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  1. Re: Joop! Le Bain: should I buy a bottle for myself?

    To take some pressure off: at least over here in Germany Le Bain is not discontinued. It is reliably & readily available in several stores and always quite competetively priced (it always seems to be...
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    Cherishing the good things in our perfumed life

    Hello all,
    I rarely post but today was so special, I even felt compelled to open up a new thread.

    It is inspired by the determined positivity of the thread "RAVE (No Rants!): Come on and gush...
  3. Re: All invited *** Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday, October 1, 2011 *** AMBER

    Oh just yesterday I tested the amber fragrance by Yves Rocher. Since it comes in 10 ml it will be either that or my good old standby amber Ambre Sultan.
    How perfectly suited this is to autum!
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    Re: New Fragrance: Prada Candy

    Tried it on friday after spraying it on a strip. When I smelled it on my skin I thought "But I know this!" - and remembered. At least on my skin Candy is the twin of the Plaisirs Nature Vanilla scent...
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    Re: The Smell of Marlene Dietrich

    I just found this thread through my search for Zibeline but reading it, I am shocked about the notion of Germans not liking Marlene Dietrich because she did not support the terror regime of Hitler. I...
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    Re: SotD: Sunday 18th September 2011

    Test drove Chanel No 22 today and found it surprisingly likeable (when I was able to detect it). Normally iris notes are not really my cup of tea ... or my splash of fumes.
    Now, the mighty gourmand...
  7. Re: bn'er launches own perfume line ... is born!

    I have grown absoluteley addicted to Debonair. It feels like a sweet, indolic floral to me, as decadent as these king size lilies I love to buy nowadays.
    Need to buy an army of backup bottles.
  8. Re: bn'er launches own perfume line ... is born!

    Wow, that site is just gorgeous! How .. happy! It is as if Lush reincarneted in a happier, playful universe.
    What a wonderful approach to scent instead of that constant droning "perfume is luxury,...
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    Re: SotD Saturday 15 August-09

    I have to work today as well, but I hope whiffs of Ralph Lauren's Polo will better my mood.
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    Re: something for children?

    Would it be an option to let them chose their own (inexpensive) perfume that you buy for them at the counter? I found the image of your first post so endearing - them smelling everything at the...
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    Re: Coco Chanel = Hitler? ( And is this ad real? )

    Itching to ad(d) my 2 cents as a european copywriter in advertisement. I neither like it, nor do I think the video is good as a commercial.
    Many commercials in advertisement are done for the sake...
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    Re: ScentMatchers claims to match any scent for $60

    I did some experiments that website.

    Then I said I wanted to make a fragrance from scratch that smelled like spinach and Martians. Again a match! They can do it!

    wanna split a bottle? ;)...
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    Re: Egoiste renamed as Python for women's market?

    i sure do ;)
    personally i see scent strips as the equivalent to a first impression of a person. you get a picture, you may even pass a judgement, but you might be absolutely wrong. sounds...
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    Re: Egoiste renamed as Python for women's market?

    bigsly, i´d be really interested in your perception of egoiste on the scent strip and on your skin.
  15. Re: Suggestions on something "conservative" for a freak

    hi iez, i might well be totally off-base, but do you know gucci pour homme and m7? m7 might be too rich, it´s very woody, warm, dry and a tad sweet if i remember correctly (haven´t yet bought it)....
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    Re: SotD Monday 17 November

    gucci pour homme. was expecting a stressful meeting but actually got a stressful day. gah, at least the scent was great :)
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    Re: SotD Sunday 12 October

    Jasmin de niut, which i finally bought yesterday. i´m sooo happy with it (it seems to remind me of some sweets i chewed in my childhood, but i cannot remember which.).
    it´s love :)
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    Re: Anyone here tried CK's Secret Obsession?

    was able to spritz it on yesterday at a friend´s. lovely opening of woods, quite similar to femininite du bois. but then a massive floral note developed on my skin (orchid?!) and started giving me a...
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    Re: Favorites and Hair Color and Birth Month

    amber, vanilla
    light brown with red tinge
    january (aquarius)
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    Re: what did you wear in the 90's?

    i wore nuit de ete by joop, dune by dior and bogner woman 1 by bogner. sadly nuit de ete was d/c, i´d love to have a fresh bottle around. i cannot smell dune anymore, it reminds me of insecure times...
  21. Thread: Jil Sander Sun

    by kitz

    Re: Jil Sander Sun

    i loved it in the eighties/nineties, now i merely like it. have to admit, i bought a small bottle on impulse after my cousin mentioned sun over breakfast. i rarely wear it.
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    Re: Only one bottle from Paris

    And even if you are allowed to carry two, you can send yourself many more by mail from Paris ... I mean, just in case ... ;)
  23. Re: My Antaeus is out of the closet, but not the front door

    I used to wear Antaeus a lot (emptied a bottle). Nowadays he sometimes accompanies me to work. It is such a beautiful, strong fragrance and I feel more powerful & couragous in it (hello clichee!). I...
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    Re: Juliette has a Gun

    Tried Miss Charming yesterday and found it of little interest for me. For me it was mainly roses, which startet to get on my nerves after a while. (But the only rose note I really adore is Cabaret)
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    Re: SotD Sunday 13 April

    My newly discovered drugstore beauty that is Vanderbilt. Finally a floral I loooove :-)
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    Re: Organza Indécence vs Un Bois Vanille

    :) Organza Indecence is still in production as far as I know. It was added to some sort of classics line of Givenchy, which makes it harder to find on their website - as well as on the websites of...
  27. Re: your vintage "dream perfume" at an antique store....

