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  1. Thread: A new favorite

    by galain

    Re: A new favorite

    Wow. I'm surprised to read the comments on how long this lasts from a few of you guys. It was completely gone within an hour on me. I really like the scent but I couldn't justify paying for a bottle...
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    Re: I just bought Aramis.

    I also really enjoy this scent.

    Unfortunately, I think every woman in my life has reacted badly to it, with one even calling me 'Grandpa' when she smelt it on me.

    Don't care - I like it.
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    Re: D and G The One Gentleman vs Terre d'Hermes

    Thanks again guys - appreciate all the feedback and comments.
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    Re: D and G The One Gentleman vs Terre d'Hermes

    Thank you for the responses so far guys - much appreciated.
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    D and G The One Gentleman vs Terre d'Hermes

    Just looking for thoughts and opinions on these two. Would you say they are even comparable scents?

    I like them both. The D&G doesn't last all that long on me, but I do love the smell, all the way...
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    Re: God, is Jil Sander underrated!

    It's not an uncommon range here in Germany. I quite like Jil Sander Man but it has very poor longevity on my skin, sadly.
  7. Thread: blck tea scents

    by galain

    Re: blck tea scents

    I fall into this category. I love the scent but after 30-40 mins.....nothing. Like, totally gone. I've experienced what I thought was the same thing with Aventus, but I still had people commenting on...
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    Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    Lanvin L'homme.

    Got it home, thought "What the hell did I do that for", stuck it in a wardrobe for 4 years, and then came back to it with much greater affection and appreciation.
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    Re: Basenoter Worst Nightmare

    Spend some time and money in the essential oil/aromatherapy world. You may not have as much luck constructing a layered frag to compete with the commercials, but essential oils can be exquisite, they...
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    Re: Modern and masculine for the winter.

    Another vote for Egoiste. Perfect winter scent. I was given Allure PH and I really don't care much for the top notes. The base is nice, but I think Egoiste beats it hands down.
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    Re: Creed Alternatives

    I really can't speak to the quality of the ingredients but I set out determined to do a random sampling and held my wrists under the noses of neighbours, my students and my friends. At the hour mark,...
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    Re: My declaration of love to Gucci Pour Homme I

    I'm banned from wearing it! My wife is a school teacher, and the pencil shavings smell does not do good things to her mood when she smells it at home.
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    Re: Creed Alternatives

    I can only comment on Original Santal and Mont Blanc Individuel, but on my skin after an hour they are close enough to the point where they are almost indistinguishable. I sprayed each wrist, sampled...
  14. Re: New Fragrance: Cartier Déclaration d’un Soir

    I had a very strange reaction to this - still have it on my wrist as I write. It's a nice frag - no doubt. Interesting opening - a lot more mellow than the regular Declaration. But as I sit here now...
  15. Re: What is the vilest cologne you own and love but everyone around you hates?

    I don't own it, but I have sneaking fondness for Aramis. I think I might be the only person on the planet who does.
  16. Re: Baffled by how Creed Aventus is such a compliment getter...

    Aventus smells like cat's ass?

  17. Re: lavender,Mens edt any suggestions with good sillage

    Lanvin L'Homme? Not sure if it's still around but i always like this one for a lavender scent.
  18. Re: What do you do when you love a Basenote but don't care for the rest of the drydown?

    Thanks all for the replies. Yes - i agree - this one was given to me. I wouldn't have bought it myself. The TdH - I really love but haven't bought it yet either because the basenote just doesn't do...
  19. What do you do when you love a Basenote but don't care for the rest of the drydown?

    I was given a bottle of Chanel Allure which I have used for the last little while. My wife doesn't like it. I'm not sure if I like it.

    Here's the thing - I really don't enjoy the opening or the...
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    Poll: Re: Quick Poll: Aramis vs Drakkar Noir

    I prefer Aramis. It's a more emotional scent for me. Drakkar is something I expect to find in car fresheners.
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    Re: Shopping in Melbourne Australia.

    As Melvournis said, DJ's is often overlooked and you can find some real surprises there. I'd also check to see if anyone can shop at the duty free stores as well. I'm not too sure, but if they're any...
  22. Re: D.Strict by Strellson Review - The Manly Ginger

    thanks for the review. We have Strellson a lot here in Germany but I have to confess I've never tried their product.
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    Re: AVENTUS by Creed

    I recently started wearing this one. I like it, but not to the point where I would say it had any definite 'wow' factor for me. I have noticed also, the fact that I seem to stop smelling it when...
  24. Re: Bvlgari Pour Homme vs Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme

    The aftershave smells to me very much like the EDT. Blindfolded I would have a hard time telling them apart.

