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    Re: Which frags have the worst drydowns?

    +1 Tuscan Leather. I love that fresh burst of leather, but after a few hours I feel and smell "filmy" like I rubbed an ashtray on myself.
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    Re: (book/magazine) paper + glue-adhesive smell

    I love love love this idea.
  3. Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    Just ordered my sample from Surrender to Chance (11-something USD for a 2 ML spray)! Excited to receive it and report back. :smiley: I hope I love it because it's super inexpensive on Amazon (69 USD...
  4. Re: Any fragrance dreams lately? Post them here...

    It's so funny that I logged in and found this as the most recent discussion because just last night I had a dream that I was in the men's fragrance section at a Nordstrom testing Amazingreen by Comme...
  5. Nice! There's something special about the smell...

    Nice! There's something special about the smell of a great perfume in clean hair. Mmm...
  6. Re: What are your favorite Impressions/Alternatives

    Lever 2000 Fresh Rain body wash = the ozone impression everyone hoped for but didn't get out of Demeter Rain and Thunderstorm
  7. Re: Wall of Fame and Shame: Good and Poor Customer Service

    I've only used four online vendors so far, but I love Surrender to Chance. My orders are always shipped lightning fast and packaged with love. I got excited this past weekend and just had to know...
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    Re: Ash's take on Basenotes.

    "Gourmoron." I can't stop watching these. He is adorable!
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    Re: Specific Scent Search

    Bvlgari Black (lauded for its weird vanilla/rubber juxtaposition; inexpensive)
    Dior Farenheit (a nice, hot mess of stuff going on)
    Comme des Garcons Odeur 53 (anything CdG, really!)
  10. Re: Is this weird: More into "male" scents than female LATELY

    I relate! After a decade of smelling like a Mugler perfume counter, I reluctantly spritzed some testers but was dissatisfied with just about every designer fragrance marketed toward women. After...
  11. Re: Paper Passion: The Smell of a new Books/Paper fragrance!

    I'm beyond excited to sample this! :cheesy:
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    Re: What follows a love affair with CdG?

    Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions! I'll definitely be adding several of these to my next sample order.
  13. Thread: Layering Frags

    by ajolie7

    Re: Layering Frags

    I've only tried one and love it because it somehow makes for a "greener" flower:
    Comme des Garcons Calamus + Comme des Garcons Lily
  14. Re: Recommend any Alcohol free perfumes/oils/itr's etc

    CB I Hate Perfume offers water-based fragrances. The Perfumed Court and Surrender to Chance sell 3 ML bottles as well as smaller samples.
  15. Re: New Fragrances: Comme des Garcons Play Red, Green & Black

    STC is offering a set of all 3 samples for $5.99 today as a daily chance special. They claim they'll shut it down for the day after they sell 20 sets, so I thought these should go to Basenoters (you...
  16. Re: Can the way fragrance interacts with your skin change day to day?

    I'm fairly new to fragrance as well. Speaking from my medical/human body education background, however, I have to join the "absolutely possible!" camp. Many factors influence the makeup of a person's...
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    What follows a love affair with CdG?

    I'm in love with the Comme des Garcons sampling experience and I'd love some suggestions for branching out as the end of my love-at-first-sniff honeymoon nears the horizon. I want to order a killer...
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    Re: Can't find a Tom Ford I like. Please help me.

    Agree! In my new journey into the wondrous and sometimes overwhelming world of fragrance, I've found that it's almost a relief to have a whole house on my "no thanks!" list. :smiley:
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    Re: What is your most used fragrance?

    Fun observation and thread! My most used are CdG Odeur 53 (even though 71 is my favorite) and Helmut Lang Cuiron.
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    Re: Carnal. Sensual. Naughty...

    I see a couple sample packs that might contain something to fit the bill on my favorite sample site. Check out surrendertochance.con and view their "Animalic - Skank for the Grown-up Girl" and...
  21. Re: CdG Vettiveru - repellent kind of harshness or sample gone bad??

    Interesting that you raise this question as I had a similar experience sampling Vettiveru just last week. I've been slowly checking out (and mostly loving) CdG's offerings and chose Vettiveru as my...
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    Re: Worst fragrance note

    any vanilla/musk combination
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