    I would buy it. Handing over the $100 in hot and cold flushes, but I would buy. Otherwise I would regret it - and I would truly prefer to know the scent went bad to never knowing & forever wondering...
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    Re: What will your Valentines Fragrance be?

    The perfect day to wear Femme by Rochas, my beloved Eau de Perfume.
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    Re: SotD Tuesday 5 February

    Celebrating the arrival of Femme (Rochas) EdP - She is back!
  30. Re: REMINDER ::: Sniff-n-Speak Saturday, Feb. 3>>>Animalics

    Am I late, huh? Over here in Germany its just 3.30 pm. So after a night filled with whiskey, beer and second hand smoke I´m still a bit hung over. But as I potter around my flat I have a refined...
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    Re: Ah, Lavender!! Your favorites??

    I love Gris Clair .. fell in love again with the lovely musk drydown just today.
    Antaeus has a lovely lavendar note. Haven´t worn that in ages, time to revisit!
  32. Re: Another Rochas Femme question...where is the EDP? Why just EDT?

    Hm ... why, yeah. I know Tabu is a drugstore scent in the US. But it is supposed to be the predecessor of Opium. I´m considering you offer! But I´d like to swap ... can Germany offer you something...
  33. Re: Another Rochas Femme question...where is the EDP? Why just EDT?

    Oh NO!!! syracusa, if I´ll ever go to Paris, I´ll ask if I could shop some Femme EdP for you, too!
    But .. ahem ... I just bought some from the UK (Don´t ask. Just. Don´t. Ask. I´ll have to ask...
  34. Re: Any scents similar to the vintage Femmy by Rochas?

    What a coincidence! Tonight I rushed into the Lafayette (in Berlin, not Paris, sadly) to sniff Diorama. From the library of fragrance it sounded similar to Femme and was created by Roudnitska. Only...
  35. Re: Another Rochas Femme question...where is the EDP? Why just EDT?

    Ahem, some research later. Rochas was bought by Procter & Gamble, they shut down the fashion line, but kept the fragrances alive (I guess). Femme is listed a edt and edp on the french p&g website and...
  36. Re: Any scents similar to the vintage Femmy by Rochas?

    Thank you all for your replies! I will get samples of the recommandations and comb through ebay day and night ;) thank you eek909 for the fingerpointer, I would never have known to look after Marcel...
  37. Re: Another Rochas Femme question...where is the EDP? Why just EDT?

    hello syracusa, fellow Femme-fan ;) over here!
    if you get your hands on the edp, could you post how it differs to the edt?
    I too loved the edp-minis I bought of Femme. But the edt I bought after...
  38. Any scents similar to the vintage Femmy by Rochas?

    Ladies (and gentlemen) I need your help.
    I fell in love with the vintage version of Femme by Rochas without knowing. I used up 3 1/2 minis of it in no time. It´s so lovely. Warm, soft, a bit musty,...
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    Re: Happy New Year! SOTD January 1, 2008

    Happy new year dear Basenoters. May success, luck and love be with you - always accompanied by a big collection of your beloved perfumes :)

    My sotd today is Gris Clair by Serge Lutens. I love this...
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    Re: New chypre for Givenchy: Amarige Mariage.

    I got a sample of Mariage last week and tried it yesterday. Its no vial but a small sachet without any indications of its contens. As I spilled all the EdP over my left hand, I was able to test it...
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    Re: Death of a Vintage Caron

    Let´s make the salespersons feel our pain ... :> by writing emails, letters and even going into this place (when in posh ski resort ... hm, that´ll take me some years to work up to that), asking...
  42. Thread: SotD 10 May

    by kitz

    Re: SotD 10 May

    Its raining over here and I feel quite ill. So I´m off to work comforted by L´Heure Bleue. Have a beautiful day everybody.
  43. Aimez Moi, Jean Patou 1.000 and Oh! de Moschino - what do they have in common?

    Hello, I´m quite a new member and now I need the help of all you perfume experts. :)
    All the three listed perfumes contain a note that really offends my nose. When I smell the flacon its already...
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    Re: "male"scents on women?

    Although I generally love oriental fragrances, I find myself with a growing collection of "male" fragrances. I do own Egoiste, it´s quite sweet to my nose. Furthermore I fell madly in love with...
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    Re: Laughing (not at you) and holding my sides :D

    My ex´s favourite perfume was the one my dad was often wearing when I was young (Tabac).
    When my boyfriend would put it on, I would feel rather uncomfortable. First because the smell was so...
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