    Bulgari PH was my go to for a few years. I still love it - just had a little bit too...
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    Re: Problem with Gucci Envy

    Was my signature scent for the longest time and I wore it pretty much year around. I did make the mistake of being a little too 'enthusiastic' with the applications at first though - you need to...
  26. Re: I started liking Aventus, so I went out and picked up Gucci by Gucci

    I don't see much of a similarity either. I love them both. Unfortunately, they both last about 5 minutes on my skin. I would have happily forked out for the Aventus, but there was nothing there once...
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    Re: Store testing etiquette

    I moved to Germany 4 years ago and the sales/customer service mentality is literally non existent. It is the exception rather than the rule (at least in the area where I live) to walk into a store...
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    Re: Anyone here use just one spray?

    When I first started wearing Gucci Envy I made the mistake of being a little too enthusiastic with my application.

    Ever after with that scent it was always one spray to the top of the chest and no...
  29. Re: Looking for a specific sort of Date Night scent recommendation

    What most women like in a scent continues to amaze and surprise me. By far, of all the positive comments I've heard, most would be about Acqua di Gio. I don't much like aquatics but I can't deny that...
  30. Thread: Settle a fight

    by galain

    Re: Settle a fight

    I've heard about twice as many compliments from women for AdG as I have for AHS if that's important for you.

    I don't enjoy aquatic scents at all. I find Issey Miyake to be very similar to AdG and...
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    Re: versace dreamer (i have a question)

    I loved it the first week I had it, then it began to really 'stick' in my nose for some reason, and after awhile I could only smell damp tobacco. I did get compliments when wearing it - but I really...
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    Re: Do you limit yourself when testing?

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I need to exercise a little more control. Tough when you're a relative newb and there is so much good reading on sites like this!
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    Do you limit yourself when testing?

    What I mean is, when you decide to go and sample some scents, I find there is so much I want to try, but I quickly run out of appropriate body parts to test on. Inside wrist, outside wrist - both...
  34. Re: I've had Terre D'Hermes for three months without any female compliments. Anyone else experience

    Mesaboogie is correct - women seem to have very different tastes to men in the smell department. I sometimes wonder if it's the same kind of thing as a dog loving nothing better than rolling around...
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    Re: Steam clean, white and dressy

    I'll add my newbie's voice to Lanvin L'Homme. I wore it for a long time and was often told it smelled like freshness and clean linen together.
  36. Re: Significant difference between T d'Hermes Cologne and EDT?

    Thanks for all the replies!
  37. Re: Significant difference between T d'Hermes Cologne and EDT?

    Yes - thanks for the clarification - Parfum vs EDT is what I meant. This is why I'm still on the newbie board!

    many thanks for your answer.
  38. Significant difference between T d'Hermes Cologne and EDT?

    I know there seem to be a lot of T d'H threads here recently - sorry for adding another but I was hoping someone who has experience with both versions of this scent can tell me if there is a...
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    Re: Egoiste, terre d'hermes, Dior pour homme

    I'm faced with this decision just today. I liked Dior Pour Homme at first try, but since reading reviews on it, I just can't escape that lipstick smell.

    For my birthday today I sent my wife out...
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    Quick comparison help?

    Not sure if anyone has tried all of these, but any thoughts would be welcome. How would you compare...

    Jil Sander Man, Bvlgari Man, Terre d'Hermes, Kiton. (and perhaps Habit Rouge - liked the dry...
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    Re: Versace The Dreamer

    I always had a lot of compliments on this one, but I really thought it didn't work with my skin. The drydown was almost exactly the same as when I put it on. After a few hours, all I could smell was...
  42. Re: I need help choosing a cologne that my girlfriend will like, that I want to wear.

    My wife sounds rather similar. She doesn't wear commercial fragrances herself - just uses drops of essential oils if she wears anything at all, so most things I try out get a scrunched nose reaction...
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    Re: New member - looking for suggestions

    Thank you all for the suggestions and welcome, and apologies for not posting this initially on the "starting out" board. Perhaps a mod could move this if it's more appropriate.

    Egoiste I will...
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    New member - looking for suggestions

    Hi All

    Let me start my saying I am making my way through the newbie threads, but wanted to post this here first up, because sometimes a suggestion or two will make some of the stuff I'm not so...
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