running a decanting business as a sideline? :wink:
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    Re: Armani Fragrances?

    I own Armani Eau Pour Homme and Rose d'Arabie.

    Others from the house I've worn and enjoyed:
    Acqua di Gio pour Homme
    incl. its flankers Essenzaand Profumo.
    Mania (discontinued)

  79. Re: Recommend me a "white" and a juicy fruity frag?

    Do try on some 1969 by Histoires de Parfums. It's a fruity floral that has an incredible level of persistence and projection.
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    Re: Must have /classics

    Exactly how I'd approach this hobby, unless of course you're a curator-collector sort.
  81. Re: Overly demanding or under appreciative? Advice requested

    Finding a fragrance that stirs you in so many different way is definitely a needle-in-a-haystack search. Just keep on smelling without any preconceived notions (based on what you read) and you have a...
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    Re: What Is Your Signature Scent And Why ?

    I agree with LHBI on the misuse of the word 'signature'. It's not really for us to decide, but for those who remember us by our worn fragrances. Anyway, I'd much rather be remembered for my...
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    Re: spoiled by niche?

    Eh, I think I was 'spoiled' by Basenotes, more than anything else. Before BN, I was a 'one bottle of fragrance until it's empty' kinda guy.

    Btw screw the economics when most of us have fragrance...
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    Re: Fragrance prices in 1980s-90s

    Likewise for designer fragrances. Since the 1990s prices have gone up by at least 60%. I remember buying Armani Eau Pour Homme 1.7 oz for under $40 retail back in 1996.
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    Poll: Re: Are you a "bargain snapper?"

    Yes, but only if the fragrance is already on my wish list. Recently I snapped up Fougere Royale edp that was going for $65. It's been on my wish list, to buy only when significantly discounted.
  86. Re: Perfumery connoisseurs ... as Luca Turin , Chandler Burr

    Agree with Redneck's recommendation. Fyi, Mark used to be BN reviewer Sommerville Metroman.

    Btw I kinda miss Octavian Coifan's 1000fragrances blog posts.
  87. Re: Sad Day For All - Means Stocking up on Fragrances While I Still Can

    Just find ways to earn more income. At least that's within your control. I'm sure with your amazing Cedrat Boise you'll ace those job interviews.
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    Re: Rolex Of Fragrances?

    The original Ralph Lauren Polo.
  89. Re: Reuse Tom Ford Atomizer With Different Private Blend?

    You worry too much, my friend. What you think you might smell is actually in your head. :smiley:
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    Re: Demeter Pineapple.. Aventus Killer!

    Get in line then. Kouros is already there. :wink:
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    Re: The top rated Soapy Fragrances?

    Chanel No. 5
  92. Re: how recognizable is a common scent to common folks?

    I don't know. Why don't you ask the 'common folks'?

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    Re: NEW: Lalique L'Insoumis

    Fake patchouli, huh? But I do like Lalique fragrances in general.
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    Re: NEW: Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo

    Bleh! Not a fan of tiramisu either.
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    Re: Happy Father's Day!

    I had a great dad. For all of 7 years until an accident took him away. My daughter thinks I'm a great father. I guess 7 years was enough time to teach a wee lad how to become a good dad when the time...
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    Re: Toasted raisin bread.

    Try some Hermessence Ambre Narguille.
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    Re: NEW : Serge Lutens Baptême du Feu

    Gingerbread? Eh, I'll pass. Serge Lutens hasn't hit the bullseye for a while now...
  98. Re: $120 on 1 niche, 2 designer frags or 42 samples?

    This is a great problem to have IMO. Which way to go? It depends on where you are on your fragrance journey.

    If you are keen to fast track your education, I say go with samples. Sure, you can ask...
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    Re: Replacement for Herrera Aqua

    Herrera Aqua is a nice summer fragrance, fresh cool and aqueous. Not a perfect replacement but in the same postal code, try DSquared Ocean Wet Wood or Tommy Hilfiger Tommy.
  100. Re: what are the "safest" blind buys in the world of mens fragrance

    Subtil pour Homme by Ferragamo. It can be bought cheaply and is so subtle it smells like 'nothing'. Can't get any safer than that!
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